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As we get closer and closer to Christmas, many of us are scrambling to get our holiday plans and holiday shopping completed. We’re yearning to relax and take a little time to bask in front of a fireplace blazing with light or sit around the tree watching the family’s favorite Christmas specials on TV. We want to stay indoors with a mug of cocoa or eggnog, but most of the time it seems like we’re running around in the cold and snow hitting retail stores or the post office or the fancy wine importers or of course the grocery store.

With so much to do out in the winter weather, it can be nice to take care of the last bit of your holiday shopping in the comfort of your own home. You can put your comfy pants on, curl up with a blanket, and get a few of those last-minute stocking stuffers and presents for friends and family that can take up so much time if you had to go to individual stores for them.

Regular readers of this blog will know what we here at Foot Traffic think socks and tights make ideal holiday gifts for the whole family. Yep—socks and tights are never unappreciated, never unnecessary. You don’t even have to worry if they’ll fit or not! So make yourself a nice cup of tea, gather your last-minute holiday shopping list, and let’s get to work.

You Can Stuff Stockings with Stockings!

Did you know that many parents follow the gift-giving guideline that when it comes to presents under the tree, kids get “something they want, something they need, something they can wear, and something they can read?” Finding wearable gifts can be difficult, especially for older kids and teenagers who would probably prefer a gift card to something selected by a parent. But if there’s one thing everyone loves regardless of age or gender, it’s socks! Holiday socks and tights are great to fill  holiday stockings.

You can of course give your kids regular socks to wear to school, soccer practice, or wherever else, but you can also stuff their stockings with holiday and fun socks! Our kids’ Gingerbread Socks will be adorable on their feet as they open their presents and run around the house. Our Santa Claws Socks are great for the cat lover in your life, and our Bah Humbug Socks are a perfect gift for the Scrooge in your life (everyone has one).

Holiday Cheer Can Last All Year

Socks and tights of every color of the rainbow are great gifts to place under the tree or tuck into a stocking, but even holiday socks are fun to wear all year round. While it might seem shortsighted to give holiday socks on Christmas day, sometimes people need a little holiday cheer all throughout the year. And if you’re really worried about it, our Penguin Slipper Socks are great any time it feels like the Antarctic in your house. Our Red and White Thigh Highs are just enough elf, even after Christmas.

 Send Them Back to Work and School with a Smile

We all know that these days the holiday season practically starts the day after Halloween—if stores even wait that long. It seems like there isn’t really a Thanksgiving season anymore. Christmas has taken over by then, and the hullaballoo reaches maximum Yuletide merriment at the end of December. Even if you love the long holiday season, it’s true that after the gifts have been unwrapped, the fruitcake has been picked over, and the lights are turned out, it can be a bit of a bummer to return to normal life. Even if you celebrate all twelve days of Christmas, at some point you have to get back to the real world. You go back to work, and the kids go back to school, so why not take a little holiday cheer with you? A pair of Foot Traffic’s Ugly Sweater Socks or Snowman Socks will carry you back to the old 9-to-5 as if you were riding on Santa’s sleigh.

Brighten Up Those Gray Winter Days

Winter is still very much ahead of us. While we may sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” or “[I’m Dreaming of a] White Christmas,” the truth is, winter really seems to set in every year after the tinsel is in the bin and the tree has been carted away. The temperatures drop, and after we’ve given up on our January resolutions, February can seem pretty bleak. It’s cold and slushy and gray, and most of us are counting down the days until we see the first signs of spring.

Well, nothing brightens up a day or a season like brightly colored socks! Whether you can’t resist breaking out a festive holiday pair to bring some whimsy to a long, cold day, or you just want to break out a fun and funky pair of tights or socks from Foot Traffic, socks can make you feel like spring is on the horizon instead of weeks or months away.

They’re So Much More Than Holiday Socks and Tights

As we said above, Foot Traffic doesn’t just have holiday socks to give and cherish this winter! We have all sorts of socks, stockings, footless tights, leggings, and more. We even have slipper socks for wearing around the house! As you finish your holiday shopping, come on over to our website and see what’s available. You’ll be amazed by our dazzling selection of novelty socks, toe socks, microfiber fuzzy socks, socks for men, socks for kids, and legwear. There’s something for stuffing everyone’s stocking this holiday season, and there’s plenty to stuff your sock drawer.

Order Soon to Get Them in Time!

Christmas is coming, so order soon to get your socks or tights in time! Santa’s already packing his sleigh, so you should be packing your online shopping cart if you want to make sure your thoughtful gift of warm socks makes it under the tree.

Are you convinced it’s a good idea to fill stockings with stockings? There’s no better time to stop by the Foot Traffic website and order some for the whole family and all of your friends!








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Every year as we get closer and closer to December 25 I always wonder how the Christmas holidays came so fast!  I think I am on top of my shopping and decorating but somehow, I slowly loose pace and am scrambling for last minute gifts and holiday ideas to make this Christmas awesome.  Now more than ever it is time to put a smile on the faces of those we love and care about and let them know that we can stay jolly in spite of the current political climate. At Foot Traffic we can help your holiday shopping and put a smile on YOUR face by making shopping easy.

At Foot Traffic, we offer over 400 novelty socks for men, women and children as well as Slipper Socks, 3D socks, boot socks, leg warmers, and SO much more. We have sock ideas for everyone on your shopping list and most are under $10/pair.  Now we’re talking!

At this time of year, it is not the most expensive gifts we give, it is the meaning behind the gift that matters.  You can give someone you love a smile just by giving them a pair of socks that shows you know them. Are they a cat lover? Do they work out or obsess over Netflix?  Whatever their interests are, you are sure to find something that is particularly personal.  It is so gratifying to watch someone receive a pair of fun socks that they know you picked just for them.

We encourage you to shop online and get your holiday socks for Christmas. They are great hostess gifts as well as stocking stuffers so get online and order today and avoid the malls and shopping frenzy. It is so easy and so fun.

We at Foot Traffic wish you all a very happy holiday season!

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cotton tights and leggings

Autumn’s cool, crisp temperatures and bright foliage always bring such a relief after the dog days of summer, when it’s so dry and the weather is too hot to want to do much. Though summer has the reputation for being the season when people do things outside, cool autumn days inspire many people to get outside after being holed up in the air conditioning for too long.

While autumn days may stay pretty warm when the sun is out, those cool mornings and crisp evenings can get a bit brisk. Even the days can be a bit too cool if you’re “chilling” in the shade. Not being warm enough for an outing can really ruin a good time, because no one is at their best when they have cold feet, knees, and legs. That’s why ladies’ cotton tights can be the hero of your wardrobe when fall comes to your town!

Here at Foot Traffic, we’re not using the word “hero” lightly, either. Cotton tights are like a light sweater for your legs—they extend the life of your summer sundresses. When you have a few pairs of cotton tights in your closet, there’s no need to pack away your light layers until the really cold winter weather sets in. Skirts, too, can last a bit longer when you have cotton tights close at hand (or rather, at leg). We offer a great selection on 14 beautiful colors to either add color to your outfit or keep it neutral and natural.

So where can you go when you have a bunch of cotton tights? Really, just about anywhere! Most towns have fall festivals of some sort, where you can bob for apples, take a hayride, or have fun scaring your friends in a corn maze. Farmers’ markets are still in session, selling pumpkins and winter squashes, and of course, everyone likes to take long walks in the autumn air to see how the trees have changed or see all the Halloween decorations neighbors have put up.

But those aren’t the only outdoor activities you can enjoy when you have the right wardrobe. Cotton tights are perfect if you want to go apple picking or wander around a pumpkin patch looking for the perfect jack-o-lantern to carve.

Autumn is also football season, and there’s nothing worse than shivering through an outdoor game when you’d rather be watching the action and enjoying yourself. So keep your legs warm with cotton tights as you cheer for the home team! They’re also great for evening bonfires. If you’re really feeling the chill, they’re great beneath a pair of jeans. We’ve tried it, and we love the way our combed cotton breathes better than a lot of long underwear!

While you may feel a wintry nip in the air already, autumn doesn’t officially end until Thursday, December 21, so get out and enjoy the fall while you can! Those pumpkin spice lattes aren’t going to drink themselves, you know. So go grab one, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful colors of the season. Just make sure to stay warm when you do—and we’d be thrilled to help you with that!




There is absolutely no shame in napping. In fact, you are doing yourself a favor if you learn the benefits of napping. I know, just try explaining to your boss! There is evidence that napping can make you a better employer and more tolerable human being just by stealing a few minutes a day to let your body and mind take a brief break. And, we are biologically wired to do so!

Like animals, cavemen likely slept in multiple phases, polyphasic, to maximize hunting and share the burden of watching out for saber tooth tigers. Today in our fast paced working society we have morphed beyond that but the ideal pattern for human sleep is biphasic, that is, a long stretch at night with a short snooze during the day. A study done with Greeks found that those individuals that took a 30 minute nap at least 3 times a week had 37% less risk of dying of a heart-related condition. Among working men, their risk of death was reduced 64%!

Napping is not about managing your time, it is about managing your energy so you CAN manage your time. A nap has many positive benefits.
RELAXATION- Napping allows your heart rate to slow down, your muscles to relax and your brain to take a break.
INCREASED ALERTNESS and HEIGHTENED SENSORY PERCEPTION – A NASA study found that a 40 minute nap increased alertness by 100% and a 20 minute nap is more effective than 200 mg of caffeine. Napping reduces mistakes and is important for those with jobs that require high risk decisions such as pilots, firefighters, and truck drivers.
IMPROVED MOOD– When we are overworked and stressed we become anxious, irritable and easily distracted. Napping releases more serotonin which reverses those effects and creates a more positive outlook.
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE- When your body is tired, you are not able to stay focused and you are less effective. Naps help you stay energized and focus on your job or tasks.
BETTER MEMORY-Taking a nap allows your brain to stop recording and once you wake up it is like pressing the reset button and you are able to retain new information better than before the nap.
IMPROVED CREATIVITY- If you are too tired and have too much going on you cannot be creative. Most jobs need creative thinking and napping helps clear out too much brain chatter and allow for new ideas to come.

Best environment for napping– The best way to nap is keep it short— 10-3- minutes between 2-3 p.m.   This is the time you may experience post-lunch sleepiness or reduced attention span.You want to avoid going into a deep sleep.  If you sleep too long, you may wake up groggy and disoriented.
Create a restful environment with few distractions, and try to find a place that  is quiet and dark (under your desk, in a bedroom, in your car).
Be consistent – try to nap the same time every day.  This helps your body create a workable sleeping rhythm.

You are not alone if you are a power napper. Here are some famous people that share your daily habit
President John F Kennedy ate lunch in his bed and then settled in for a nap every day.
Albert Einstein napped every day and also got 10 hours of sleep every night.
Eleanor Roosevelt would nap before speaking engagements.

So join the crowd and enjoy a guilt- free nap. If you need to be reminded to do so, wear a fun pair of our Super Power napping socks. They will make your day!





Autumn is officially here! The equinox was on September 22nd this year, so it’s finally time to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, pie, decorative gourds, cinnamon brooms, apple cider… and of course, leggings!

There are so many reasons to love autumn, from fall leaf colors to fall foods to festivals and long dark nights by the fire. But here at Foot Traffic, we’re biased in favor of those stretchy, cozy leggings that keep our legs warm as the temperatures drop. Some may rhapsodize about summer’s fun, colorful shorts, but we’re bigger fans of leggings of all sorts: cotton leggings, fleece leggings, microfiber leggings, fashion leggings… if it’s stretchy and warm and covers your legs, no muss no fuss, we love it!

Ever since the great “Leggings are Pants” revolution of a few years ago, everyone has at least one pair in their dresser. Many of us have multiple pairs! But the truth is that just like anything else, leggings get worn out, stretched out, stained and thin. Fall is the perfect time to replace them. Why? Well, because the trees are all looking fresh in their fall colors, for one. Even the deciduous trees get a little greener with all those fall rains. Just like spring, fall is a season of new beginnings, even if it is the beginning of winter. Animals grow a thick new fur coat, too, so why shouldn’t you do what’s natural and spiff up your wardrobe a bit?

And really, leggings are just so versatile that you should have a few pairs of several different kinds.For transitioning into fall, try our microfiber leggings with lace trim at the ankle. And cotton leggings, for example, are great for those fall evenings when the summer heat bleeds away into a crisp chill. Plus, when you get your cotton leggings from Foot Traffic, they come in all the best colors for autumn. Rich plum, deep burgundy, ivory, slate, sage green, peacock blue, and black that’s anything but basic… they’ll coordinate with all your sweatshirt dresses, long-sleeved tunics, slouchy sweaters, and more.

As fall turns to winter, however, you may need a little bit more warmth. And for those chilly mornings when you just wish you could stay snuggled up with your favorite fleece blanket, our fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm! Whether you’re running late to class or need something comfortable for the commute to work, our fleece leggings have got you and your legs covered. Pair them with sneakers or boots, dress them up or down, and you’ll be toasty all day!

Right now, we’re all thinking about Halloween and looking forward to Thanksgiving, but soon enough we’ll be thinking Christmastime thoughts. If you’re ordering a few pairs of leggings to spruce up your wardrobe, why not order a few more as early gifts for friends, too? Our Nordic Leggings will look cute as winter arrives, and they make great gifts, too.

However you wear them, leggings are an essential part of any transitional wardrobe. Why make do with your old pairs that have holes in them? Out with the old, and in with the new, we say—you deserve to look as cute as the trees do. Treat yourself to a fresh look this autumn, and you’ll be ready for rainy days and for winter’s chill.

The Foot Traffic website is the place to be this fall when it comes to ordering cute, fun leggings!





YIKES!  In cities and towns across the country, school is starting this week.  Where did the summer go? Store aisles are crowded as school supplies and clothes are being carefully selected for that first day back. Moms and Dads are checking the list of everything needed for the new year. It is chaos as  summer comes to an end and a new school year begins.

And it’s not just the students getting ready. It is just as scary and exciting for teachers as it is for the students to begin a new school year. What will the kids be like? What can the teacher do to create the best learning environment? What will the parents be like?  Teachers have been preparing their lesson plans all summer and decorating their rooms as they welcome a fresh classroom of wide-eyed students ready to get back to the books, or at least back to their friends.

At Foot Traffic, we think that one very easy way for the teacher to get the kids attention is by wearing crazy fun socks.  All kids love socks and for you as a teacher, man or woman, socks will make you the classroom focal point.  Fun socks are great conversation starters and create a fun way to talk to kids and they will look forward to see what socks you are wearing. We have so many designs that you will not be disappointed in the selection that will keep your sock drawer full and your imagination going wild.  From pizza to dogs to zombies, we have it all.

For example, how about  meerkats and llamas. Those are fun animals that all kids would love to learn about. And how about dinosaur fossils and woolly mammoth socks?  For the brainiac kids, they will like the famous people with quotes that include Ben Franklin, Einstein, and Abe Lincoln. We also have lunar phases and planet socks that will be great on Aug. 21,  the day of the total eclipse.  If your class is into music we have fun music note socks as well as guitars and our newest strings. Of course, a classic favorite is the pencil knee high.
There are so many fun socks, you and your students will have a blast talking about them as you vary your socks selection according to your teaching plan.
So as the school year begins, order some new socks. Foot Traffic will get you and your students started on the right foot for sure!








Can the summer really be almost over? It’s true that for some of us the hottest weeks of the year may still be to come, but August marks the beginning of “back-to-school” season. For some, that’s an exciting time; for others, not so much. But the truth is, no matter if you’re excited about the prospect of going back to school, back-to-school season means back-to-school shopping!

Everybody goes back-to-school shopping, from little kindergartners to college seniors. There’s something almost ritualistic about buying new pencils and clean erasers, empty notebooks and fresh pens and highlighters. They’re physical items that help us envision the potential of a new school year, a “clean start” that is as inviting as an unsullied notebook page or a pencil waiting to be sharpened.

Back-to-school clothes shopping is another ritual we engage in. After spending a summer at camp, volunteering, or just hanging out with friends away from the eyes of teachers and institutional structure, it can feel like the person we are when going back to school isn’t the same person who left it at the beginning of summer. Often, we represent that with new clothes, or a total new look that includes accessories like jewelry, scarves, bags… and socks.

That’s right, fun socks for men and women can and should be part of your “back-to-school” look. No matter who you are when that yellow bus pulls up at your stop or you walk through the door of your next advanced seminar, socks are a part of your identity.

A trip or two to the mall or your favorite store is a crucial part of putting together fresh new looks for back-to-school time, but the truth is, department stores and mall shops all carry the same brands and items. Sure, you can go “thrifting” or vintage shopping to jazz up a mall outfit with a few unique pieces, but nobody wants to wear someone else’s used socks. So, the best option for incorporating fun, unique, and special socks into your back-to-school wardrobe is to turn to the internet, where you can find the best socks for your new look.

Foot Traffic has all the best socks for everyone! Whether you’re looking for some argyle knee socks to give your new schoolgirl skirt and button-down that geek girl vibe, or socks proclaiming your love of pizza to signal that you’re the new class clown, we’ve got your feet covered! The same applies if you need musical socks to celebrate getting first chair in orchestra, or mermaid socks to remind you of the wild summer you had with your girlfriends at the pool. And remember, the weather may be hot now, but soon enough we’ll be planning our Halloween costumes, crunching autumn leaves, and shivering at the bus stop. As you pick out funky socks for your first few weeks back, why not pick up some knee socks, leggings, and tights for the upcoming seasonal change?

Hunt through the Foot Traffic website for all your back-to-school foot and legwear needs! Whatever look you’re going for in the new school year, Foot Traffic can make it happen.










Ping Pong? Table Tennis? Whif whaf? Gossamer? Flim flam? Whatever you call the sport, it is a fun game that can be enjoyed by 2-4 players and is a great indoor sport to entertain kids and adults of all ages. It is the third largest participation sport in the world after soccer and cricket.
The sport actually originated during the last quarter of the 19th century, evolving from the ancient game of Lawn Tennis, fashionable among the upper classes in England. Lawn tennis was adapted to be played indoors on the dining table with improvised equipment. Several board games were created and  in 1890’s Parker Brothers made an indoor tennis kit that included a portable net, a small ball, and paddles. The game continued to evolve.

In England, the Table Tennis Association and its rival Ping Pong Association joined together for one set of rules and regulations, which were revised and established in 1922. In 1926, the International Table Tennis Federation was formed. The game became quite popular in Europe and its popularity spread to Asia. In 1988, for the first time, table tennis was featured in the Olympic Games that were held in Seoul, Korea. Since then, China has continued to dominate the game, winning 24 of a possible 28 Gold medals in 7 Olympic Games. However, the undisputed best ping pong player of all time is Jan-Ove Waldner from Sweden. He won 16 World Championship medals in singles and doubles as well as gold and a silver medal at the Olympics.

Today, not to be intimidated, the game is quite fun and many companies include ping pong tables in their break rooms for stress release and team camaraderie. A proven benefit of ping pong is that is has incredible positive effects on the human brain, helping to develop strategic planning and thinking , increased concentration and alertness, and improving long term memory. We believe wearing our ping pong men’s and women’s novelty socks will get you motivated to play.

What’s not to like about ping pong?!  Get a table, paddles,some socks(ping pong!)  and some balls and get the ball rolling…or bouncing that is!






20170510-donutsSummer is finally here and that means one thing at FOOT TRAFFIC!  Photo shoot!  We are so excited about our new collection of novelty socks, we did a spring photo shoot and chose our new “DO-NUT JUDGE ME!” men’s and women’s novelty doughnut socks  to promote. We gathered our props, models and socks and headed to the Doughnut Lounge where we procured a couple of prime chairs. The staff was super nice to us and keep us caffeinated and well fed with amazing artisan doughnuts that were just out of the oven. Who could resist?! We needed lots of doughnuts to get through the shoot. They also offer Noduts (creative weekend breakfast choices), and booze.  Yes, booze– a full bar.  It is heaven.

And as luck would have it, we were right next door to Clothz Minded, an upscale resale clothing  boutique where the owner, Nicole, agreed to let the models change in her shop and use some of her incredible clothes for the shoot. We all ended up buying stuff as her selection was amazing.  We had a blast all day and were able to shoot so many new socks in and around the historic district of Westport.  You will see our new socks in the spring/summer catalog as well as on the website and Look Book as we sprinkle in the new designs throughout the summer.  Just to name a few, we have The Thinker, new doughnut socks, ping pong, and lots more.  You will just have to check us out!
The fun part was pairing our socks with casual shoes. Athletic shoes are everywhere and comfort rules. From work out shoes to white sneakers, we kept the look casual and comfortable. Novelty socks are the perfect companion for this hot fashion trend. The crazier the better!  Birkenstocks are also trending everywhere so of course we were thrilled to see how great our novelty socks look with Birkenstock sandals.
This  summer, stay comfortable, wear crazy socks and  have fun. Isn’t that what this season is all about?!?

Oh, and eat doughnuts….lots and lots of doughnuts!





Breakfast in BED for DAD


Sunday, June 18, is Father’s Day and is the perfect time to remind Dad just how special he is. Of course, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so what better way to celebrate Dad than by making him breakfast in bed WITH a pair of fun novelty breakfast socks from FOOT TRAFFIC discreetly presented on a tray with the breakfast . Who would have thought of that?!

Here are some breakfast suggestions we have for you:

If he loves bacon and eggs, just make a simple breakfast of the classics and as a fun gift, give him a pair of bacon and egg novelty socks with the utensils slid into them. That’s a fun surprise!
If he loves the non-traditional chicken and waffles fare, we have socks for that too. Make the crazy combination work (you can cheat and buy fried chicken at your grocery deli) and make the waffles at home. It works.  Use the chicken and waffle novelty socks as a carrier for the utensils as well.

If he is not a big breakfast fan, how about bringing him the newspaper, a cup of coffee and our novelty coffee socks with a spoon and packet of sweetener tucked  in the top of the socks ?! That works too!

Whatever you do for you dad, he will appreciate it and be so happy that you made him breakfast in bed with a pair of socks to start the day on the right foot!

baconc and w1718_2346_large









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