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Wrap yourself in winter white from you coat to your tights…

 In my many years living in Kansas City, I cannot think of a winter when we did not have snow by January. But here we are, no snow, and temperature in the 50’s.  I am not complaining. I am the first to admit that I do not enjoy shoveling snow, driving on ice or cleaning off a frozen windshield. And hat hair is the worst!

However, I love the beauty of the fresh fallen snow particularly at night as the moon reflects its light off of a glistening blanket of white.  So what is it about this white wonderland that is so special?
I think we love the idea of winter white because it is fresh and relaxing and is a welcome opposite of the black that seems to overwhelm our wardrobes during these cold dark days.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jessie, at http://www.styleandpepperblog.com recently posted the photo above, taken at a conference she attended in Salt Lake City. (see her blogpost :Photoshoot:Winter Wonderland ) These winter white outfits that she styled are great examples of how pretty winter white can be and I imagine most of us have items in our closet that we can pull together to create such a look.

Notice that the outfit goes from head to toe so if you don’t have winter white tights, check out our Signature combed cotton ivory tights; Ivory Knee High Textured Trouser Socks; Ivory Nordic textured tights, as well as our ivory cable knit legwarmers.

Foot Traffic 2012 Winter Look BookFoot Traffic 2012 Winter Look BookFoot Traffic 2012 Winter Look Book

So, lighten up this winter, stay warm and look wonderful in winter white!


Do you like winter white?

What is your favorite winter white outfit?