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363 days until Mother’s Day!

Foot Traffic Smiley Face Socksmother and child

Mother’s Day has come and gone
but the laughs and hugs will linger on…

I love Mother’s Day, not because I love the extra attention that is anticipated for this day but I am reminded of how much I love raising a family. Who knew? I certainly did not know how I would adjust to motherhood. I watched my own mother raise our family with such ease and grace; I just took it for granted that raising a family would be easy.

I was a professional working woman and kids seemed like they might “get in the way” of a fun life of work, marriage and travel. However, I had an inkling that I might just love being a mom because I loved being a “mom” to a big beautiful golden retriever.  My nurturing skills kicked in and transferred well to kids.

Now that I am no longer the sole “protector” and “provider” I can enjoy the family as one big social gene-connected clan of laughter, tears and years of memories. Things can get messy at times, but knowing that if we all try a little harder, forgive a little more, and stay connected we will only grow as a family.

I hope that all you moms, daughters, sisters, friends understand the power of love and nurturing families, pets, relationships, etc.  I know guys have the same power to love and protect, but women just have a “certain something” that only women understand when it comes to loving our families.  Give yourself the luxury of time to reflect on those that benefit from your instinctive love and enjoy the rest of the year collecting memories to celebrate again next May. Just think, only 363 more days until next Mother’s Day!

At Foot Traffic, we love all you moms and hope that you will continue to nurture all the people in your live with crazy novelty socks– a great way to share a smile!




lucky cat socksLC

At FOOT TRAFFIC, we love moms. We celebrate moms all year long, but since the official  Mother’s Day  is this Sunday, May 8, we’d like to give a shout out to all of the wonderful moms out there!

Whether you are a mom to children, pets, or plants, we love that you are a natural nurturer and take care of anyone or anything that needs a helping or healing hand. You know just what to do to make someone feel better. You know who you are, and so do we.
We sell a lot of socks to women, mostly women like you. Women who buy our novelty socks are often buying for someone else to share a smile or show that she is thinking about you because she knows you love cats, or lace, llamas, or pizza, or whatever makes you happy.  Although most of our  are bought as gifts, who says that socks can’t be a gift to yourself?!? Socks are an easy way to add a smile to your wardrobe just by adding a funny design or bright colors. You need to take care of yourself too. How about a pair of our LUCKY CAT socks to give to your mom to show her how lucky you are to have her. OR, buy a pair of LUCKY CAT socks to remind yourself how lucky you are!
So, to all you moms out there that get one day to be recognized for all that you do, know that we thank you for caring…sharing…and wearing our FOOT TRAFFIC socks! Aren’t we lucky?!


darla 2pet socks

For those of us that own pets, every day is Mother’s Day to our beloved furry friends.  Many of my friends are pet owners and we share dog, cat and bunnie stories (yes, a co-worker has an adorable bunnie)  as long as anyone will listen.  It takes lots of love and patience to raise a pet and it is well worth it.  A wagging tale or a frisky swat can bring endless smiles to the beginning or end of the day. Plus, a pet doesn’t talk back, they eat the same thing every day without complaining, and they love you no matter what–unconditionally.

According to the ASPCA , is it estimated that 70-80  million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.  65% of the U.S households own a pet with  37–47% of all households  owning a dog and 30-37% owning a cat.

Not only do we love our pets, we spend a lot of money on them. It is estimated that in 2016, $62.75 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. That’s a lot of vet trips, toys, food and accessories!

I think that as we approach Mother’s Day, us “Pet Mom’s” should take a little time and money and spend on ourselves (like buying a pair of our fun dog and cat novelty socks!) , give ourselves a pat on the head—I mean back— and celebrate how lucky we are to be so loved by our furry friends. It’s a privilege to be a “Pet Mom.”




Moms are always a softie for anything from their kids, no matter how old you are, give your mom something extra soft for mother’s Day to show her how much you love and appreciate her.  How about a pair of MICROFIBER FUZZY  SOCKS? They are the softest, warmest socks in the universe.  Seriously, there are no socks any softer that these comfy cozy socks. Add a gift card for a pedicure tucked in the socks and a bottle of wine and she will be in heaven.

HINT:Tell her to put lotion on her feet before she goes to bed, wear the socks, and she will have the softest feet ever! Our socks are the best way to pamper her in a way that she will love since it is from YOU!




I get anxious about Valentine’s Day. It is a time to celebrate love. I get it. But, what if you don’t have a significant other on Feb. 14th? What to do?!? Well, I don’t have a significant other but I have lots of friends and family that I love and I will be telling them, as I do throughout the year. I also love my dog and he knows it each and every day by the long walks, the extra treats and the belly rubs.
It makes a difference to know when someone loves you or at least likes you and appreciates you. You don’t have to be “in love” to spread the feeling or share the sentiment.
At FOOT TRAFFIC we want you to know we love YOU and we appreciate YOU!

Without your continued support and attention to FOOT TRAFFIC‘s  socks and legwear we would  be on the streets selling hot dogs (although there is nothing wrong with that!)
We are sending lots of love to you and hope that you will continue to enjoy our brand and our product as much as we do.



12417592_908818795831871_3711451148380444214_nFoot Traffic 2012 Winter Look Book1285_1751_thumb

How do you  stay warm on these cold snowy days?
Starting in October, my feet and legs are cold and they usually don’t get warm until June or July. Therefore, I am no stranger to wearing whatever it takes to keep the toes warm and wiggly and my legs covered. Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity to be comfortable. One of my favorite cold-weather solutions is Foot Traffic’s functional-can’t-live-without leg warmers. Most women have at least two pairs of boots and most likely they are worn indoors and outdoors so the need to layer depends on the day, which boots they are wearing and how warm they need to be.
At FOOT TRAFFIC we find that the easiest way to add warmth without taking your shoes or boots off is to slip on a pair of leg warmers and voila!—your legs are instantly warm. Our cable knit legwarmers come in two lengths and are just the ticket to get warm. They can be worn over the boot or over the calf and inside the boot. Whatever the occasion, keep a pair of leg warmers close by and you will be happy and warm—at least until June!



FT 396Q7091 GRPFT 396Q7183 GRP

I admit that I do not enjoy the ice and snow, but I do enjoy cold weather, particularly on a bright sunny day. I love putting on a t-shirt and an over-sized sweater, my cotton tights, a denim skirt, and a pair of my comfy boots. I then layer my ensemble with a puffy coat, a scarf and I am out the door to grab a fresh brewed cup of coffee. There is a coffee shop within walking distance so I am glad to be awakened by a brisk walk, sunshine, and cold air in my face. Call me crazy.
What I recommend for cold days is FOOT TRAFFIC Signature combed cotton tights and leggings. They are the perfect weight for almost any occasion, casual to work. They are my go-to legwear in the fall through early spring because they are soft and just warm enough to keep me comfortable all day. They work well layered under skirts, dresses, pants and shorts–whatever your preference.
At Foot Traffic, we were delighted to  find a recent review of our cotton tights on BuzzFeed , 10 LIFE-CHANGING THINGS TO TRY IN 2016. Our Signature Cotton tights were one of those top 10 things. We thank Alanna Okun for her kind review and thoughtful description of our tights. We have carried our Signature Cotton legwear line for many years and have perfected the construction to be (we dare say) the best in the world.
Some of the combed cotton leawear  attributes include
We hope that you will stay warm this winter season and try our Signature Combed Cotton tights, leggings and thigh highs. You will be comfy in your cotton!


socks holiday


This year Foot Traffic has been busier than ever. Did you know that the #1 gift accessory is socks!? According to Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine, Oct. 2015, socks were the #3 accessory given as a gift by millennials ( just behind Handbags and fashion jewelry) and the #1 accessory gift given by Generation X and Baby Boomers.
We are not surprised, as the trend for fun, novelty statement socks continues to rise for both men and women. Fun novelty socks provide comic relief as they remind us to relax and smile. Giving socks as a gift is always a good idea and here are some reasons:
They are functional since you usually wear socks with your shoes
Socks are personal- you can find socks that fit someone’s personality by identifying their favorite hobby, job, or color
Socks are rarely returned because they fit almost any size foot
Socks are less than $10
Socks are easy to mail- they don’t weigh a lot and they don’t break when shipped
Socks are a simple way to perk up an outfit
Socks are a great conversation starter
Socks are good for recipients of all ages
So, for those reasons and many more, add socks to your list of great gift ideas for the holidays and year round.

mens shotno show mix-ups2

Netflix Socks-A real showstopper!





I love cold winter nights. I have a fire in the fireplace,  settle into my cozy couch or favorite chair and pick something on Nexflix to watch. And in spite of how exciting the movie ,  sometimes my eyes close and I drift off to sleep, missing an exciting part of the movie. I am just saying, it happens!  Dang, now I have to watch it all again. But wait!— I don’t have to. Netflix has launched an ingenious sock that automatically pauses or stops the video on your TV when you fall asleep. No joke.
The actual “thing” that monitors your movement and alerts the TV is a small device that fits inside your sock. It does require a bit of work to install but a video instructs you how to solder and assemble the unit.  Once assembled just add it to your sock. You can knit your own socks per the  designs that Netflix offers,  or you can use the device with any other sock. If you are not so inclined to knitting, may we suggest Foot Traffic socks? We have a broad selection that would be particularly fun for those that are couch enthusiasts. Perhaps the men’s popcorn novelty socks or women’s popcorn novelty socks? OR select from over 200 other fun novelty socks that would be perfect to house the ingenious device.
Whatever you are gifting this year, we think Netflix has a fun idea and we think we have fun socks!
Enjoy your holidays, Netflix, and jolly fun gifts!

popcorn Wmen's popcorn

Check out the entire story here

Give someone the warm fuzzies!

bottlered socks 5

The holidays are such a wonderful time to bring friends and families together to enjoy the holiday spirit.  There are neighborhood parties, office parties, family events and holiday “drop-ins”. I find myself often scrambling for a last minute hostess gift that is functional but unique. I usually take a bottle of wine as it is appreciated by the host and hostess. However, last year I added a little something extra and was surprised by the gracious reception I received when giving the gift.
I bought a pair of FOOT TRAFFIC red microfiber warm fuzzy socks, removed the label, then wrapped them around the middle of the wine bottle. I  secured the fuzzy socks with a big green ribbon and voila!—a fuzzy wrapped bottle of wine! The hostess appreciated the wine but LOVED the fuzzy socks.  It was such a success I am doing it again this holiday season. There are so many colors of fuzzy socks to choose from, there is no need to stick to traditional reds and greens. This idea can work year round and I will continue to give my hostess the warm fuzzies!

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