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Move over, Little Black Dress: The Long White Shirt is here!

In February, while attending WINN, ATS, and MAGIC in Las Vegas (accessories shows for wholesale and retail vendors), I was overwhelmed by all of the fabric patterns and designs ranging from large and small floral prints to tie-dye and batiks. But amidst all of the visual chaos, I also noticed something that seemed to appear consistently throughout the show—that is, the clean, white blouse. (more…)

Blast From the Past

Would You Rock It?


Mismatched Fashion

Anything goes together…. or does it?

One of the great trends of the spring season is mismatching patterns, colors and designs. Florals are mixed with plaids, animal prints are mixed with florals, etc. Stars such as Helena Bonham-Carter mismatched her shoes at the Golden Globe Awards, wearing one red and one green shoe. As she told PEOPLE,
“Why not wear mismatching shoes? Who says we can’t? I was just having fun. For me, fashion is all about fantasy and putting unlikely things together. That’s what I love. I genuinely love dressing up.” She continued, “Fashion is all about having fun. I think fashion has been hijacked by the fashion industry creating rules on what on should wear and I feel like breaking the mold and seeing that the world won’t crumble.”  (more…)

Trend Report: Fall Fashions Featured

Las Vegas Accessories Shows : February 2012


LOTS of activity at the WINN Show as well as ATS (Accessories the Show) and MAGIC! Buyers scurried from booth to booth as wholesalers and manufacturer reps showed off the latest and most exciting fashions and accessories for next fall, stirring up conversation and enthusiasm for their new lines. The layered silhouette still remains the dominant look with the opportunity of the retailer and customer to make it unique and personal with new colors, textures and accessories. (more…)

Featured Blogger: Katie of SkunkBoy Creatures

I am excited to introduce you to Katie from Skunkboy Creatures!

Katie is a blogger that shares not only her clever creations, but also her unique style that will surely make you smile. I am a nut for plush characters and the hand-made cuteness that Katie designs. Her playful attitude and fashion sense will hopefully inspire you as much as it does me!  Of course, she loves colorful tights and legwear, so we love her even more. Enjoy!




Fashion-savvy Techies

I feel the need to respond to and share the recent article in the NEW YORK TIMES titled, A Foot In The Door In Silicon Valley.  It was a joy to read about the trend in men’s novelty socks, but we at FOOT TRAFFIC have enjoyed a steady clientele of men buying fun socks for years. (more…)

Guest Blogger: “The Winter Road Trip” by Tim

How Foot Traffic Smart Gloves helped me keep my cool

Foot Traffic Smart Gloves

For New Year’s Eve my wife and I decided to visit some friends in bone-chilling cold Minnesota. The trip was a fun and much-needed getaway; however, I’d be lying if I said it went smoothly. This is my personal account of the unfortunate events of a road trip gone wrong.



Wrap yourself in winter white from you coat to your tights…

 In my many years living in Kansas City, I cannot think of a winter when we did not have snow by January. But here we are, no snow, and temperature in the 50’s.  I am not complaining. I am the first to admit that I do not enjoy shoveling snow, driving on ice or cleaning off a frozen windshield. And hat hair is the worst!

However, I love the beauty of the fresh fallen snow particularly at night as the moon reflects its light off of a glistening blanket of white.  So what is it about this white wonderland that is so special?
I think we love the idea of winter white because it is fresh and relaxing and is a welcome opposite of the black that seems to overwhelm our wardrobes during these cold dark days.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jessie, at recently posted the photo above, taken at a conference she attended in Salt Lake City. (see her blogpost :Photoshoot:Winter Wonderland ) These winter white outfits that she styled are great examples of how pretty winter white can be and I imagine most of us have items in our closet that we can pull together to create such a look.

Notice that the outfit goes from head to toe so if you don’t have winter white tights, check out our Signature combed cotton ivory tights; Ivory Knee High Textured Trouser Socks; Ivory Nordic textured tights, as well as our ivory cable knit legwarmers.

Foot Traffic 2012 Winter Look BookFoot Traffic 2012 Winter Look BookFoot Traffic 2012 Winter Look Book

So, lighten up this winter, stay warm and look wonderful in winter white!


Do you like winter white?

What is your favorite winter white outfit?


Foot Traffic Cotton Tights

It’s cold!  Winter is finally here and we start digging in our drawers to find our socks, leggings, tights, etc. to find something to keep our legs warm (without sacrificing our fashion sensibilities, of course!).  What a great time to talk about cotton tights and leggings. 

Why cotton?
Our cotton tights and leggings are made of 60 % combed cotton, the finest cotton available. They are like wearing your underwear all the way to your feet. You wore cotton as a baby and there’s a reason for that. It’s a naturally soft, durable fiber. That’s what makes our tights and leggings so darn soft and comfortable.

But wait… there’s more! Cotton is a fiber that blends beautifully with other fibers to ensure a great fit. So, using our very secret weaving technique (hint: high needle count and proprietary weaving process) we added nylon and spandex for maximum stretch and flexibility giving each pair the ability to retain its original shape after every wearing and every washing. AND, the crotch stays up. AND they don’t stretch out.  AND they don’t shrink!  That’s why they fit every time you put them on.

Our waistband is a 1” feathered underwear elastic waistband so it won’t roll over or down. Once they are on, no yanking or pulling up. That’s why you forget you have them on.

Our proprietary construction process eliminates the need for a seat panel. Instead we have a single, flat reinforced seam in the seat so no unsightly lines under your pants or skirts.  That’s why your butt looks so good!

Cotton is durable. Think about items like denim, diapers, sheets and shirts. They are made of cotton because the fiber is one of the most durable fibers available.  Our cotton tights don’t easily run and don’t wear out so plan on wearing them over and over.

That’s why we are confident that Foot Traffic cotton tights and leggings will be in your drawer next time you are digging for your favorite legwear!

We are so confident that you will love them, we are offering a guarantee with our SIGNATURE combed cotton tights and leggings as well as our PREMIUM combed cotton leggings. Click here  for the details!


Let us know what you think of our cottons!

– Nanci

Party Time! Step with Style into 2012!

Pink tights and legwarmers

GOODBYE 2011…HELLO 2012!

Are you ready to put 2011 behind you and party forward?  If so, then do it with color, fanfare, and style!


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