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A Missoni of My-own-ie!

Missoni for Target

My first job after college was working for Neiman Marcus in the couture department. The only reason I worked couture was the fact that I was a fashion illustration and textile major and I knew a lot about designers. I was put with the seasoned sales women who threatened my potential for making any commissions if I “stole” any of their customers. I was like a goat in a lion’s cage.  The agony of working with my co-hearts (or the co-heartless) was forgotten because I was able to sell Missoni. The collection had its own couture section that rivaled a museum setting.  I was in design heaven, amidst the incredible textures and iconic designs brought from the knitting machines of the Missoni family.  Of course I could not afford such luxury but I could touch it, sell it, and experience the exquisite quality. Every day. Every minute.

Missoni for Target

From Michael Graves in the 90’s to today, I hand it to Target for bringing such interesting designers to the public and letting the world enjoy designer brands at a reasonable price. Of course, the new 400 piece Missoni collection does not share the same refined mixing of materials and patterns of the  couture collections but it does bring forward the iconic patterns and colors so representative of the Missoni brand, and that is fun for everyone.  Now you—men, women and children- can have a Missoni of–your-ownie!


Do you like the new collection?

Have you been to Target to see it? What did you think?

What did you buy or what will you buy if anything?

– Nanci

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