GREAT MINDS…..Wear socks!


Our talking heads novelty socks are just what you need to put on your feet to show that you are in accord with great minds of the past.
We can always learn from our predecessors, gleaning inspiration from well-known artists, politicians, athletes, and genius thought provokers. Just knowing that their messages continue to inspire us makes it fun to wear these novelty socks.

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we have men’s novelty talking heads and women’s novelty talking heads. To show just we are smarty pants, here are some quotes for you to ponder:



It is fun to wear such inspirational socks just to get attention at the water cooler, at class, a sporting event or at a bar.
It will certainly start a conversation!  Find our authentic inspirational talking heads on our FOOT TRAFFIC  website!







As we watch the roll out of new fashions for fall 2018 at Fashion Week,  it is clear that colorful tights play a major role in the overall look of a fabulous outfit.  At Foot Traffic, we  have never been afraid of color, but this year everyone has permission to bring out the colorful tights for fall.
We all wear black legwear because it is practical and compliments almost any every ensemble. It’s easy to throw on a pair of cotton, nylon or microfiber black tights.  But don’t forget color. It can make the entire outfit wake up!
Whether you are wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses, colorful tights can instantly change the look and feel.

We have a wonderful selection of colorful microfiber tights that will compliment any outfit whether you are headed to the office or out for a night on the town.

Of course we have great neutral colors such as black, brown, dark grey, navy blue, natural and white. Those are staples that should be in every legwear wardrobe. But for fall 2018, we are excited about color and lots of it! Check out our 19 colors of microfiber tights to liven up your outfit.

And speaking of microfiber tights, our tights fit almost everyone.  Foot Traffic tights are made of 80% microfiber and 20% spandex to offer maximum stretch. And the good news is that they don’t roll down. Have you ever had tights that you have to continue to pull up as they continue to slide down your hips? You will forget you have our tights on because they are so comfortable.

So, this spring and fall, look on the bright side! When you are looking for fun easy ways to spice up your wardrobe, look for bright colorful solid tights to do just that.




Whether you are a TRUMP supporter, hang in the middle or oppose our current leadership, one thing is clear—Trump has certainly had a lot to tweet about. He has over and over told the world how smart he is and how well-educated he is, so we decided to share that by acknowledging his quote on our new Trump Socks.  Where he seems to have a lot to say, we are speechless.






18Once you’ve drunk all the champagne, finished up all the Christmas chocolates, and cleared the house of the tinsel, it’s tradition to think about the ways a new year will mean a “new you.” Setting New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition, whether they’re personal, professional, or something that touches on some other aspect of your life. Many people vow to get in shape or to read a certain number of books in the new year; others want to finally ask for that raise or achieve a better work/life balance through journaling or other reflective practices. Other people reject the idea of making resolutions and just try to start the new year more mindfully, whilenoting their mistakes and successes from the old year.

Whatever your goals, the most important thing is to make sure your resolutions are easily attainable, reasonable, and rewarding. Big changes are best as long-term goals, whereas it’s good to jump on smaller projects (such as filing your taxes early) while you’re still full of enthusiasm. It’s also good to try not to tackle everything all at once. Marking your planner or calendar with monthly or even seasonal goals can make you more successful in the long run, because let’s face it: even if you do have the best intentions to change everything about your life, the old Yiddish proverb “man plans; God laughs” has a way of coming true every time.

If you want our advice—and we think you might, as you’re reading our blog—a mix of resolutions is the best way to ring in the new year. Not only that, but breaking your larger goals into smaller, more achievable parts can help you stay motivated. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the most classic goals people gravitate toward in the new year and how you can start achieving them right away… through fashion legwear! (Come on, you know it always comes back to that with us!)

Getting Ahead and Looking Good at the Same Time

We mentioned financial goals above, and those can be challenging resolutions. Saving money is never easy—and most of the time, making more of it can also be a struggle. Even so, people often think about finances after the ball drops on Times Square. Whether it’s paying off your credit card post-Christmas or looking ahead to paying your income tax, money is on everyone’s mind at the start of the new year.

Maybe you also have resolved to try to get ahead in your company—move up the ladder and get that promotion. Maybe you want to get a new job that’s more fulfilling. Or maybe you want to start a side hustle that’s more related to your true passion. These are all huge (and hugely rewarding) goals to make, but you have to break them all down, piece by piece. Sometimes the first step is polishing the resume; sometimes it’s networking, seeking out a mentor, or just conceptualizing what you really want from a career change or shift. And sometimes it’s learning how to dress for success or revamping your wardrobe to better reflect the image of who you’d like to be.

Adding a new stock of solid tights to your wardrobe might be a good idea. Not only can they jazz up interview attire under a suit, dress, or skirt—especially with kicky boots—they’ll keep your legs warm as you walk up to that new office or shop or whatever!

Tights are a specialty of Foot Traffic. We’ll have whatever you need, whether it’s tights or footless tights with solid colors, patterns, or textures. And if you’re not sure what’s most appropriate, our basic black options will keep your legs warm and make you look cool at the same time!

Get a New Look and Get Moving!

It seems like most everyone has some sort of fitness, wellness, or activity-related goal this time of year. The truth of the matter is most of those goals get dropped pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s because people set their sights too high. Other times it’s because life has a way of getting in the way of activity, unless your job is being a fitness instructor, of course.

As with everything else, setting reasonable, easily broken-down, smaller goals can help you reach your ultimate desire much more easily. Small successes keep you motivated to achieve the larger ones.

A great way to keep yourself motivated when it comes to increasing your activity level is to look cute. There, we said it. But it’s true! It’s always fun to wear fun and funky new leggings to the gym, but upping your activity level can (and should) go beyond the treadmill or the leg press. Being active can mean going on walks in the park with friends or heading out to a museum or other indoor space (while the weather is so cold) where you walk around. Cotton or fleece tights and leggings will always be appropriate for such things! And they’re comfy, too.

Tights and footless tights go so well under looser pants, but you can wear them under thick flannel skirts and toasty sweatshirt dresses, too. Need more warmth? Super long leg warmers can add comfort and style to your outfit. But we’re not just about legwear here at Foot Traffic. We also have arm warmers and gloves that will keep your hands and arms warm while you’re outside, taking the stairs up to your office, or walking from your car or bus to the planetarium. You’ll look cute doing so, too!

Get Your Party People Together

Another great goal for the new year is to prioritize your friends more. These days, when it seems like everyone has at least one job plus a side hustle, it can be easy to only keep up with the people we know online. It’s crucial to get up with people in real life, though, especially people who make you feel good. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and during the winter especially it’s all too easy to spend your days and nights on the couch alone or hanging out with your roommates or partner. Sure, it’s cold and wet in the winter, but when you have a nice collection of tights, footless tights and knee-high socks you’ll be more inclined to go out. Get your party people together and hit the town!

Get Cozy, Take Some Time

Of course, it’s just as important to make time for yourself, too. There is a great deal of value to be found in getting cozy, taking some time to yourself, and relaxing at home. “Me Time” is crucial, and it’s easy to put it on the back burner.

During the cold winter months, comfort is everything. When you need a night in—without your laptop—grab a good book, a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate, and make sure you invite some nice socks to that party of one. Keep your feet warm as you pamper yourself, whether you want slipper socks, microfiber fuzzy socks, or toe socks. Your feet will love you, and you’ll love yourself.

The Time is Now

The real magic of the new year is potential. An entire fresh year awaits you. Who knows what you will accomplish, who you will meet, or where you will go? But one thing is for certain: it’s starting now, and you’re going to make the most of it!

All of us here at Foot Traffic hope you have an amazing new year and that you accomplish everything you set your mind to doing. We hope you’ll let us help you look great all year long, and for that, the best resolution you can make is to visit our website from time to time! We always have something new and exciting in our New Products section. You can even sign up for our regular emails and connect with us on social media. Cheers!

Ring in the new year with legwear and socks? Why not? Legwear is just as Instagrammable as that new bullet journal. Come on over to the Foot Traffic website and see where your feet will take you in 2018!


KIDDOS Socks are finally here!


For over 30 years Foot Traffic has been providing socks to the market place, focused on having fun on your feet. We have sold thousands of pairs of socks to men and women from the sock addict to the most fashionable customers. Our socks have provided comfort, warmth, fun and fashion and there is no stopping us now as the market continues to welcome fun in our lives.  Most work environments require us to dress conservatively or least modestly. Doctors and nurses have to wear uniforms and kids have dress codes at school. Dress codes are important, but good news! — there are usually no rules or dress codes for socks. That is the ONE item of clothing that you can express yourself publicly without violating those rules of dress. For years, we have been designing and making socks for men and women that create fun with less-than-serious colors and icons on our feet.

And now, we are making socks for kids Yes, we are offering a wonderful selection of socks to kids that love to express their individuality.
We  know that kids love crazy socks but now they are hotter than ever. Kids can express themselves with fun colors and designs just like adults, only kids are much cuter.  Sorry, adults! Crazy socks day is a common event at many schools as are sock exchanges for kids. And, socks are actually an item of clothing that kids enjoy wearing.  At a recent holiday gift show, kids were so excited about the Foot Traffic booth and enjoyed picking out socks for themselves as well as for gifts.  We had a blast watching them giggle and laugh when narrowing down their selection.
The designs on our socks are topics for today’s kids and allow them to express their hobbies or interests. For example, we have ninjas, mermaids, unicorns, fossils, ballet sock designs, and so much more!   There is something for every kid on the planet—and we have planet socks!
Our kids socks come in two sizes and the sizing is reflected in years and shoe size. The two sizes are:
Kids (4-7 years) Shoe size 10-1Y

Kids (7-10 years) Shoe size 12-5Y

Of course, every kid’s foot size is different but the two sizes should cover most kids from 4 and up.That is the age the kids really love their socks.  We know because we have tried our socks on kids that did not want to take them off! So, enjoy our new line of kids socks and let us know what you think. Better yet, let us know what your kiddos think!





Hmm… what would a Foot Traffic infomercial be like? It’s funny, isn’t it? You can almost see it in your mind if you try to imagine it: someone walking up to a sock drawer, peeking in, seeing a bunch of old, white, boring socks, and sighing out of sheer boredom. The narrator asks, Bored with your sock drawer? It’s shot in black and white, so the big “NO” symbol shows up twice as bright. You don’t have to be, enthuses the narrator. Restore much needed freshness and zing to your sock drawer with Foot Traffic!

Well, maybe this isn’t the perfect advertising idea. But the point remains: if you’re not excited by your sock drawer, why aren’t you? Instead of seeing the same old, white socks and solid color socks you bought in a sensible three-pack last year, why not brighten up your wardrobe—no, brighten up your day—with fun, colorful, fancy socks? Whether you like geometric patterns, silly socks related to your hobbies, your love of music, or your passion for sports, Foot Traffic has the right socks to put a smile on your face and add some pep to your step no matter who you are or what you like.

His & Hers Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are Foot Traffic’s bread and butter. You can’t go wrong with a selection of our amazing prints and patterns men’s and women’s novelty socks. For guys who want novelty socks that reflect their hobbies, there’s no limit to what we can accommodate. For example, cheese is more popular than ever. It’s so popular that finding it and eating it has become a hobby! Get the cheese enthusiast in your life a pair of our Cheese Socks. Just make sure you keep them washed to avoid jokes.

For the patriot in your life, our Ben Franklin Socks are a great gift. If you’re a home-brewer and wish you could spend your days weighing out malts and hops, our Beer Neck Socks will have you thinking of your next project as you drive to work. Are you an outdoorsy, gardening sort who can’t wait for spring and summer’s yard work projects? Our Tractor Socks will keep your feet warm and your mind on breathing fresh air and trimming the lilacs. Foot Traffic even has socks for your guy friend who loves his cat and is proud of it: our Crazy Cat Dude Socks!

For the woman who loves her hobbies, our selection is just as epic. We’ve got Just A Phase Women’s Socks for the astronomer who likes to think about the nights during the days, Lotus Socks for the yoginis, and Unicorn Socks for the girl who needs unicorns on everything.

Cute Animals at Your Feet

We’re a nation of animal lovers, aren’t we? Why not take your enjoyment of the animal kingdom to your sock drawer? Foot Traffic has socks for guys who love Koalas, women who love Doggos, men who love Gorillas, women who love Narwhals… it’s a menagerie. Whether you’re a cat fancier or dog lover or even if magical animals are more your speed, Foot Traffic has you covered—at least, we have your feet covered! If you want your paws to be as warm as they can be while still reminding you of the wondrous wildness of the world, Foot Traffic has what you need. We bet you might just find your favorite creature among our selections, even if it’s a mythical one.

Show Your Love of Art & Music

Here at Foot Traffic, we love art and music, and we know you do, too! It seems like life would be impossible without them, don’t you think? Why not celebrate art and music as a part of your wardrobe?

Many of us can’t dress like the rock star we dream of being when we’re at work. But a few glamorous pairs of socks featuring Guitars or Drum Sets and you’ll feel like you could be the lead of your favorite group.

If you dream of one day being a full-time artist while you work at your office, well, you can live that fantasy through your socks! Our Strings Women’s Socks will motivate you to practice for the local orchestra after you get home from work, and our Ballet Socks will keep you on your toes.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Socks for Geek Feet

While “geek culture” was once a fringe thing, nowadays science fiction and fantasy are mainstream interests. From Star Wars to Game of Thrones, science fiction and fantasy are everywhere! Just think about the amazing crop of superhero films we’ve gotten over the past few years, plus superhero television, science fiction television like The Expanse, and fantasy shows like The Magicians.

If you can’t wait to talk over The Walking Dead first thing on Monday mornings, why not start your week with a pair of our Zombie Socks? Eager for the return of Game of Thrones… whenever that might be? Our Dragon Socks will tide you over! For women, we also feature Mermaid Socks and Gnome Socks to take your feet to the most magical realms you can imagine.

Fun Foodie Novelty Socks for All

For some, their passion is the kitchen. Do you love baking or cooking for fun and relaxation? We’ve got tons of socks for the weekend kitchen warrior or would-be contestant for The Great British Baking Show. How about our kitchen conversion socks so you always have measurements close at hand (or foot). Whether you love hot sauce, donuts, dill pickles, pretzels, pizza, tacos, or cupcakes, you can find what you’re most craving in your sock drawer every day of the week.


socks in baskets

So Much More for Your Sock Drawer!

We’ve listed so many socks here that you might think that these are all of the novelty socks for men and women that Foot Traffic has to offer. Think again! A list like this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s available. If you have a hobby or a subject you’re just wild about, you can likely find something to make your sock drawer reflect that if you browse our offerings. And you should always stop by to see what new socks we’ve gotten in!

You have a passion—everyone does. Why not augment your sock drawer with a few specialty pairs to reflect what makes you uniquely you? The Foot Traffic website has just what you need!



for her

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, many of us are scrambling to get our holiday plans and holiday shopping completed. We’re yearning to relax and take a little time to bask in front of a fireplace blazing with light or sit around the tree watching the family’s favorite Christmas specials on TV. We want to stay indoors with a mug of cocoa or eggnog, but most of the time it seems like we’re running around in the cold and snow hitting retail stores or the post office or the fancy wine importers or of course the grocery store.

With so much to do out in the winter weather, it can be nice to take care of the last bit of your holiday shopping in the comfort of your own home. You can put your comfy pants on, curl up with a blanket, and get a few of those last-minute stocking stuffers and presents for friends and family that can take up so much time if you had to go to individual stores for them.

Regular readers of this blog will know what we here at Foot Traffic think socks and tights make ideal holiday gifts for the whole family. Yep—socks and tights are never unappreciated, never unnecessary. You don’t even have to worry if they’ll fit or not! So make yourself a nice cup of tea, gather your last-minute holiday shopping list, and let’s get to work.

You Can Stuff Stockings with Stockings!

Did you know that many parents follow the gift-giving guideline that when it comes to presents under the tree, kids get “something they want, something they need, something they can wear, and something they can read?” Finding wearable gifts can be difficult, especially for older kids and teenagers who would probably prefer a gift card to something selected by a parent. But if there’s one thing everyone loves regardless of age or gender, it’s socks! Holiday socks and tights are great to fill  holiday stockings.

You can of course give your kids regular socks to wear to school, soccer practice, or wherever else, but you can also stuff their stockings with holiday and fun socks! Our kids’ Gingerbread Socks will be adorable on their feet as they open their presents and run around the house. Our Santa Claws Socks are great for the cat lover in your life, and our Bah Humbug Socks are a perfect gift for the Scrooge in your life (everyone has one).

Holiday Cheer Can Last All Year

Socks and tights of every color of the rainbow are great gifts to place under the tree or tuck into a stocking, but even holiday socks are fun to wear all year round. While it might seem shortsighted to give holiday socks on Christmas day, sometimes people need a little holiday cheer all throughout the year. And if you’re really worried about it, our Penguin Slipper Socks are great any time it feels like the Antarctic in your house. Our Red and White Thigh Highs are just enough elf, even after Christmas.

 Send Them Back to Work and School with a Smile

We all know that these days the holiday season practically starts the day after Halloween—if stores even wait that long. It seems like there isn’t really a Thanksgiving season anymore. Christmas has taken over by then, and the hullaballoo reaches maximum Yuletide merriment at the end of December. Even if you love the long holiday season, it’s true that after the gifts have been unwrapped, the fruitcake has been picked over, and the lights are turned out, it can be a bit of a bummer to return to normal life. Even if you celebrate all twelve days of Christmas, at some point you have to get back to the real world. You go back to work, and the kids go back to school, so why not take a little holiday cheer with you? A pair of Foot Traffic’s Ugly Sweater Socks or Snowman Socks will carry you back to the old 9-to-5 as if you were riding on Santa’s sleigh.

Brighten Up Those Gray Winter Days

Winter is still very much ahead of us. While we may sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” or “[I’m Dreaming of a] White Christmas,” the truth is, winter really seems to set in every year after the tinsel is in the bin and the tree has been carted away. The temperatures drop, and after we’ve given up on our January resolutions, February can seem pretty bleak. It’s cold and slushy and gray, and most of us are counting down the days until we see the first signs of spring.

Well, nothing brightens up a day or a season like brightly colored socks! Whether you can’t resist breaking out a festive holiday pair to bring some whimsy to a long, cold day, or you just want to break out a fun and funky pair of tights or socks from Foot Traffic, socks can make you feel like spring is on the horizon instead of weeks or months away.

They’re So Much More Than Holiday Socks and Tights

As we said above, Foot Traffic doesn’t just have holiday socks to give and cherish this winter! We have all sorts of socks, stockings, footless tights, leggings, and more. We even have slipper socks for wearing around the house! As you finish your holiday shopping, come on over to our website and see what’s available. You’ll be amazed by our dazzling selection of novelty socks, toe socks, microfiber fuzzy socks, socks for men, socks for kids, and legwear. There’s something for stuffing everyone’s stocking this holiday season, and there’s plenty to stuff your sock drawer.

Order Soon to Get Them in Time!

Christmas is coming, so order soon to get your socks or tights in time! Santa’s already packing his sleigh, so you should be packing your online shopping cart if you want to make sure your thoughtful gift of warm socks makes it under the tree.

Are you convinced it’s a good idea to fill stockings with stockings? There’s no better time to stop by the Foot Traffic website and order some for the whole family and all of your friends!








mens shot


Every year as we get closer and closer to December 25 I always wonder how the Christmas holidays came so fast!  I think I am on top of my shopping and decorating but somehow, I slowly loose pace and am scrambling for last minute gifts and holiday ideas to make this Christmas awesome.  Now more than ever it is time to put a smile on the faces of those we love and care about and let them know that we can stay jolly in spite of the current political climate. At Foot Traffic we can help your holiday shopping and put a smile on YOUR face by making shopping easy.

At Foot Traffic, we offer over 400 novelty socks for men, women and children as well as Slipper Socks, 3D socks, boot socks, leg warmers, and SO much more. We have sock ideas for everyone on your shopping list and most are under $10/pair.  Now we’re talking!

At this time of year, it is not the most expensive gifts we give, it is the meaning behind the gift that matters.  You can give someone you love a smile just by giving them a pair of socks that shows you know them. Are they a cat lover? Do they work out or obsess over Netflix?  Whatever their interests are, you are sure to find something that is particularly personal.  It is so gratifying to watch someone receive a pair of fun socks that they know you picked just for them.

We encourage you to shop online and get your holiday socks for Christmas. They are great hostess gifts as well as stocking stuffers so get online and order today and avoid the malls and shopping frenzy. It is so easy and so fun.

We at Foot Traffic wish you all a very happy holiday season!

socks holiday





cotton tights and leggings

Autumn’s cool, crisp temperatures and bright foliage always bring such a relief after the dog days of summer, when it’s so dry and the weather is too hot to want to do much. Though summer has the reputation for being the season when people do things outside, cool autumn days inspire many people to get outside after being holed up in the air conditioning for too long.

While autumn days may stay pretty warm when the sun is out, those cool mornings and crisp evenings can get a bit brisk. Even the days can be a bit too cool if you’re “chilling” in the shade. Not being warm enough for an outing can really ruin a good time, because no one is at their best when they have cold feet, knees, and legs. That’s why ladies’ cotton tights can be the hero of your wardrobe when fall comes to your town!

Here at Foot Traffic, we’re not using the word “hero” lightly, either. Cotton tights are like a light sweater for your legs—they extend the life of your summer sundresses. When you have a few pairs of cotton tights in your closet, there’s no need to pack away your light layers until the really cold winter weather sets in. Skirts, too, can last a bit longer when you have cotton tights close at hand (or rather, at leg). We offer a great selection on 14 beautiful colors to either add color to your outfit or keep it neutral and natural.

So where can you go when you have a bunch of cotton tights? Really, just about anywhere! Most towns have fall festivals of some sort, where you can bob for apples, take a hayride, or have fun scaring your friends in a corn maze. Farmers’ markets are still in session, selling pumpkins and winter squashes, and of course, everyone likes to take long walks in the autumn air to see how the trees have changed or see all the Halloween decorations neighbors have put up.

But those aren’t the only outdoor activities you can enjoy when you have the right wardrobe. Cotton tights are perfect if you want to go apple picking or wander around a pumpkin patch looking for the perfect jack-o-lantern to carve.

Autumn is also football season, and there’s nothing worse than shivering through an outdoor game when you’d rather be watching the action and enjoying yourself. So keep your legs warm with cotton tights as you cheer for the home team! They’re also great for evening bonfires. If you’re really feeling the chill, they’re great beneath a pair of jeans. We’ve tried it, and we love the way our combed cotton breathes better than a lot of long underwear!

While you may feel a wintry nip in the air already, autumn doesn’t officially end until Thursday, December 21, so get out and enjoy the fall while you can! Those pumpkin spice lattes aren’t going to drink themselves, you know. So go grab one, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful colors of the season. Just make sure to stay warm when you do—and we’d be thrilled to help you with that!




There is absolutely no shame in napping. In fact, you are doing yourself a favor if you learn the benefits of napping. I know, just try explaining to your boss! There is evidence that napping can make you a better employer and more tolerable human being just by stealing a few minutes a day to let your body and mind take a brief break. And, we are biologically wired to do so!

Like animals, cavemen likely slept in multiple phases, polyphasic, to maximize hunting and share the burden of watching out for saber tooth tigers. Today in our fast paced working society we have morphed beyond that but the ideal pattern for human sleep is biphasic, that is, a long stretch at night with a short snooze during the day. A study done with Greeks found that those individuals that took a 30 minute nap at least 3 times a week had 37% less risk of dying of a heart-related condition. Among working men, their risk of death was reduced 64%!

Napping is not about managing your time, it is about managing your energy so you CAN manage your time. A nap has many positive benefits.
RELAXATION- Napping allows your heart rate to slow down, your muscles to relax and your brain to take a break.
INCREASED ALERTNESS and HEIGHTENED SENSORY PERCEPTION – A NASA study found that a 40 minute nap increased alertness by 100% and a 20 minute nap is more effective than 200 mg of caffeine. Napping reduces mistakes and is important for those with jobs that require high risk decisions such as pilots, firefighters, and truck drivers.
IMPROVED MOOD– When we are overworked and stressed we become anxious, irritable and easily distracted. Napping releases more serotonin which reverses those effects and creates a more positive outlook.
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE- When your body is tired, you are not able to stay focused and you are less effective. Naps help you stay energized and focus on your job or tasks.
BETTER MEMORY-Taking a nap allows your brain to stop recording and once you wake up it is like pressing the reset button and you are able to retain new information better than before the nap.
IMPROVED CREATIVITY- If you are too tired and have too much going on you cannot be creative. Most jobs need creative thinking and napping helps clear out too much brain chatter and allow for new ideas to come.

Best environment for napping– The best way to nap is keep it short— 10-3- minutes between 2-3 p.m.   This is the time you may experience post-lunch sleepiness or reduced attention span.You want to avoid going into a deep sleep.  If you sleep too long, you may wake up groggy and disoriented.
Create a restful environment with few distractions, and try to find a place that  is quiet and dark (under your desk, in a bedroom, in your car).
Be consistent – try to nap the same time every day.  This helps your body create a workable sleeping rhythm.

You are not alone if you are a power napper. Here are some famous people that share your daily habit
President John F Kennedy ate lunch in his bed and then settled in for a nap every day.
Albert Einstein napped every day and also got 10 hours of sleep every night.
Eleanor Roosevelt would nap before speaking engagements.

So join the crowd and enjoy a guilt- free nap. If you need to be reminded to do so, wear a fun pair of our Super Power napping socks. They will make your day!


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