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The Most Comfortable Socks for Men and Women

Get the Benefits of Bamboo Socks from Foot Traffic

We admit that our Bamboo Socks won’t necessarily qualify as “fun” or “novelty”; they don’t have any images, patterns, or punny sayings on them. But they do come in a variety of colors to match most any outfit; are available in no-show and regular crew lengths; and our customers tell us they are some of the best socks they’ve ever owned.

Our Bamboo Socks for men and women are made of 30 percent bamboo yarn, 48 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex, giving them a soft feel with some stretch. This combination makes for breathable fabric that wicks moisture – like sweat – away from the wearer’s skin. They’re perfect for working out, lounging, and everyday wear.

So why not try out these truly special socks? Here are a few great reasons you might want to – plus feedback from our customers who wear our Bamboo Socks every day.

Bamboo Socks for Working from Home
Folks working from home need to look professional from the waist up, especially if they are on teleconferences with their webcams on. But from the waist down? That’s where they aim for comfort. Pajama pants or sweatpants are designed to be soft and cozy against the skin, and they keep you warm. Don’t you think that your feet should get the same treatment?

Choose from black, white, smoke, indigo, or mustard colors – on-trend hues and neutral ones, too, to match any pair of comfy pants you may have in your dresser drawers. And because they come in multipacks, it’s easy to stock up! Two pairs of crew socks are just $15, and three pairs of no-show socks are just $10!

Our Customers Like Our Soft Socks for Sensitive Feet
Let’s just say that we weren’t at all surprised when we heard from our customers that the Bamboo Socks we sell on our website were their favorite sock of choice for protecting and comforting their sensitive feet and legs. We know they’re super soft because we’ve tested them out!

Some socks leave elastic marks deep into the skin, or the seams just rub you the wrong way. Other people are bothered by the super-rough interior of common cotton crew socks. Our valued customers with sensitive feet report that our Bamboo Socks for women and men aren’t responsible for any of those irritations, and they feel great to wear because they provide just the right amount of cushion and support.

Cozy and Cute Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Ready to snuggle up next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, or head out to an outdoor pop-up market to find unique holiday gifts for your family? Choose our Bamboo Socks for either end of the spectrum! You’ll be impressed by their versatility. 

While the combination of fibers makes our socks super soft and breathable, it also makes them warm, too! Protect your feet from blisters as you walk, keep your feet warm and dry while you’re outdoors, and savor the softness while you relax at home. 

We recommend wearing our crew socks with your hiking boots, and our no-show socks work perfectly with your favorite pair of athletic shoes. Take them to the gym, on the trail, or around the city, and test them out; we bet you’ll love how your feet feel in them.

Our Customers with Diabetic Neuropathy Choose Our Bamboo Socks
Did you know that some people with diabetes are required to wear special socks? That’s because they have to be more careful than others when it comes to protecting their feet. Many folks suffering with symptoms of diabetes have what is called diabetic neuropathy, which causes them to lose feeling in their legs and feet, thanks to nerve damage. Diabetic neuropathy prevents them from feeling hot, cold, or the presence of a cut on their foot.

Specially-designed diabetic socks decrease the risk of foot injury and help keep feet dry. Doctors recommend that their diabetes patients wear socks that are non-constricting, padded, warm, soft, and moisture-wicking. 

At Foot Traffic, we aren’t doctors. We just make really good socks. Our Bamboo Socks are not designed to be for diabetics, nor do we ever say that they’ll help with diabetic neuropathy. However, our customers who are loyal to our Bamboo Socks tell us they meet all the criteria for them, and they choose Foot Traffic again and again when they need new pairs. We’re happy that we’re able to help!

What Our Customers Say About Our Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Since we began selling our Bamboo Socks a few years ago, we’ve gotten some really great feedback from the people who wear them. If all the benefits we’ve touted aren’t enough to convince you, maybe these great reviews* will!

“I love these socks. They don’t get moist in my shoes, and they don’t end up at my toes after wearing them for an hour!” – Cindy

Best socks I’ve ever owned. The bamboo is the trick. I have the most funky tropical feet you could imagine, and these socks help with moisture management.” – Jake (Uh, maybe TMI, Jake, but we’re glad you love ‘em.)

“These are among the most comfortable socks I own. I highly recommend them as an athletic or everyday sock.” – Ricky

“My husband says these socks are wonderful! He loves them! He said they stay in place and don’t twist and turn around on his foot. And they don’t pinch his feet.” – Linda

Where to Shop for Bamboo Socks
Now that you’ve heard about the great benefits of wearing bamboo-based socks, and you’re ready to try out a pair for yourself, we’d love for you to take a look at ours!

Our men’s socks and women’s socks are available online for shipping straight to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house to experience their comfort and benefits.

Shop now! 

*reviews edited for clarity

Knee High Socks Outfit Ideas for Fall

Our Fun Socks for Women Cover Your Calves for Warmth and Style

In the days of the Roman Empire, knee high socks were first introduced — kind-of. The first ones were technically just cloth wraps bound with leather for warmth and protection. Even British soldiers wore woolen knee-highs during both World Wars.

Thankfully sock technology has advanced far beyond the antiquated wool or rags of yore. The knee socks we see today are much more like those popularized as fashion accessories during the eras of the miniskirt: the 1960s and 1970s. Today, our fun knee-high socks from FootTraffic come in bold patterns and colors and complement any outfit you can dream up.

Here are a few stylish outfit ideas we’ve thought of, along with the novelty knee highs you can find right here on our website.

Wear Knee Socks with a Skirt and Tall Boots
Throw back to the days of tie-dye and peace signs and pair knee socks with a miniskirt and tall boots. You’ll love the way the cuff peeks over the top of your footwear to match or stand out from the rest of your duds.

If you need to dress up your outfit a little, our Textured Lace Knee Highs should be your first choice. They come in taupe with ivory or black with ivory, so they’ll match both brown and ebony-hued boots. We love these socks’ lace pattern because they’re elegant, but still casual. 

For a tailored knee-high look, our Ribbed Knee-High with Bow. A textured ribbed leg, in black, meets an ivory band at the top. A tiny bow accents the side of each sock just below your knee. Think of these as a tuxedo for your legs.

Foot Traffic Polka Dot Knee High Socks

If you prefer the preppy (or Scottish) style, our selection of multi-colored argyle knee socks will pop your collar or flip your kilt. Choose from black and gray argyle, tan and plum argyle, or sage and purple argyle, or buy multiple together for a discount. 

Wear Knee Socks under Jeans for Warmth
When the weather gets chilly, pack on the layers! Wearing knee-high socks under your jeans keeps you cozy without adding bulk to the waistband of your pants. That’s a win-win.

Knit knee high socks for women add unexpected pops of color to your outfit. Our sweater-inspired Icelandic Knee Socks come in multiple colorways, including red/yellow/brown; lime green/periwinkle/blue; and deep purple/hot pink/orange. Wear them with sneakers, booties, or your favorite birkenstock-style sandals.

Don’t be bamboozled by the name. Our Cotton Rag Boot Socks are far superior to rags. They get their name because they’re 100 percent cotton, which makes them the perfect choice for wearing with your hiking boots on a stroll through the woods or down a trail. Choose from three solid colors: ebony (a solid black), granite (a heathered dark gray), or ivory (a soothing off-white).

I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.” Not with our Polka Dot Knee Socks, though. You’ll be the life of the party with black-on-white, white-on-black, or bright colors-on-black in these acrylic-blend knee-highs for women. Time to bust out the accordion and start waltzing; the party is here.

Put on Knee Socks with Pajamas as You Lounge
The cutest and most comfortable pajama sets almost always have short bottoms. So, when you’re lounging on the sofa, binging Gilmore Girls or Friends for the fourteenth time, you can either grab a blanket (and then freeze every time you have to get up to take a trip to the kitchen for a snack), or you can pull on some of our coziest knee-high socks for women.

Our Textured Cable Knit Knee Socks will remind you of your favorite winter sweater. The zig-zagging knit stands out despite the solid-colored white, black, plum, chocolate, or sage yarn they’re made from. They wash up great with no stretching, and the colors stay bold, so even if you have to change out your jammies, these socks will still be good to go.

For those times when you’re hanging out, eating pizza, belting out your favorite songs, like the famous Elton John tune, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza!” … wait. That’s not how that goes. If we had been wearing our Ballet Shoe Knee High Socks, we might’ve realized it’s “Tiny Dancer.” Never forget the lyrics again as you plie and pirouette around the house.

If knit socks just aren’t enough, Fleece-Lined Knee Highs can banish cold toes and coordinate with your entire sleepwear wardrobe with colors like black, burgundy, chocolate, and dark grey. We describe them as “fuzzy on the inside, fashion on the outside.” No one even has to know your legs are lounging luxuriously in fleece! 

Knee Socks for Your Next 5K or Marathon
Look at those calves! Have you been working out? Of course you have! Our fashion knee socks for women not only look great on your muscled gams, but they’ll cause quite a stir on the road race course at the next charity run you sign up for.

Spoil your feet and look flashy in our Rainbow Knee Socks. They’ll match literally every pair of running shorts you own and make a statement as you sprint by in a flash. Wear them in a charity run to support LGBTQIA causes for a truly festive look.

Take off like a rocket from the starting line and become the shooting star of the running event in our Retro Rockets Knee High Socks. Set a new land-speed record; it’s just a small step for you, but a giant leap for mankind.  

Look tough and scare the competition with our Bones and Roses Knee-Highs, featuring stacks of skulls holding roses between their teeth. They’re both spooky and romantic, on a black or gray background.

Shop Foot Traffic for All Your Knee High Socks for Women

Keep your shins toasty and your fashion sense on display with our high-quality knee-high socks. Whether you’re seeking novelty socks or traditional styles, we have what you’re looking for!

Browse our selection, fill your online cart, check out, and sit back and relax; they’ll be delivered straight to your door.

Start shopping for women’s socks now.

Pop Culture-Influenced Novelty Socks for Men and Women

Find Fun Socks for Everyone’s Interest at Foot Traffic

If you pride yourself for staying abreast of the latest trends, TV shows, video games, books, and happenings in the world, then we think you’ll probably enjoy quite a few pairs of our premium novelty socks, with designs you can only find at Foot Traffic.

When you get dressed, part of your motive is to give people an idea of who you are. Your clothes are your self-expression. So why not express your interests in popular culture with a pair of novelty socks? Check out our selection of socks related to the latest and greatest in American pop culture, inspired by TV and video games!

When you get dressed, part of your motive is to give people an idea of who you are. Your clothes are your self-expression. So why not express your interests in popular culture with a pair of novelty socks? Check out our selection of socks related to the latest and greatest in American pop culture, inspired by TV and video games!

Animal Crossing-Influenced Novelty Socks
While we are not affiliated with any video game company or the smash-hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons, our selection of socks is certainly befitting of fans of this popular video game. As you deck out your island with the latest items from Nook Shopping, collect fossils for your museum, and pay back your debt to Tom Nook — over and over again —  you should definitely be wearing a pair of these Animal Crossing-inspired socks.

Are you your island’s premier bug-catcher? Love horrifying Blathers with the insects you catch and present to him? Then we think you’ll be crawling with excitement over our Bug Off women’s socks, featuring rows of beetles and bugs of all varieties. When you prop your feet up, everyone in your household will know to “Bug Off” and leave you alone as you play your favorite video game for hours at a time.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Ladybugs, bees, and fireflies, oh my! This super cute trio of no-show socks features three insects that you can mix and match for a look that is all your own. And at just 9 Bells — errr, dollars — for three pairs, it’s really one of the best deals at Nook’s Cranny. We mean Foot Traffic. It’s a great deal for a three-pack at Foot Traffic!

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Grab your trusty net and head out in search of rare butterflies to sell to Timmy and Tommy — or to keep to decorate your house or share with your friends. Our Butterflies women’s socks feature monarchs, bluebottles, and yellow butterflies, which are obviously named for the color of butter, according to the game. You should also check out our youth novelty socks for the younger fans of Animal Crossing, made in the same high quality as our men’s and women’s novelty socks.

Go Exotic with Big Cat Novelty Socks

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What’s happenin’, Carole Baskin? Whether you’re bobbing your head along to the musical stylings of Joe Exotic, watching in horror as tigers attack their keepers, or trying to keep up with the zany cast of characters in Tiger King, you have to admit Netflix’s jaw-dropping documentary was really the perfect way to start 2020. Keeping in that same spirit, pull our Men’s Tiger socks or Women’s Tiger Socks over your feet and do something only mildly wild, like eat your dessert first, or set up a kiddie pool in your backyard to splash around in this summer. This year has been crazy enough for us already. 
If you want a whole drawerful of exotic or dangerous animal socks, Foot Traffic has those for basically every day of the week. Start with our Men’s Alligator socks, upon which this fearsome reptile swims across a blue background. The next day, try our Men’s Giraffe socks on for size; these are a pair of socks that showcase just how long a giraffe’s neck is. Don’t mess with the bull, or you’ll get the horns — like the ones on the buffalo from our classic plaid socks. Then, explore the savannah with our striped zebra socks, which let you take a walk on the wild side. And unlike what may happen when you buy footwear from other extremely expensive novelty sock brands, you will financially recover from purchasing an all-new sock wardrobe from Foot Traffic.

Fun Socks from Your Favorite Reruns
Even after TV shows get cancelled and the series ends, we love watching old episodes as they air on TV or binging them on our favorite streaming service. Although these old shows have aged, they’ve still become part of our experience and infiltrate our everyday lives.

For example, any time we’re ready to splurge on something we really don’t need, but want, we know the only thing to say is “Treat yo’self!” thanks to our TV friends Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, on-air for seven hysterical seasons. Our bright pink women’s novelty socks bearing this very message are covered in indulgent sweets that truly tempt our self control. Love these socks as much as we do? You know what to do. Treat yo’self!

No one drinks more coffee than early 2000s darlings Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Whether they’ve just brewed a fresh pot at home, or are topping off their mugs at Luke’s Diner, these two ladies probably talked so fast because they were over-caffeinated! Do you regularly channel your inner Gilmore? These “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” socks are probably perfect for you.

“These pretzels are making me thirsty” is one of the most iconic lines ever uttered on national television, thanks to Seinfeld. Who said it best? Elaine? Jerry? Kramer? George? Any one you choose will be truly honored by our pretzel-covered men’s novelty socks. Oh, and we’ve even included the sudsy beer to wash those dry, salty pretzels down easy.

Novelty Socks for Everyone at Foot Traffic

No matter what you’re interested in, Foot Traffic has a huge selection of premium novelty socks for you. Explore our full catalog online, and order to have them shipped straight to your door. Soon, you’ll create a reputation for yourself as being that person with the fun socks — and we think that’s one of the best kinds of people to be!
Ready to turn heads and express yourself? Shop for fun socks today.

Where Can I Find Fun, No-Show Socks for Men and Women?

Low-Liner Socks and No-Show Socks Are Perfect for Summer Fashions

The last thing you want to do in the summer heat is wear tall socks with your sneakers and shorts. To keep cool, your goal is to maximize the amount of bare skin between your sneakers and the hem of your shorts so you can enjoy the breeze outdoors and avoid an awkward tan line. But just because it’s hot and sunny doesn’t mean you should skimp on your style and self-expression.

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Opt instead for no-show novelty socks that barely peak above your sneakers, or low-liners that are completely concealed — but when you take your shoes off, you can’t help but grin because of how awesome your feet look in fun socks with patterns and designs.

What are Low-Liner Socks?
Everyone knows that when you wear certain shoes, socks are helpful in preventing odor, blisters, and discomfort. But socks don’t always look right with certain shoes, so you have to weigh the pros and cons of each option before leaving your house. Do you pick from over fashion? You don’t have to!

Low-liner socks are truly a revolution in the world of no-show socks. Low-liner socks protect your toes and heels from rubbing inside your shoe, absorb sweat, and provide all-day comfort, but they’ll never be obvious above your shoe. Why? Their coverage is the equivalent of a ballet slipper! The top of your foot remains bare to the sun and air! Low-liner socks are perfect to wear with loafers or dock shoes, but are also great with sneakers and athletic shoes, too.

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Not all low-liners are the same quality, however. Some brands of low-liner socks slip off your heel, leaving you to walk on a wadded up piece of fabric until you can sit down, remove your shoe, rearrange your sock, put your shoe back on, and finally be on your way. This happens over and over again and is a waste of time. At Foot Traffic, we think fashion should never be annoying. That’s why we added a silicone gripper to the heel of our low liners to keep your sock exactly where it’s supposed to be for a worry-free fit and comfortable experience!

Our low-liner novelty socks are for men and women, which is why we offer two-packs in a variety of styles to satisfy any fashion preference. For men, check out our t-rex novelty socks, argyle low-cut liner socks, golf liner socks, and nautical low-liners. Women’s low-liner designs include nautical, fruit, cuddly critters, and inspiring phrases, like “Laugh Lots!”

What are No-Show Socks?
If your shoe of choice this summer is the almighty sneaker, no-show socks might be the best option for you — although you certainly can wear low-liners with sneakers, too. No-show socks provide more foot coverage than low-liners, as they come up to just below your ankle, usually along the top of your shoe. They’re called “no-show socks” because they mostly don’t show, although sometimes the cuff does show above your shoe (all the more ways to add a pop of color to your wardrobe).

No-show socks are a great choice because they completely cover your foot to keep your feet warm and protected from your shoe, but they don’t interfere with tanning your legs and never make you feel overly hot. No-show socks are also great if you prefer your socks to have some personality with a more visible pattern than low-liners.

Foot Traffic sells no-show socks in three-packs for just $9 for women and $10 for men. At about $3 a pair, that’s an incredible deal on high-quality novelty socks in patterns that you won’t find from any other brand. Our women’s no-show sock packs include designs like owls, bugs, emojis, kitties, coffee, and a variety of brightly-colored patterns to complement all your summer clothes. Our men’s no-show novelty socks come in themes like baseball, outdoors, food, and music!

Why Should I Buy No-Show Novelty Socks and Low-Liner Novelty Socks?
“But Foot Traffic, can’t I buy no-show socks and low-liner socks from anywhere?” you ask. The answer is, of course you can, but why would you want to?

First of all, Foot Traffic’s socks are premium quality novelty socks, designed for both comfort and style. A plain, bland pair of socks might give you comfort, but there is exactly zero self-expression and individuality involved in wearing those. Everyone else has those same white, black, or gray socks as you do. If you do laundry with multiple people in your home, it’s also highly likely your socks will get mixed up, and you won’t know which ones belong to who. We personally don’t like to share socks, and we’re betting you don’t, either.

Secondly, plain no-show socks and low-liners are small, which can make them blend into your laundry. When you wear plain socks like these, you’re basically asking to lose socks or not be able to see them in the dryer among all your other clean clothes. Novelty socks, on the other hand, have bright and interesting patterns that look nothing like anything else in your hamper. Choosing novelty no-show socks or low-liners helps them to stand out!

And finally, Foot Traffic socks are designed and sold by an awesome American company that started as a small business 30 years ago! With that much sock experience, you know we do socks the right way at Foot Traffic, and you’re supporting a family business when you buy our novelty socks!

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Where Can I Find Low-Liner Novelty Socks and No-Show Novelty Socks?
Ready to revolutionize your summer wardrobe, starting from your feet up? Find all the best novelty socks for men, women, youth, and kids at Never again will you search multiple stores or websites to find novelty socks for your whole family, because you can visit our online store and get everything you need to fill your sock drawers with joy. Shop our full selection of socks today.

The Best Back-to-School Novelty Socks for Teachers

Academic Fun Socks for Men and Women from Foot Traffic

Although it seems like summer just started a few days ago, the reality is that back-to-school time, whatever that looks like this year, is just around the corner. Teachers have been busy all summer preparing for what they hope will be the best academic year yet, by making plans for engaging, student-driven lessons, and coming up with ways to make their classrooms inclusive for students of all needs. Teachers truly are superheroes, no matter if they’re defying coronavirus by wearing face masks and teaching in person, or leading their classes online!

Foot Traffic salutes America’s teachers for their hard work and dedication to their students’ success. As such, we’ve assembled a lengthy list of fabulous novelty socks for teachers, no matter what subject or grade they teach. Which pair will you give to your favorite teacher this school year?

A+ Teacher Novelty Socks

Your favorite teacher will sport these socks with pride, whether they’re in the classroom or teaching lessons online. Adorned with notebook-paper stripes, colorful paperclips, and the ever-famous number two pencils, our blue and white novelty socks for women are sure to get an A+!

Fun Socks for Teachers Who Change the World
How can you put a value on a teacher? These incredible people hang out with 20-plus children all day long, imparting important lessons, and taking care of our youth, and then they go home, grade papers, and plan for their next day’s lessons. For children, teachers are a source of comfort, inspiration, safety, and love. At Foot Traffic, we believe Teachers Change the World, and that’s why we’ve created fun socks for women and men with this very important message on them. Our men’s version features the globe on fields of gray, with black and blue accent colors, while our women’s version is bright white, featuring pink and blue accent colors.

An Apple for the Teacher Socks
The tradition of giving an apple to your teacher goes back to the 1700s in Denmark and Sweden, when impoverished families gave teachers baskets of apples as payment for their children’s education. Bring this tradition to 2020 in a new, modern way, by giving your favorite teacher our “Teaching is a Work of Heart” socks, featuring a shiny, heart-shaped apple complete with leaf. The primary colors of these socks complete any elementary school teacher’s outfits!

Novelty Socks for Science Teachers
We could tell you a science joke, but all the good ones Argon. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing science teachers around to wear our scientific novelty socks for men! Our Chemistry Socks are part of the solution to breathe life back into boring teacher outfits. Covered in beakers containing bubbling substances, various atoms, and spilled chemicals, our socks turn your favorite chemistry teacher into a mad scientist.

If astronomy is more on-point for your favorite science teacher, our moon phase socks depict each lunar phase as we see it from Earth, complete with orbit lines and a field of stars. Is it considered cheating if your teacher wears these novelty socks on test day, and they help you answer exam questions about the moon?

Math Teacher Novelty Socks
If our calculations are correct, math teachers have tough jobs! They have to be masters at complex mathematical concepts, like calculus and trigonometry, but also really good at conveying number relationships to the students they teach. We certainly don’t envy them — but we do recommend presenting your math teacher with a pair of our Math Genius novelty socks. Recalling days of yore when teachers wrote on blackboards with white chalk, these socks are absolutely covered in mathematical equations that stump us — but your favorite mathematician will surely understand.

Math is hard, but it also makes us hungry for pie. Of course, we’re referring to pi, represented by 3.14 and its ongoing list of numerals. Our women’s Pi Socks are dark blue and feature pi as it trails off to infinity. Unfortunately, you won’t find any delicious fruit or cream filling in these socks!

Fun Socks for English Teachers
English teachers are some of the most well-read people on the planet. Not only have they consumed lots of literature for their own schooling, but they probably find leisurely reading to be a relaxing and fulfilling hobby! English teachers can get cozy in our women’s Reading Socks as they crack open a good book and disappear into another world for the afternoon. Our fantastic socks feature full shelves of books, just waiting to be read, on an ivory or gray background!

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” That was very convenient for Hemingway, since he wrote quite a few novels in his time, and for us at Foot Traffic, because it was the perfect quote to put on a pair of our men’s novelty socks. Your English or American Literature teacher will be pleased to wear these with his khakis and loafers as you read The Sun Also Rises in your high school class.

Novelty Socks for Social Studies Teachers
Social studies teachers are vitally important because they teach a subject that explains why the world is the way it is, giving historical perspectives to modern issues, and helping students to discover how the government works. Social studies teachers guide our next world leaders, so give them the gift of socks relevant to their interests.

Our Men’s Vote socks and women’s Vote socks could get students excited to do their civic duty and cast ballots for political candidates they believe will make this country a better place. Novelty socks featuring the presidential faces of forty-fourth President Barack Obama (in both men’s and women’s sizes), sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln, or the country’s current leader, Donald Trump, make great gifts for political science, history, or civics teachers, as do our very patriotic American Flag novelty socks for men and women, in all different lengths and styles.

Choose Foot Traffic Every Time You Need Fun Socks for Women, Men, and Kids!
Socks complete every outfit. Make yours pop with novelty socks from Foot Traffic! We specialize in creative fun socks that bring smiles to people’s faces, as well as big comfort to their toes. Not sure what style you should get? Load up your shopping cart with whatever strikes your fancy — our novelty socks are totally worth it.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for fun socks today!

Our Favorite Brightly Colored Footless Tights for Summer

Add Fun, Lightweight Leggings to Your Favorite Summer Outfits

It’s hot outside, but the air conditioner is cranking inside. The temperature difference is startling, and sometimes your cutest summer outfits just don’t provide the coverage you need to stay cozy while you dine out at a restaurant, shop for groceries, or wait in the lobby of your doctor’s office.

Get comfortable in a pair of summery footless tights from Foot Traffic! These lightweight leggings add protection to your legs for warmth, and also help prevent the dreaded thigh chafing you can sometimes get while wearing dresses in humid summer weather. These double-duty accessories add effortless flair to your layered fashion looks.

They’re also super comfortable and soft because they’re made of printed microfiber. Added spandex makes them strong and stretchy, too.

Check out our favorite footless tights for summer, and pick the pair or pairs that best suit your style.

Number 1: Patriotic Footless Tights

Celebrate the birth of the United States this summer with a pair of white footless tights emblazoned with waving American flags. Reserve these for head-turning Independence Day outfits, or wear them whenever you’re feeling a particularly strong love for your country. We think they’d look great paired with a red, blue, or neutral black cotton jersey dress and strappy sandals. Let freedom ring! Looking for tights for the Fourth that are a little less literal? Our blue fireworks tights make a festive fashion statement and match the explosions in the sky you’re about to ooh and ahh over!

Number 2: Tie-Dye Footless Tights

This 60’s fashion trend and summer camp classic is back, baby! Our tie-dye footless tights come in multiple colorways, so you’ll find a pair to match your favorite summer tunic tank tops as you lounge at home, browse at the mall, or grab fro-yo with your friends. For cool hues, choose our sky tie-dye tights, featuring blue and white colors that look like clouds, accompanied with sections of gorgeous purple. Women who prefer warmer colors will like our gray, red, and orange footless tights.

Number 3: Animal Print Lightweight Leggings

Express your inner tiger queen in animal print footless tights. Most animal print reads as neutral, so you can pair our awesome legwear with almost any other colors and still look amazing. Our semi-opaque footless tight options include jaguar print in shades of brown; exotic snakeskin in black and white, subtle bronze, or brilliant platinum;  classic cheetah print; and a bold blue-and-gray snow leopard print. Ready to rule your kingdom? Look the part in our animal-print tights!

Number 4: Footless Tights from a Whole Other Planet!

Add an element of science and adventure to your favorite dress or extra-long tunic top in our semi-opaque New Universe footless tights. Explore various planets in outer space and create unique looks, especially for your career in teaching, astronomy, or physics. A starry night sky in the background of the leggings make the lighter gray planets pop! Ready to boldly go to infinity and beyond? You can in these tights!

Number 5: Floral Footless Tights

When we think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind are flowers, in all colors and kinds. Add a feminine floral flair to your summer outfits with these footless tights featuring beautiful flora. First up are our yellow daisies tights, in brilliant orange and yellow hues. Daisies are a common summer flower, but your outfit will look anything but common when you wear these! Turn your legs into a lush tropical island, in our orange Tahiti footless tights adorned with blue, orange, purple, and yellow blooms and green leaves. Go for a down-to-earth floral look with our semi-opaque white footless tights featuring large sunflowers, the state flower of Kansas, and one of America’s iconic blooms! Not only are sunflowers absolutely gorgeous, but they also produce a much-loved American snack!

Number 6: Retro Footless Tights

Evoke earlier eras and add a retro vibe to your outfit with our selection of retro footless tights. Try our semi-opaque tights with overlapping patterns of blue to complement your favorite denim, go mod or hippie with swirling orange and pinks, or create a softer look with brown and blue shell-shaped patterns in midcentury hues. Wear with your favorite sheath dress, headscarf, and pumps to complete your ensemble.

Number 7: Abstract Designs on Our Footless Tights

Not going for any particular look, but wanting bright colors? We have plenty of footless tights for you, too. For starters, check out our denim swope footless tights, featuring all-over denim-colored swirls of azure, cerulean, indigo, sky blue, and more. Wear every color of the rainbow with our vertical footless tights, featuring washes color that make your legs look long and lithe. Go super-neutral with black-and-white swirls that add contrast and energy to your favorite outfits. Go ultra-modern with our graffiti footless tights with vibrant layers of color, including purple, pink, and blue, that look fresh out of a spraypaint can.

How to Wear Footless Tights from Foot Traffic

Because our super lightweight leggings are semi-opaque, that means you shouldn’t wear them alone as pants. Semi-opaque means you can slightly see through them, especially in areas that will stretch a lot, including across your hips or thighs. And who wants to wear heavyweight leggings in the summer, anyway?

Instead, wear our semi-opaque leggings as part of a layered look. Some folks like to wear them under short sundresses. Others put them underneath their favorite pair of denim cutoffs. Still others like to wear them with extra-long tunic shirts with extended hemlines. No matter how you style them, our footless tights are light enough to stay cool in the summer heat, while still offering you coverage in buildings that are too cold for your liking! (They also are great to wear underneath your jeans or other pants in the winter, when it’s very cold, to add a layer of warmth!)

Ready to purchase a few pairs of footless tights to complete your summer wardrobe? Shop our full selection online. Be sure to review our sizing recommendations to get the perfect fit on each pair you pick out! Happy shopping!

Our Best Summer-Themed Novelty Socks for Women and Men

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Order Fun Socks Online from Foot Traffic

You may not associate wearing socks with summertime, but there are occasions that call for complete footwear, even during the summer heat. If you have to wear socks, why not make them fun, summer-inspired ones that reflect your interests? Are you spending more time this summer mowing the lawn and taking care of the yard because you are sheltering at home? Our Men’s Mowing socks and Men’s Squirrel socks will keep the chiggers away from your tempting ankles.

Foot Traffic has you covered with a huge selection of novelty socks for men and fun socks for women. Take a look at some of our top picks for summer 2020.

Sports Novelty Socks for Men and Women
While we carefully social distance and keep our families corralled, there are some youth sports that are proceeding and we want to cheer on our kiddos! Attending their games outdoors is a great way to spend time with family while supporting your youngest family members. (The pro-sports attendance will just have to wait!) Join the Foot Traffic team with these unique sports-themed novelty socks! Celebrate your favorite soccer forward or goalie with our novelty soccer socks. While they’re not suitable for wearing with shin guards or playing competitively, they do make for a stylish way to show off your favorite sport to everyone around you, while protecting your legs and feet from the summer bugs in the grass on the sidelines of the soccer field. Best of all, mom and dad can wear matching socks while cheering on their kid’s team. Buy our men’s soccer goal socks and our women’s soccer socks to wear to your next weekend game.

Baseball is an iconic summer sport, and there’s no experience like attending a game in person. Whether you’re just behind the dugout or high up in the bleachers enjoying the cheap seats, our baseball novelty socks for men are a home run.

At Foot Traffic, fun socks for men and women are par for the course; we’re really good at designing them. So be-FORE you hit the links, don’t forget to pull on your golf socks. Skip the boring solid colors or classic argyle in favor of a modern pair of socks. Our men’s golf bag socks feature an illustration of a golf bag full of the best clubs and drivers available, as well as scattered golf balls along the foot. How about EAT SLEEP PLAY GOLF socks for men and women Our women’s novelty golf socks cover your feet in brightly colored golf tees and white golf balls on a green background, adding sass to your golf course fashion.

Take in the Great Outdoors in our Fun Socks!
Summer cookout snacks are some of our favorite treats because we don’t always get to enjoy them year-round. If you’re having a backyard gathering, light up the fire pit, and pull out of the s’mores supplies! Our men’s and women’s novelty socks featuring the saying, “Let’s Have S’More Fun!,” along with a lighted campfire and crossed roasting sticks. 

Speaking of campfires, summer is the perfect time to go on a camping trip. Whether you’re going on a backwoods hiking journey or pitching your tent in an amenity-rich state park, sleeping under the stars just feels different. Our woodsy camping men’s socks are perfect to wear for inspiration as you plan your next trip or load your gear into your backpack.

If you’re outdoorsy in the backyard kind of way, but not so much the forest and hiking trail way, we have socks for you, too. First up are our men’s Grill Boss novelty socks for dads and aspiring dads to wear as they cook meat for dinner. Grab your tongs and your charcoal and show everyone that your rightful place is in front of the grill or smoker. 

For a pair of men’s novelty socks with a bit more personality, and unparalleled brightness, you can’t miss our men’s smiley face socks! Have a nice day in our emoji-yellow socks featuring a classic smiley face and friendly eyebrows. Smiles are contagious, so show these off to brighten someone else’s day!

If vegetables sound more appetizing to you than grilled meat, can we offer you a pair of women’s novelty socksfeaturing images of all the gardening supplies you would ever need to grow your favorite flowers and veggies? Wear these adorable socks under your gardening clogs or rubber boots for inspiration as you sow seeds and care for bees.

Bright Novelty Socks for Men and Women, Too
Seeking out socks in summery colors, specifically? Don’t worry, we have those, too! Here are a few of our top picks.

For men seeking brightly-colored novelty socks without any sort of obvious theme, our bright dots novelty socks for men and bright stripes socks are two great options. Both pairs come in colors like orange, teal, and lime green, so they’ll match a variety of button-down shirts and slacks for your workwear, and will look equally as good with a polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers at your favorite brunch spot.

For a pair of men’s novelty socks with a bit more personality, and unparalleled brightness, you can’t miss our men’s smiley face socks! Have a nice day in our emoji-yellow socks featuring a classic smiley face and friendly eyebrows. Smiles are contagious, so show these off to brighten someone else’s day!

Looking for more of a boho look for your footwear? You’ll never forget to wear these elephant socks! Silhouettes of adult and baby elephants roam across these socks and stand out from the teal and orange background. They’re a great choice for bright novelty socks for women!

For women, we’ve captured the rich colors of the Hawaiian islands on our women’s hula socks. Hula dancers stand out on a sea of blue background. You can almost hear the strum of the ukulele and the smells of a luau when you wear these women’s novelty socks.

Foot Traffic Specializes in Novelty Socks!
Although we sell lots of foot- and legwear, at the heart of our business is our passion for unique novelty socks. We’ve spent the last 30 or so years coming up with truly special sock designs to bring a smile to our customers’ faces and enhance their wardrobes. 

What’s more brightly-colored and inherently summer than a heaping ice cream cone, complete with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a cherry? Perhaps it’s our ice cream cone women’s novelty socks! Slide your foot into a golden-brown waffle cone, as strawberry and mint ice cream crawl up your ankle, and get topped off with a maraschino cherry on a stem. These socks are a sweet treat for summer!

Are you ready to turn the volume on your outfits up to 11? Shop our full selection of novelty socks, and buy a few pairs that speak to you.

Celebrate the Fourth of July with American Flag Socks for Men and Women

Foot Traffic Has Fun Socks for Everyone!

On July 4, we celebrate the birth of our nation: Independence Day. Maybe you call it Fourth of July! Maybe you shorten it to the Fourth. No matter the name you choose, it’s a time to acknowledge our Founding Fathers creating the country we live in and declaring independence from England way back in 1776.

As we continue to quarantine and practice safe distancing, it does not stop us from celebrating this annual holiday with family and friends. We may not be in large groups but we can still enjoy the festivities! No matter how we celebrate, whether at home or in a park, we can celebrate in style!

What Independence Day outfit is complete without festive, patriotic socks? At Foot Traffic, we think these fun socks should be a requirement! You definitely need a pair of novelty socks — maybe even several pairs — to rock your all-American look this summer. Check out our incredible novelty socks, perfect for the much-anticipated summer holiday.

Anatomy of the American Flag
The American flag is seen globally as a symbol of freedom and democracy. Did you know that each element of today’s flag represents important parts of American history?

There are 13 red and white stripes, a nod to the 13 original colonies of the United States. This section of the flag is called the “Union.” The Canton, or the blue rectangle in the upper left-hand corner, includes 50 white stars, one representing each state. 

It is said that George Washington indicated the red stripes represented England, but were separated with white stripes to show our independence. Over the years, there have been many variations of the American flag, but they have always been red, white, and blue.

Novelty Socks for Women
Don red and white striped socks, speckled with white stars to set a festive tone for the Fourth of July. The crew height of these Women’s Patriotic socks will stand out above the tops of your shoes to show everyone your love of your country as you sit back and watch the fireworks. 

Ever find yourself enthusiastically chanting, “USA, USA, USA”? Maybe it’s during the Olympics, or World Cup Soccer. Maybe it’s just for fun! These heart-patterned crew socks practically chant along with you. With red hearts across a field of blue, our USA Hearts Women’s Socks reflect your patriotism.

Seeking a more subdued sock look? Consider our Americana No-Show Socks. This three-pack lets you mix-and-match your look with multiple designs of stars and stripes. The no-show height means they don’t rise above the top of your sneakers, if that’s the fashion look you’re going for

If you’re looking for something a little less literal, consider our Vote Women’s Socks. They’re still red, white, and blue, but they urge your friends to head to the polls to cast their votes in the next election — an important aspect of our democracy!

Shop all Fun Socks for Women.

Novelty Socks for Men
When you’re looking for fun socks for men, especially men’s American flag socks, look no further than Foot Traffic. Salute your feet in our crew-height American Flag Socks. They may not have the same number of stripes or number of stars as the official flag, but people will get your point when you wear them to celebrate our Independence.

No matter what political party you support, you’ll love our Men’s Trump Socks. Feel absolutely presidential while wearing these socks featuring President Donald Trump behind a podium, delivering a speech. The sole features red and white stripes, while the cuff looks like the field of blue stars from the American flag

American Flag Leggings and Trouser Socks
Pair our America Footless Tights with a patriotic tunic for a relaxed and comfortable look for the Fourth of July. You’ll get freedom of movement and epic patriotic style that will look great under bursts of fireworks lighting up the sky.

Knee-high socks show off your patriotism to the fullest — from your toes to your knee! If you can’t get enough of the red, white, and blue, these American Flag Knee High Socks should top your list for your Independence Day outfit.

You will love our Stars and Stripes Knee Highs. These socks show off white stars on blue on one socks and red and white stripes on the other sock!

Trouser socks are taller than our crew socks without covering the calf like a knee-high. Trouser socks are usually made of a thinner fabric and pair nicely with dress shoes. Our trouser socks are an excellent, lightweight choice during the summer heat. Choose your favorite American flag novelty socks from two options in this sock category: America Trouser Socks and Old Glory Trouser Socks. Both are also high quality enough for the workplace.

Shop all Legwear.

American Flag Socks for Kids
Even your kids can join in on the fun with our Youth American Flag Socks. Get matching socks for your whole family to wear for the perfect photo opportunity on the Fourth of July! Order every pair you need for every set of feet in your brood from Foot Traffic and deck out everyone to show your love of your country. (And show us your photos via our Instagram, @foottraffic, so we can see your stylish look!)

Get Fun Novelty Socks from
Foot Traffic is an all-American apparel company, founded more than 30 years ago and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, to provide the public with incredible novelty socks with unmatched high quality. Our socks are available in retail stores around the country, as well as online for individuals and wholesalers to purchase. 

When you’re looking for fun socks for men, women, or children, make Foot Traffic your choice.

Shop our full selection of socks and legwear.


As Father’s Day quickly approaches, June 21, it’s time to start thinking about Dad and his role in your life.  There are all kinds of dads, just as there are all kinds of mothers. One thing is for sure–all of the dads that I know love their kids, from birth to adulthood, and there is nothing that stands in the way of a Dad’s love.  Whether your dad is the dad that raised you, your granddad or someone who is “like a dad”, Father’s Day is a great time to recognize him.  Sure, he may not be so great in the kitchen, but he is amazing at the grill. Or, perhaps he is amazing in the kitchen, but he is not so great at the grill. Dads come in all shapes and sizes and his attributes are unique only to him.  No matter how you choose to honor your dad this June, include a pair of these fun trophy socks to let him know he is the BEST DAD EVER!

Father’s Day is a great day to let Dad know that he is important in your life and that you want to make this day all about him.  One thing that unites most dads is a sense of humor.  No matter what gift you are giving your dad, include a pair of fun socks to make him smile.  Here are some fun ideas to help personalize your gift to make any gift special just for him.

Let’s start with a dad that just loves to tinker with his car.  He would rather hang out in the garage that about anywhere else.  He loves to watch car racing and he secretly would love to drive a race car at some point in his life.  Too bad he owns a family SUV. Give him a fun pair of VINTAGE CAR socks or a pair of socks with car parts for the mechanic and a gift card for gas or hand made gift certificate to clean and spit shine his car with him.

Does your dad love to grill? Is he happiest when he has a beer in one hand and a plate of meat ready for the grill in the other hand? Now that is what we are talking about. He is definitely the GRILL BOSS when he is in charge of cooking the meat—or vegetables—or whatever can be cooked on the grill. Let your dad know you appreciate his grilling skills. Share a pair of these fun GRILL BOSS socks or GRILLING socks with a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce and he will be ready to take the lead behind the spatula and the heat.

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Does your dad love his lawn? Is he out there mowing the lawn every weekend, trimming the edges, grooming the boxwoods and power blowing the debris off of the sidewalk and the driveway? And, is he in a continuous battle with the local resident squirrels? He definitely will enjoy these fun lawn mowing socks or squirrel socks to proudly wear when he is in his element — in the yard. In the top cuff of the sock, tuck a gift card to a local nursery and 6 pack of his favorite beer, and he will love you even more!

Does your Dad love to tell jokes–and often the same one over and over? He thinks he is hilarious but the rest of the family smiles and dismisses yet another bad joke.  These crazy men’s chicken socks will make him smile. DON’T ASK begs the ever-asked question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. We all know the answer —- he is social distancing. HA! HA!

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Have you found your dad with the remote in his hand, streaming his favorite shows and he just can’t keep away from Tiger King/ Tiger Joe and the crazy world of private tiger and exotic animal owners? (Tell me this isn’t real! ) Let your dad be part of that world with these fun men’s tiger and exotic zebra socks.  A pair of these socks and a big bag of popcorn will make him a happy Tiger King groupie and a happy dad! 

Many dads love to play golf. Golfing is one of the sports that we can play during the quarantine so let it happen. He disappears in the morning and when the day ends, he finally shows up either happy with his game or missing a couple clubs wrapped around a tree. No matter how well he plays the game, he is back on the greens at the drop of a hat. This Father’s Day, give him a pair of fun golf socks, either the golf bag cuties or the argyle and EAT, SLEEP, PLAY GOLF (repeat) socks to impress his friends on the golf course. Perhaps some fun tees, balls and an invitation to play some put-put with him will make his day.

Is your dad the guy who just loves to work out? He hits the gym either after work or before work but never misses the opportunity to pump and flex those hunky muscles. Perhaps he enjoys playing tennis, basketball, coaching a kid’s soccer game or running ( running errands, running the kids around town, running up and down the stairs….) He will love to get a pair of fun sport socks letting him know that you admire his effort and passion for sports. Include a pair of socks with a sporty Father’s Day gift ( shorts, gym gift certificate, new tennis balls, etc.) and he will know you are on TEAM DAD!

It is finally summer and we are able to get out—but not able to go very far with this virus lurking around. At least we can get outside and enjoy our neighborhoods and backyards. One of the favorite activities this summer is camping—in you own backyard! Pop up a tent and enjoy hanging out in a tent. Why not sleep out under the stars? (Mom loves this idea as she gets the night to herself!) That means Dad and the kids can sleep outside. Yeah! And don’t forget the best part–that is, the S’MORES! You can include mom is this activity. Get S’MORE socks for Dad (and the entire family) and give him some graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows and tell him you “Love him s’more and s’more every day!!!!”

Showing your Dad that you appreciate him this year is especially important. This quarantine has not been easy for anyone and your Dad may just need that extra hug and extra laugh or two. Having fun together is the best gift of all! (and of course a pair of socks! )


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Let’s face it, it’s been a disappointing year for college and high school seniors. The remainder of their final semester of classes moved online, and their commencement ceremonies were canceled in light of the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve lost all opportunities to attend end-of-school-year rites of passage, like prom and throwing their graduation caps in the air. So, at Foot Traffic, we think it’s only fair that you get your graduate a gift they’ll remember for a long time—and sport on their feet in remembrance of their success. In spite of the circumstances, each grad needs to walk proud and WALK OUT LOUD! Whether they graduated top of the class or performed “Good Enough” ( there were more fun things to do than study!), let’s celebrate our 2020 graduation class!

We might be a little biased in our thinking, but our novelty socks make great gifts. You may be thinking, “How is a pair of fun socks the perfect graduation gift?” Here’s how! The cuff of a sock makes a great place to tuck a gift card, check, or cash, to gift your scholar. Select a fun pair of socks that remind you of the grad and they will know that you put some effort into their gift, with of pair of socks and their favorite gift–money! They also make great components of an off-to-college gift basket, including dorm necessities and a collegiate-quality backpack. Socks are the ultimate self-expression, and that’s why they make memorable gifts.

Women’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates

Carpe Diem. If your grad is ready to seize the day, our Lemon Women’s Socks are the perfect pair. Featuring brightly colored yellow fruits and lush green leaves, these fun socks remind your graduate to make lemonade from the lemons life dealt them this year. A motivating catchphrase, “Squeeze the Day,” encourages positivity as they approach their next big thing! 

Let the music move you. Perhaps your high school grad was in the student orchestra. Or, if a college student, a BFA or MFA in music is a big accomplishment. Reward your musician for a job well done with our Symphony Women’s Socks. These cuties feature a maestro leading the orchestra that includes pianists, harpists, timpani drum players, violinists, and more. Ask Alexa or Siri to play “Pomp and Circumstance” as your grad dons these women’s novelty socks and marches around the house, to the beat of their own drummer.

Head of the class. Teachers are such important people, so it only makes sense we have a pair of socks celebrating the fact that they change the world! With subtle notebook paper line-style stripes and stars in bright colors, these socks are ready to celebrate your education school grad’s influence on the next generation of students. 

Healthy choices. In a shout-out to eating fresh fruits and veggies, our Tossed Salad Women’s Socks feature superfoods like avocados, eggplant, mushrooms, and kale. College grads who studied health and nutrition will eat these up! 

Give them something to Tolk-ien about. For grads who travel off the beaten path and go their own way, these J. R. R. Tolkien-inspired fun socks for women feature the quote “Not all who wander are lost,” a reference to Tolkien’s famous poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glitter.” Graduation is all about closing one chapter to start another; your grad is ready to write one that is uniquely their own.

Men’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates

Go off-script. Pharmacy school is intense. Reward your grad with our Men’s Dancing Pill Socks. They’re just what the doctor ordered—and the pharmacist filled—for fun men’s socks to wear to work, post-graduation.

These socks add up. For your actuary, physicist, or math major, our Men’s Math Genius Socks feature every math equation we could think of. Can your grad think of more? Probably! And they’ll also love wearing these fun socks for men as a reminder of their passion for numbers and mathematics.

Presidential wisdom. The sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was known for his honesty and many words of inspiration, including “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Whether your grad majored in political science, or is just going to be exceptionally good at whatever they plan to do next, our Men’s Abe Lincoln Socksmake a great gift.

Daily fuel. Caffeine gets us through our days and probably got your graduate through late nights of studying, too. Our Men’s Coffee Socks are just a small reminder of how a fresh cuppa can give your grad the motivation he needs to persevere in the workforce or graduate school. Perhaps, Life Happens, coffee helps is a good reminder of this unusual time.

Cs get degrees. Find humor in a “just OK” GPA. Your grad didn’t earn any academic distinctions and was never on the Dean’s List, but they passed and got their diploma, and that’s all that matters. Our Men’s Good Enough Socksacknowledge that doing decently is just fine, and embracing mediocrity is, too. A for effort!

Kids’ Novelty Socks for Elementary and Middle School Graduates

We’d be remiss if we left out all of the elementary and middle school graduates who worked so hard to get where they are today. Our kids’ novelty socks come in youth sizes, too, for all kinds of growing feet.

An education transformation. If your little caterpillar got her wings and is off to a new middle school in the fall, reward her work with our Butterflies Socks. Her metamorphosis from fifth-grader to teenager is a big deal, and these socks celebrate her growth

Curl up with a good book. If your little one spends their spare time diving into new worlds through books, our Kids I Love Reading Socks are for them. Featuring bespectacled giraffes holding books, these adorable socks will inspire your child’s next literary adventures and their love of their favorite school subject.

Priorities. Ask a group of schoolchildren about their favorite time of day during the school year, and you’re sure to get a few (probably most) that say they look forward to recess the most. If your kid lives for playing outside, our Youth Recess Socks make that clear to everyone.

Foot Traffic: Fun Socks HQ

Our 30-year career of providing you with the best novelty socks for women, men, and kids, is proof of Foot Traffic’s mission to make high-quality fun socks. 

Shop our full selection online, or find us in a specialty boutique store near you. We have socks for absolutely everyone on your graduation-gift list, and you might even find a few pairs to treat yourself with, too.

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