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18th Street Fashion Show


This past Saturday night, June 11 at dusk,  the West 18th Street Fashion Show  showcased  yet another testament to the creative spirit and talent in Kansas City.  Thirteen creative fashion designers and jewelry designers showcased 5 outfits each that did not disappoint the fashion enthusiast looking for color, drama and creative interpretation of the “WILD SUMMER” theme.  This was the 16th year for this street side event that draws hundreds of spectators to 18th street in the Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City.
The creative spirit behind the annual event is Peregrine Honig, renowned artist and owner of Birdie’s.  She has been with the show since its inception and continues to drive the creative personality of each show, along with a talented team of collaborators and local sponsors.  Mark Southerland is the executive producer and has been the musical director for the past several years, an important part of the flavor and energy of this event.
The designers are certainly noteworthy as each showcased their talents from head to toe, working closely with talented accessory designers that embellish the collections.  Foot Traffic offers legwear to all of the designers and several used socks or tights to highlight their ensembles. Brockstar happened to use our polka dot knee highs, OMG novelty socks, and our high top sneaker knee highs to highlight his fun collection.

We love the spirit of this annual event and support the freedom of expression that each designer shares with the community.

What a beautiful and fun way to spend a hot summer night!






Is your dad one of those guys that loves to admire the night sky either through a telescope or just gazing on the back patio? There is no shame in that as stargazing is the undisputed oldest hobby on earth. With the vast universe beyond our reach, since the beginning of time, man has sought to understand the boundless nature of what lies beyond our scope- telescope that is!

Before 300 B.C., the ancient philosopher Plato was the first to start a systematic study of astronomy. Although he wrongly suggested the earth was the center of the universe, a long scientific journey of our universe has continued to fascinate and challenge scientists to understand the mysteries of our solar system and well beyond.

And what about aliens?  How many people believe that intelligent alien life exists?  According to a poll conducted in 2015 by, Germans are most likely to believe (56%) followed by Americans (54%) and The British (52%). American men (65%) were more likely to believe than women (46%) and younger people (age 30-44) are most likely to believe (60%).

Physicist Stephen Hawking is currently backing a project, the Breakthrough Initiatives, the biggest effort yet to search for alien intelligence. As he said, “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational.” The Breakthrough Initiatives is a program founded in 2015 to search for extraterrestrial intelligence over a span of at least 10 years.

So, if all of this is interesting to your Dad or the man in your life, how about a pair of fun Foot Traffic  novelty socks– alien abduction, planets and  constellation to let him know that you think he may be an out-of-this-world Dad but he is the best Dad on the planet!


Camping guys

Does your dad, husband, brother, friend  love to be outdoors?
Does his foot start thumping when he sees Bass Pro shops or Cabala’s on the radar?
Would he rather wear jeans and a t-shirt or a flannel shirt than a suit and tie?
If so, then we have some fun socks that we think your outdoor dad will love!  WE love our outdoor theme socks. Whether your guy thinks he is Paul Bunyan or ready for Naked and Afraid, we have some great novelty socks that we know he will love. No, these are not the ones that keep your feet warm in -30 degrees or are waterproof while fly-fishing. These are just great cotton blend socks that will make your guy smile because they let him know that YOU know he loves the outdoors and can enjoy the idea of being outdoors when wearing these socks. Whether he is trapped indoors or in an office, or outdoors getting some fresh air, these socks rock.  This Father’s Day, put a smile on your guy’s face and give him some Foot Traffic men’s novelty socks that he will appreciate!

1587_2233_large1567_2216_large1584_2231_largeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfishing


women shopping for men

When men and women partner up and the relationship turns from infatuation to reality, who is the primary decision maker in how one dresses?When you were dating, it really didn’t matter but after time, it’s the little things that can start to drive you crazy about your partner’s attire. Have you ever been bothered by how your partner dresses? Are there certain clothes you want to make “disappear”? Are there certain jeans that just don’t look right? So, who buys the men’s clothes in your relationship and what influence do you both have on one another if at all?
Today more than ever, both women and men are taking care of themselves through eating right and working out. That leads to being more conscious about make-up, hair, and clothes. So, with so many retail venues to choose from, who is actually buying men’s and women’s clothes? After reading several blogs and articles on the subject, it seems that in most relationships, each influences the other. However it does seem that women have a stronger desire to “inspire” their partners to make different choices if possible without hurting feelings. And according to studies, women make more than 85% of the consumer purchases in the U.S. and influence over 95% of total goods and services purchased. There have been  surveys conducted concerning women’s influence on her partner’s fashion selections and I found one to be of particular interest.
According to an online retailer, it seems that women take control of how their other half dresses in order to stop them from committing fashion crimes. The survey found that a third of men in a relationship don’t buy their own clothes and almost half do not know their own clothes size. After surveying 2,000 women over age 50, they said that most men tend to quit caring about their appearance after the age of 37, forcing their partners to intervene and provide styling guidance. Key reasons for this are because their partner’s dress sense was:
Either outdated and aging, weathered clothes (18 percent)
Unstylish and ill-fitting (31 percent)
Embarrassing (19 percent)
Although men are totally capable of dressing themselves, they cave and let their partners take over to keep the peace or because they actually do trust their partner’s choices. And, women  are willing to invest time and energy into finding exactly what they want whereas men will pay more for something that fits the bill, without looking at all the options. Let’s face it, women have more shopping stamina.


Jeans that are too baggy, high-waisted and ankle grazing, or worst of all, worn with a matching denim shirt or jacket (or both!)
• Pants that are too old-fashioned or too small
• Scandalously brief swimwear
• Colorless combos of dull shades of brown and beige
• Sandals worn with socks
• ‘Mutton dressed as ram’ – overly-youthful hoodies and T-shirts
• Out-dated or too loud patterned shirts

There are other reasons I can mention from past personal experience and that includes shirts that are worn repeatedly when there are equally flattering shirts in the closet; underwear and socks that have so many holes it is difficult to find the point of entry, jeans that are so baggy and threadbare, there are no labels or brand identifiers to even know the origin of the jeans, etc.
At Foot Traffic, we are aware that most of the men’s socks that we sell are purchased by women for men. Of course, our socks are novelty socks so the socks are usually purchased as a surprise, a gift, or a way to add fun to their significant other’s wardrobe. Our socks are a perfect impulse purchase and are bought often times in stores that carry both men’s and women’s clothes or in gift stores that carry items for both men and women. We hope that you ladies will continue to “influence” your partners and at least keep the sock drawer refreshed!
With Father’s Day coming up, it is the perfect time to add some fun to your man’s wardrobe with fun socks from FOOT TRAFFIC.
So, what influence do you have on the wardrobe of your significant other?

MEMORIAL DAY… at time to remember

2016 Spring-Summer Lookbook - 131KH - Stars & Stripes, 6833M - Patrioticlittle boy soldier

Next weekend Americans across the country will be celebrating Memorial Day with picnics, get-togethers and kicking off summertime at pools, backyards and BBQs. Good times will be shared as people relax enjoying grilled meats, cold beers and picnic dishes with family and friends. People will be wearing red, white and blue (Foot Traffic  socks, we hope!) and hanging the American flag. Although we enjoy the fun weekend holiday, is our most sobering federal holiday. Memorial Day is a time to remember the fallen men and women who have lost their lives in battle.

For decades, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30 and originally honored only those lost fighting in the Civil War. Over 620,000 soldiers died on both sides, half dying of disease. This total is more than casualties of all other wars combined. Formally known as Decoration Day, soldiers would decorate graves of their fallen comrades with flowers, flags and wreaths. However, following WW1, the day was expanded to honor all fallen soldiers. In 1967, Federal law declared “Memorial Day” the official name and in 1971, the day was officially changed to the last Monday in May to ensure a 3-day weekend.  It has become the kickoff weekend to summer.

Did you know that in December 2000, Congress passed a law requiring Americans to pause at 3:00 local time on Memorial Day to remember and honor the fallen?  This law was signed by President Clinton. I am guilty of not knowing this and will try my best to remember to honor this law. I know for sure I will take time to honor the flag, a tangible reminder and that there is a cost to the privileges that Americans have, no matter what our political views are.  I look at Memorial Day as a time to honor the past, respect the present, and hope for the future.
Have a wonderful, safe holiday weekend and thank you to all that are serving our country!

flagsamerican flag


hokie birdowl

Just like these scholarly owl novelty socks, you are a wise one. You are graduating. Congratulations!  It is graduation season and lots of students are finally walking across the stage to get their hard earned diplomas. Parents are crying  because they’re ecstatic that their child finally got through school. Many are crying because their student may be going off to college, others are crying because they are so excited their student will be going off the college. No matter what, the event is a passage of life for both parent and child and it is a time of celebration and independence.
It is fun seeing the students proudly walk across the stage to get the diploma and just hope they don’t trip. Just look at some of the shoes that the girls wear. Yikes! —an accident waiting to happen. Some go barefoot, others are conservative, and some go so far as to wear Hokie Bird feet to honor their school. Whatever you choose to wear on your feet graduation day, male or female, be sensible and fun, putting your best foot forward with hundreds of choices of novelty socks from Foot Traffic!
And, by the way, this post on Pinterest, an article for has some great advice for students headed off to college next fall.




bee flowers1715_2343_largeSpring is here and with it comes spring showers, green grass, and lots of flowers. And, with the flowers comes the wonderful array of bugs that bring our gardens to life. Although we sometimes are annoyed by pesky little insects, they play a key role in what we eat today, especially the pollinators such as the honey bee— one of the first signs of spring as they gather pollen and nectar to fuel their high energy as well as feed their young. Through their hard work, pollen and seeds are transferred from one plant to another, fertilizing the plants so they can grow and produce food. We would not have fruits, vegetables, or field crops if it weren’t for bees. 85% or plants exist because of bees and almonds, for example,  are 100% dependent on the honeybee. Think about your favorite fruits and vegetables such as apples, cucumbers, watermelon, squash—they grow only if pollinated.

More than $15 billion a year in U.S crops are pollinated by bees, and honey bees produce about $150 million in honey annually.  Unfortunately, since the mid 2000’s, bees have been mysteriously vanishing which effects everyone on the planet.  A decline in the bee population means lower crop yields and increased production costs. Colony collapse has been caused by several factors including global warming, increased use of pesticides, habitat loss and parasites.

Much effort is in place to stop the decline of the bee population and there are many things you can do to help save bees.

  1. Plant a bee friendly garden
  2. Buy local honey
  3. Avoid harsh lawn chemicals
  4. Wear Foot Traffic novelty bee socks to remind others how great bees really are!


363 days until Mother’s Day!

Foot Traffic Smiley Face Socksmother and child

Mother’s Day has come and gone
but the laughs and hugs will linger on…

I love Mother’s Day, not because I love the extra attention that is anticipated for this day but I am reminded of how much I love raising a family. Who knew? I certainly did not know how I would adjust to motherhood. I watched my own mother raise our family with such ease and grace; I just took it for granted that raising a family would be easy.

I was a professional working woman and kids seemed like they might “get in the way” of a fun life of work, marriage and travel. However, I had an inkling that I might just love being a mom because I loved being a “mom” to a big beautiful golden retriever.  My nurturing skills kicked in and transferred well to kids.

Now that I am no longer the sole “protector” and “provider” I can enjoy the family as one big social gene-connected clan of laughter, tears and years of memories. Things can get messy at times, but knowing that if we all try a little harder, forgive a little more, and stay connected we will only grow as a family.

I hope that all you moms, daughters, sisters, friends understand the power of love and nurturing families, pets, relationships, etc.  I know guys have the same power to love and protect, but women just have a “certain something” that only women understand when it comes to loving our families.  Give yourself the luxury of time to reflect on those that benefit from your instinctive love and enjoy the rest of the year collecting memories to celebrate again next May. Just think, only 363 more days until next Mother’s Day!

At Foot Traffic, we love all you moms and hope that you will continue to nurture all the people in your live with crazy novelty socks– a great way to share a smile!




lucky cat socksLC

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we love moms. We celebrate moms all year long, but since the official  Mother’s Day  is this Sunday, May 8, we’d like to give a shout out to all of the wonderful moms out there!

Whether you are a mom to children, pets, or plants, we love that you are a natural nurturer and take care of anyone or anything that needs a helping or healing hand. You know just what to do to make someone feel better. You know who you are, and so do we.
We sell a lot of socks to women, mostly women like you. Women who buy our novelty socks are often buying for someone else to share a smile or show that she is thinking about you because she knows you love cats, or lace, llamas, or pizza, or whatever makes you happy.  Although most of our  are bought as gifts, who says that socks can’t be a gift to yourself?!? Socks are an easy way to add a smile to your wardrobe just by adding a funny design or bright colors. You need to take care of yourself too. How about a pair of our LUCKY CAT socks to give to your mom to show her how lucky you are to have her. OR, buy a pair of LUCKY CAT socks to remind yourself how lucky you are!
So, to all you moms out there that get one day to be recognized for all that you do, know that we thank you for caring…sharing…and wearing our FOOT TRAFFIC socks! Aren’t we lucky?!


darla 2pet socks

For those of us that own pets, every day is Mother’s Day to our beloved furry friends.  Many of my friends are pet owners and we share dog, cat and bunnie stories (yes, a co-worker has an adorable bunnie)  as long as anyone will listen.  It takes lots of love and patience to raise a pet and it is well worth it.  A wagging tale or a frisky swat can bring endless smiles to the beginning or end of the day. Plus, a pet doesn’t talk back, they eat the same thing every day without complaining, and they love you no matter what–unconditionally.

According to the ASPCA , is it estimated that 70-80  million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.  65% of the U.S households own a pet with  37–47% of all households  owning a dog and 30-37% owning a cat.

Not only do we love our pets, we spend a lot of money on them. It is estimated that in 2016, $62.75 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. That’s a lot of vet trips, toys, food and accessories!

I think that as we approach Mother’s Day, us “Pet Mom’s” should take a little time and money and spend on ourselves (like buying a pair of our fun dog and cat novelty socks!) , give ourselves a pat on the head—I mean back— and celebrate how lucky we are to be so loved by our furry friends. It’s a privilege to be a “Pet Mom.”

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