Here are ten fun sock ideas for the groom-to-be to spice up his wedding party.

Planning a wedding is never easy, especially when it comes to managing all the little details. In fact, as many as 40% of peopleplanning a wedding spend between ten to fifteen hours per week on planning their wedding. The party favors, the flowers, catering, and more have to be a perfect combination of the bride and the groom’s tastes. Otherwise, disagreements may arise. Less often thought about are the accessories worn by the groomsmen and groom, but these little touches are one of the most perfect ways to foster creativity and a sense of companionship among groomsmen and the groom alike. You’d be surprised how far the creativity of something as simple as a sock in a wardrobe can go.

Pair Your Sock Color with Bridesmaid Colors

Traditionally, groomsmen have matched the wedding party by using similarly-colored ties or shirts. Some even go as far as matching their entire tuxedo. However, another option is to wear socks. For a more casual wedding, rolling up pants to expose a flash of color is a trendy and unique way to include socks in your wardrobe planning.

Add Subtle Color & Design to a Modest Dress

Think your wedding party’s color theme and styles are too modest for novelty socks? Think again. Wearing a sock with a thin line pattern and a pop of color can liven up any wardrobe while still seeming conservative and tasteful. Stripes are an excellent option for wedding parties with no other print on their shoes or suits.

Plan Sock Designs Based on the Weather and Time of Year

Are you getting married in the spring? Include socks with a floral print for a more intriguing look that will almost assuredly go with the florals the bride-to-be will include in her getup. Winter designs are often even more fun to work with and provide a plethora of pattern and theme ideas for the groom and groomsmen. These will all involve working around weather restrictions, such as avoiding socks that are too cold in the winter and ones that are too warm in the summer, but will give you plenty to work with.

Stars and Stripes — Incorporating Patriotism

For military weddings where groomsmen are not in the army and therefore cannot be in dress uniform, a fun way to show patriotism and support for the groom is by wearing patriotic-themed socks. Alternate star socks with striped socks amongst your groomsmen or nab a uniform pair with flags on it. This theme can also be used for July weddings or just for a hint of color that shows pride for your country. Don’t forget the sparklers if you’re getting married on July 4th!

Match Personalities With Fun Print

Have a lot of bold personalities in your group, and you want their individuality to shine? Consider picking a printed sock with different color choices. That way, the print in your wedding party will match, but the colors will be up to the groomsmen. It will give you party a way to feel like they have a hand in the planning of your wedding while also still maintaining control over the outcome and execution of wedding styles.

Animal Themes for Animal Lovers

There are ways to use animal themes in your wedding party without it getting tacky or over-the-top. Opt for animal-themed socks with simple colors and prints, such as these plaid buffalo novelty socks. However, if you’re the type of people that like over-the-top animal enthusiasm, you might step it up with animal print or by letting your groomsmen pick a sock with their favorite animal on it.

Comic Book Themes

Comic book themed weddings are taking off in popularity, sometimes even at the behest of the bride. However, not all couples share a love of comic books, and therefore a great way to incorporate comic book themes into a wedding party that might not have mutual respect for comic books is by using socks. A simple Batman, Superman, or Spiderman print sock under a trouser maintains a uniformity while also showing the groom’s devotion to comic books. 

Print Your Face on Your Sock and Hand it Out As a Gag Gift

If you’re opting for a more traditional black or navy trouser sock but still are a sock aficionado, there are ways to incorporate socks into your groomsmen’s tradition. At your bachelor party, consider buying a pair of printed socks with the bride and groom’s face on them. Not only will this get you a laugh, but it will provide your groomsmen with something comfortable (and fashionable) to change into after the ceremony.

Get Personal With Your Groomsmen

Are you stuck on what to get the people in your party as a show of gratitude for their commitment to your relationship? Get them a personalized pair of socks. This can be as simple as monogramming the date of your wedding on it or as personal as getting a pair of socks that references an inside joke from your bachelor’s party or a past shared event. Either way, this souvenir will delight and be a constant reminder of one of the most important personal events they’ve been involved in.

Rainbow Up!

Rainbows are great for all types of weddings, and doing a gradient in the color of your groomsman’s socks is a fun look that doesn’t necessarily outshine the bridesmaids or the bride. Gradients can be rainbow, different shades of the same color, or a variety of colors ordered from lightest to darkest. This will also help groomsmen remember their place within the wedding party lineup, preventing any mishaps and maintaining order without the bride or groom to be putting in any extra effort.

Planning and buying fun socks for a wedding should be about highlighting the personality of the groom and everyone in the party, and it shouldn’t be harder than necessary. Stick with themes you both are comfortable with, and remember to consult with the bride before making any executive decisions, and this can be a fun and unique way to incorporate the personality of the groom into the event.

If you’re on the search for the perfect pair of adult socks for your groomsmen, check out the novelty sock collections at Foot Traffic. We have a wide selection of novelty socks for men and novelty socks for women, all at great prices with regularly updated prints and styles.



Did you know that there are more chickens on the planet than there are people? Yes, chickens are everywhere and are a major source of protein around the globe.  They provide not only meat for consumption but the hens give us the gift of eggs, another source of protein, and a reason to decorate for Easter.  In the US, chickens used to be a luxury meat but with today’s technology and (unfortunate) supplements to chicken’s diets, chicken is now the most consumed meat in America. Just look at what COSTCO rotisserie chickens have done to our culinary consumption.  For $4.99, you can get a 3+ pound fully cooked bird for your family.  They are a bargain. No wonder Costco sells over 60 million chickens a year. And several years ago Martha Stewart glamorized chickens several years ago when she started raising exotic chickens for the eggs and the unique blue colors of various chicken breeds.  She now has four large chicken coups and chickens are a part of her brand.
But many people are wanting to raise chickens themselves. Raising chickens has become quite a trend and not only are they found on the farm but are now found in backyards in the suburbs and in cities where all you need is a little space for a coup, land for the chickens to run around and a lot of attention for proper feeding and cleaning.
Chicken coups are readily available and can be found on websites as common as Wayfair, Etsy, ebay and Amazon, to name a few.  But once you have the coup do you know what goes into raising chickens? You will need to choose a breed, which is thought to be in the hundreds.  You have to determine what you want your chickens to provide for you.

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According to , The Happy Chicken Coop, there are lots of breeds of chickens, and they all fall into one of four categories:

  • Heritage Breeds: The Livestock Conservancy defines a Heritage chicken as a natural breeding chicken that has a slow growth rate and can live a long, productive outdoor life. The breed must also conform to the American Poultry Associations standard for that breed.
  • Egg Laying Breeds: These hens have been bred to produce large quantities of eggs through their short production lifetimes. Leghorns are a good example of prolific egg producers as are Australorps.
  • Dual Purpose Breeds: These hens are the best of both worlds in utility terms. They are productive in the egg department and also grow large enough to be used as a meat bird later on in their life.
  • Meat Breeds: As the name suggests these breeds of chicken are bred for meat purposes. They grow very, very quickly. They put on weight at an alarming rate and are ready for slaughter at around nine weeks.

Once you have decided how you want your chicken to fit into your life, you can figure out how you want to buy your chickens. The cheapest is chicks but there are other options. (as noted in the same The Happy Chicken Coop )

  • Hatching Eggs: These are fertilized eggs that you need to incubate. If you are new to chickens, I don’t recommend that you get hatching eggs unless you really know what you are doing. Although incubation is fairly straightforward, there definitely is an art to it.
  • Chicks: This is the most used and wise choice for novices. You can select which breed(s) you want and when you want them. You typically get chicks at one day old.
  • Pullets: Pullets are birds aged between four to six months. The chicks have been reared to adulthood and are usually sold at point of lay, meaning the pullet is about to lay her first egg anytime soon!
  • Adults: Adult hens are more difficult to come by as breeders like to move birds out before they get too old since they eat more. A common source of adult hens is animal shelters or rescue sanctuaries.
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    As you can see there is so much to think about before you decide to get into this hobby.  And remember, where there is a coup, there is poop.  Yes, chickens are messy and chicken hygiene is important to keep them safe as well as you. Chickens are a pet of sorts, but they are not to be cuddled, snuggled or kissed on the chicken lips. They are carriers of harmful bacteria and handling chickens requires washing your hands often and keeping your ladies clean.

And, don’t forget that you are not the only one that loves chickens.  There are many predators out there that would love your chickens as a treat so keeping them safe is a major concern and priority when raising chickens.  And make sure your homes association approves your little cluckers.

There is so much to consider when deciding whether to raise chickens. For me, I think I will respectfully leave that up to the chicken farmers and well-informed hobbyists and get my chicken and eggs from the grocery store. But of course, for the love of chickens, I will also be wearing my favorite chicken novelty socks from FOOT TRAFFIC .

Looking Ahead: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Socks for Spring & Summer


If this recent Daylight Savings Time hit you hard, you’re not alone. Although most United States citizens go through Daylight Savings Time each year, there are numerous articles in existence on the internet that indicate people struggle with the time changes. It’s interesting to note that some studies say DST is more than just an annoyance. Sleep scientists argue that losing even an hour of sleep per night can put undue stress on the heart. This shows in the increased rate of heart attacks the day after Daylight Saving’s Time. However, for most Daylight Saving’s Time is a mere annoyance that people must pay for evening out the daylight as the days get longer.


Setting your clocks forward is not the only thing that people have to think about, however. Spring acts as an exciting bridge between cold and warm weather, and finding the right outfits to wear during this turbulent season can be just as hard as adjusting to one less hour of sleep. Often thought about less, socks are one of the most critical preparatory parts of a spring and summer wardrobe. With the right sock, your feet stay cool, dry, and odorless — attributing to your overall comfort.


When choosing socks for spring and summer, here are six tips to keep in mind for your spring/summer sock choice.


Fun Socks are Often The Best Choice…


Late spring and early summer are full of fun and festive occasions. While celebration has been and should always be about spending time with friends and loved ones, adding a little flair to your wardrobe doesn’t hurt. Fun socks come in adult sizes and some of the more popular celebratory events that fun sock suppliers cater to include Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. The best part about fun socks is that they can be used to brighten up almost any wardrobe.


…But Always Think About Bringing a Spare Pair


That being said, even if you have planned your outfit to the nth degree, it is always advantageous to bring an extra pair of socks with you. For those who have worked novelty socks into their wardrobe, sometimes you show up to an event and realize that event is neither the time nor the place to be hosting that sort of novelty. Bringing a pair of socks that are meant for the opposite type of event setting is a good idea, just in case you’ve missed the mark. Additionally, the time between spring and summer can hold a host of volatile weather. If you are headed to a wedding in flats and no-show socks and find out the green they’ve scheduled it on is going to be particularly mucky, you might have to do a quick re-think of your footwear.


Lo Liner Socks Bridge the Gap Between Fashion and Function


It used to be that you either suffered the consequences of stinky feet or chose to look ridiculous by wearing big, bulky socks with boat shoes, flats, or other low-cut fashion shoes. With today’s sock technology, it’s possible to have comfortable, dry, odorless feet without showing that you are wearing socks. Lo liner socks are a modern marvel and are a perfect addition to your spring and summer sock wardrobe.


Low-Liners and no-shows


Although no-shows and low-liner socks are great for keeping foot stench at bay, they are not always the best choice for an outfit. If you’re participating in any activity — hiking, dancing, or even just a long afternoon stroll, low liners are not the way to go. Their purpose is to limit the presence of sweat in fashion shoes, but they don’t work well for increased movement.


Choose a Moisture-wicking Sock When Possible


Above all, spring is a time of moistness. Between constant puddles caused by an increase in rain, increased humidity because of snowmelt and ground thaw, and the change in the environment that causes your feet to sweat more, your feet are almost undoubtedly going to be placed in a sticky, wet, and uncomfortable situation at some point during spring. Cotton socks with a high needle count, like our novelty socks and are a good choice because they are lightweight and their breath-ability in the heat of the summer often makes them an excellent choice for general wear as the heat increases. Moisture plus high texture makes the foot’s environment rife for bacterial and fungal infections. The same goes for certain polyester and blended materials.


When it comes to comfort during the changing seasons, the best route to take is to find a moisture-wicking sock, such as one with a bamboo makeup, to keep your foot comfortable. While this is especially true for those who do a lot of walking, it doesn’t hurt to keep a moisture-wicking sock on hand for all spring and summer situations.


Purchase Socks That Support an Increase in Activity


With warmer weather comes an increase in activity. For some, this means more time spent outdoors. Without the right sock, an outdoor trek can turn into blisters, infections, and pain. Blisters and infections in spring and summer happen for many reasons. An increase in activity automatically increases your body’s temperature. When combined with a steadily rising environmental temperature and a lack of airflow caused by your shoes, this creates a hot, moist cave for your feet to reside within. Our no-shows work well with sneakers and athletic shoes because they are not too thick and provide a cotton cushion between your feet and the shoe.


Additionally, wearing the wrong texture of sock can irritate the skin on pressure points on the foot. Combine this with an increase in dehydration that comes with temperature and activity increase and this equals out to uncomfortable feet. Doing a little research into the best socks for the type of activity you want to do makes a huge difference in your foot’s comfort.


Foot traffic wants to make your spring and summer as festive and comfortable as possible with our extensive sock collection. Find out more at our website.


Choosing your SPRING SOCKS



This year, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow at the annual Groundhog Day viewing. For those of us familiar with the old American legend, that means spring is just around the corner. This season is an exciting time signaling rebirth, encouraging people to clean up (and clear out) their houses, as well as a time for people to put away their winter wardrobe in place of a lighter, sunnier, and more casual look. One thing that people often neglect to overlook when it comes to swapping out winter wardrobes for warm weather ones, however, is their socks.


Since spring is a tricky season for temperatures — very frequently showcasing days with hot highs and evenings with chilly lows — getting a sock that works with your sense of style, springtime events, and springtime temperatures can be tricky. Luckily, if you plan for spring, you can be sure to step out the door in style, comfort, and with a little extra green in your pocket.


Determine the Average Spring Temperatures For Your Area


Springtime temperature conditions will vary depending on what place in the United States you live in. Because of this, there is no right choice for a springtime sock.


New England, for instance, averages highs of no more than 50 degrees. Sometimes, even single states have drastic differences in weather. Utah averages a high of 48 degrees in March in the upper part of the state but a high of almost 70 degrees in certain southern parts of the state. If you’re sock shopping, determine the average weather for the entirety of spring before you shop. You’re not going to want a pair of no show socks if you’re still expecting temperatures in the low thirties.


You should also take into consideration the makeup of the sock versus average temperatures. Trouser socks, for instance, cover a great deal more of the leg than low-rise socks for men or women, but the material can make a huge difference in the warmth. If you’re down to the last two pairs of socks in your drawer and one of them is a set of microfiber socks, and one is a pair of trouser socks, one will keep you much warmer than the other. However, if you see a set of spring-themed microfiber socks on sale but you live in South Texas where spring temperatures reach the mid-eighties, you might want to avoid the purchase of said socks and opt for a thinner, more breathable pair of socks.


Take Humidity Into Account


If you’ve ever heard someone say “It’s a dry heat” when referencing the temperature of the place, they aren’t just trying to upsell the place. A place’s heat index is reliant upon the way the body feels in that place relative to the amount of humidity in existence in that place. Humidity plays a huge part in tolerating heat, and the reason why this is so is due to sweat. Sweat is the body’s way of keeping itself cool, and in dry weather when the sweat evaporates, this works quite well. That’s why places with high humidity, like the Southern United States, feel so much hotter in 90-degree weather than places like Idaho, Wyoming, or Montana — places that have low humidity.


It might seem counter-intuitive to wear socks when you know that it will be sweltering, as it almost seems like putting a blanket on already uncomfortable and warm feet. However, in some instances, wearing socks makes a foot’s environment that much more tolerable. Say you are a female teacher who lives somewhere where spring temperatures exceed seventy degrees, and the humidity level is very high. You are required to wear professional footwear that is also comfortable — which often equates to wearing flats. Wearing low-liner socks for women (especially ones that wick moisture away from the foot) are critical from transforming flats from unbreathable sweat machines to the height of comfort for professional work wear.


Plan For Holidays


Spring is home to many holidays, and for one particular holiday, it’s always good to have some green hidden somewhere in your wardrobe. Most sock companies carry socks to help you celebrate those special days. Some favorite holidays to consider patterns for include — St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, International Woman’s Day, April Fool’s Day, and Earth Day. Usually, these patterns are available in many styles, including no show socks for men and women.


Consider the Signs of Spring


Easter is, in practice, a Christian holiday, but the symbols that have commercially come to surround it — bunnies, chicks, flowers, eggs — reach beyond religion. Sporting socks with one of these symbols on it doesn’t mean that you necessarily celebrate Easter, but it does mean you’re hoping for warmer weather and the beauty of nature that comes alive during the springtime.


Mud Season Rather Than Spring? Consider a Pattern.


One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to a beloved pair of socks is when they begin to get stained and brown on the bottom from overuse. In places like Maine, where early spring is often referred to as “mud season,” a pair of socks can go from new to ruined in a single use because of mud and dirt brought out by the melting snow, increased rain, and higher humidity. Even if socks aren’t completely ruined, laundry gurus will often purchase more of their stain removal products and find themselves a little lighter in the wallet because of it. While wearing a patterned sock doesn’t make the sock invincible to mud and dirt stains, it does make them less easy to see. This ultimately prolongs the life of a sock and livens up the wardrobe at the same time.


Spring means more than just out with the old, in with the new. Celebrate the changing weather and beauty of the season by adapting your wardrobe and spicing up your sock collection. Foot Traffic is home to a variety of socks that are designed to keep your foot temperature regulated, your wardrobe in tip-top shape, and your spirits up as the snow starts to melt and the flowers start to bloom. For more information on our many types of socks, including no-show socks for warmer weather shoes, browse our spring selections.


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How To Stay Stylish While Wearing Fun Socks

Everyone remembers a statement sock. Sometimes, however, being recognized is not a good thing. Fun, loud, and memorable socks look great on their own, but when paired with certain outfits or even individual pieces this can be a recipe for a fashion disaster. The main thing to remember when it comes to wearing fun adult socks is that they are supposed to be the emphasis of your outfit when they are worn. There are other things to keep in mind when it comes to sporting your fashion socks, especially as fashion trends change at the beginning of this new year.

Take it from the sock experts: wearing fun socks can take your wardrobe to the next level, but only if you avoid specific fashion faux pas. Here are a few different ways Foot Traffic recommends you wear your fun socks for ultimate wardrobe impact.

Try to Match

Fun socks often are the focal point of the outfit, but that doesn’t mean they should stick out like a sore thumb. Think about color combinations when picking a pair to put on under your outfit. Some examples of classically clashing colors include brown and black, green and orange, and purple and yellow. On rare occasions, these colors go together very well. For instance, a green and orange sock can conjure up spooky feelings during the Halloween season. However, for the ordinary day, it’s best to select complementary colors or different shades of the same color.

As an example — if you’re wearing a pair of dark pink pants, try a pair of salmon-colored patterned socks! Mixing and matching shades makes a statement; they show that you understand color palettes and how they apply to fashion.

Pair With Plain

Not everyone can be a bold fashion icon mixing colors and patterns. Most people rarely stray from plainclothes. Citing lack of confidence and preference in garb, among other reasons, plain, unpatterned clothes are a perfect pairing for patterned socks because there is one less element that you might potentially clash with. The upside? Most people’s wardrobes are full of plainly patterned clothing that is just waiting for a glow-up.

Have a pair of socks with loud polka-dots on them? It’s easy to match just about any color to a pair of blue jeans. Have some animal-patterned statement socks you want to wear with a simple green dress? Hues of brown, grey, burnt orange and some shades of pink make your dress stand out. Or, perhaps you’ve got some work slacks that are just begging for a flash of color. Most colors blend with khaki and black — two of the most common plain workplace colors.

Spice it Up With a Themed Outfit

Casual doesn’t always mean plain, which can often spell disaster when it comes time to match. But knowing how to match different casual wear with fun socks is key to spicing up your everyday wardrobe. As we stated before, jeans go with almost everything. Luckily, jeans make up a heft of casual wardrobes in America. However, jeans also are perfect for being the tie-in piece to a more significant statement: a themed outfit.

Have a pair of cheetah-print socks you’ve been dying to wear as part of a larger ensemble? You could pair them with most prints, but why stop there? Thinking about an outfit rather than some aspects of clothing is a fun way to showcase your wardrobe. Pair with a pair of black jeans and a tropical plant-print shirt for a jungle-themed outfit. You can do this with many different types of clothing — bandana-print socks with a rancher’s shirt for an Americana look, floral socks with flower-themed accessories, and more. An essential consideration is to keep at least one of your articles of clothing plain, that way the theme seems a little less garish and highlights your fun socks.

Keep Away From Certain Formal Functions

Headed to a wedding and want to spice up your suit? Not a problem. Especially at Millennial and Gen Z- aged weddings zany little wardrobe pieces, like brightly-colored glasses or patterned socks shine. However, there are places where flashes of color and pattern aren’t fun. Avoid fun socks at funerals, legal proceedings, and times when uniforms might be worn. Most of the time, these events are less about individuality and might come off as brash or tacky. While we love our socks, we understand that sometimes the formal calls for something a little less fun.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Patterns

Pairing pattern with pattern used to be a fashion no-no, but as more interesting fabric prints have become available thanks to modern weaving technologies and the influence of other cultures, double-print pairing has become a fun new fashion trend. Public figures and celebrities, like Janelle Monae, Beyonce, and Cardi B often show up to events and shows sporting unforgettably colored, vibrant outfits. Take a page from their book and use your fun socks to showcase different patterns together.

It is possible to pair patterns incorrectly, so there are a few things to remember, even if you’re just starting with socks. For beginners, the key to fashionably clashing patterns often relies upon matching colors. Start with one statement piece, like your fun socks, and notice the colors in the design. For instance, if your socks are hibiscus print, look at both the background color and the colors of the hibiscus flowers and pair these socks with other clothing patterns with same or similar colors. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be livening up your wardrobes on a regular basis (and maybe even making a fashion statement!)

We believe everyone should have at least one pair of fun socks in their repertoire, but it’s up to you how you want to showcase them. Fashionably plain Janes could use their sock collection to spice it up every once in a while. Or, if you’re bold all over, you could use your socks to tie together your wardrobe. Either way, your socks are an extension of your personality and should encourage you to portray yourself as the person you want to be.






Valentine’s Day will soon be here and it is traditionally a time of blissful romance and celebration of new love or lasting love.  But for others, it is a day that we wish would be behind us so we don’t have to wallow in the lack of a romantic relationship.
The classic venue of flowers, chocolates, and dinner is a nice reminder to take time to honor the one you love but it doesn’t mean the rest of us need to be left out if we aren’t at the receiving end of such gifts.  You traditionalists go do your thing but for the rest of us, we can make Valentine’s Day a wonderful day of love that doesn’t require a romantic relationship- just good gal pals.

So, how can we take advantage of V-Day without stressing out?  Here are some great ways to enjoy the day:
Shed some love on yourself!
– Treat Yo’self ! We have socks that say TREAT YO’SELF so buy the socks and buy some ice cream! You deserve it!
-Do something you love.  Perhaps get a massage for being a good person. After all, you need to love yourself before you can love others.
– Do something out of the ordinary that you would not normally do but have always wanted to. Perhaps it’s as simple as ordering take out from a restaurant you’ve never been to. Go on a road trip to an antique mall or a small town you have wanted to explore.
– Write down what you are grateful for. It can be a person, a place, a moment. Just write!
– Call someone who lives out of town just to reconnect.  Let them know you are thinking about them.
– Wear some fuzzy socks, curl up with a good book, and a favorite snack. Heaven.
– Get a good bottle of wine and wear our LOVE THE WINE YOU’RE WITH socks. They are perfect!
– Don’t forget–you are not drinking alone if you are with a furry friend.
Spread the love!
– Host a Gal-entine’s Day party!  Invite your BFFs over to drink some wine and watch some NETFLIX or play some fun games.  Don’t be alone as this is the day to celebrate the friends you love!
– Shed some love on your dogs or your cats. They are the ones that greet us every night after work, cuddle with us when we need attention and love us unconditionally. Take them to the park or for an extra- long walk.  You will both love it.
– Invite a neighbor over for a glass of wine or take some cookies to your favorite neighbor just to let them know you appreciate them.
– Make cookies for a local retirement center. There are many lonely people that reside there and would appreciate the kind token of recognition.
– Take chocolate to work.  Your co-workers will love you!




Best Socks to Give this Holiday Season


In the past, people joked about getting socks as a holiday present. This comes from a time when socks were plain, came in only two or three colors, and often came in a pack. Today, novelty socks dominate sock drawers across the world, and Foot Traffic believes that the holidays should hold a special place in your heart and the drawer you keep your socks. Socks are at the top of the list for favorite gifts to give this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a fun gift, or a festive way to dress up your drab office wear, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite picks for the holidays.

Youth Gingerbread Socks

Sure, kids look for the big stuff on Christmas morning. They’re probably down there before you wake up, shaking the presents and making you breakfast (if you’re lucky). But one crucial element of Christmas morning  is what you get in your holiday stocking. Stocking stuffers are often last-minute impulse buys. Many kids get candy, toothbrushes, a little bit of money, and even small electronics. But you can plan for stocking stuffers, and while you’re looking for at that secret Santa gift for your office co-worker, consider getting  novelty socks for your kids.

Why do we like the Youth gingerbread sock? First and foremost, it’s cute. Featuring the visage of the classic gingerbread man that has become a holiday staple, your child’s foot can snuggle up in the warm embrace of the smiling gingerbread man. No child can resist the warm, tasty treat of a freshly-baked cookie, but what happens when you eat a gingerbread man? This sock answers the question, showing a half-eaten, sad cookie on the other side of the sock. Great for giggles and kindling the holiday spirit, the Gingerbread Sock comes in two sizes, KIDS/ age 4-7 and shoe size 10-1Y; and YOUTH/ age 7-10 and shoe size 12-5Y.

Merry Fishmas Socks

Ahh, ice fishing. A popular winter sport among all genders, ice fishing can get pretty miserable for your feet without the right socks. For the man who likes to fish year-round, look no further than our Merry Fishmas men’s socks. Made with a cotton polyester blend to provide comfortable stretch and moderate warmth, these socks are a festive take on our popular everyday fishing lure socks.

Featured on the socks are a variety of lures on a green background wearing Santa hats, because what greater gift is there than the hope of a freshly-caught fish? Wiggle your toes to get them warmed up or to show off the flashy red fabric that tips these socks –toe, heel and top. These men’s socks are a one size fits most, and they are one of our most popular buys. Great for a stocking stuffer, gag gift, or addition to an eccentric ensemble, the Merry Fishmas Sock swims its way onto our top five list of favorite holiday socks.

Kwanzaa Women’s Socks

Often missing from holiday ensembles are Kwanzaa gifts. Kwanzaa, celebrated from December 26th to January 1st this year, is a festival and time of thanksgiving for African Americans. “matunda ya kwanza” is the Swahili phrase that inspired the name and means “first fruits”. The celebration lasts for seven days and focuses on seven points of importance to the African American community – Umoja, or unity, kujichagulia, or self-determination, ujima, or collective work and responsibility, ujamaa, or cooperative economics, nia, or purpose, kuumba, or creativity, and Imani, or faith. To honor and respect a holiday that means so much to so many people in the United States, Foot Traffic is one of the only sock companies online that offers socks to represent this holiday.

So, to all who celebrate it, Happy Kwanzaa. Our sock depicts the Kinara, the Muhindi, the Kikombe cha Umoja, the Mazao, and the Mkeka – all symbols of the holiday that represent the spirit of Africa and the seven principals celebrated during this time of year. A cotton-polyester blend, this sock is trouser height and fits adult women’s sizes 4-10.

Polar Bear Socks

Sometimes, you just need a way to say “happy holidays” and celebrate the cold that winter brings. Celebrating the hardiness and beauty of winter with animals that thrive in the cold  is one of these ways, and that is why we offer the men’s and women’s polar bear socks. These blue and gray socks come in men’s and women’s sizes and feature a polar bear on a patch of ice with a starry background.

Designed to keep your feet warm while keeping the feelings set on winter, these socks are trouser-cut and are designed to stretch. Wear them with your favorite booties, snow boots or under a set of pants, but don’t get caught without these friendly bears.

Holiday Sloth socks

We know that the holidays can bring on a lot of stress and we need to learn to just settle down and Chill Out. That is just what our holiday sloth socks remind us to do. Just “Chill Out” and “Be Cool” are reminders to slow down, and take time to enjoy the little moments that the holidays bring. These fun socks are available in Men’s, Women’s, and kids sizes.  A family that chills together, stays together!
Foot traffic is dedicated to making your holiday celebrations this winter a little brighter, a little warmer, and a little more fun.  Socks are the perfect gift that will bring a  smile to the face of the wearer and the recipient.  Whether you choose holiday specific designs or designs that can be worn year round, we have over 400 styles that are certain to please anyone wearing our high quality, fun socks . Pick up a pair of one of our favorite giftable socks for the holiday season (and grab a pair or two  for yourself !)

For more information, or for help with completing an order, please contact us today. We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

Looking Ahead: The Top 5 Socks We Offer to Stay Warm and Shake off Winter Blues


Winter is on its way, and that is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, winter brings the holiday season, time with family, and spectacular views as the ground is coated in snow. On the other hand, it can bring stress, hazardous driving conditions, bank accounts strained from present purchases and rising energy bills, and worst of all – cold feet. With the help of a great pair of socks, it is possible to manage the trials of winter with style and warmth. Whether microfiber is a must-have, you’re a stickler for themes, or you’re wild for wooly socks, Foot Traffic has a variety of sock needs for each of our unique customers. Here are our top five sock picks for winter weather. Stay warm, stay fashionable, cover your feet with these fun socks.

Santa Suit Socks

Feeling like you need to step it up for the office holiday party but aren’t sure how? Foot Traffic’s Santa Suit socks are made for both men and women and are a great way to show your holiday spirit or match with a partner (or bff) during Christmas time. Both the men’s socks and the women’s socks have a red base, like the jolly gift giver’s coat, with the traditional black belt that circles the ankle. In the center of the sock, the classic white-puffy trim of Santa’s coat is cinched in with a golden buckle. Because the “suit” is woven, the socks are a comfortable, unified sock fiber mix that fits well under trousers or in any sort of shoe.

While these might be thinner than a microfiber sock or wool sock, they fit perfectly in any shoe and are a great weight for warmer climates or for wearing inside. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive everywhere you walk with these fun socks.

Foot Traffic Microfiber Fuzzy Socks in Ivory

Polar bears have the right idea. Their white, fuzzy coats keep them warm through Arctic winters. . In the spirit of the polar bear, we offer these microfiber fuzzy socks, so you can release your inner polar bear and stay warm during cool weather. Microfiber socks are widely sought out for their comfort and their silky soft feel, but they have an added advantage during winter weather. Polyester, the material that makes up microfiber, is an insulative fabric. This means that these socks radiate your body’s natural heat back to you and keep the heat that your feet generate within the interior of the sock better than cotton and many other natural fibers.

These socks are great for any person, regardless of gender, and are also excellent for the young folks in your life. Inspire the strength of the polar bear through the winter and keep warm with these microfiber socks.

“Toes-ty” warm Toe Socks

Toe socks have been around for a long time and were particularly popular in the 70’s. They still have an enthusiastic  following and can be difficult to find. However, we have been carrying them for years and are your best resource for finding these fun toe hugging socks in a variety of colors.  These toe socks are sold in the women’s socks section of Foot Traffic, but their size is variable and can fit a range of foot sizes. This makes them optimal for multiple genders. Additionally, for those who run in barefoot running shoes, these toe socks will fit into them to create additional warmth for these types of shoes. Made with a knit fabric, these toe socks are excellent for keeping your spirits up,  and your feet warm. They are available in a children’s size as well so you can double the toe sock fun!

Holiday Sloth Socks

Nothing says winter like sloths. Sure, these slow-moving critters might live somewhere where the average temperature hardly ever dips under 50 degrees, they embody the spirit of the holiday season. Winter is a time where everything seems to go slower – vacations allow people to sleep in and stick around the house for longer than usual, energy is conserved for important events (like holiday parties and family get-togethers), and when food is consumed, it’s an event. But our holiday sloth socks aren’t just fun additions to parties that embody the spirit of winter. They are warm, versatile wardrobe options for every member of the family.

These festive sloth holiday socks come in men’s, women’s, and youth options for every sloth you know. Flash off these winter sloths’ sassy catch phrases any time you’re feeling like you need to chill or be cool (metaphorically speaking, of course). Easily worn dressed up or down, these cute and friendly socks are a great addition to a winter wardrobe that will keep spirits up even during the chilliest times of the year.

Happy Penguin 3-D Socks

Happy feet are no problem with these 3D penguin socks for women and matching 3D penguins for kids. Our happy penguin knit socks are delightful, and their versatility allows them to be worn with a variety of shoes. Best shown off, these socks are great for those who live in warmer weather but who want to embody the spirit of winter with these jolly, bow-tied penguins on their feet. Live in colder weather? Not a problem. Combine these with a skirt or dress and a pair of cotton tights for a festive look for any party or get-together. The happy penguin 3D socks are especially adorable peaking out of your booties.

During winter weather, nothing beats the feeling of warmth when it’s cold outside. When you don’t have a fireplace to lounge in front of – and let’s face it, most of us don’t—a warm and festive sock can come in as a close second comfort. These are our top picks for winter, but you can find many more holiday socks, patterns, and styles at

The Best Men’s Socks for the Change from Summer to Fall


You can’t always opt for sandals during hot weather, and that’s what makes the purchase of breathable socks a must for any man who does work that requires a closed-toed shoe. A hot, sweaty foot is a breeding ground for microscopic critters that can cause athlete’s foot, yeast infections, toenail fungus, and unpleasantly smelling feet. Fortunately, sock tech has expanded to meet the needs of runners, hikers, and office workers alike to make breathable socks that keep feet healthy during the summer. Of course, socks like these are best worn when it is consistently warm outside and do not consider the temperature influxes that are typical of early autumn weather. When mornings are chilly, days are warm, and nights are cold it can make picking out the best footwear for the day a challenge.

Now, combine weather problems with fashion problems and it’s easy to see why planning for that space between summer and autumn is best done with the help of sock experts. Here are some of the best types of men’s dress socks and men’s novelty socks to get you through the changing of the seasons.

  1. Fall-Themed Men’s Novelty Socks

For those whose job allows them to spend most of their time inside, a full-scale study on the different types of climate-controlled socks might not be in order. However, it’s still crucial to think about what type of socks are best for the change of seasons. Autumn is an especially hard time for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder when depression symptoms rear their ugly head again. Even for those who do not suffer from seasonal affective disorder, the fall can be a hard time. But studies show that livening up your routine can be beneficial to your mood. Whether you opt for a subtle fall color or a bright and wild printed mid-calf  sock, novelty can be just what you need to beat the fall office blues. The range of humorous and topical designs will get the conversation started at the water cooler.

  1. Bamboo Crew Socks

Crew socks are versatile, able to be worn with both pants and shorts for a seamless style. However, not all crew socks are made alike. Whereas cotton is avoided by outdoorsmen and hikers for its inability to shed sweat, bamboo is moisture-wicking. This means that your feet stay dry and warm during the coolest parts of the day and wick sweat away from your feet in the hottest parts of the day. Since the end of summer usually means no more leaving stinky shoes on the porch to dry, moisture-wicking socks will prevent the stink in the first place and save your space from the wrath of your feet.

  1. Merino Wool Socks

If you’re a fan of SmartWool socks, then you’ve felt merino wool before. This deliciously smooth wool type is a popular favorite among backpackers because of its ability to regulate warmth and temperature. In cooler temperatures, it does an excellent job of insulating the foot and preventing it from cooling down too much. In the heat of the day, its moisture-wicking properties do a fine job of keeping the foot cool. Another ideal for hikers and backpackers is its lightweight nature. Pick a crew sock for most versatility, and don’t forget that merino wool socks are often found in men’s novelty sock collections.

  1. Olefin Socks

With autumn always comes a little rain, and there’s nothing worse than having to sit in a pair of rain-soaked socks all day long. That’s where olefin fiber socks can help. Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is used by many athletes and outdoorsmen because it was designed to keep water away from the feet. Better than this, it wicks water away from the body, so unlike rainboots, it won’t cause your feet to work up into a sweat. For the fall, olefin socks are great because they are thick enough to keep feet warm in the coolest parts of the day and thin enough to ensure that they are kept cool when that afternoon sun comes out. What else would you expect from creators who won a Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology?

  1. Copper Compression Socks

Compression socks come with the incorrect notion that only people with medical issues wear or use these types of socks. In reality, copper compression socks are highly sought after for those with habitually cold feet, which makes them perfect for cooling fall weather. Copper socks offer wicking like the previously-listed sock types, which ultimately prevents issues like athlete’s foot and fungal infections that are common. Copper-infused socks are designed to enhance circulation, and poor circulation is a contributor to cold feet. Best of all, these socks feel like normal men’s socks, so it’s not changing up the way your socks feel, merely the way your feet feel. Copper-infused crew socks are a favorite in those with cold feet but are available in many different styles.

  1. Coolmax Socks

Coolmax is a trademarked synthetic yarn that is geared specifically toward creating a comfortable and dry experience within the shoe. Runners often swear by Coolmax, because ultimately, the biggest factor in keeping feet climate controlled is keeping them dry. The creators of Coolmax pride themselves in having one of the fastest-wicking materials in the synthetic fiber business, which prevents feet from becoming cold in the first place. Many styles are available in these fabrics, though the most-bought are the no-show socks for athletes.

The verdict on men’s socks for the change from summer to fall? It really depends on what type of lifestyle you live.

For athletes, it might be worthwhile to invest in many pairs of good synthetic, moisture-wicking socks that will allow you to work out without the pain. For hikers or outdoorsmen, merino socks remain the sock of choice because of their lightweight nature. But for those on a budget, a good fall-themed men’s novelty sock will help you step into the fall in fashion, all while potentially warding off any sort of fall malaise. For a good place to start, check out Foot Traffic’s line of men’s socks for your fall fashion needs.



Take time to smell the coffee!

It was a long hot summer but now it is getting cooler so it is a great time to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. The kiddos are back in school and we look ahead to prepare for upcoming holidays, football games, art fairs and outdoor events that celebrate the beautiful fall foliage and changing seasons.

With fall also comes a zillion catalogs in the mail reminding us that the holidays are just around the corner.  We humbly admit that Foot Traffic is no exception. But our catalog is.  Our fall/holiday catalog is exception-al!  Every year, we send out hundreds of catalogs to our loyal customers and potential new customers that may just want to get a jump on holiday shopping.  We want to give you ideas for all of the people on your gift list.  Novelty socks are an easy way to show that you know a little something about someone because of the large variety of themes and crazy icons to choose from.  The new FOOT TRAFFIC fall/Winter catalog should appear in your mail mid October. If you are not on the mailing list, go to our website ( and order one online or call us and we will add you to our list!

We had SO much fun shooting our catalog this year. Our product is so crazy so why not have fun shooting the catalog. Right? Our models were good sports as we coordinated socks with outfits. We even had two chickens, Omeletta and Moo, on the set as well as a diva dachshund to add to the chaos.  We have added so many new items to the catalog this year that we hope you take the time to enjoy the latest and greatest novelty socks for kids, women and men.   We offer a range of designs and formats such as 3D socks, slipper socks, fuzzy microfiber socks and so much more. We hope that you will find socks that are perfect gifts for friends and family as well as co-workers and neighbors.  You can get a lot of your holiday shopping done with one trip to the FOOT TRAFFIC website or just call us. We will answer any questions you might have.

This year, to encourage you to get your shopping done early, we have added an “Early bird” special discount so make sure to look for the code in the catalog!

OK- we’re spilling the beans….our fall/winter catalog cover design was designed with a purpose. Our beautiful model is surrounded by lots of coffee cups and hundreds of coffee beans. The socks say “LIFE HAPPENS. COFFEE HELPS.” This year has been a complicated year and we know we all have good days and bad days with lots of challenges, good and not so good.  Thus, the multiple coffee cups represent life’s issues.  However, wearing fun socks and good cup of coffee can at least ease the stress. So, hang in there, have a cup of coffee, look through our catalog and get your shopping done early and easily. Easy peasy. You will be rewarded, not just by a good discount but also by making your many friends smile this holiday season.  That is the best gift of all!



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