olafsnowman face
Who doesn’t love the smiling face of a cute snowman? Just look at the joy that Olaf brings to the movie Frozen!
Our FOOT TRAFFIC snowman may not be Olaf from Frozen, but our snowman face socks are  pretty fun! The festive green and red stripes on your feet add just the right amount of holiday color with the surprise of a happy smiling snowman face at the ankle.
Whether you are enjoying the snow or a cold brisk day, your snowman socks will keep you nice and warm while adding a cheerful surprise to your feet. They look great when worn with booties, flats or open cut shoes. Entertain your office or family with a fun pair of holiday snowman socks!snowmanface(1)


no show mix-ups2
I play a lot of tennis and I love to wear the FT no-shows. I don’t know about you, but when I wash my no-show socks in a somewhat large load of laundry, trying to find the mates once they come out of the dryer becomes a difficult chore. Either the socks stick to other items such as towels or sheets, or they just seem to disappear. I end up putting the strays in my sock drawer knowing that sooner or later, the mate will show up. This has left me with the option of selecting mismatched socks to wear when digging for a pair. I have become quite accustomed to the mismatch look and have grown fond of the creativity mismatching offers.
The Foot Traffic 3-packs  no-shows offer a variety of colors that look great together so it does not matter if you can’t find the same mate—choose another color and you will add a bit of personality to your step. Whether you are playing tennis, walking the dog or just hanging out in your no-shows, mixing the colors is OK!
We continue to learn from our customers and have found that our no shows are great worn with boots when you don’t want a heavy sock or if you are wearing leggings. Go crazy and mix and match your no-shows. When you take your boots off, what a fun surprise to be seen wearing a bright colored mismatched pair of no-show socks!

Here are just a few options for mixing and matching. Check out our larger selection of 16 multi-pack no shows to mix and match. Have fun!


stripe no showpolka dot black polka dot no show zebra no show



We all know that when the weather turns cold, so goes our feet! Keeping our toes warm is a must so whatever it takes to keep them warm, we do it!
For that reason, our FOOT TRAFFIC slipper socks top the list of “must-haves” this holiday season. New designs have been added to our selection to ensure that you have many fun choices.
Slipper socks are functional yet fun to give and fun to wear. Whether you give them as a stocking stuffer or as a fun gift, here are some people to remember as you check out our 10 slipper sock designs.
• Co-workers
• House guests
• Sorority sisters
• Sisters
• Neighbors
• Hospital gift
• Hostess gift
• Stocking Stuffer
• Secret Santa
• Daughter
• Grand daughter

And, most important of all, don’t forget to pick a pair for yourself!

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift



Toasty Toes for the Host/Hostess
Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. With so much “busy-ness” in everyone’s life, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to take a full day (even better the weekend) to get together with family, friends–perhaps both–and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for. Life can be complicated and not always as we plan, but there are things big and small to be thankful for and this day, in particular, it is a time to reflect on those good things.
If you are going to someone’s home this year and are taking a bottle of wine or looking for a hostess gift, here is a simple idea that I have used during the cold holiday season. That is, wrap a cozy pair if FOOT TRAFFIC microfiber fuzzy socks around a bottle of wine and voila— a warm, caring holiday gift. It takes just a minute or two to prepare, but the extra fuzzy softness of the socks is a warm surprise gift that keeps on giving.
Just remove the label from the socks, cut a yard of ribbon, wrap the socks around the label and tie the ribbon tightly around the socks and the bottle. You are ready to head off to your Thanksgiving event with a warm hostess gift in hand!
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!



When do men ever get to dress “sassy”?
It used to be a man could have fun with ties in order to make a fashion statement or create conversation at the water cooler. Even boxer shorts can be sassy but what fun is that if no one sees them?! Today in offices and businesses, men are allowed to shed the suit and tie for more casual attire so the tie is no longer the only way to change out a fashion style. So what now?
Whether you wear a suit and tie or not, you still need to wear socks.
Never before have we seen so many men having fun with their socks. As a man crosses his legs, there they are!—a fun slice of color and design, sharing a “slice of crazy” between their pant cuff and their shoes. With so many choices in men’s socks, men can now rival women for fun fashion accessories. The good news is that novelty socks are a fun way to add color, attitude, and function for a small price. Most socks today are under $10 so compare that to the price of a tie or pocket square!
You can afford several pairs of fun socks for the same price as one fun tie.

There are three types of men’s socks.

Tailored socks in dark neutral colors– These are usually solid but can have small patterns and are generally for the more conservative, serious type of guy.
Fashion socks in bright colors and patterns– These socks can be described as geometric patterns such as dots, stripes, and graphic designs. Colors can range from conservative to bold brights, and are worn by the more daring fashion guys who like making a fashion statement. Age doesn’t matter as men of all ages enjoy showing their fun side in bold graphic socks.
Crazy theme socks-The sky is the limit with themed socks and there is every theme imaginable available from bears and fish to hot dogs and footballs to the American flag. Men can make a fun statement whether it is a special interest or they are just starting a fun conversation.


polka dot mensbaconneon mensfootballhandysocks

There is something for everyone!

So go ahead GUYS, show your sassy side and go crazy with your socks! You are not alone. It looks like the socks craze is here to stay!


If you haven’t already ordered fleece-lined tights, leggings or knee highs, drop everything and order some today. They are the most comfortable, affordable legwear items you can invest in for the upcoming cold weather. They are the perfect  legwear  to wear under short skirts, with cutoffs and boots, and under your jeans for those cold football games or outdoor sports.  Our comfy cozy fleece can take you from morning to night because of their great stretch and soft lining.


  • Soft as mink against your legs
  • Stretchy to fit most body types
  • Comfy, casual and warm
  • Fashionably practical

We are so crazy about our fleece, we have added more items to our  fall/winter 2014 fleece collection. Besides the fleece tights, leggings, and knee highs in four classic colors, (black, dark grey, burgundy, and chocolate) check out the new items:

I will be living in my fleece tights and leggings this winter and hope that you will find fleece as wonderful as we do at FOOT TRAFFIC!



Nordic inspiration…

While researching Nordic designs and patterns for tights, leggings and socks, I recently discovered the beautiful craftsmanship and colorful creations by the knitters of Muhu Island. The beautiful gloves and socks designed in intricately knitted patterns and colors have rendered me speechless. I am a color junkie and these textures and bright color combinations are awe- inspiring.

The island of Muhu is just off the coast of Estonia in the Baltic Sea and is home to quaint fishing villages, thatched cottages, overgrown junipers, windmills and a colorful, rich knitting tradition dating back hundreds of years. Arts and crafts have continued to be an important part of the culture of the island and women and girls continue to knit, crochet and embellish unbelievably fine- patterned clothing such as gloves, socks, leggings, and mittens. The island inhabitants cherish their rich culture and the beautiful traditional clothing. Their handwork showcases the significance of the rich history and traditions of their culture and their strong desire to create beautiful textiles for fashion and home. Because there was no external commercial market for such textiles, the women competed among themselves to create unique and distinctive pieces often to catch the eye of a prospective husband.
Today, the women continue the tradition of brightly colored items that are truly inspirational to those fond of Nordic designs and patterns. The examples speak for themselves. I am almost certain that I will never get to Muhu Island but I will continue to keep a healthy collection of photos and images of the beautiful crafts of the this unique island to continue to inspire me!

muhu stockings



cotton tights and leggings
It’s starting to get cold outside as we say goodbye to summer and welcome in the cool evenings of fall. We start digging in our drawers to find our socks, leggings, tights, etc. to find something to keep our legs warm (without sacrificing our fashion sensibilities, of course!). What a great time to talk about Signature combed cotton tights, and leggings.
Foot Traffic cotton tights and leggings are made of 60 % combed cotton, the finest cotton available. They are like wearing your underwear all the way to your feet. You wore cotton as a baby and there’s a reason for that. It’s a naturally soft, durable fiber. Cotton is a fiber that blends beautifully with other fibers, such as nylon and spandex, to ensure a consistent fit.
Using our very secret weaving technique (hint: high needle count and proprietary weaving process) we added nylon and spandex for maximum stretch and flexibility giving each pair the ability to retain its original shape after every wearing and every washing. AND, the crotch stays up. AND they don’t stretch out. AND they don’t shrink! That’s why they fit every time you put them on.
Our waistband is a 1” feathered underwear elastic waistband so it won’t roll over or down. Once they are on, no yanking or pulling up. That’s why you forget you have them on.
Our proprietary construction process eliminates the need for a seat panel. Instead we have a single, flat reinforced seam in the seat so no unsightly lines under your pants or skirts.
Cotton is durable. Think about items like denim, diapers, sheets and shirts. They are made of cotton because the fiber is one of the most durable fibers available. Our cotton tights don’t easily run and don’t wear out so plan on wearing them over and over.
We love our cotton tights and leggings so much we offer them in 14 fashion colors. You will want several colors to mix and match with your favorite outfits.
That’s why we are confident that Foot Traffic cotton tights and leggings will be in your drawer next time you are digging for your favorite legwear!
We are so confident that you will love them, we are offering a Confidence in Cotton  guarantee with our SIGNATURE combed cotton tights and leggings as well as our PREMIUM combed cotton leggings.  Follow this link  for the details!




Let us know what you think of our cottons!


faux leather sleevesfaux leggings 2Leather vs. Faux Leather
Through the years I have worn several pairs of leather pants. I love the feel of leather and the way it looks when worn with a big sweater or long tunic. However, last year my leather pants hung in the closet and I never seemed to reach for them. Instead, I always opted for my jeans or black leggings. Frankly, they were just more comfortable.
This year, faux leather is making fashion headlines and I am excited about the fun look that faux leather offers in tops, pants and legwear. I love it! It has the same appeal as leather but far more comfortable—and more affordable!
Faux leather has the benefit of being thinner in weight and has the added favorite fiber- spandex to offer ultimate stretch and comfort. I look forward to retiring my leather pants to the “Hall of Fashion Fame” and replacing them with a pair of our new black faux leather leggings or perhaps one of the new colors, red, dark grey, blue, or bronze.

copper leggingsLeather or faux leather—what is your preference?


red thigh highswhite thigh highsthigh highs colorsbo thigh highs

Halloween is just around the corner and there is still time to get your Halloween legwear to add to your fun Halloween costume. A favorite for the season is the sassy thigh high. Add some fun to your wardrobe from our extensive selection of thigh highs. Whether you are a sexy clown, pirate, cat lady, witch, elf, French maid, etc. we have thigh highs for every idea!
At Foot Traffic, our thigh highs have been a staple for the Halloween market so make your Halloween costume special with Foot Traffic thigh highs!striped thigh highs

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