Large/Tall Cotton Tights Perfect Fit for Fall

monica cottonMy name is Monica and I am a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. I work part time at Foot Traffic and enjoy learning about tights, leggings, and socks. Somehow I’ve made it this far in my life without owning a pair of cotton tights, and today was the first time I have worn a pair.

It was a chilly and overcast morning…

so I figured it was a good time to try out a new pair of Signature Combed Cotton Tights  from Foot Traffic that I had been admiring from  my desk.

I selected the heather graphite in a large/tall and paired them with a purple variegated sweater dress. I was amazed at how comfortable and warm I stayed all day long! Plus, they fit perfectly! They hug my legs, something that is really important to me because I often have trouble finding tights that fit my thighs comfortably,  and the waistband lands in just the right spot for my taste.

These will definitely become a staple part of my fall and winter wardrobe for comfort and warmth so I can wear all the dresses I want, even when it’s snowing or raining outside. And, there are 14 colors to choose from! Which pair will I choose next?!


CHEERS to a Season of WINE!

wine accessories

I love wine-particularly a robust, full-bodied red variety. There are so many choices– Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, hearty Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah,  Burgundy, and on and on.  It is the time of year that enjoying a good glass of wine in front of the fire place on a chilly evening is a little slice of heaven.
I think you know what I am talking about…

wine cotton tights 4Aside from my wine indulgence, I also love the red wine fashion colors and this season, call it Syrah, Burgundy, or Merlot, this color has hit the fashion runway in a bold way.  Rich, deep shades of wine appear on the fashion pages and are showcased as a luxurious color story to wear through the holidays.   The robust wine colors blend well with colors such as chocolate brown, navy blue, orange, fuchsia and black. It is a classic color to include in your wardrobe, whether you are adding it as an accessory, such as a purse, lipstick, a pair of tights, leggings, or a full body burgundy ensemble. However you choose to wear the wine colors, you will show your discriminating good taste!

This season, there is no such thing as too much red wine!




Colorful Fall/Winter Legwear

Color your world this fall/ winter season!

blue acc fuchsia acc red acc







turq accbrown accteal acc







With the first blast of cold air, we quickly tuck away our summer brights and turn to our favorite dark colors such as grey, black, brown, burgundy and navy. It is a wonderful, welcome change.  But, don’t be so quick to go all dark. Pepper in some colorful tights, leggings, and socks  with your fall and winter wardrobe.
A touch of fresh color will brighten those dark cold days. As seen over and over on the fashion runway this fall, color creates a cheerful and surprising look. These photos are from Accessories Magazine, showcasing Fall/Winter 2013 London:Legwear and feature many looks that include great colorful legwear when combined with the darker colors.

So, don’t be afraid of the dark…just add a touch of color!


Rosie Tights


This fall is all about playful texture combinations, layering, and dressing to make you feel good.  There are so many fashion looks this fall, you can have a new look every day! Key trends include menswear, camouflage, lace, leather, plaid, fur (fake and real), and of course lots of color and texture.  You can mix and match all the above or streamline your choices to whatever the look is that you are trying to achieve. The point is, spend time having fun with your wardrobe, and add new accessories as an easy way to change it up.

Of course, at FOOT TRAFFIC, our favorite accessory for fall is fashion legwear. Thigh high boots, booties, flats and comfort shoes are everywhere, but you need legwear to pull off the looks, especially as the weather changes and you need to keep your legs warm.  Our good friends at J. Hathaway Shoe Boutique and E.J.’s Boutique shared many of their fall shoe and clothing collections to support our Fall/holiday  LOOK BOOK photo shoot.

Our 2013 FALL/HOLIDAY LOOK BOOK  is full of simple ideas to layer different textures, showcase your legs or your shoes and most of all, to be comfortable in your clothes and with your personal style. Whether your choice is tights, leggings, knee high socks or legwear adds a pop of color, pattern, and texture to any fall and winter outfit.

With a little imagination, lots of sass and confidence, enjoy the fashion fun that this season offers.

Let us know what FOOT TRAFFIC legwear you will be wearing this fall!                      






















Get in the Halloween “spirit” with fun costume ideas.
Of course the favorites are always a safe bet–fairies, princesses, skeletons, zombies, etc.  But there are a lot of other ideas out there so be creative! Pulling a costume together requires a lot of imagination, a trip to thrift stores and Halloween pop-up stores.  It takes time and you need to plan ahead. Of course, legwear can be one of the key  items you will need to embellish your  costume and some items may be  difficult to find.  FOOT TRAFFIC is a great source for fashion tights and leggings as well as fun socks, knee highs,and thigh highs. You will most likely scare up the perfect solution on our website.

There are some great  costume ideas out there so pick one and get your Halloween started! Here are just a few…

Peter Pan- Green tights

Katniss Everdeen- Hunger Games- black cotton tights or black fleece tights

Honey Boo Boo- white lace socks

Pirates thigh highs/Over-the-Knee Socks or fishnet tights

Vampires and zombies- black tights

Duck Dynasty-camouflage anything

Bat Woman – large fishnet tights

Fifty Shades of Grey(Anastacia Steele)- grey tights

Raggedy Ann and Andy- red/white stripe tights or thigh highs 

Nurse- white tights or thigh highs

Ballerina- Ballerina knee high socks

Make your shopping easy and order today to get your legwear for Halloween!



fall catalog cover2It is early October and we are once again excited to offer the annual fall/winter FOOT TRAFFIC 2013 catalog. We have so many new items that we want to share with you! We have been creating a catalog for 20 years and although mailing prices have skyrocketed, we continue to send our catalogs to loyal customers and new customers as well.  We are aware that many manufacturers have eliminated the catalog and are only online and some of our customers are opting to shop only online.  However, we feel that there is nothing like having the entire product line in one easy-to-shop catalog that can be marked, dog-eared and highlighted. We have over 1000 fashion legwear items and novelty socks and our catalog helps to see the variety of quality legwear choices we have for both men and women.
Our products not only offer great fall and winter legwear solutions, but also are wonderful gift solutions for everyone on your holiday shopping list. By keeping the fall catalog on hand, you can peruse the catalog at your convenience, get ideas, make fun choices and either order online, send in your order, or call us directly. And yes, we answer the phone and will answer any questions you might have about our amazing products.

If you are not on our mailing list, please let us know where we can send you a fall/winter 2013 FOOT TRAFFIC  catalog. Call us at 800-785-3668 or email us at

We would love to hear from you!


Scare up some fun at the office with Halloween socks!
Halloween socks women's
Bummer Halloween is on a Thursday this year. It is a bit late in the week for a party and it’s a school/work night. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some holiday fun at the office! At FOOT TRAFFIC, we have Halloween socks that are a perfect way to show that you are not an office dud.  For the ladies, we have witches socks, Trick or Treat socksfun pumpkin face socks, black cat faces and a large skull in black or hot pink.
For men, check out our large skull socks, the halloween men's socksflames socks for your terrifying “diablo” persona, and the skull and crossbones for your inner pirate.

Go ahead….get in the Halloween “spirit” and wear some fun socks to your workplace and scare up some fun!


Over-the-Knee Socks a RUNWAY favorite


Over -the-Knee socks are a favorite legwear accessory for fall and winter.  They are a runway favorite because they add color and texture to any outfit from daytime to evening, offering a creative alternative to tights and leggings. This year there are so many fun styles, textures and colors available.

A Little Lurex…please

One of our favorites is this little gem—black OTKs with a soft silver lurex top.  They are sassy and classy, making any little black dress look amazing.

xa-p-sDlPBi9gWu_RJBGmUyz0M-rY0lxG912XA1CmZ0So, whatever wardrobe accessories you are considering for fall, be sure to include some OTKs from FOOT TRAFFIC!



September and October are transition months. The weather is fickle as we layer on clothes for the chilly evenings and shed our outerwear for the warmer days.  We don’t want to put everything away just yet, but we are tired of our summer clothes and anxious to move into the fall season.  Of course, transitioning from one season to another takes a little work as we move our closets around, decide what to buy for the upcoming season, and what to get rid of for various reasons. It takes discipline and a little time to make the transition but it is worth it in the end.

Transitioning means:
 Get rid of old clothes– As you are packing your clothes or moving them to the back of the closet, be diligent and honest with yourself. If you have clothes that you don’t wear or they don’t fit, donate, resell or throw them away if they are worn out. You will feel so much better when you have more space in your closet and when you have donated items for someone else to enjoy.

Get your closets and drawers organized-Now that you have weeded out the clothes you don’t need or want, organize your favorite items by format such as all blouses together, hang all pants together, etc. Take it a step further and organize by color. Your closet will look amazing. Clean out your drawers and get rid of old worn out scarves, lingerie, socks and legwear that need replenishing.

Evaluate your accessories– Now that you can see what you have for fall, evaluate your accessories and see what you will need to update your wardrobe for fall.  Accessories are the easiest way to update your wardrobe without cleaning out your bank account.  Are there scarves that need to be recycled? What about your tights, leggings, socks? Do you have the right legwear colors and textures for fall to showcase your boots, booties and killer heels?

Here are a few legwear essentials for fall that you might want to consider:
SOLID COLOR Microfiber TIGHTS in new fall colors

ad_3vtsmC_6oyqWvoFNFc2Potct9uGU55QH08PWUZqYAll of the careful organizing will save you money because you probably already have what is in style for the season— the fashion has not changed much from last year. All you will need are a few accessory pieces that you just can’t live without and new awesome legwear to update your look and refresh worn out tights, leggings and socks.
Getting your clothes organized for fall is really a “must” and the sooner you get ahead of the cold weather, the sooner you will have time to enjoy all of the festivities that the fall has to offer!



thFoot-Traffic-Finals-396Q9444-GRP-682x1024When I think of fishnet tights I think of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. If I recall, about everyone in the cast wears fishnet tights. And yes, it is getting close to Halloween so fishnets are big business for costume companies as they are part of many costumes from French maids, to dancers to sexy-wear.  But outside of the costume and dance world, classic fishnet tights are making a big fashion statement this season.

Fishnets are a fashion “must-have” for fall 2013.

Adding a touch of classic texture from casual attire to the workplace,  try changing out fishnet tights  with your black tights for a fresh look this fall or layer them over solid opaque colorful tights for an edgy nod to the trend.

Move out of your comfort zone and cast your fashion net towards this updated classic.

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