Yes, tsock monsterhere really is a sock monster that lives in the washing machine and eats one sock at a time ensuring that there are never any matching socks left.  That is confirmed in the book, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening by Becky Blades, Foot Traffic’s  latest interview guest and Sockanista.
In her book, Becky clarifies:
“Sock monsters dine exclusively on individual servings –that’s one sock of a pair. This leaves you with one lonely sock and an annoying decision to make: whether to throw away the lone survivor or stash it in the single-sock purgatory drawer hoping for its twin to return.”

At Foot Traffic, we wonder what happens to all of the socks that are left without their matching partner. Some go on to meet new partners, thus the creative “mix-n-match” solution. Some get used in the creation of sock monkeys or sock monsters. Others sit in a sock drawer waiting for the return of their mate, desperately hoping that it did not get eaten by the sock monster.


pizza socksTo outsmart the sock monster, I learned to buy all the same socks for my three sons. That way, there were always pairs of matching socks. (Of course, at that time, they were younger and all white was not a problem.) The best way to beat the sock monster is to buy brightly colored socks such as our Foot Traffic novelty socks. They don’t digest as well and the likelihood of their being found together in one wash load increases based on brightness and distinctive designs and patterns.

We would like to hear your stories of the sock monster and the many socks that have disappeared or remained behind due to this elusive creature.


For the first 5 people that submit their stories, we will enter you for a drawing of the book, Do your laundry or you’ll die alone: Advice your mom would give you if she thought you were listening as well as a brightly colored, monster-proof pair of Foot Traffic novelty socksThe drawing will be held once we hear stories from 5 of you!sockmonsterandbook

BECKY BLADES- Foot Traffic’s Guest “Sockanista”











We are excited to introduce Becky Blades,  a very prolific creative person and her new book, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone; Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening, that showcases her fun, heartfelt creative spirit. In the book Becky shares some wonderful witty pieces of wisdom and honest advice that we should all embrace, no matter what our age is. We are excited to have Becky as our guest “sockanista” as she so warmly shares her insights about life, common sense, and the sock monster.

Becky, what was your main source of inspiration for the book?

My inspiration was socks. Dirty ones. Lots of them. When my oldest daughter was a senior in high school, it struck me that she would be leaving home in less than a year and she still was not doing her laundry or keeping her life organized. She had more socks and underwear than any human alive, yet she still routinely bought new socks or borrowed clean socks from her sister rather than keep her laundry done. Because she was so busy at school, I helped her out more than I should have.

On one particularly messy morning, I was jolted by fear for her future. Did she know what she needed to be on her own? If she couldn’t even do her laundry, what else did she not know? Did she know how to manage her finances? Did she know not to give money to a crackhead or promise a kidney to a guy in in a bar? Not knowing what she did not know was keeping me up at night, so I began writing things down – those important things that I knew college would not teach her.

How long have you been collecting the ideas and advice in the book?

Over the year I wrote about 150 notes of advice for my oldest daughter and sent it to her in an email after she was settled into college. She replied with a challenge. She told me to make the letter into a book and to finish it in time for her little sister’s high school graduation. So I went to work on it for another year, adding things my second daughter inspired.The final collection is 270 entries, and it took a total of three years to turn it into a book.


How did your daughters react to the final book?

If you’re asking if they wash their socks now, the answer is, sadly, no.
They like the book and give it to their friends, but it may be years before we know if it actually “works.”

 I think this advice is good for all of us. Who are you biggest fans of the book, mothers or daughters?

Moms love the book. Moms cry when they read it – and it’s meant to be funny, not sad. It’s because mothers know the truths first-hand, and they know that days of giving advice to their daughters are fleeting and complicated.It makes moms think of their stories and their own advice. That’s why I added a few lined pages in the back of the book so moms can personalize the book as a gift. And girls, or I should call them young women, love this part.

But for me, the most satisfying outcome is the conversations the book starts between women. I’m told of people holding mother-daughter parties just to discuss the book. Women text me photos of road trips, when they take the book along and chat about its topics.  As if women need help finding things to talk about.


Tell us more about the Sock Monster, a monster that we all know too well.

Yes, we must take the sock monster seriously. Every household in America has evidence that the sock monster is real. The loss of domestic harmony caused by this invisible varmint is devastating, and the economic impact reaches untold proportions. We have accepted the mysterious loss of single socks for generations, and I think it’s time to fight back. We must teach our young people how to outfox the sock monster. I’m glad Foot Traffic is doing its part by marketing unmatched sock sets. That will scramble the monster’s brain.

 Now that the book is complete, are there any other words of wisdom you wish you could now add?

Actually, yes since Foot Traffic has done such a masterful job of creating comfortable leggings and tights, Moms must drive home the point that leggings are not pants. Leggings can be worn under tunics or something else that covers up the rear end, but if you can see the pattern on your underwear under a garment, they are not pants. Only pants are pants.

So what about jeggings, you ask? Um, did I hear the dryer buzzer?


baconbacon sock

No more plain black, brown or grey socks for Dad.
What could be more fun that bright socks for DAD for Father’s Day?! Men’s novelty socks are a huge trend this year and can be seen in every fashion magazine, worn by talk show hosts, sport celebrities and just about every guy headed to the office—or at least we like to think so!

Dads always are happy to get socks.

Foot Traffic has dozens of styles of Men’s Socks for every kind of Dad

Keep it simple this Father’s Day, June 15, and give your dad or the man in your life fun socks that celebrate his personality. Go directly to the FOOT TRAFFIC website and select socks that best suit his hobbies or interests. You will find new designs that will make him stand out at the office, on the soccer field sidelines, or just being cool hanging around the house.  Pair socks with gift cards or an experience.

Ten fun ideas include:

BAM! socks and movie tickets to a super hero movie
Neon Beer
socks and his favorite 6-pack of beer
Bacon socks and breakfast in bed
Golf Tees socks and a bag of colorful tees
Constellation socks and a telescope
Genius socks and a book/download of Mensa puzzles
Fishing socks and new lures
Sneaker socks and an afternoon  game of basketball
Sock Monkey socks and a trip to the zoo
House Arrest socks and a day at home with the family



Let’s Celebrate – have a donut!

There are two spellings, doughnut and donut, both acceptable. Thedonutsre is a reason why the subliminal spelling, donut—-DO NUT/DO NOT — is really the message. But that makes these forbidden sweet treats even better.  Although most of the time I try to resist donuts, I find myself on occasion giving in to the sugary solution that satisfies my need to have something with my morning coffee.  Every city, town, village, or hamlet has its favorite donut shop that is the go-to place for morning treats. Whether you are taking a box to the office or to a soccer game, you know the best place to get them and you know you will be the hero for the day. No one can resist fresh donuts, especially when they are still warm, just out of the oven.

So, how did National Donut Day begin? It originated in 1938 by the Salvation Army to recognize the volunteers that served the overseas servicemen in World War 1, and to serve the needy. National Donut Day is always the first Friday in June.

donut socksSo today, Friday, June 6, National Donut Day, you have permission to eat donuts and honor your favorite donut shop. Or if you are truly a donut fan, enjoy wearing your favorite donut socks from Foot Traffic. You won’t be sorry. After all, it’s a national holiday. Let’s celebrate!  


Color your feet happy!

I believe everyone has owned a pair of rainbow toe socks, or at least I like to think so. Traci-Rainbow-SocksI remember getting a pair of rainbow toe socks from my brother for Christmas my freshman year in college. I wore them around the dorm every day until I finally wore them out a few years later, not unlike the toes in this fun photo.
Rainbow toe socks have been a staple in the FOOT TRAFFIC line for 25 years and need little marketing to keep the sales going. They equate to a smile on your feet. Who wouldn’t smile when wearing these fun socks?!?

Tell us your rainbow toe sock story!

FT rainbow socks

Dr. Maya Angelou– forever an inspiration

WDr. Maya Angelouhen someone as influential as the teacher, mother, poet, author, and humanitarian Dr. Maya Angelou passes away, everyone that has known her, read her work, or heard her speak feels a sense of loss.  However, her grace, poise, and passion for equality and human dignity will continue to have a profound impact on future generations to come.

Several years ago, I was fortunate to have met Dr. Angelou through a previous job and had the privilege of eating at her table in her home where she entertained a small group eager young professionals.  I not only savored her favorite foods but I savored every word that she spoke. Not a word was wasted in her conversation. She was a woman that commanded great respect without overstating her point. We continued our professional relationship and I was impressed with her ability to remember me each time in spite of all of the people that she dealt with on a daily basis.

When I think of all of the great leaders, men and women, none have impressed me or touched me as much as Dr. Angelou. Her genuine, fun spirit will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life–my work life at Foot Traffic; my family life;  and my everyday exchange with friends and strangers. I think that we never forget those that have taught and inspired us, and as we carry a piece of their spirit, they become the good part of ourselves that we hopefully pass on to others.

Thank you, Dr. Maya Angelou, for being such a dynamic, intelligent, wonderful, fun woman. As she so beautifully said,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


MOTHER’S DAY—A day to forget or remember?

mother and childOf course we remember Mother’s Day ( Sunday, May 11, 2014) because if we forget, we are in the doghouse. Today, Mother’s Day is one of the most successful holidays, providing big payouts for florists, greeting card and gift companies. But did you know that the woman, Anna M. Jarvis, who’s tireless efforts began this popular holiday, was arrested in 1948 for disturbing the peace while protesting against what she had spent her life supporting.
Anna M. Jarvis’s intent was to honor the dream of her mother to create a day to celebrate all mothers, but eventually became disgusted with its commercial evolution.
So how did Mother’s Day come to be?
Celebrations honoring motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans and later to the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday” in the UK and parts of Europe. The Christians would return to their “mother church” the 4th Sunday of Lent for a special service.  That evolved to a more secular holiday, where children would present flowers and small gifts to their mothers.
In the United States, the actual first Mother’s Day was based on abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe’s effort in 1870 to bring women together and protest what she saw as the futility of their sons killing the sons of other mothers. In 1873, 18 women’s groups observed Howe’s new “Mother’s Peace Day”, promoting world peace and motherhood. However, due to lack of funding the celebration died out. Inspired by Howe, Anna Reeves Jarvis, led a group of women in West Virginia to begin a celebration of reconciliation to re-unite families and neighbors that had been divided between the Union and Confederate sides of the Civil War, the day honored as “Mother’s Friendship Day.”

After the death of Anna Reeves Jarvis in 1905, her daughter, Anna M. Jarvis, continued the cause and enlisted the services of a wealthy retailer, John Wanamaker, who financed a campaign to establish Mother’s Day as an official holiday, honoring the sacrifices made by mothers for their children.  It was first celebrated on May 8, 1910 in Philadelphia in Bethany Temple Presbyterian Church, establishing the second Sunday in May as the official Mother’s Day date. With the financial support of Wanamaker and much persistence, Anna promoted the holiday until 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson declared the day an official national holiday.
In short time, the holiday became so commercialized that Anna regretted having started it. She denounced florists, greeting card companies, confectioners and even charities. She died unmarried and childless.

keep calm Mother’s Day is a wonderful platform to celebrate moms. Moms rarely take time out for themselves and if only one day a year they are honored and pampered, it’s because they deserve it!  If you are a mom, celebrate it and enjoy all of the pampering you hopefully receive, because on Monday, it’s back to the business of being MOM.  And remember to “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.” You are loved each and every day of the year.


IT’S MOTHER’S DAY–Show her you love her from head to TOE!

farmer's marketveggie










Get creative this Mother’s Day! It’s time for some relaxation and pampering for all of the deserving moms out there. If you are a mother or you are looking for a gift for a mother, it’s a win if you focus on comfort, relaxation, and a lot of love thrown in.  Favorite mother’s day gifts are the usual suspects- flowers, jewelry, kitchen items, chocolate, and of course, socks
Sure, why not socks?  Moms are more active than ever. Give mom a pair of fun novelty socks or no-show socks to wear to the gym,  running errands or just hanging out. Socks can be as personal as you want.  Foot Traffic offers over 200 and knee highs with everything from sushi to veggies to sock monkeys.  Moms need a good laugh and fun socks from Foot Traffic will bring a big smile to her Mother’s Day face when she opens a present of socks.

Socks also make a fun companion when combined with other gifts such as:

Dare to be different and give your mom socks this Mother’s Day. She will love you and your creativity!


Korean floralmini print Spring is finally here! It seems like winter drug on just a bit too long and we are all anxious to get out and enjoy the sunshine and all that nature has to offer this beautiful time of year. I love seeing the abundance of green grass, tiny buds on the trees, and flowers peeking through the dirt eager to bloom and show off their beautiful colors.

One of the freshest trends this year is the abundance of small floral prints. Borrowed from the 70′s and 80’s, we love the small prints and the retro looking designs inspired from Laura Ashley, Pierre Deux, and other Europeans that influenced  fashion and home interiors at that time. However, small floral prints  have been updated with  modern flair and creatively applied into timely fashion with a whole new look and feel of this timeless yet specific look.

two floralsFeminine florals are re-purposed on every clothing item from scarves to sneakers, purses, leggings, tights and dresses, etc.  Floral prints are everywhere so don’t be afraid to add a fresh mini print floral to your wardrobe, mixing it up with denim, plaids and other prints. You will be a breath of fresh air!


neon sneakers












No need to hit the gym every day to wear fun workout wear.  It seems that sportswear as fashion continues to be a big trend on the streets around the world. As exercise becomes a larger part of our daily lives, we have seen the explosion of workout wear in the marketplace . Comfort rules, so it is no wonder that major athletic shoe companies are expanding their athletic shoe lines to include every imaginable combination of color and design. The old “sport shoe” that used to be white, black or grey is now seen in small floral prints, bright neon colors, sequins, with the addition of shoelaces in every color possible.

bright tennies













For both men and women, from solid colors to color-blocked patterns, designs abound on the shelves of major department stores and sporting goods stores.
awesome sneakersColorful sport shoes are also making their way into the office. More that ever,  in lieu of flats or heels, women are finding colorful sport shoes  to be not only comfortable but a fun way to energize their office attire.  Just as we have seen men get on board with colorful novelty socks, they are pairing them with colorful shoes as well. What to wear with these fun and comfy shoes?  At Foot Traffic,  suggest that you pair your colorful shoe collection with equally fun no- shows, solid trouser socks , black tights or bright colored show multi pack

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