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Once again this early fall week, we were a flurry of activity pulling together our fall/winter 2016 LOOKBOOK for Foot Traffic. Gathering fun clothes, new socks and legwear and picking models is always stressful but well worth the effort.   We are excited about our new socks and there was no shortage of fun as we dressed our models Amy, Jessica, and Grant with our newest legwear and socks.
We orchestrated our photo shoot at the prestigious hotel, the Raphael, in the heart of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. They graciously gave us permission to use their space to stage our story.  Our idea was young people coming together for a fun weekend in a fun city. Perhaps they are gathering for a reunion –a wedding—or just a fun get-away?  Who knows, but the threesome certainly was up for some action.  And, there is always plenty of action at the Raphael and on the Plaza. The hotel is beautiful and a great place to enjoy the pulse of Kansas City.

At Foot Traffic, we are fashion enthusiasts and know what a fun pair of socks can do to add a bit of sass to any outfit, from casual weekend wear to workday attire.  We look to our customers to use our socks as a personal expression with confidence and a wink of humor.  After all, at Foot Traffic, we take fun seriously and hope that you do too!  This fall and winter wear our latest tights, leggings, socks, and leg warmers to keep your feet warm and your best foot forward!

Look for our newest legwear on our website and enjoy our fall LOOKBOOK for some fun ideachriss.!



skg6z-xueev816lxtcze_y_6vfccm0l0dl-4mbrtbncrzqovgxy3zsqyehotasrasaz36ez-hfnbrm6jso7id0 hedgehog1880_2523_thumb


I remember when my son turned 9, he wanted a hedgehog for his birthday . We had already “enjoyed” Buzz the rat and Beulah the guinea pig so the hedgehog was just another adventure for him. I did not know much about these prickly little creatures so I did an investigation. Turns out, they make a great pet if treated carefully and with patience. They do not have an odor, don’t make noise, and have no dander for those with allergies.  They are nocturnal so usually sleep during the day although adjust well to being held in daytime hours.   My son adored Helga and they made a good pair.  I often found myself holding Helga on her back and petting her soft tummy—she liked it!

There are 17 species of hedgehogs and are found through parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand.  Hedgehogs got their name from their preferred habitat, garden hedges, and their pig-like grunts they make.  In their natural habitat, they dine on bugs so are a welcome addition to gardens to keep pests under control.

In America, there are no native species and were imported to the US in the 1970’s from Africa. All hedgehogs in America are domesticated and known as African Pigmy Hedgehogs. Because they are considered an exotic animal, they are illegal to own in some states– Maine, Arizona, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and New York City. Fortunately, Helga was legally acquired.

At Foot Traffic, we love the little critters so much we added an adorable hedgehog sock design to our women’s novelty sock offering. We hope that you will love them as much as we do… socks that is… and hedgehogs, of course!






…which one for which occasion?

At Foot Traffic, we know from the sales of our tights, leggings and footless tights, black legwear is here to stay. Most women layer their legwear with tunics, sweaters, short dresses and short skirts but the need for coverage varies depending on the length of the top, the season, and the specific look one is trying to achieve.  Opacity of black legwear can vary from sheer to thermal. At Foot Traffic,  none of our tights or leggings are intended to be worn as pants but work best when layered with tops, jackets, skirts, etc.

Although we carry a variety of colors and designs, black is our best-selling color but it gets confusing which black legwear to buy with so many choices . Here are some product details to guide you as they you build your black legwear wardrobe.


Black Microfiber Tights/Footless Tights– Awesome fit and stretch due to 80% microfiber /20%spandex content; semi-opaque; great for under dresses and skirts; sheer enough to be dressy; year-round wear.

Black Perfect Pair Tights/ Leggings The perfect combination of great fitting nylon/spandex legs and a soft combed cotton panty to wick away moisture; no bulky seams so they are ideal under skirts and dresses; semi-opaque; sheer enough to be dressy; year-round wear.

 Black Signature Cotton Tights/Leggings– Natural combed cotton fiber and superior construction for comfort and fit; great coverage; some see through at the knees and thighs as the cotton stretches; perfect for cooler weather; easy to wear under skirts and dresses and longer tunics; casual look and feel.

Black Premium Cotton-Microfiber LeggingsSame construction and quality as our Signature Cotton Leggings but with additional 45% microfiber which adds extra opacity, warmth, softness, and exceptional stretch; slightly thicker than the cotton leggings; perfect for cooler weather; casual look and feel.

Black Fleece Lined Tights/Leggings– Incredibly comfortable due to the stretch and soft fleece lining; best worn in cooler weather and looks great with boots, short skirts and shorts; opaque enough for confident coverage; not intended to be worn as pants; casual look and feel.

Black Thermal Fleece Lined Leggings– With the incredible comfort and softness of out black fleece lined leggings, our new thermal leggings are a bit thicker for additional warmth; great under long sweaters, jackets and tunics; totally opaque; perfect for cooler weather; great stretch for flexible fit; casual look and feel.

Black Ultimate Fashion Leggings– Most functional layering leggings we created because they are totally opaque for confident coverage yet dressy enough to wear under a skirt or with long tops/tunics; can be worn year round; cut and sewn construction creates great fit and comfort; workout worthy.

Black Skirted LeggingsThe black skirted legging is different from the black ULTIMATE LEGGING as it has an additional feature—a 15” skirt that connects to the waistband for a built-in layer for additional coverage; sewn construction creates great fit, opacity, and wear; ideal under long tops and tunics; totally opaque.

Basic Black Three Pack (available in tights or leggings) – Value pack that includes one each: Microfiber Footless Tights/ Signature Cotton Leggings/Fleece Lined Leggings; great variety of materials for a variety of fashion situations.

At FOOT TRAFFIC , we are always available to answer any questions about our products.
Have fun layering! 





It is not a surprise that there have been reported sightings of scary clowns around the country as we approach Halloween. However, there have been more sightings than usual causing the media to take note. The national scare began on Aug. 21 in Greenville, South Carolina with several scary clown sightings in their area. Apparently, residents reported that suspicious clowns were trying to lure children into the woods using candy and money as enticement. Although no scary clowns have been found, the threat is there and residents are warning parents to keep their children inside at night.  Since that report other sighting have emerged around the country in  Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


The cultural perception of clowns has changed with time. Baby Boomers loved Bozo the clown and we all love when Cameron dresses as a Fizbo clown on Modern Family.  However, Steven King changed everything when he created the terrifying clown, Pennywise from “It”. And, unfortunately there was a real life serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, who dressed as Pogo the Clown  and killed at least 33 young boys and young men in the 1970s. That changed the perception of clowns forever. Since then, clowns have appeared in countless horror movies creating “coulrophobia”, the excessive fear of clowns in both children and adults.

The clown concern is no laughing matter. Most recently,  seven (two adults and 5 juveniles) face felony charges of making a terrorist threat. Scary clowns appeared on FB threatening schools and children.
With the ongoing evolution of the horror genre, kids no longer love the fun exaggerated faces of clowns. That is certainly doing damage to those clowns that are actually trying to provide laughter and fun for young children and adults as well. That being said, not aware that the national media would be discussing scary clown sightings, we we have created scary clown novelty socks to show off your fun side with no intention to scare people but only to have a little fun with all of the coulrophobiacs that you might raise your pant hem for.

So, this Halloween season, don’t be afraid to give a kindly scare to your family and friends, with your own pair of scary clown socks!









dog sock


If your name is Fido, chances are you are celebrating today.It’s National Dog Day and who knew that dogs not only get the summer to call their own (dog days of summer) but now they get their own national holiday—and they deserve it.  For centuries our furry friends have been providing us love and affection and many times, protection.  After all, they are the oldest of domesticated animals and have rightly claimed the title of “man’s/woman’s best friend”. Approximately 44% of the all households in the US have a dog according to the American Pet Products. I am a proud dog owner and although I have “donated” shoes, socks, bras, underwear, and food to my dogs, I still love them for the companionship and unconditional love they provide on a daily basis.

Dogs also are trained as service dogs to assist people with disabilities, allowing them to live more independent lives. Service dogs perform tasks that mitigate a disability of the owner and can be trained specifically for the individual’s needs.

So, whether you have a service dog or a dog that is a member of your family, please take time today to give them an extra hug or treat and let them know how special they are!

At Foot Traffic we sell hundreds of socks to dog owners who proudly announce that they love their dogs. Today is the perfect day to grab a pair and show how much you love your furry companion!




1708_2351_thumbfinal five1714_2342_thumb

What do you think about Summer Olympics 2016? I must admit I was not so enthused about the Olympics this summer only because I have been distracted by other things in my life that I am sure most can relate to. It looked like Rio was fraught with political and environmental issues and I was fearful of events full of mishaps and concerns. However, from the opening ceremony on, I have had the TV on nonstop, watching events as I can.  I am in awe of these amazing athletes and how the whole world can come together at this one time to be universally on the same page, cheering on not only our nation’s remarkable athletes, but all athletes that have worked tirelessly to be in Rio.  It is amazing the commitment, sacrafice,and courage each and every athlete has demonstrated as they get their one shot at the gold.

The Olympics are a positive distraction from the domestic political circus currently tainting our nation and our media. Thank goodness we can look in awe at the hundreds of international Olympic athletes working together, countries working together and teams from around the world working and competing together.  How refreshing.

I am so proud of our American athletes and the medals that they are accumulating with passion and pride. And to think that the “Final Five” gymnastics team was composed of two African Americans, a Latina, a Jewish woman and a Catholic.  This is what makes America great. It is the collection of so many unique individuals that use common goals to create greatness.  What an example this young group of amazing women and other Olympians show us as we witness yet another incredible Olympic games.

I hope our nation’s leadership can learn something from these young athletes that inspire us to do better. I am proud to be an American and I know we can be better. Thank you Olympians for lighting a torch for everyone around the world and showing us that diversity is what makes us great.


Amy Shumer



Well, look who is on the cover of the August issue of MARIE CLAIRE ! It’s AMY SCHUMER wearing a fabulous pair of FOOT TRAFFIC tights!  Amy certainly knows how to rock a pair of tights for her recent photo shoot and interview. We love Amy’s great sense of humor and of course, her sense of style.
As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words and this picture says it all.

Thank you, Amy, for showing us how to look fabulous in Foot Traffic textured tights!




15aacd26013cba6a6c1209e4d33bdb40bill cunninghamJuly 2, 2016, American lost one of the most beloved photojournalists of all times. Bill Cunningham passed away at age 87, after a life-long career of photographing street fashion on the streets of NYC.  Always riding a bike, sporting a blue jacket, khakis,  sensible black sneakers, and a camera around his neck, Bill was an iconic New York treasure.

Bill started taking photographs of women on the streets during WW11. He supported himself making hats, working retail, and waiting tables. Over time, he became a well- recognized fixture on the streets of NYC, capturing emerging fashion trends with candid photos of anonymous women and men. Although he often photographed well-known celebrities at fancy galas and fundraisers, he was pure in his intent to share real people at important moments. His photographs became so well- recognized, he was hired  to be a contributing photojournalist to the NEW YORK TIMES, his regular features being “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.”

As Ralph Lauren quoted in the NYT, the day after Bill’s death,
“For over 40 years, bill Cunningham pointed his lens at the true heart of fashion-the personal style of those that walked the most democratic runway of all, the sidewalks of New York City. Every day we saw him pedaling his bike uptown and downtown, capturing the true spontaneity and fun of a style created and worn by real people going about their daily lives.”

I have been a fan of Bill Cunningham for years.  I loved his commitment to street fashion and his passion for capturing “in the moment” photos of women, men, and children demonstrating their personal style.

So, what does this have to do with Foot Traffic? We have always understood that our legwear and socks are an accessory and are just one piece of the bigger picture. We know that a woman (or man) has many clothing and accessory choices to play with when putting together an outfit. Socks are part of a fashion solution depending on so many variables, such as time of year, need for color, comfort, and of course as an additional texture or color that pulls an outfit together. Perhaps Foot Traffic knee highs are the warm socks that peek out of the top of a boot for not only warmth but that added touch of color, lace, or design that helps YOU be YOU.

Bill appreciated anyone that looked good in what they were wearing and it made no difference if they paid a fancy price, were celebrities, or trend followers.  He recognized and photographed personal style every day and celebrated fashion confidence through his lens.

We will miss you, Bill Cunningham, and your honest commitment and passion to capture, share, and respect personal style.






Now that the fireworks are behind us and we move forward into the heat of summer, we can look forward to a few more weeks of outdoor activities before we start thinking about going back to school, football, etc. So, what can we expect in July?
Now is the BEST time to look for summer sales. Retailers are desperately trying to unload extra inventory in various categories so here are a few things you can stock up on during July.
FURNITURE- typically furniture arrives in stores in February or August so look for great sales in July and January.

CLOTHES- After the 4th of July, look for great sales on spring and summer clothes. This is a great time to look for a new swimsuit, shorts and t-shirts. 

COMPUTERS- July is typically a slow month for computer sales, before the back-to-school rush. You can often find good deals.  

ICE CREAMMore coupons and promos are available for ice cream and novelty items this month, as it is National Ice Cream month. Enjoy cheap cool treats!

PAINT- Both interior and exterior paint are on sale during the hottest months of the year. 

GRILLS- One of the reasons we all love the summer time is grilling out. Summer is coming to a close and so is the grilling season, so stores are looking to remove excess stock this month. 

TOOLS- Typically July is the best time to get great deals on tool sets.

SEASONAL PRODUCEShop your local farmer’s markets for excellent buys on homegrown items. Look for fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey, herbs, and flowers. And, if you can be at the market at the end of the day, even better deals can be had.

Enjoy your summer, stay hydrated and keep your feet happy while shopping the sales wearing FOOT TRAFFIC no-shows with your summer sneakers and summer shoes.  They are 75% cotton, comfortable and cool.  Happy shopping! 



Do you know what the colors of the U.S. flag stand for?  Apparently when the flag was officially adopted in 1777, the resolution read, “Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field representing a new constellation.” Nothing was said about the colors.
That is because there was no significance at that time other than they were most likely borrowed from the colors of the Union Jack of England, since that is what the Founding Fathers were exposed to.
Another influence was perhaps the seal that was developed for the country. On July 4, 1776, Congress passed a resolution to develop the new seal (officially adopted on June 20, 1782).
At this time, Charles Thomson, Secretary of the Continental Congress presented the seal explaining, “The colors are those used in the flag of the United States of America. White signifies purity and innocence. Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue… signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”
In 1986, President Reagan proclaimed it to be the Year of the Flag. Adding his own point of view, he stated, “The colors of our flag signify the qualities of the human spirit we Americans cherish, red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice.”
Even though  Americans may do not know the specifics about the meaning of the colors, we do know that the American flag evokes patriotism and pride in our country, thanks to our Founding Fathers and all of the battles that have been fought to protect our freedoms. We have seen many interpretations of the flag colors but apparently, over time, the official true colors have been identified as Pantone colors RED 193C and BLUE 281C.
The combination of red, white and blue are  popular on national holidays such as Memorial Day and 4th of July (just a few days away!). Homes are decorated, flags are hung, families and friends get together to eat, donning red white and blue attire.  So, in honor of our great American flag, we hope that you will be showing your patriotic spirit and wear a fun pair of FOOT TRAFFIC  red, white, and blue socks!

american socks

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