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From trained stargazers and photographers, to curious voyeurs, the supermoon eclipse treated millions of viewers to a spectacular night sky. This unique eclipse  occurred on Sunday night, Sept. 27,2015. If you missed it, sorry, because it won’t occur again for another 18 years. That’s because this phenomenon only occurs when a full lunar eclipse coincides with the moon’s closest approach to the Earth. On Sunday, the moon was only 225,000 miles from the Earth, making it appear larger and brighter than usual.
The unique beauty of this particular eclipse was the moon’s reddish tint, a result of light being scattered through the Earth’s atmosphere and cast back toward the surface of the moon. As NASA Scientist Dr. Sarah Noble told the New York Times, “You’re basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world at once, being reflected off the surface of the moon.”
The most spectacular view could be seen from the eastern half of North America, South America, and the western half of Africa and Europe.
So why is this so spectacular?
When people around the world can experience a natural non- threatening event so beautiful together, it is a wonderful thing. No matter where you live, your gender, your race or nationality, it is the same phenomenon for everyone. As I look to the night sky it is hard to believe that the Earth is the only place where life exists. What exists beyond our solar system? Who exists beyond our solar system? What do you think?
For all of you stargazers, enjoy our men’s constellation socks and women’s constellation socks as well as our and new men’s planet socks and women’s planet socks. They are out of this world!






They are out of this world!



Once fall arrives, it’s all about putting  summer clothes away and taking  fall boots, sweaters, jeans and accessories out of storage to begin another season. The cool mornings and evenings remind us that winter is just around the corner so we should enjoy the beautiful fall days while they are here. That means dressing for the season and transitioning into fall with layers that speak to the temperature fluctuations.
A favorite way to get into fall is with transition accessories. That includes bringing out the boots, adding ponchos and wraps, hats,  and great legwear. Even though the weather may be warm, no longer does it feel or look right to have long bare legs.
At Foot Traffic, we have a thing for thigh highs.
OTKs and thigh highs are a great way to still  wear shorts and cutoffs without losing the look, while getting the extra warmth you need for the season. Although there are many styles and choices to select from, our most popular  signature cotton thigh highs are black with a silicone band at the top on the inside to prevent the socks from rolling down. Brilliant. They come in four colors, black , dark brown, purple and peacock. At Foot Traffic, We have added another style this year—ribbed signature cotton thigh highs (coming soon!)  These  include the silicone band as well. Fall fashion accessories let you experiment with so many layers and thigh highs are just one way to keep your wardrobe fresh, your legs warm and your fashion image on trend.OTKs


coffee4printed tights


At Foot Traffic we always get excited (and admittedly a bit anxious) about our LOOK BOOK. We try to find fun locations for our shoot but  we need to get a lot of shots in a short period of time so the criterion creates some complexity. Coordinating the models, the photographer and the FT crew is a challenge, and who can ever guess what the weather will be this time of year!?! Also, because we have so many exciting new legwear ideas for fall, it is difficult to edit the ones we want to photograph.
For this shoot, we chose Park Place, a location that represents many small boutiques and independent businesses. Whether you are from a large community or a small town, it is important to explore and celebrate those brave, creative independent boutiques that add flavor and fun to our lives.
We thank Judy at EJ’s Boutique for letting our models use her fitting rooms and let us borrow many of the fashion forward clothes the models are wearing. We also thank the local eateries for letting us photograph in their shops. The patrons could not have been nicer and we are once again reminded how fun it is to be out and about this glorious time of year. Seeing so many people out enjoying the last days of summer, milling about their favorite boutiques is a true testament to the importance of community.
What makes each shop unique is the personality that the owners create through their product selection, tasty seasonal recipes, or their unique store concept. We encourage you to get out and enjoy the boutiques in your neighborhood and get to know the owners who always provide a stimulating point of view.
And, just as each boutique is unique, at Foot Traffic, we believe in our fun novelty socks that allow you to be individual and unique as well. We specialize in women’s novelty socks and men’s fun novelty socks, as well as fashion legwear for women. We call our socks “conversation socks” because no matter what socks you select, you can always get a conversation started just by showing your socks. Whether you are a doctor, love llamas, or crave sushi, we have socks for you. Enjoy our fall/winter LOOK BOOK  and hopefully you will find some fun fall fashion inspiration for your wardrobe!  Start the conversation….


chiefs fanslady chiefs fans

Ladies, are you ready for some football?!?
Football is a national past time that clearly announces the beginning of fall. Fantasy football teams have been established, college kids are anxiously awaiting the weekend football games and festivities, and high school football players have been sweating all summer preparing for a chance to be on the starting lineup. The NFL has kicked off their season across the country and tailgate parties are being organized with family and friends. It seems football is all we hear about starting the first of September until the Super Bowl in February. That is not a bad thing as it gets us through the cold months of winter and creates a great reason to get together to cheer on a favorite local or NFL team.
Not surprising , women make up nearly half of all NFL fans (45%) . Women purchase 46% of official NFL merchandise. They also spend 80% of all sport apparel dollars and control 60% of all money spent on men’s clothing. Overall, women control 70-80% of all household spending.
So why has it taken so long to understand that this is an untapped market? Fortunately, some smart retailers have figured out the power of marketing to women. As the primary care givers, women buy not only for themselves but for their family and friends. They organize the household social activities and pretty much make the major buying decisions from electronics to cars.  By marketing more football focused products, like the NFL is now doing, there is much more money to be spent. Women don’t have to wear their husband’s or boyfriend’s sport logo t-shirts anymore. There are “blinged-out” sports attire, maternity sports attire and more flattering fitted logo  shirts for ladies. There is something for everyone and it is about time!
At FOOT TRAFFIC  , we create fun novelty socks for men and women and you can bet that we have football novelty socks for women that will support any favorite local or NFL team.
Get your game on, ladies… and your novelty football socks!




pencil websiteback to schoolalphabet socks
Wow! Where did summer go? It seems that the kids head back to school earlier and earlier each year. Seeing the school bus pick up the eager little learners early each day reminds me of my early school years and how excited I was to get back to a routine and see all of my school friends. Yes, I admit I actually liked school and found comfort in routine and the whole learning process. I remember adoring my teachers in those early years of elementary school. I never took an apple to my teacher, but I used to pick small bouquets of flowers for my favorite 1st grade teacher, Ms. Wells.

Today teachers still appreciate small acts of kindness and appreciation. At Foot Traffic, we have two fun pairs of knee socks that will bring a smile to your kid’s favorite teacher…..our pencil knee high socks and the alphabet knee high socks. What a fun way to start the year off on a good foot!


1682_2307_thumbdoctor-photo-blog 1681_2308_thumb

I am not particularly crazy about going to the doctor. However, I am so lucky to have a doctor that I can trust to keep me as healthy as I am today. For her, I am forever grateful. Although being a doctor is a serious profession, it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t have a little fashion fun. Whether wearing scrubs, lab coats or business attire, give him/her a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC medical supply socks and perhaps they will be extra nice to you on the exam table. We offer both men’s medical icon socks and women’s medical icon socks. It never hurts to be on the good side of your doctor!
And don’t forget the nurse. They are who we need to be extra nice to as they are the ones that administer  our dreaded shots, etc. They work so hard and need to be reminded as to how important they are as care givers and that we count on them to take care of us as well.

Share a pair of medical socks—it’s just what the doctor ordered!

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Rivaling America’s favorite fast food, hamburgers and hot dogs, tacos are an everyday go-to snack or meal for most Americans. From food carts to gourmet restaurants, tacos are a common item on most menus, ingredients varying only by the creativity of the chef, geographic location or individual requests. The first people known to make tacos were ancient Aztecs. The taco evolved and the taco as we know it today immigrated to the United States from Mexico. The name “taco” came from the Spanish which means “light snack”. Mexican women served tacos as a practical way to serve her family food, filling a simple corn or flour tortilla with meat.
When in Mexico, if you are looking for a taco for lunch, you might not be so lucky. Tacos are usually served as a morning breakfast or a nighttime snack, unavailable between the hours of noon and 6:00p.m. In the United States, tacos are consumed around the clock and have popularized by hundreds of fast food taco chains and street vendors. We do love our tacos!
In order to honor this favorite food, we are thrilled to offer our latest men’s taco socks and women’s taco socks. Share the love wearing a pair of Foot Traffic taco socks.
You will be craving tacos all day!


MV5BMTc5MDUzNzQzOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDg4NTYzNTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_3D shark socks

I am sure everyone has cleared their calendars for the latest SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! at 8:00 on the SYFY channel, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 22.

If it is anything like the first two SHARKNADO movies, it will be ridiculous and full of shark blood, questionable acting, and mediocre special effects. However, I wouldn’t miss it and will be wearing my favorite shark socks that I have worn with each of the first two SHARKNADO movies. Our 3-D shark socks are stretchy enough to fit both men and women so don’t hesitate to have several pairs on hand for your viewing party. We also have a shark sock just for men so these can be worn to the office as well as a poolside's sharksharksocksairCLOSE
Of course, to add hype to this highly anticipated movie night, there have been recent shark attacks along the east coast and most recently Mick Fanning, 3-time world surfing champion, was attacked this past weekend during a surfing competition is South Africa. It was all caught on TV and he ended up miraculously without a scratch. I doubt he will be watching SHARKNADO 3.
With so much shark excitement this summer, you will certainly want a pair of shark socks. AND, for all of you shark sock lovers, coming SOON is a new color– blue  shark socks! -available mid- August.



Belle of the BAYOU!
Our favorite alligator socks are back! We are so excited to bring you our 3-D alligator socks. Be prepared to be up to your ankles in alligators. Wear with your favorite crocs, sandals or sneakers. You will certainly get attention wearing these fun ankle biters.
There are soft 3-teeth that gently grab your ankle showing that you are a true swamp lady and can handle a simple alligator bite. So have some fun and be the Belle of the BAYOU in our newest addition to the Foot Traffic 3-D sock selection.




It’s FOURTH OF JULY week and this Saturday Americans will be celebrating across the country. From parades to concerts to backyard BBQ’s and fireworks, people will be celebrating our wonderful country and the freedom that we each enjoy. It is a time to put aside our differences and celebrate our great nation—“with liberty and justice for all.” We have a lot to celebrate, particularly the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.
Of course, celebrating and honoring the nation is fun and there are traditions that families and communities share. Hot dogs and hamburgers top the menu charts and donning red, white and blue adds to the festivities.
At FOOT TRAFFIC one of our best -selling socks are the flag socks, offered in both men’s and women’s.
Whatever your traditions are, our flag socks will set a patriotic tone no matter where you are celebrating.
Buy an extra “pair-to- share”  and spread the American love! Hurry!

325_775_largeflag socks

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