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I love cold winter nights. I have a fire in the fireplace,  settle into my cozy couch or favorite chair and pick something on Nexflix to watch. And in spite of how exciting the movie ,  sometimes my eyes close and I drift off to sleep, missing an exciting part of the movie. I am just saying, it happens!  Dang, now I have to watch it all again. But wait!— I don’t have to. Netflix has launched an ingenious sock that automatically pauses or stops the video on your TV when you fall asleep. No joke.
The actual “thing” that monitors your movement and alerts the TV is a small device that fits inside your sock. It does require a bit of work to install but a video instructs you how to solder and assemble the unit.  Once assembled just add it to your sock. You can knit your own socks per the  designs that Netflix offers,  or you can use the device with any other sock. If you are not so inclined to knitting, may we suggest Foot Traffic socks? We have a broad selection that would be particularly fun for those that are couch enthusiasts. Perhaps the men’s popcorn novelty socks or women’s popcorn novelty socks? OR select from over 200 other fun novelty socks that would be perfect to house the ingenious device.
Whatever you are gifting this year, we think Netflix has a fun idea and we think we have fun socks!
Enjoy your holidays, Netflix, and jolly fun gifts!

popcorn Wmen's popcorn

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Give someone the warm fuzzies!

bottlered socks 5

The holidays are such a wonderful time to bring friends and families together to enjoy the holiday spirit.  There are neighborhood parties, office parties, family events and holiday “drop-ins”. I find myself often scrambling for a last minute hostess gift that is functional but unique. I usually take a bottle of wine as it is appreciated by the host and hostess. However, last year I added a little something extra and was surprised by the gracious reception I received when giving the gift.
I bought a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC red microfiber warm fuzzy socks, removed the label, then wrapped them around the middle of the wine bottle. I  secured the fuzzy socks with a big green ribbon and voila!—a fuzzy wrapped bottle of wine! The hostess appreciated the wine but LOVED the fuzzy socks.  It was such a success I am doing it again this holiday season. There are so many colors of fuzzy socks to choose from, there is no need to stick to traditional reds and greens. This idea can work year round and I will continue to give my hostess the warm fuzzies!


parkplaceSambaNaturalOMG! What to wear?!? It’s holiday season and you have several holiday parties to attend and don’t want to wipe out your savings by buying new clothes for each event. No worries. There is a simple way to change your look—change up your legwear! Most likely, you have a couple of black dresses in your wardrobe and with the right accessories you can make your look fresher than ever!
Here are two of our favorite and dramatic fashion legwear ideas to change up your holiday look. Either tights or leggings will work this holiday season, especially with the right shoes. Shown here are our Rio Footless Tights and our Samba Textured Tights worn over bright microfiber tights. You can change to look by layering them over other fun colors such as red. Get festive and have fun this holiday season with Foot Traffic fashion legwear!


gift-closetsocks in baskets


Do you have a friend that drives you secretly crazy—not because you don’t like her but you are in awe of all that she can do while looking composed and in control at all times? I have a friend like that . Why is she always so good at everything? Why does she always have a gift for everyone at just the right time?
When I asked her what has helped her most she surprised me and told me about her secret gift closet. We all know what a chore buying gifts for everyone can be and let’s face it, it is usually the woman of the house that has to plan, organize, and purchase the gifts for birthdays, holidays and hostess gifts. We wouldn’t want it any other way, but shopping for gifts can be mentally and physically exhausting and a real time eater. She said that she has a lot of personal friends to acknowledge but also those secondary friends that deserve attention as well. So she shops all year and accumulates choice items that are all quality but bought at a great price or at a special sale. She also buys in bulk– 4 or 5 of something.
This holiday I refuse to be intimidated by her and swallowed my pride and asked to see her  gift closet.  There were four shelves of items that she has bought on sale and bought multiples of throughout the year. For example, there was a small stack of scarves that she purchased at an end-season sale; soaps bought at a craft fair from a local vendor; wine bags bought at a discount store; olive oil from a local vendor and novelty SOCKS! Yes, there were socks in her gift stash. She had several men’s novelty socks and  women’s novelty socks  and said they were one of her favorite gifts to give because they could be personalized to her friends and they always elicited a smile. Genius! I know the idea of a gift closet  is not new but it really does work and with the holidays  upon us, when you need an instant gift for a hostess or last minute friend, you have a stash of quality thoughtful items ready to go. So before the holidays get ahead of you and you find yourself running to the store at the last minute along with all other crazy shoppers, get your holidays in order NOW and you will be the one that your friends are in awe of!


bootsocksboots  2015
It is definitely BOOT season and there are so many styles this year, it is difficult to pick just one pair. Good news, boots of all colors and styles are once again a big fashion “must-have”, so no matter what your preferences are, you can’t go wrong with any pair(s) you select. The problem is narrowing down the selection as there are so many great boots and booties to choose from.
But, once you have either bought new boots or retrieved and polished your boots from last year, how do you make them look their best?
With fun socks, of course!
Foot Traffic Boot socks are the best way to dress up a pair of boots for the fall and winter season. From slouch socks to tall boot socks, you can change up your look by changing the socks that you choose to complement your outfits. Just as there are a variety of boot styles, there are just as many boot socks from slouch socks to lace top socks to fun knee socks. No matter what you choices are, they are an inexpensive way to dress up boots and booties.   Have fun scrunching your tall socks to style up a pair of booties or wear  socks high to peek out of the top of a tall boot. Whatever your style and imagination, you will love accessorizing your boots and booties with socks!

1605_2262_largeFW15lookbook19 1605_2261_large



thcelebrity selfie

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the selfiest of them all?
Selfie sharers are mostly females, average age around 23.7. However, selfies are being enjoyed by multiple generations and cultures around the world. It is the universal connecting phenomenon of today’s social media. From rock stars and celebrities to the President, selfies are a fun, instant way to document a moment it time.
With bijillions of selfies shared around the world, the question is what does this say about society when we continue to upload thousands of self-images that say “Look at me! See who I am with, where I am, and what I am doing right now!”
Are we sharing our self-portraits to amuse ourselves or to document our lives?
It may be a little bit of both. Why do we think everyone wants to see us in all of these situations? Or, does it really matter? With the younger generation tethered to their cell phones and the vast social media stage, they are staying connected with others 24/7. With selfies, individuals are willing to share just about anything.
What do selfies say about us as a society?
Psychiatrists have weighed in on this topic and have a variety of opinions. It is agreed that selfies are a type of self-exploration and social experimentation that allows the individual to control the intended result thus representing a “real” image rather than a staged photograph. It is a real photo in real time and there is authenticity in that. It is like staging and sharing a self-reality show.
However, some psychologists believe selfies are narcissistic, appealing to a younger audience that uses the selfie as part of their identity formation and focuses too much on “self” rather than looking outward to those around them. Notably, when the Pope visited the United States, young kids were trying to take a selfie with the Pope rather than experiencing and appreciating the moment of his visit.
Whatever the reason we take selfies, they are here to stay and will give social analysts of the future lots to study about our current culture. So have fun sharing your selfies and don’t forget your Foot Traffic selfie socks!selfie queenbut first



leggings, boots and OTKs

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we love fall fashion and pay close attention to what is shown on the runway, in the store windows and in major magazines. Without question, loose tops, capes, and ponchos dominate the fall and winter fashion scene. Comfort rules and the loose look works for women of all ages. From fringe to leather to wool, loose outerwear is a fun  solution for everyone if you are patient enough to find just the perfect design and style.
But let’s not forget about what to wear underneath the poncho. As the runway models so beautifully show,  basic black tights are a natural solution to anchor a dramatic cape or poncho.  Of course, capes and ponchos work great over jeans and leggings but to add a bit more interest, try colorful tights or colorful leggings. And, if you are young and daring enough, wear over-the-knee socks or thigh highs. There are many exciting poncho and cape choices this season. Just have fun changing your look with exciting legwear!


red tights and cape poncho and OTK




There are many combinations of food that just go together. Each food item stands alone, but it is so much better when it is paired with the right food partner. Take for example:
Cheese and crackers
Tomato soup and grilled cheese
taco chips and salsa
pretzels and beer
corned beef and cabbage
peanut butter and jelly
Burgers and fries
And the list goes on…but the best food pair ever is CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AND MILK! That is why we were so gun-ho on creating our milk and chocolate chip cookies novelty socks. Even if you can’t have chocolate chip cookies every day, you can wear our fun novelty socks (less calories) to bring happy thoughts.
choc chip cookies and milk
Most everyone has their favorite chocolate chip recipe and through the years, I have tried about every chocolate chip cookie recipe ever created.  But this one, published by the New York Times, is outstanding so I thought I would pass it along.  Apparently, they interviewed famous bakers at various bakeries to find the best chocolate chip cookies and published this favorite recipe.  The recipe calls for two types of flour but that is part of their special texture. And after reading several food bloggers’ reviews of this recipe, it seems that besides sticking to the listed ingredients, keeping the dough in the refrigerator for 24+ hours is the key. The reviews were consistently great so I am sharing the recipe with you… as well as our milk and cookies socksENJOY!


• 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons (8 1/2 ounces) cake flour
• 1 ⅔ cups (8 1/2 ounces) bread flour
• 1 ¼ teaspoons baking soda
• 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
• 1 ½ teaspoons coarse salt
• 2 ½ sticks (1 1/4 cups) unsalted butter
• 1 ¼ cups (10 ounces) light brown sugar
• 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons (8 ounces) granulated sugar
• 2 large eggs
• 2 teaspoons natural vanilla extract
• 1 ¼ pounds bittersweet chocolate disks or fèves, at least 60 percent cacao content (see note)
• Sea salt.
• Nutritional Information

1. Sift flours, baking soda, baking powder and salt into a bowl. Set aside.
2. Using a mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream butter and sugars together until very light, about 5 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each addition. Stir in the vanilla. Reduce speed to low, add dry ingredients and mix until just combined, 5 to 10 seconds. Drop chocolate pieces in and incorporate them without breaking them. Press plastic wrap against dough and refrigerate for 24 to 36 hours. Dough may be used in batches, and can be refrigerated for up to 72 hours.
3. When ready to bake, preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a nonstick baking mat. Set aside.
4. Scoop 6 3 1/2-ounce mounds of dough (the size of generous golf balls) onto baking sheet, making sure to turn horizontally any chocolate pieces that are poking up; it will make for a more attractive cookie. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt and bake until golden brown but still soft, 18 to 20 minutes. Transfer sheet to a wire rack for 10 minutes, then slip cookies onto another rack to cool a bit more. Repeat with remaining dough, or reserve dough, refrigerated, for baking remaining batches the next day. Eat warm, with a big napkin.


sugar skull cookiess skulls
Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos,  is a very special holiday celebrated in southern and central Mexico on November 1 and 2. This ancient celebration  coincides with the Catholic holiday called All Souls’ and All Saint’s Day, both holidays honoring their deceased loved ones. This tradition can be traced back to 12th century Europe and was brought to South America by Spaniards resulting in a cultural merging of the Catholic celebration and that of the Mexican holiday.
It is believed that the gates of heaven are opened on Oct. 31 and the spirits of deceased children are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 hours. Then on Nov. 2 the adult spirits come down and celebrate the festivities that have been prepared for them. It is a very happy occasion and much preparation goes into the food and decorations for this annual event, including marigolds, candles, favorite foods of the deceased, and sugar skulls.
One of the most popular symbols that characterize the Day of the Dead is the sugar skull.
The making of sugar skulls is a project that is shared with friends and family, creating the skulls to capture the joy and spirit of the deceased loved ones. Sugar skulls are confections made of sugar, meringue, and water and pressed into a skull mold and left to dry. They are then decorated with bright, colorful and whimsical icing and accessories to capture the personality of the deceased, each one unique and personal. They are not meant to be eaten but rather to honor and celebrate the past.
Today, the celebration has spread to other Latin American countries as well as the United States. Festivals, parades and celebrations make for fun and meaningful gatherings to recognize this popular holiday. Whether you are participating in the celebration or just enjoy the fun of sugar skulls, show your global spirit wearing a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC  sugar skull novelty socks this fall!


skull sockssug skull socks


rainbow running

Times are certainly changing and hopefully for the better. Individuals are able to express themselves more openly than ever before and slowly but surely the world is becoming more accepting and understanding of individual preferences and personal choices.
Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day and will be recognized around the world as a time of celebration and joy for many who have held their beliefs inside and have chosen or are choosing to come out. Now is the time to reach out and understand one another and have respect for each others point of view, whether we agree or not. Every individual have a right to believe whatever is personally meaningful.

Expression can take many forms but rainbows represent the LGBT community and rainbow flags will be flying around the world to celebrate this day as well as the rest of  Gay Pride month.
It seems that bright colors have historically been a way to signal homosexuality to each other. Oscar Wilde wore a trademark green carnation in his lapel; in Australia, wearing a pair of yellow socks did the trick. During the Holocaust, gay men were forced to wear pink triangles.
In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Judy Garland was a major supporter of the gay community and her signature song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” became a popular song among the gay community and its supporters, prior to the popularization of the rainbow flag.

The rainbow did not become the official symbol until the 1978 when Gilbert Baker designed the first modern gay pride flag. The first  flag had eight stripes of different colors, each color having a particular meaning.(Eventually pink was dropped and indigo and turquoise were changed to royal blue and the flag now has six colors).

gay flag meaningRFlag


The flag achieved national attention when gay activists in San Francisco marched with Baker’s flags to protest the assassination of city supervisor, Harvey Milk in 1978.
Rainbows have become a popular design for clothing, jewelry, home décor and fashion, not just for the LGBT community for everyone who loves rainbows.  At Foot Traffic, we design, manufacture and sell many rainbow novelty socks, tights, and over the knee socks and  and hope that during this month we see supporters of the Gay Pride month wearing our legwear as a statement of pride and community.

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