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black blush board

black and blushCall it NUDE  or BLUSH, the color trend continues once again and it seems to work for any season. The color falls somewhere between winter white and the soft pastels of spring. It is so refreshing after the dark greys and blues of fall and winter. Blush stands beautifully with black, creating a striking combination this winter and a fresh transition into spring.
We love the contrast of a blush dress or skirt, paired with a cozy pair of black tights or black leggings. The color is soft, elegant and takes its cue from various shades of makeup and skin tones from tan to soft pink. The black adds the drama and contrast, so beautiful this winter.  No need to go on… see for yourself!

Are you blushing yet?   



star gazing

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year. Not for the snow, but because I can see some pretty amazing things in the night sky.

This time of the year is when many of the planets are visible in twilight hours, and they outshine many stars. Most of the time you need a telescope to view these beautiful sights, but thanks to the positioning of the planets in winter we can see several of them with our naked eyes.

Constellation Socks

It is often cold when I want to view these spectacular sights, so I make sure to bundle up. Foot Traffic’s Constellation Socks are the perfect pair of socks for this occasion! They keep my toes cozy, and they can even be a helpful little cheat sheet to find a few constellations, such as Orion, Pegasus, and Polaris.  The socks even come in both men and women’s sizes so everyone can participate in the adventure.

Here are a few tips on what to look for!

Around dusk, one hour after sunset Mercury will be very low on the northwestern horizon line. In the early mornings before the sun rises Mars will be directly above the Moon, and slightly to the west. Last but not least, Orion should be visible directly in the center of the sky for the entire evening.

So next time it is dark winter night, take a step outside and look to the skies.



And the Oscar goes to…


It’s time for the Academy awards and Hollywood is a-buzz as nominees have been named for 2014 academy awards. Some of Hollywood’s favorites were snubbed as others are actually surprised by their nominations. Lucky for us viewers, it has been a year of great movies as we have been offered a wealth of incredible choices. Preparing to have an opinion of the winners in each category, we boost ticket sales and head to the theaters to be entertained on the big screen or we watch in the comfort of our jammies and a bowl of popcorn at home.

Couple sitting on sofa watching television with bowl of popcorn smiling

But what will you be doing on Oscar night, Sunday, March 2? The stars will certainly be out celebrating and walking the red carpet, smiling and strutting for the cameras, enjoying the annual celebration, the most watched of all award shows.


But what about YOU?

Will you be all decked out at a “watch” party or casually viewing at home, strewn on the couch with snacks and favorite beverage? For me, I will most likely be the latter but that is my choice. I love seeing all of the glamour and the “how-did-they-do-that?” hairdos. But I will be dressed casually in my favorite jeans and t-shirt. And, I will be sporting my favorite movie-watching socks—my popcorn socks. That is as glamorous as I get. I can’t wait!


What will you wear to watch the Academy awards?

FOOT TRAFFIC- Out with the old—In with the new!

At Foot Traffic, now that we have begun another year, we spend a lot of time looking back at the previous year, reflecting on our business hits and misses. We count on sales history, retailer feedback and good luck to guide us as we look ahead to new opportunities. We barely catch our breath from the holiday sales and even in the chilly winter weather, we are already selling items for spring and summer. But that is the way retail works.
We had a great year in 2013 and are celebrating from head to toe. But we know that each year presents challenges and we need to be ready. No problem— we thrive on new challenges and opportunities!
In 2013, we added many new items to our already large line of legwear and socks.  And, we are currently beginning our designs for 2014, particularly the novelty sock lines, for men and women. We track sales and trends to come up with new ideas but we also like to listen to you, our loyal customers, for new themes and ideas.  About two years ago, a customer asked us to design a pair of socks with books on it. We decided that idea might work, so we added it and —voila! It has been a great success for Foot Traffic! So, if you have any great ideas for, let us know what you would like. We appreciate feedback and can only get better if you tell us what you want. 

We would love to hear from you!


FT holiday3

‘Tis the season …It’s down to the wire when we are frantically running around trying to get the perfect gift for everyone on our list, hoping that we don’t forget someone. As much as we all try to simplify the holiday hustle and bustle, it is difficult to avoid the inevitable chaos.

But at FOOT TRAFFIC, we love the chaos.  We thank you for including us as one of your “go-to” websites for your holiday shopping, as well as throughout the year.  We are the “holiday elves” that are rushing around to make sure your orders are pulled and sent on time so you can be confident your gifts are under the tree or in a stocking Christmas morning. The busier the better!

We hope that the socks you share with others will bring many smiles. We get plenty of testimonials sharing fun stories of finding the “perfect socks” for someone. We encourage you to tell us your favorite sock stories on this blog or on our Facebook page.   

Looking back, we are reminded of our good fortune to have you as our loyal customers and we thank you for another fun year at FOOT TRAFFIC. Looking ahead, we wish you a wonderful year of good health, joy, lots of socks, and plenty of smiles!


What does the Perfect Christmas season look like?

christmas lightsclarks lights







If asked this question, I am sure that everyone would have a different answer. However, I bet there would be some common answers on most lists that might include something like this:
1.  All of the Christmas  lights worked
2. I spent less this year than last year
3. Everyone loved what I got them for Christmas
4. The gifts I ordered on-line were in stock and arrived on time
5. I had time to relax
6.I didn’t gain any weight

I am sure that you would add more to the list but it would be nice if all the above were true. At Foot Traffic, we can’t guarantee that your holiday will be “perfect”, but we can certainly help.

Everyone loved what I got them for Christmas
we have over 2,000 legwear items for men and women and we know you can find a great pair of socks that are personal and fun for everyone on your holiday list– toe socks, , fuzzy socks
The gifts I ordered on-line were in stock and arrived on time
At Foot Traffic, our items are rarely out of stock and we ship the same day we get your order. We will do whatever it takes to get your selection delivered on time.
I had time to relax
When you order socks from Foot Traffic, just cruise our website, find something for everyone on your holiday list and we will ship the items to the lucky recipients. Voila… Done.

So, as you get through the holiday season, let FOOT TRAFFIC help you make it the perfect Christmas!


norwegian ski sweater

This season we are once again delighted to see the wonderful Nordic-inspired patterns on socks, mitten, hats and scarves.  Every fashion catalog seems to be showcasing Nordic designs, whether it is a snowflake, holiday design or fun graphic pattern. This classic design is one of the only reasons I love the winter season, since I am not a fan of cold weather. It’s the fashion of boots, Nordic sweaters and comfy leggings that make winter bearable.  There is something about the design that makes me want to go skiing and/or visit a lodge and sit by a crackling fire with a large cup of hot cocoa. I can dream, can’t I?!

nordic 3I’m sure I am not the only one that loves Nordic- inspired designs.  And now, our favorite Foot Traffic Nordic Leggings are back in stock…and just in time! The cold winter air is already upon us as we enjoy this holiday season. These sweet leggings are the perfect cold weather legwear when worn with boots or booties. They can be layered with legwarmers and easily worn under your favorite black dress, skirt, or long sweater.  The soft texture hugs the legs like a soft cashmere scarf. They are so comfy and warm but not bulky. Whether it’s leggings, sweaters, or accessories, hopefully you can enjoy the Nordic-inspired designs this season.

Stay warm and get your Nordic on! 


 At this magical time of year, as a young girl…..

nutcracker balletdancer legwarmers               …I remember going downtown with my mom to see The Nutcracker Ballet, not once but perhaps 4 or 5 times. Being a self-proclaimed ballerina, I was mesmerized by the dancers, the costumes, the music and the magic of the performance.
Just as the dancers wore leg warmers off stage, so did I as a young girl when coming to and from dance class.  Today, dancers young and old wear leg warmers to keep their calf and ankle muscles warm and cramp -free.

But leg warmers aren’t just for dancers. Today, leg warmers can be seen at the gym as CrossFit enthusiasts keep their leg muscles warm during workouts.  They are also a significant fashion staple that offers not only fashion but function—warmth! With so many styles of shoes, booties and boots, the possibilities for adding legwarmers to legwarmers bootsyour look for added color, texture and warmth are endless. Again this winter season, leg warmers continue to be a staple legwear accessory.  Wearing skirts and boots through the winter is as common as jeans, and leg warmers add that extra layer of warmth needed whether running across campus, running our kids to school running errands, or just running!  Layer a pair over skinny jeans and tall boots or tuck them in your favorite pair of cowboy boots.
Whether a dancer, CrossFit enthusiast, or warmth-seeking fashionista, be sure to add leg warmers to your holiday wish list and give them as gifts to all of your awesome friends!











10 reasons why Santa loves NOVELTY SOCKS

socks holiday











Santa loves FOOT TRAFFIC socks because they are:

1.      Fun! Bright colors and bright designs for both men and women make it easy for Santa to choose gifts for everyone on his list

2.      Functional. They fit and are made of high quality cotton- perfect for holiday parties!

3.      Easy to wrap and send. (They pack easily on Santa’s sleigh)

4.      A great gift presenter. Tuck a gift card inside for an additional surprise

5.      Personal to the recipient. Over 200 designs to find just the right pair for all good “girls and boys”

6.      A fun host and hostess gift. Santa enjoys parties too!

7.      Perfect stocking stuffers that fit neatly in the stocking

8.      Ideal for the holiday SECRET SANTA gift exchange

9.      Great conversation starters- you WILL be noticed

10.    Less than $10/pair! Santa loves a good gift at a good price!

So, like Santa, shop now and enjoy our largest selection ever.  One shopping trip to the FOOT TRAFFIC website and you will have holiday gifts for everyone…and yourself!




This weekend only— $20!

($48.00-$49.50 value if bought individually!)




BASIC BLACK 3-PACK™ covers both fashion and function and is a must-have for any wardrobe.

The best gifts are most often practical gifts. Let’s face it, black is by far the #1 best-selling color of tights and leggings.

BASIC BLACK 3-PACK includes:

• BLACK MICROFIBER TIGHTS (or LEGGINGS) – These runway winners are sheer enough to look dressy but comfortable enough to go from day to night with exceptional comfort and fit.

• BLACK COTTON TIGHTS (or LEGGINGS) – Our black combed cotton tights are the perfect accessory to wear with your short skirts, long tunics, or casual dresses. The natural comfy texture and warmth are perfect for fall and winter.

• BLACK FLEECE LINED TIGHTS (or LEGGINGS) – When the weather turns chilly, these are a “must-have”. These are thicker than the cotton, totally opaque, and are so comfortable you will want to wear them morning, noon and night!



Friday, Nov. 29-Monday, Dec. 1 (midnight)

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