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Does your dad dress conservatively and perhaps need a bit more fun in his wardrobe? Could he use a dash of  spice in his sock drawer? Father’s Day is just around the corner ( June 21) and Foot Traffic novelty socks are the perfect way to help your dad go from fashion Dud to fashion Dude.
The definition of a dude:
“A man who is very fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor.”

Give him fun novelty socks and he will suddenly up his game in the fashion scene. Socks will give him new  confidence and at least brighten the smile on his face.
With so many Foot Traffic sock choices, give your dad several pairs of socks to showcase his new fashion attitude…. or is that his fashion atti-dude!BAM!

Father’s Day Fish Tale

lures socksjohn fishing1587_2233_large

It is not too soon to be thinking about Father’s Day! Your dad /husband, brother/son may be expecting some attention on that day so you will be a hero when you come up with the perfect gift for “dad.” Do you have some favorite “dad times”? I know I do.
Although my dad is no longer with us, he is in my heart every day and I have so many good memories to draw upon. This father’s day as I look to my brothers, I can see they are awesome dads and I know they learned so much from our dad. There are so many lessons that dad shared with us, it is nearly impossible to share them all. So, I will pass on a DAD experience that I know my family would agree upon as an important part of our lives, and that was fishing.
Dad was an executive at a large company where he enjoyed a wonderful career. To counter living in a big city, his favorite “get-away” was fishing. That meant that every summer vacation was spent in northern Minnesota on a large quiet lake where Dad could fish every day. Of course, earlier than I can remember we three kids had fishing poles in our hands. But we had to learn the “rules.” That is, how to handle a hook, how to add bait to the hook, when to cast and when to troll, how to fillet a fish, and on and on. But, the one significant part of the fishing journey was learning patience. Dad would sit with each of us individually and show us the careful process of getting ready for our fishing journey, particularly when we were going on the lake. Safety came first. Safety on the dock…safety in the boat… safety when carrying a rod with a hook attached, etc. Dad was always there to remind us that being prepared and safe was paramount. Once we got in the boat and started fishing, we waited and waited for the fish to bite. Dad would tell us that good things were worth waiting for and sometimes we never caught a thing but the fun was in the trying. When we finally caught a fish (or a turtle or a stick), it was a big deal.
Dad, thank you for teaching us…
that when you doing something, do it right
do what you love
good things are worth waiting for
safety first
It’s not about the fish…it’s about the fishing….
Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads and may you pass on your passions to your family!


thFoot Traffic Mens Socks


Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner! Families and friends get together to enjoy the long weekend and celebrate with picnics, BBQ’s and neighborhood get-togethers. Although we celebrate, it is a time to reflect on this important federal holiday. Formally known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the war. The intent of this holiday was to decorate with flowers the graves of the soldiers killed in service to their country. Through the years and particularly after WW2, the holiday grew to honor all Americans who have died while in military service. The day of remembrance was previously May 30 but in 1968, Congress passed Uniform Monday Holiday Act that moved four holidays to Mondays to create a more convenient 3-day weekend. Memorial Day was one of the four holidays. It is now celebrated on the last Monday of May and typically marks the beginning of summer.
During Memorial Day weekend, flags are displayed around the country in remembrance of the holiday. On Monday, the official United States flag is raised to the top of the staff and respectfully lowered to a half-staff position where it remains until noon to remember the one million men and women who have given their lives in service of the country. At noon the flag is raised to the top of the staff to remind us that our military is rising to the call to continue the fight for liberty and justice.
Donning the upcoming holiday weekend in red, white, and blue is fitting and a pair of flag socks adds the perfect finishing touch. At FOOT TRAFFIC, we have both men’s American flag socks and women’s American flag socks, so order several pairs for family and friends and show your patriotism!


geniusgraduation cap and gownbananas

It’s graduation time, a celebration when thousands of high school and college students  proudly walk across the stage and accept their hard-earned diploma. It is an emotional time for both the parents and the student as it signifies an important educational milestone. Graduation is the acknowledgement of the finale of a major phase of life while setting  the stage for the beginning of another. What’s next?
To honor the unity of a collective class, everyone wears the same cap and gown and every student individually parades across the stage in alphabetical order to have their brief shining moment as their name is read aloud.  Without doing cartwheels and dancing across the stage, how do you set yourself apart from the rest of your class?

 Wear fun socks!
The best way to distinguish yourself from the other graduates without embarrassing yourself or your family is to showcase your feet! Your classmates may not remember your name in 20 years but they will remember that you were the one that wore crazy socks to graduation! Whether it’s sock monkeys, bananas, or genius socks, you will not be forgotten. Your legwear legacy will live on. Whether you are a guy or a gal, novelty socks will certainly “set the stage” for your graduation day.  With over 100 designs of men’s and women’s novelty socks to choose from at FOOT TRAFFIC, you will certainly find a pair that showcases your unique personality. After all, it is a joyful celebration and you are taking a giant step forward….in fun socks…have fun! It’s YOUR day!

1455_2022_thumbdr seusskeep calm




fuzzysqsquaresmiling mom
It’s the little things that count...
Moms appreciate anything their kids give them on this very important day, Mother’s Day. I have saved all of the hand made cards they have made for me.  And, on my jewelry hanger, I have a few necklaces made with pasta and beads on a plastic cord. They have been hanging there proudly for several years with my turquoise and silver jewelry, reminding me how much my kids mean to me.
This Mother’s Day, whatever you give your mom, she will love it because it came from YOU! It doesn’t have to be something big or amazing. It just has to be from you with love. Candy and flowers are always a favorite. (I prefer dark chocolate and perennials, for your information…) However, there are many other fun ideas to give your mother.
This Mother’s Day give her a big hug AND a big hug for her feet. Our microfiber fuzzy socks are so snuggly and comfortable, she will remember you every time she puts them on and thank you for the warm fuzzies. With a choice of 20 colors of solids and stripes, you are sure to pick a winner for your mom.
Pair the socks with a gift certificate for a pedicure and she will love you even more…. if that is even possible!


laughing momFoot Traffic Smiley Face Socks
Mothers deserve to be pampered every day. However,  since we only recognize MOTHER’S DAY, this year May 9,  as the official day to honor our moms,  let her know how much you love and appreciate her. One way to show your love is through your sense of humor. Mom’s love shows when you bring a smile to her face and give her something that shows you know her and appreciate all of her fun hobbies, interests or personality traits. No matter how old you and your mother are, they always enjoy getting a fun gift on Mother’s Day.
For example :
Does she have a garden?
How about veggie novelty socks, garden gloves and a tomato plant for her garden…
Does she love music?
How about our music notes novelty socks and tickets to a concert…
Does she love breakfast?
How about making her breakfast in bed and include our fun bacon and egg novelty socks…
Does she love to go to the movies?
How about tickets to the movie theater and a pair of our fun popcorn novelty socks
Does she need a night off—no cooking?
Buy her a favorite  pizza and surprise her with our fun peperoni pizza novelty socks…
Does she like to read?
How about our Reading Books novelty socks and a gift certificate to her favorite book vendor…
Does she drive  you “bananas” but you love her anyway?
Give her a fruit basket and a pair of our fun banana novelty socks  and tell her you love her just that way she is!
Does she love to play golf?
Give here some new golf balls, golf glove and a fun pair of novelty golf socks

At Foot Traffic, we have over 100 sock ideas to choose from so visit our website today and find a pair of socks that you know will make your mother smile!

veggiemusic notesbaconpizza sockspopcornbooksbananasgolf socks


Foot Traffic LOW RES- 396Q6364 GRPdog sock
At Foot Traffic, we love EARTH DAY. It just so happens to be a beautiful day so we have thrown open the windows and are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. We hope that you are experiencing a beautiful day as well. We encourage you to grab a pair of fun Foot Traffic novelty socks and your favorite walking shoes and get outside to celebrate our beautiful earth. Our socks are a soft cotton and add a fun surprise to any outfit.

bamboobamboo no shows

May we also suggest our eco-friendly bamboo socks? Made with cotton and bamboo yarn, our natural fibers create a comfortable sock that feels great on your feet and are environmentally friendly. We offer both men’s and women’s no-shows and crew socks, available in black and white. The natural fibers aid “moisture management” of your feet as bamboo is a soft and porous fiber, naturally wicking moisture and odors.
Enjoy our big beautiful earth today and everyday!


foxfox in socks

This adorable fox is already fashionably correct wearing nature’s black socks. We decided that it would be a good idea to see what she would look like in fun decorative socks as an option. Our Fox in Socks are a great way to add fun to your legwear wardrobe and offer another solution besides black.  We suggest you do the same by adding some fun Foot Traffic novelty socks to your legwear collection.

fox in socks cropped




burgundylace scrunch socks
This year lace continues as a significant trend. Even ladies who don’t usually wear lace can’t avoid being seduced by the inclusion of lace on everything from formal attire to workout wear. In every fashion catalog and magazine, lace is either peeking out under a blouse or is a full lace dress. At Foot Traffic, we have always loved lace. If you are not inclined to go overboard with lace , try adding a touch of lace with your legwear. We love these adorable lace scruch socks with the lace at the top. They are perfect for the spring when worn with booties, either over microfiber tights or alone.
lace leggings
We also suggest our lace trimmed capri leggings. They add just a touch to spring and summer without overdoing it.  These are available in ivory and black. Lace will update your wardrobe without  having to buy all new clothes.


There are so many reasons to celebrate this time of year. There are significant holidays…the first days of spring…baseball…soccer…grilling out…flowers blooming…
But who knew that it is NATIONAL BEER DAY today!?! As always, at FOOT TRAFFIC we are ready and willing to celebrate all good things. Today we are wearing our favorite beer socks in honor of this inspired day.

neon beerbeer on the wallblack beer
America loves beer—that accounts for 85% of the volume of alcoholic beverages sold in the United States. In 2012, the US produced 196 million gallons of beer and consumed roughly 28 US gallons of beer per capita annually. The state that consumes the most beer is North Dakota with a whopping 45.8 gallons of beer per capita per year. Beer contributes more than $246 billion to the US economy, providing more than 2 million jobs in America from barley farmers to merchants to truck drivers.
Beer has been an important part of American culture and the Native American tribes brewed beer prior to European arrival. The first commercial brewery opened in 1632 and was located in Lower Manhattan. Most beer manufacturers were influenced by European brewing traditions, such as British style ales and German style lagers.
Unfortunately, on January 16, 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States constitution brought production and sales of alcoholic beverages to a screeching halt. Prohibition was supposed to lower crime and corruption, lower taxes, and improve health in America. Unfortunately, crime blossomed, “speakeasies” were created, and organized crime thrived on bootlegging, manufacturing and distributing alcoholic beverages.
On April 7, 1933, President Roosevelt signed the Twenty-first Amendment of the United States Constitution repealing prohibition. Americans were allowed to buy and sell beer once again, ending a very dry, sober period in America.
National Beer Day was created when two friends, Justin Smith, a Colorado Springs Craft Beer Examiner, and his friend, Mike Connolly. They created a National Beer Day Facebook page in 2009, inviting friends to join. Word has spread and today, Americans across the country are celebrating this festive day.
Cheers to beer!

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