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Let’s face it, it’s been a disappointing year for college and high school seniors. The remainder of their final semester of classes moved online, and their commencement ceremonies were canceled in light of the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve lost all opportunities to attend end-of-school-year rites of passage, like prom and throwing their graduation caps in the air. So, at Foot Traffic, we think it’s only fair that you get your graduate a gift they’ll remember for a long time—and sport on their feet in remembrance of their success. In spite of the circumstances, each grad needs to walk proud and WALK OUT LOUD! Whether they graduated top of the class or performed “Good Enough” ( there were more fun things to do than study!), let’s celebrate our 2020 graduation class!

We might be a little biased in our thinking, but our novelty socks make great gifts. You may be thinking, “How is a pair of fun socks the perfect graduation gift?” Here’s how! The cuff of a sock makes a great place to tuck a gift card, check, or cash, to gift your scholar. Select a fun pair of socks that remind you of the grad and they will know that you put some effort into their gift, with of pair of socks and their favorite gift–money! They also make great components of an off-to-college gift basket, including dorm necessities and a collegiate-quality backpack. Socks are the ultimate self-expression, and that’s why they make memorable gifts.

Women’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates

Carpe Diem. If your grad is ready to seize the day, our Lemon Women’s Socks are the perfect pair. Featuring brightly colored yellow fruits and lush green leaves, these fun socks remind your graduate to make lemonade from the lemons life dealt them this year. A motivating catchphrase, “Squeeze the Day,” encourages positivity as they approach their next big thing! 

Let the music move you. Perhaps your high school grad was in the student orchestra. Or, if a college student, a BFA or MFA in music is a big accomplishment. Reward your musician for a job well done with our Symphony Women’s Socks. These cuties feature a maestro leading the orchestra that includes pianists, harpists, timpani drum players, violinists, and more. Ask Alexa or Siri to play “Pomp and Circumstance” as your grad dons these women’s novelty socks and marches around the house, to the beat of their own drummer.

Head of the class. Teachers are such important people, so it only makes sense we have a pair of socks celebrating the fact that they change the world! With subtle notebook paper line-style stripes and stars in bright colors, these socks are ready to celebrate your education school grad’s influence on the next generation of students. 

Healthy choices. In a shout-out to eating fresh fruits and veggies, our Tossed Salad Women’s Socks feature superfoods like avocados, eggplant, mushrooms, and kale. College grads who studied health and nutrition will eat these up! 

Give them something to Tolk-ien about. For grads who travel off the beaten path and go their own way, these J. R. R. Tolkien-inspired fun socks for women feature the quote “Not all who wander are lost,” a reference to Tolkien’s famous poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glitter.” Graduation is all about closing one chapter to start another; your grad is ready to write one that is uniquely their own.

Men’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates

Go off-script. Pharmacy school is intense. Reward your grad with our Men’s Dancing Pill Socks. They’re just what the doctor ordered—and the pharmacist filled—for fun men’s socks to wear to work, post-graduation.

These socks add up. For your actuary, physicist, or math major, our Men’s Math Genius Socks feature every math equation we could think of. Can your grad think of more? Probably! And they’ll also love wearing these fun socks for men as a reminder of their passion for numbers and mathematics.

Presidential wisdom. The sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was known for his honesty and many words of inspiration, including “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Whether your grad majored in political science, or is just going to be exceptionally good at whatever they plan to do next, our Men’s Abe Lincoln Socksmake a great gift.

Daily fuel. Caffeine gets us through our days and probably got your graduate through late nights of studying, too. Our Men’s Coffee Socks are just a small reminder of how a fresh cuppa can give your grad the motivation he needs to persevere in the workforce or graduate school. Perhaps, Life Happens, coffee helps is a good reminder of this unusual time.

Cs get degrees. Find humor in a “just OK” GPA. Your grad didn’t earn any academic distinctions and was never on the Dean’s List, but they passed and got their diploma, and that’s all that matters. Our Men’s Good Enough Socksacknowledge that doing decently is just fine, and embracing mediocrity is, too. A for effort!

Kids’ Novelty Socks for Elementary and Middle School Graduates

We’d be remiss if we left out all of the elementary and middle school graduates who worked so hard to get where they are today. Our kids’ novelty socks come in youth sizes, too, for all kinds of growing feet.

An education transformation. If your little caterpillar got her wings and is off to a new middle school in the fall, reward her work with our Butterflies Socks. Her metamorphosis from fifth-grader to teenager is a big deal, and these socks celebrate her growth

Curl up with a good book. If your little one spends their spare time diving into new worlds through books, our Kids I Love Reading Socks are for them. Featuring bespectacled giraffes holding books, these adorable socks will inspire your child’s next literary adventures and their love of their favorite school subject.

Priorities. Ask a group of schoolchildren about their favorite time of day during the school year, and you’re sure to get a few (probably most) that say they look forward to recess the most. If your kid lives for playing outside, our Youth Recess Socks make that clear to everyone.

Foot Traffic: Fun Socks HQ

Our 30-year career of providing you with the best novelty socks for women, men, and kids, is proof of Foot Traffic’s mission to make high-quality fun socks. 

Shop our full selection online, or find us in a specialty boutique store near you. We have socks for absolutely everyone on your graduation-gift list, and you might even find a few pairs to treat yourself with, too.


Many people take socks for granted, which we think is sad. After all, they do so much for us! They’re always there to soak up our sweat on hot days, keeping our feet from swimming in wet pools in our shoes. Then on cold days, they give back to us by keeping our feet cozy and warm. And it’s not just the boring, white crew socks from packages that do this for us. All socks, from the humble to the bold, play a part in keeping our feet comfortable in their environments. And especially now, when we are working from home, we need socks to not only keep our feet warm but also to give us a fun lift during a difficult time. Our novelty fun socks do just that.

 Foot Traffic is passionate about socks and their roles in our lives, which is why we’ve curated a list of the best men’s novelty socks to start 2020 spring out on the right foot. 

Spring is Here — Time to Mow Your Lawn!

Spring often comes as a warm welcome after a long and cold winter, but there’s one chore that no one misses when the snow flies, and that’s mowing the lawn. 

Mowing the lawn might be the pits, but you can make the best of it with these cute men’s socks. These socks feature men of all shapes, sizes, makes, and models riding or pushing their mowers across their lawn. If there’s one thing that we all can commiserate with, it’s that no one likes getting their shoes and socks green with grass clippings. So, keep your socks from turning green by wearing green socks to begin with while you do your spring chores!

For the Firefighters in Our Live

Most people know a firefighter, whether they work for the forest service, volunteer for the town’s fire service, or whether they met the fire chief at a city planning meeting. They do a lot of work for our communities, so why not offer them these novelty socks featuring some of the most selfless heroes in the world? International Firefighters Day is May 4th. Honor those front line heroes who are out there everyday facing so many current challenges. 

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in 2020

Skip forward a day to May 5th, and you’ll be wanting a pair of these socks to help you celebrate! Cinco de Mayo, contrary to popular belief, is not Mexico’s independence day. It marks the victory of the Mexican Army in the battle of Puebla. Regardless, it’s still a fun day to celebrate, and many do that by utilizing a traditional Mexican celebration — bashing open a piñata. Call it quarantine therapy!

If you’re too old to enjoy the candy that comes out of a piñata, you can still enjoy these fun men’s socks. Featuring a piñata that says, “I’d hit that,” these socks will help you celebrate May 5th in a whole new way. 

Not All Cat Lovers Are Crazy Cat Ladies

Women with more than one cat are often dubbed the crazy cat lady. But we know that it’s not just the ladies out there who enjoy our feline friends. These men’s novelty socks showcase our beloved cats in a way that highlights their sassy and sometimes over-the-top nature. The bottom of the socks has black and white stripes, much like an inmate’s garb, while the top features a bored-looking cat and a mouse. Pick these up for the cat lover in your life, especially if that cat lover is you!

…But Many Men Also Love Dogs. 

We can’t forget our dogs when it comes to the animals in our life that we enjoy. Dogs are always there for you when you need them, they don’t butt into your conversations, and they don’t get nosy about all the aspects of your life. 

Sound like we’re edging around a hot topic? That’s because we know that some people love their dogs more than they love other people. For those types of people in your life, these are the perfect novelty socks. They highlight your love of dogs while also pointing out that you might be so fond of the hairless primate so many others are fond of. And during social distancing, these socks say it all! 

Size Matters — Especially When Fishing!

Fishing isn’t just for men, but we sure do know a lot of men who enjoy this pastime! For people who regularly get caught in the crosshairs of a loved one’s fishing story, you run into a lot of stories talking about the massive fish that got away. Remind the beloved fishermen in your life, or remind yourself that size really does matter when it comes to fishing. These funny socks feature a hooked fish and the classic funny line we’ve all heard before.

… But Age Only Matters When It’s Wine Or Cheese!

Everyone gets old, but in the bigger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter that you’re an old fart. Everything gets better with age — as cheese and wine tell us. For those who need a reminder, these socks are the perfect thing. Blue socks with burgundy toes and heels feature the phrase “Age only matters if you’re wine, cheese, or a banana.” Father’s Day is right around the corner. Maybe you’re still looking for the best present for that day, or perhaps you’re looking for the right birthday gift for the funny guy in your life. Whatever reason you have for sock shopping, we bet that you can find the right men’s novelty sock on our site. Click here to browse more.


Never before has an international situation occurred that has created the need for everyone around the world to stay at home for an indefinite period of time. Extreme times, extreme measures. And Moms are called upon to suddenly begin “extreme mothering” because someone has to take charge and hold it all together. Dads are doing their part too but let’s face it, Mom’s have that natural instinct to take care of their family NO MATTER WHAT! They keep it together by planning and preparing meals, overseeing the schoolwork, entertaining bored kids and keeping the peace on the home front. It is not an easy job but someone has to do it and that someone is MOM!

All moms are working moms. Some go to an office or place of employment outside of the home. Many moms are healthcare workers or grocery clerks and are on the front line. Some moms work from a home office.  Some moms stay at home to raise their children.  These hard-working moms are “doing it all” right now. Even with kids and pets running amuck, she holds it together.

Whether you are a mom, have a mom or know a mom, this coming Mother’s Day is especially important to give a shout out to all of the moms who have helped their families “shelter in” through this unusual time.

Mother’s Day is May 10 and it is hard to know what the situation will be like at that point.  The situation is uncertain. But, one thing IS for certain, Mother’s Day is a time to let her know what a wonderful job she is doing holding the family together, no matter how frustrating, challenging, fun, satisfying, exhausting or all of the above. 

Yes, she may stay in the bathroom 1-2 hours crying and drinking wine, but that is normal. Or, she may try some new recipes that even the dog finds questionable. Or she may start laughing uncontrollably at absolutely nothing. Or she may be in her closet eating chocolate she is hoarding in a shoe. All normal.

It is a day that she needs to be recognized for BEING THERE FOR YOU! So what does Mom want?  Every mom is different but I bet every mom just wants to be appreciated and loved. And of course, at this time humor is important.  It is said that laughter is the best medicine so why not use Mother’s Day to give mom a smile. 

Here are some gift ideas that might just let her know how much you appreciate her at this difficult time and hopefully the socks help to add the smile!  

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SQUEEZE LEMONS – When life gives you lemons…. Mom squeezes the day! Who knew this virus would cause us to stay home ? But Mom-to-the-rescue can always make a bad situation better. Give her some lemon treats and fun socks to let her know she is appreciated! ( Citrus got real!!!)

RELAX WINE – Mom needs something to help her relax. She is on the go all day trying to keep the house in order, food on order, and kids and/or pets in order. Help her relax with a wonderful bottle of her favorite wine, a new wine glass (e.g. STAY FANCY!) and some treats for her personal happy hour. Encourage her to relax, breathe, and drink wine. (Repeat…)

BEST MOM EVER – Wow, this is the time to let her know she is just that. Give her the socks to wear to remind her that even though you drive her crazy, you love her and she is THE BEST! She has earned the BEST MOM EVER trophy socks because she is all that, and more. She has kept the household going on all fronts. If there were Grammie Award and Mommy Award shows this year, she would be the winner.

GARDENER SOCKS – Digging in the dirt can be very therapeutic. Nature has never been so important as now and giving her time to be outside, planting something is important. And wearing garden socks. Those help. Give her some gloves, socks, and a few plants and she will be a happy planter. Outside. By herself.

TOSSED SALAD and VEGGIE GARDEN – If she is into salads and healthy eating then she would love a new salad bowl, new cookbook, and of course a beautiful pair of tossed salad socks with a pattern of all of her favorite healthy ingredients. She will love that you appreciate how hard she tries to stay healthy. You might throw in some dark chocolate… Just sayin’…

BIG DILL – You know it and she needs to know it – She is a Big Dill. When the world is in a pickle, Mom is there to make things better. Give her a jar of fun pickles, hopefully locally made, and a pair of our Big Dill socks. Oh, and include a gift card to her favorite restaurant so when the quarantine is over, she doesn’t have to cook!!!! Let her know she is kind of a Big Dill to you and your family!

TREAT YO’SELF – Yes, Mom tries hard to make sure everyone eats healthy during these stressful times. She sets the example by making good food to keep the family well. But sometimes she just needs to indulge in something as sweet as she is. Serve her a plate of her favorite sweet treats with a pair of fun socks to let her now she deserves a treat, not only because it is Mother’s Day, but because she earns it every day!

LIFE HAPPENS and COFFEE – Life happens. Coffee Helps. Pandemics Happen. Coffee Helps. Mother’s Day Happens. Coffee Helps. Give Mom a new mug, some of her favorite joe to brew and some warm socks to help her get her day started on the right foot… And the left foot.

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HARD BEING MESo you never knew your mom had grey hair until now. Her nail polish is chipping and her yoga class is cancelled. It is easy to understand how hard it is being her at this time. Social distancing is not a problem. Even though she is getting by, she is going to need some extra TLC when all is said and done. Give her these socks to let her know you understand and for sure, include a gift card to her favorite salon so she can pull herself together once pampering is essential.

Maybe you can’t be with your mom this year. Maybe your Mom is in your space every day while being quarantined. Every situation is different but every Mom is trying, so send her some lovin’ and fun pair of socks to lift her day.

Let her know that she is the BEST MOM EVER! Send her a smile!


Foot Traffic is open for business but certainly not business as usual! 

 During this very difficult time FOOT TRAFFIC team is monitoring COVAD19 on a daily basis. We are carefully following the local and national guidelines, from public health officials and government agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Our Foot Traffic mantra has always been “WE TAKE FUN SERIOUSLY” and boy does that make sense now!

We are lucky. We work in a beautiful building in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City. Our offices are in the building and our products are warehoused and shipped directly from this space so we have access to our crazy socks every day all day. 

Our dedicated staff is working offsite but we are in constant communication thanks to ZOOM and GOOGLE Hangouts. 

Our “work-at-home” attire may be a bit sketchy but you must know that we are wearing our fun socks to keep us focused!  It really does help.

Of course, we are here to help as there are still many of you that want to send a smile to someone to recognize a birthday or honor a frontline hero such as a doctor or nurse.  Although the staff is working from home we have the benefit of our President and CEO in the office filling orders every day. The rest of us are home designing socks, helping retailers, and having a conversation with you. 

We take this situation very seriously but also know that what we can offer a smile and a way to stay connected.  Our socks are a simple way to do just that. It is a fun surprise to get a package in the mail. RIght!?! 

We hope that as you hang out at home, (for those of you with kids at home, bless you!) you look for ways to reach out to family and friends to let them know you care. SHARE A PAIR!!

If we can help, great.  

Please stay healthy, stay safe and stay connected.



In late 2019 and early 2020, the world watched as hundreds of devastating bush fires burnt an estimated 46 million acres of land (20% of Australian forests). Thousands of buildings and homes have been lost and an estimated one billion animals have been killed while some endangered species may be driven to extinction. 

During the month of February FOOT TRAFFIC decided to showcase our KOALA socks and KANGAROO socks on our website and social media, offering 100% of sales of these socks to WIRES in Australia. Because of your generous spirit, we raised $2,734! 

“WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. WIRES currently has 3,000 volunteers in 28 NSW branches involved in the rescue and care of wildlife and we have a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress.”

Immediate wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is WIRES ongoing priority. Due to the challenges of lack of food, water and habitat for millions of animals, WIRES continues to implement the best solutions to assist surviving wildlife and ensure the survival of remaining species. 

Our koala novelty socks and kangaroo novelty socks are a great way to acknowledge the significance of these amazing animals as they fight for survival due to the fires. 

YOU came through with your FOOT TRAFFIC purchases and we thank you. We all share the planet and your act of kindness will help contribute to WIRES ongoing efforts to rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife.  


What an inspiring event! This past week FOOT TRAFFIC had the privilege of being one of the sponsors for WIN for KC WOMEN’S SPORTS AWARDS CELEBRATION .  It is the largest luncheon in the country celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

The annual luncheon served over 1500 women and men in the community that support this amazing organization that recognizes girls and women of all ages that have contributed to sports and fitness. The event begins with an exuberant March of Champions that celebrates all Kansas and Missouri female high school state champions. Seeing these young women proudly being honored for their participation and success was exciting.  

Several other women were honored for their leadership contributions in the local community and their stories were riveting.  From those challenged with physical concerns to those still thriving in their 90’s, women were recognized for their courage and their contributions to others. 

The speaker at this year’s event was Natalie Coughlin, all-time record holder for most Olympic medals among American women (ties with Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres).  She was the most decorated female athlete of both the 2008 Beijing Games and the 2004 Athens Games. She continues today to  inspire all girls and women to participate in sports. She is the most decorated female swimmer in World Championships history.

Today, girls now have so many opportunities in school programs and organizations like WIN to participate in a variety of events that encourages teamwork, leadership and fun.  Every summer WIN sponsors a summer camp call Camp WIN which introduces girls in the community to approximately 14 sports and fitness activities over 4 days. The young athlets walk away with life skills such as ATTITUDE. PREPARATION, COURAGE and SPORTSMANSHIP.

FOOT TRAFFIC is proud to be part of the WIN community that is so encouraging to women of all ages.  We love you WIN!!!! 


Over-the-knee socks have always been fashionable, but it wasn’t until the past half-century that they have genuinely become the style icon that we know them to be today. Don’t think you’re trendy enough to wear them with your outfits?

A Brief History of the Knee-High Sock

Knee-highs and over-the-knee socks have been around since ancient times. In Roman and Greek cultures, people would wrap their feet, calves, and knees in leather and woolen fabric to protect their shins and calves and provide warmth. This practice wasn’t gender-specific until very recently in history. Even during the World Wars, men were required to wear these types of socks for warmth and protection (and even more to prevent foot rot and other foot-related severe ailments). 

Knee-high socks around this time also became a standard dress addition for school girls and fell out of mainstream fashion for many years. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, when miniskirts became fashionable, that knee-highs came back into mainstream fashion. This  time, their mark was made in women’s fashion and has become forever unforgettable.

Ditch the Schoolgirl Mindset

Unfortunately, over-the-knee socks can seem dull when it comes to the rest of your wardrobe. We are used to seeing them paired with cutesy skirts and not much else. Not everyone is a skirt person, but everyone can be a knee-high-sock person. Here are a few ways to mix up your knee-high look this winter.

Don’t Pack up Your Shorts Yet

If you’re a fall lover, you probably packed your shorts away long ago with big hopes for apple cider, fall foliage, and eventually snow. If you did, dig them back out — you’re going to want them.

Many people get caught up in the mindset that shorts are a summer item only. But if we can wear miniskirts during the winter, why can’t we wear shorts? Especially if we pair them with a slick pair of over-the-knee socks, we don’t have to sacrifice fashion for warmth. Save your cutest and thickest shorts for winter and pair them with a beautiful, thick pair of wool over-the-knee socks. Wear them with a boot or an oxford for a little extra edge.

Layer Them Over Stockings

Sometimes, socks are purely practical. When you’re just looking for a little extra warmth, wearing a pair of otk socks over your stockings can really give you the edge to get through the cold — like that last half hour of Christmas caroling with your church or through dinner at your millennial sister’s house who doesn’t keep the thermostat over 50 degrees. 

You can choose to layer them with a dress, pants, or anything else you might typically wear with stockings.

Wear Them With Sneakers

When we think of over-the-knee socks, we typically think of lacy, fancy stockings that pair well with dresses and skirts. However, there is a lot more versatility to these socks than one might expect. Wearing them with sneakers is a fun and engaging way to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe. This harkens back to days of old when knee-high socks were not just women’s socks. Wear them to femme up a masculine outfit, or to give your outfit a bit of a kick.

With a Sweater Dress and Leggings

You might not be into schoolgirl-style dresses or skirts but still might like to wear feminine-styled outfits from time to time. If this is the case, consider wearing a sweater dress with leggings and otk socks for an extra cute and comfy look. Sweater dresses pair very well with sweater-textured knee-high socks. To embolden your outfit, use your socks to add a pop of color. Or, match the color of your sweater dress and over-the-knee stockings and wear a set of leggings that are differently colored. 

Thin and With Oxfords

Oxfords are back in fashion after a brief stint away from the fashion limelight. However, you don’t have to fall back into the same old routines with Oxford shoes and thick, wool otk stockings. Luckily, Oxfords have come a long way from their clunky origins, and there are ways to make them look sleek and sexy. Get a pair of thin over the knee socks and oxford heels, and pair them with a corduroy suit dress for a hip but professional winter look.

Under Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are also optimal winter wear. They provide warmth and style while also helping you tread across ice and snow. What’s better is that they look great with over-the-knee high socks. Wearing otk socks with a little bit of lace trim gives you an air of elegance, whereas thicker woolen socks paired with boots and layers look more wintry and hipster. 

Around the House With PJs

Women’s socks are not just about fashion. Over the knee socks exist in all types of materials, and aren’t only meant to be worn as part of a fashionable look. A less conventional way to use your knee-high socks is to wear them around the house with a set of pajama shorts. No need to give up your favorite pair of summer pajamas just because the weather has turned cold!

Scrunched Down For a Textured Look

And just like there’s no right outfit to wear your socks, there’s no wrong way to wear your socks. It’s trendy to wear them up above the knee, but it’s also cute to wear them scrunched down for texture, like a leg warmer. Especially if you are wearing them layered over a stocking, this look will complement brighter, less conventional styles. 

Over the knee socks are the perfect companion for a winter wardrobe. They allow you to mix and match year-round items of clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh. Additionally, they keep you warm and cozy during the coldest time of the year, and there’s definitely something to be said about that. 

Instead of falling into a rut with your traditional over the knee sock looks, try out some of our latest looks over at Foot Traffic. We have a variety of patterns, materials, and styles that will keep you creative and on your toes this winter. 


The holidays are statistically the busiest time of the year. Five hundred seventy-two locations across the United States alone create toys for children. However, holiday purchases are not limited to gifts for children. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated department store sales reached as much as $22.7 billion in 2017. Jewelry stores also contribute to the statistics. December is responsible for almost 20% of the yearly revenue of jewelry stores across the United States. 

But what is the importance of these statistics? They point out one thing about the holiday season — people are busy right around the holidays. Whether in charge of preparing meals, getting the family shopping done, or traveling, the fun of the holidays can sometimes be overshadowed by how busy they are. You’re tired at the end of the day, and your feet are doubly so. To remind yourself that there’s more to the holidays than the hustle and bustle, check out these fun novelty socks that will help you keep up the spirit of the end of your year.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Kids rarely lose the holiday spirit. They can keep the mood even more elevated by wearing these 3D kids’ socks around the house on Christmas morning! These 3D Santa socks are complete with Santa’s smiling face. You will never have to worry about your feet getting cold, either. Each sock is thick and comfortable. Wear them inside as a slipper sock, or wear them outside accompanying your favorite outfit. Regardless of how you wear them, three-dimensional socks are a tangible reminder of the images attached to them. 

Life Happens, Coffee Helps

Coffee is an underappreciated part of holiday routines. You can get in the spirit of thanks for the gift of caffeine with these women’s novelty socks! The “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” Socks are bold blue speckled with dark brown coffee beans. At the top of the sock sits a steaming cup of coffee so picturesque all you have to do is look down at your ankles to get reminded of the aroma that will get you through the day. Turn to caffeine when the holidays get tough and pay homage to the most magnificent bean in the world with our fun coffee novelty socks.

Appreciate Your Best Friend This Christmas!

Dogs are always there for you when you need them. This sentiment is often forgotten among the intensity of the holidays. But with these fun novelty socks, you can be reminded of your commitment to your furry friend — and of their commitment to you. This time of year is especially important to remember to take time out and pay attention to our fur friends. They are always the best listeners when you need someone to talk to!

And Don’t Forget the Cat!

Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog fan. Cats are sometimes accused of being aloof and unloyal. However, for anyone with a feline companion, there’s nothing like coming home to your kitty at the end of a long day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of holiday chores you have, slip on a pair of these fun women’s novelty socks. Santa Claws is coming to town — and don’t you forget it. Fake scratches run down the side of the sock under an orange tabby cat decked out in a Santa hat. Classic green and red color combinations make this sock pop as a holiday sock, and there’s no need to worry about your feet getting cold. These socks fit great in just about any shoe and are perfect for keeping your toes cozy when your cat isn’t around to lay in bed with you.

He sees you when you’r drinking…

The holidays can be a fun way to let loose and live a little. Alcohol sales soar during the end of the year, with New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas being some of the top drinking holidays. But don’t forget — Santa is always watching. Remind yourself not to get too carried away with these fun men’s socks. Classy and retro-looking, each sock contains a different graphic and twist on the classic Christmas song. “He Knows When You Are Baked” is printed on one sock, complete with refreshing-looking cocktails. On the other, “He Knows When You Are Baked” is accompanied by a gingerbread man and his cookie friend. 

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a classic holiday tradition for those who celebrate Christmas. Dress up for a live performance or snuggle in to watch the ballet from your house with these cozy slipper socks. Not everyone likes the commercial nature of Santa Claus, red and green print, and snowmen. Nutcracker slipper socks are a warm reminder of a tradition that’s been around since before the commercialization of the holiday season.

Let’s Get Away From it All

As many as one in three Americans travel during the holiday season. However, these travels aren’t always to see your Great Aunt Sue or the gaggle of cousins you rarely catch up with. Sometimes, traveling is fun and for yourself. If going to a tropical getaway is something you continuously dream about, be sure to consider grabbing a pair of these novelty socks before you hit the road. They’ll keep your feet warm (and your mind inspired) until you get to your tropical paradise.

Alpine Tights

The holidays sometimes ask that you get a little dressy. You don’t have to sacrifice the spirit of the holidays for function, however. Perfect for the office Christmas party or the annual trip to church, Foot Traffic’s Alpine Tights are a great reminder of the holidays in a slightly formal format. Stretchy and forgiving like nearly any tight you could get at a department store, you won’t find a tight with an alpine print like this everywhere you look. For an extra wintry look, pair them with some leg warmers and dressy boots. With a little extra attention to your wardrobe, there is no reason why you can’t look just as good in winter as you do any other time of the year.

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Spice Up Your Normal Sock Wear

Are you intrigued by thigh-high tights but don’t know how to work them into your normal wear? You’re not alone. Thigh-high tights were fashionable before elastic was invented, and were worn under dresses and secured with garter belts. As waist-high tights became more popular, thigh highs fell to the wayside as novelty items. However, the thigh-high remains one of the most versatile parts of any wardrobe — and here are ten different ways to prove it this fall.

Who said socks don’t matter? Show off your fondness of patterns with socks like these opaque striped and tie-dyed thigh highs! For a punk look, wear a pair with cutoff denim shorts and doc martens. That way, you don’t have to let short season end too soon, but you can start incorporating your fall footwear into your wardrobe incrementally.

Pair With Knee-High Boots

Is there anything cuter than a pair of knee-high boots? Maybe a pair of knee-high boots with thigh-high stockings under them! It can be hard to incorporate tall boots with dresses in a way that looks natural, but utilizing the length and texture of thigh highs is one of those ways. It contrasts the boot from your wardrobe while giving it that cozy look that is perfect for the fall. Try out one of these pairs with a brown boot.

Wear Over Tights

Layering is back in fashion, and it doesn’t have to stop with the layering of tops. Layering tights and thigh-highs can be an effective and unique way to showcase contrasting patterns in your outfit. Do you have a plain sweater you love to bits but can’t quite find anything to wear with? Use a pop of pattern to give your wardrobe a boost, simultaneously showcasing your sweater and the tights. Try these floral tights under a pair of thigh highs of your choice!

Get Spooky and Decadent With Black Lace

Black lace doesn’t just have to be for the boudoir! Think the Bride of Frankenstein, Vampira, and Elvira for this Halloween’s looks. A black lace thigh-high is great to kick up the sexiness of a costume or to inspire the spookiness within your usual wardrobe. Because black lace is a type of pattern, it is best to pair with more everyday clothing if you want the pattern to pop (really, think Morticia Adams! She wears all black but always has a statement piece). Worn with a cute fall color, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Under a Pair of Rainboots

There’s no reason why you should have to compromise your fashion aspirations on a rainy day. Especially since they happen so often in the fall, there’s a way to make your rain attire look super cute without you even having to try hard. Pair your bright rain boots with a pair of knit, knee-high socks and leggings. It’ll look like you tried hard to look unique, but really it will feel like you just rolled out of bed and showed up to work in your pajamas. It’s a win-win.

Pair With A Shirt Dress and Sneakers For a Skater Look

Are you still living with suppressed nostalgia for the early-2000s when you wore your striped athletic socks and vans everywhere? It’s enough to make you want to break out your Blink-182 and Avril Lavigne CDs, stick them in your CD player, and head out to the skate park. Why not give in to the nostalgia a little? No need for the skinned knees or whiny teenage angst, you can accomplish the look with a modern take — pair thigh-high athletic socks like these with a set of cute vans and a tee-shirt dress. You’ll feel like you’re on your way to your first day of high school again!

To Keep The Spice In Your Cool-Weather Clubbing Attire

You still like to go to clubs, but if you live in a colder climate you are often left with a choice — compromise the cuteness of your outfit with warm clothes, or grin and bear the chilly weather to keep your look solid. With thigh-high socks, you don’t need to compromise! You’ll turn heads on the dance floor without having to worry about your teeth chattering on the way to hail a cab.

Go For The Modified Schoolgirl Look

You’ve always wanted to do it, but haven’t ever felt bold enough. Well, Foot Traffic is here to say it. Go bold! The Schoolgirl outfit can either look really good or really strange, and its success is mainly dependent upon the quality of the clothing you wear and your take on it. We suggest going easier. Find a nice, plain pair of knit knee-highs and some cute loafers to pair with a skirt that comes above the knee (but doesn’t go too high!). A frock with a bow tie and a nice cardigan can round out the outfit nicely all while keeping you warm and stylish for fall.

Don’t Wear Them Out!

Thigh-highs aren’t just for going out and getting glances. They pair great with a pair of sleep shorts. Great for keeping you warm in your favorite pair of pajamas and for giving a romantic kick to a mostly tame outfit. 

Go Big Or Go Home

When it comes down to it, thigh-high stockings are a statement piece. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with them, so if you think you want a pair for occasional use, don’t be afraid to really get out there. Opt for bold patterns, different textures, and different thicknesses as a way to add variation to your wardrobe for those times when you feel like you need it. Don’t feel as though you need only to have bland thigh-highs. Play around with styles, and find what works best with you this fall and year-round.

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Think Fall….

When the weather starts getting frosty and the leaves start turning, there’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket with a hot beverage and reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching your favorite show. Or, maybe you like to stare out the window at the fall foliage while the wind shakes the trees, enjoying only the sounds nature is providing you. Perhaps you’re one of those people who want to bundle up and enjoy the crisp air out among that foliage, picking apples and smelling the fall smells.

Whatever your favorite fall activity is, nothing is better than a nice pair of warm and comfy socks around your feet to help you enjoy the change of seasons without feeling the cold. Fall doesn’t have to be all about ugly wool socks, however. Here are seven fun sock ideas to help you get ready for fall 2019. 

Spooky Skele Slippies!

Fall is more than the seasons changing and the nights getting longer. For some, fall holds the key to their hearts, as well as their favorite holiday. Get ready for Halloween with these bones socks suitable for the entire year (if you like being spooky year-round). Black socks feature the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot bones, as well as part of the tibia and fibula, in a shocking white. You’re sure to stir up some skeletons in the closet or rattle someone’s bones by wearing these at an office party. Plus, these are slipper socks, so you can be sure your bones are safe from slipping and sliding over the hardwood floor of an old haunted house. Cotton mix, these fun socks for women fits sizes 4-10. Smaller sizes can fit older children.

The Last of the Season

People who love the outdoors will camp right up until the snow flies (and some even camp after it flies!). The fall is a great time to go camping. The fishing is still very good, the bugs are few and far between, and you’re less likely to run into those pesky tourists that take away from the scenery. Honor the outdoorsman and fall camper in your household by gifting them with this three-pack of outdoor-themed socks. On one pair, bears traipse across a woodland scenery. On another, you’ll see an assortment of fishing lures. On the last one is all the quintessential camping gear that makes camping so much fun — s’mores, flashlights, campfires, and tents. One size fits all.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin on the porch. Pumpkins are symbolic of the harvest time, at the end of the year, and it’s rare to see a porch step without one come October. These Jack O’Lantern socks are perfect for people who like Autumn and Halloween but who aren’t too keen on some of the creepier aspects of the season. Featuring a smiling Jack O’ Lantern face, charming green border on the upper part of the calf, and black toe and heel pieces, these are a festive addition to your fall holiday wardrobe. 

The Start of Basketball Season

Sports lovers, rejoice! Just because one sports season is ending doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. October marks the beginning of basketball season, and these fun socks for men and women are great opportunities to show your hometown (or national) team pride! A pleasant tan and orange sock fits well with the color theme of the season, and the sock itself features a ball being slam-dunked. This sock fits most women’s sizes. It is also available in men’s sizes. 

Hard-Boiled Fun

Everyone has that aunt who makes the Thanksgiving favorite — deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are not long for this world at family functions, and with Thanksgiving gracing our tables in the fall, deviled eggs are on the back of the mind of everyone who is just “meh” about the turkey but wild about the other tastes of this fall holiday. These fun socks for women feature some of the more famous players in the egg cuisine world. The deliciously meaty scotch eggs, eggs benedict, pickled eggs, runny eggs, and scrambled eggs are all depicted as kooky characters dancing around the sock. They’re a must-have for any Thanksgiving food fanatic or egg enthusiast. Available in women’s socks (with a blue background) and men’s socks (with a red background). 

Cigar Aficionados

For some, fall marks the time when it is officially acceptable to become someone who stays inside the majority of the time. Cigar aficionados flourish in the fall, when they can put on a nice sweater (or a smoking jacket, if they’re feeling fancy), pour themselves a glass of scotch, and enjoy a peaceful night in with a cigar. Maybe they invite their friends over for a movie, or maybe they just relish the quiet after a hard day’s work out of the cold. These fun men’s socks are great for the older man who enjoys some of the finer things in life. Ladies who enjoy cigars and scotch could also benefit from the toe-toasting warmth of these socks. One size fits most. 

So Warm I Can Hardly Bear It!

If you’re a parent, this scenario might sound familiar to you. You’re sleeping in one fall morning, and you feel your kid crawl into bed with you. Cute, right? 

Only until your child puts their ice-cold feet on your calves or back. Brrrr. Even coffee can’t wake you up quite like that.

Stave off that horrible feeling by keeping your kids’ feet warm with these cute 3D bear socks. Thick, brown socks feature a bear pattern on the calf, little ears that poke up above the rim of the sock, and small arms that poke out the sides. These socks are designed to be appealing to your children so they’ll actually keep them on, and so that you can enjoy a restful sleep without the fear of cold feet. Better yet, enjoy a pair of adult size for yourself and you can share the bear den with your kids!

So, whether you’re looking for a quality sock to keep you warm this fall, or whether you’re hoping to liven up your fall a little bit, Foot Traffic has the best fun socks to brighten your wardrobe. Are you not sold on these fall ideas? Check out our website to see other options for fanciful footwear in your household.

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