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Cold Weather Fashion Tips for Women

Foot Traffic Socks, Printed Tights, and Leg Warmers are Ideal Accessories for Winter

Are you spending more time outdoors this year either meeting up with friends in outdoor cafes or taking 6′ distancing COVID walks? Or perhaps it is happy hour around a campfire. Why not spruce up your winter wardrobe for those much needed social occasions. Winter fashion gives you the opportunity to layer up and incorporate unexpected patterns and textures into your wardrobe. The best part about winter layering is that you get to reinvent your outfits every day; no two have to be alike, depending on the accessories you wear, and how you coordinate your sweater or cardigan with your blouse or dress. Unique socks, tights, and leg warmers are perfect for layering and adding interest to your look. You can get them all from Foot Traffic and have them shipped straight to you, so you don’t have to face the cold temperatures without your new gear.

How to Wear Fleece-Lined Socks
Our cozy and soft fleece-lined socks are ideal for when snow and ice covers the ground and there’s a bitter bite of chill in the air. They come in four stylish colors: black, gray, burgundy, and chocolate. But their versatile color schemes are not even the best thing about them. Knee-high socks lined with fleece are incredibly warm and soft against your skin. They provide a layer of both insulation and cushion you most often get only from fleece-lined leggings and tights, which can add bulk around your waist with certain garments, especially stiff denim. These incredibly cozy socks pair perfectly with boots or sneakers and keep your feet and lower leg toasty in all kinds of winter weather. We especially love how they look peeking out of calf- height boots for a pop of color to complement an otherwise neutral outfit or to match colors in a patterned blouse with a cardigan over the top.

How to Wear Printed Tights
A pair of microfiber printed tights really sets off an outfit. Our Foot Traffic printed tights are especially unique because each pair is individually printed, so the designs and colors are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Each pair in our one-size-fits-most line fits women 5’ to 5’8” tall and between 100 and 160 pounds, although we offer plus sizes, too!

Wear a pair of printed tights with a solid-colored dress or tunic. You can also top them with a ​solid-colored or denim skirt. You also might consider wearing a cardigan or scarf in a color you pull from the pattern in your new tights. For a neutral print legging, choose a pair comprised of monotone coloration, or consider cheetah or leopard print , the ultimate neutral that adds excitement to any outfit.

How to Wear Leg Warmers
Leg warmers are such a versatile winter accessory! If you don’t already have a pair, order from Foot Traffic and see how many benefits you can get from these special accessories, especially our Super Long leg warmers . You can wear leg warmers indoors or out with almost any outfit! Our 39-inch extra long leg warmers cover from thigh to ankle, so they provide the warmth of an extra pair of pants without adding tightness to your waist or interfering with your dress or skirt during outdoor walks or commutes. Shorter leg warmers, like our 22” cable knit leg warmers , can transform a pair of flats or pumps into boot-like footwear, or make a pair of pajamas cozier as you relax on the sofa. They cover only from ankle to knee. If you plan to wear our leg warmers all day long at work or on a date, coordinate the color of them with other accessories, like your jewelry, belt, or scarf.

How to Wear Bamboo Tights
Rayon made from bamboo is a comfortable, breathable fabric that wicks sweat away from your body as you transition from the cold outdoor temperatures to much warmer indoor temperatures. It’s super soft, too, making it a cozy layering option for winter. Choose from footless or footed bamboo tights in solid, neutral colors that go with any winter outfit. Ribbed or cable textures add visual interest without interfering with the patterns in your dress, skirt, tunic, or long jacket. They’re also perfect for wearing under your jeans in frigid temperatures to keep warm while you’re outdoors.

Get All Your Cold Weather Accessories from Foot Traffic
Open your closet doors and take a look at your choices inside. What colors do you wear predominantly in the winter? Take note! Then, visit and find leggings, tights, socks, and leg warmers to match. You’ll be starting out the new year right with a refreshed wardrobe and updated looks that’ll make people think you went on a shopping spree! Shop now

solid-colored or denim skirt. You also might consider wearing a cardigan or scarf in a color you pull from the pattern in your new tights. For a neutral print legging, choose a pair comprised of monotone coloration, or consider cheetah or leopard print , the ultimate neutral that adds excitement to any outfit.

How to Gift Holiday Novelty Socks the Right Way

Foot Traffic Socks Make Unique Holiday Gifts for Women, Men, and Kids

It’s 2020, and as the years progress, so does sock technology and design. Gone are the days that teenagers open up their holiday gifts and pretend to be thrilled with a package of plain white socks from Grandma. Modern socks are way more exciting, and dare we say more thrilling, than the cotton tubes of yore.

The novelty sock game at Foot Traffic is on point, so you’ll never see disappointed faces opening packages filled with our fun and silly socks for the whole family. In fact, our socks make amazing gifts for the holidays and are ideal for gifting in all kinds of ways. Bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face and joy to their feet with a pair of novelty socks from Foot Traffic.

Novelty Socks as Stocking Stuffers

The easiest way to gift novelty socks is in your family members’ stockings! Silly socks are the perfect stocking stuffer because of their size and affordable price. They’re also a thoughtful departure from the same types of stocking stuffer gifts you’ve given each year, like candy, toothbrushes, gift cards, scratch tickets, or small games, for example.

We love:

Hang Novelty Socks on the Tree

If Santa visits your house, perhaps he participated in a little Christmas tree decorating! Rather than wrapping socks with other items or adding them to a long list of stocking stuffers, make the giving extra special by hanging them like ornaments on your tree.

The crisp images and bright colors on our novelty socks will stand out from the evergreen branches and other ornaments, so your family can easily spot them and find the pair that’s meant to be theirs.

We recommend:

Foot Traffic Socks in a Countdown Calendar

There are eight days of Hanukkah, so why not give eight pairs of socks to your loved one? Just like the Maccabees didn’t run out of oil, your gift recipient will never run out of socks to wear.

You can also give a pair of socks each week leading up until Christmas – or a pair each day leading up until Christmas if you really want to go big! Give socks for the 12 days of Christmas, between Christmas Day and Three Kings Day or the Epiphany. 

Let’s illustrate an example with one holiday in particular. For example, for Hanukkah, include:

Women’s Novelty Socks Inside a Gift Basket

Assemble a themed gift basket, complete with novelty socks. Coffee lovers will enjoy receiving a spectacular new coffee mug, their favorite freshly-roasted beans, and a pair of coffee-themed novelty socks from Foot Traffic.

Fans of gardening will love getting some new gardening tools and plant pots, along with a pair of gardening socks to match their favorite hobby. Give your child’s teacher a pair of novelty socks, along with gift cards for a local coffee shop and office supply store. 

Use your imagination. The gift basket possibilities are truly limitless! Take a look at our past blogs for more inspiration.[1] 

Consider socks like:

Novelty Socks for Kids with Matching Pajamas or Silly Holiday Sweater
Start a new tradition in your house. Let your kids unwrap a new pair of pajamas or holiday outfit and a storybook on Christmas Eve. Why not include a pair of novelty socks to match their new clothes?

Tuck them in for the night after they read their story, and they’ll have something new and fun to wear on their feet on Christmas morning!

Choose socks like:

Load ‘Em Up with Novelty Socks for Every Occasion

There are seven days in a week, so why not gift a pair of socks for every day, with a theme for each day? 

Choose our cozy slipper socks for staying in on the weekend, bamboo socks for exercising, trouser socks for date night or other dressy occasions, job-themed socks for the weekdays, and a pair of hobby-inspired socks for Friday, like our Men’s Golf Socks.

Women’s Novelty Socks with a Pair of Cute Boots
Macaroni and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Coffee and creamer. Cookies and milk. These things just go together, and so do socks and shoes! 

Slip a pair of our gorgeous women’s novelty socksboot socks, or knee high socks into a brand-new pair of winter boots or casual shoes to make a complete gift that she’ll love. 

Why Choose Foot Traffic Socks Over Other Brands?
Foot Traffic has been in business for more than 30 years. Our team is focused on designing collections of legwear and socks that celebrate humor and fun – but that also look and feel good. We partner with manufacturers that use the best quality materials for comfort and a flexible fit because novelty socks should be enjoyed and worn!

Foot Traffic socks aren’t just about what you put on your feet; they’re meant to inspire laughter, fun, coziness, and incredible gift-giving during the holiday season. Shop our online catalog of novelty socks for men, women, and children. 

hyperlink to your favorite blog about assembling gift baskets with socks.

Cozy Up in the Warmest Socks from Foot Traffic

A Wide Selection of Winter Novelty Socks for Men and Women

At Foot Traffic Headquarters, we got our first snow in October, which got us thinking about staying warm this winter. Winter is one of our crew’s favorite seasons because we get to sport our silliest, most fashionable, and coziest fun socks for men and women, and it’s the perfect temperature to do it.

All summer long, we look longingly at our slipper socks and microfiber fuzzy socks, waiting for the day we can slip them onto our feet and relish in how wonderful they are. (Sometimes we even turn the air conditioner way down, so we can pretend it’s cold outside, and that we definitely need these warm socks.)

So you can imagine how thrilled we are to see the temperatures cooling. We hope you’re excited too! And if you’re not, maybe our super cheerful and snuggly socks can set your mind right.

Wear Women’s Slipper Socks Around the House

Opt to leave your house shoes by the bed and wear our women’s slipper socks all over the house. We offer so many designs to suit your personality and interests, and every pair has a non-skid pad on the bottom to prevent slipping on slick floors – even in the kitchen as you sleepily brew coffee in the morning. Scooby Doo needed these socks for grip before taking off running, and honestly, so do you.

Slipper socks are a winter staple for keeping your toes warm and cozy during any activity you do in the comfort of your own home. They’re also great to take along with you on trips, so you don’t have to walk barefoot through hotel rooms. And if you’re in need of a stocking stuffer, slipper socks make the grade every time.

Novelty slipper socks at Foot Traffic are just $10 per pair, and you won’t find our fun designs anywhere else. Kansans and Wizard of Oz fans will love our Red Slipper Socks; lovers of all things spooky – or perhaps podiatrists – will adore our Bones Slipper Sock; and we have so many options for people whose best friends are animals: Hedgehog Slipper Socks, Cat Slipper Socks, Fox Slipper Socks, and more. You also won’t want to miss our holiday slipper socks, featuring a very distinguished nutcracker.

Cuddly Microfiber Fuzzy Socks for Couch Potatoes
When you’ve had enough of chilly weather and cold toes in your own home, don a pair of our microfiber fuzzy socks in a huge range of colors. We have a pair to match every set of pajamas or sweats you own!

We’re told our microfiber fuzzy socks for women are soft like rabbit fur and warm as a blanket fresh from the laundry – but why don’t you decide if that’s true by ordering a pair or two to try? At just $9 a pair, these must-haves are an affordable way to keep warm without turning up the heat and ending up with a high utility bill. Buy three or more, and save a dollar on every pair.

Unlike comparable fuzzy socks sold elsewhere, ours are densely-knit to keep your feet fully covered without stretching out. Our customers report they are non-binding, so they can wear them all day without any discomfort around the elastic. And because they’re so incredibly soft, you can wear them to bed; your sheets will glide right over them without friction, and your toes will stay warm all night long.

Look for holiday colors? Try our red fuzzy socks or our lime green fuzzy socks.

Extra Soft Bamboo Socks for Men and Women

Although our Bamboo Socks weren’t designed with the intention of being cozy socks, they turned out to be one of our customers’ favorite choices for general wear throughout all four seasons. We especially like them because they are so soft and help keep your feet dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat. Wear our bamboo socks to the gym, to work, inside your winter boots, while you work from home, or for lazy winter days curled up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.

Bamboo is one of the earth’s greatest renewable resources. It’s strong and durable, and grows at an incredible rate. It requires 65 percent less water to grow than other trees and plants, and even releases more oxygen into the air than other flora. Our socks are made with 30 percent bamboo yarn, 48 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex for a soft, breathable fiber mix that feels amazing on your feet.

For colder months, we recommend purchasing our women’s bamboo crew socks or our men’s bamboo crew socks, although we also offer no-show socks for both men and women. This season’s colorways include black, white, mustard, indigo, and smoke – some of the most on-trend hues for fall and winter.

Socks for People Who Run Warm (and Holiday Socks, Too!)

If you’re someone who always feels uncomfortably warm, and you aren’t looking for insulation for your feet, but still need to wear socks, Foot Traffic can help you with our novelty socks for men and women. They’re thinner than a slipper sock, but still durable and well-constructed.

Quality construction and crisp graphics set our novelty socks apart from the rest on the market. We specialize in novelty socks only, which means we can dedicate our time to perfecting them – and we have, for the last 30 years.

Choose from silly sock patterns with sassy sayings, like, our Love the Wine You’re With Women’s Socks, or go a more artistic route with our Hamsa Women’s Socks. We have a huge variety of silly socks for men, too, like our Men’s Smiley Face Socks for channeling your inner Forrest Gump, or our Men’s Alien Abduction Socks.

Our holiday novelty socks for women and men are in stock, too. Grab a few pairs as a stocking stuffer, or for completing your outfit for Christmas day or one of the festive nights of Hanukkah:

Your Feet Will Love Our Winter Socks

Bare feet are cold, sad feet. Cheer them up by donning a pair of cozy, fuzzy socks or slipper socks from Foot Traffic. Shop online for yourself, or someone on your holiday shopping list. We even carry fun socks for kids, women’s tights, leg warmers, and more!

Novelty Socks That Make Us Feel Thankful

Fun Socks for Men and Women Celebrate the True Meaning of Giving Thanks

‘Tis the season to be thankful (and to eat turkey). Although 2020 has indubitably been a tough year, we hope you’ve remained positive about at least some areas of your life and are feeling a little bit grateful for the things you have – tangible or otherwise – and the people you love. This year, Thanksgiving will probably look a little different for many families this year because of social distancing practices and the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation to not host gatherings if at all possible. But that doesn’t mean there’s no cause of celebration or fun to be had on your own. NO need to deprive yourself of everything pumpkin! Join your family via teleconference, cook a miniature version of Thanksgiving dinner for you and your household, or come up with your own new tradition – but do it in these novelty socks for men and women . Our very special footwear is sure to help you find the positive in the darkness and feel thankful for what you have and for some of the things that this year has given us, however little it seems.

Foot Traffic Smiley Face Socks

Fun Socks that Put a Smile On Your Face They say smiles are contagious, which is probably why it’s so hard not to grin when eye-to-eye with our Smiley Face socks for men and women . These bright yellow silly socks feature a massive, classic smiley face on the front of the sock shaft, much like the one Forrest Gump supposedly designed (albeit accidentally) in the movie by the same name. Let your feet do the talking at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, or at home. Not only will wearing them brighten your day, but they’ll also bring good cheer to those who see them. The overall message? There’s always something – at least one thing – to smile about. If you’re especially thankful for an awesome healthcare worker this year, consider giving them a pair of our Smiley Nurse Women’s Socks , featuring a laughing emoji wearing a classic nursing hat. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Fun Socks for Women with a Motivational Reminder

Carpe squeezem. Make every moment of every day count when you squeeze the day wearing these impossibly gorgeous novelty socks for women . A lush hunter green background, soft two- toned greenery, and brilliant yellow lemons remind you to “Squeeze the day” in creamy white modern calligraphy. We’re still floored by the artwork on these, and we even designed them ourselves! What will you do to squeeze the day? For some people, the hustle never stops. And for others, squeezing the day looks like spending free time participating in something that brings you pleasure and joy.

Silly Socks That Make You Believe in Magic

We know a lot of utterly wonderful children who firmly believe in unicorns and will argue with you until they must sleepily be carried off to their beds. Majestic, powerful, and inherently incredibly magical, unicorns are commonplace in literature and mythology. They’re also commonplace on our brilliant blue Unicorn Women’s Socks . Our bright white unicorn with rainbow mane and tail is raring to go, and ready to participate in whatever activity you have in store. They remind their wearers that, despite being an adult, believing in a little magic once in a while can make your heart lighter. Let our unicorn socks help you find a little something to be thankful for this season; rainbows, the turning of the leaves, science-fiction novels, or that 2021 is quickly approaching are just a few suggestions from us. Will your wishes into reality with our When Pigs Fly Women’s Socks . It may be an idiom people say when they don’t think something is possible, but you can turn it all around for yourself with good intentions and focus. Just like the magical unicorn, these flying pink piggies will remind you to believe in yourself and everything you’re capable of as they soar among white clouds against a baby blue sky.

The Message is Clear on These Women’s Novelty Socks

Look on the bright side with our Blessed Women’s Socks . Our mid-calf rise crew socks feature the hand-lettered words “blessed” and “thankful,” surrounded by wildflowers, which continue onto the top of your feet. They’re the socks you’d get if you combined the design sensibilities of Joanna Gaines with the aesthetics of The Pioneer Woman, and we’re not mad about it. In fact, we’re feeling thankful and blessed that these fun socks for women exist at all.

Patriotic Socks for Men and Women

Perhaps this year you’re thankful for the right to vote and the democracy we live in. So, why reserve our patriotic American flag socks for Independence Day on July fourth? We say, wear them any ol’ day you please, even on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue. Our American flag socks come in different sizes and styles, so pick the one that you think will look the best on you. Our women’s flag socks are a mid-rise crew, as are our men’s novelty socks . ​

Get All Your Novelty Socks for Women and Men from Foot Traffic

Not only are our socks perfect to wear while celebrating holidays, they’re great for everyday wear, too. With hundreds of fun designs to choose from, there are silly socks for everyone in your family at Shop for fun socks for women and men, and don’t forget to check out our silly socks for kids , too.

But you’ll also find some knee-high American flag socks on our website, along with lightweight trouser socks in two designs, to wear with dress shoes: Old Glory Trouser Socks and our America Trouser Socks . The whole family can match, because we also carry youth-sized socks emblazoned with the American flag, and patriotic socks in smaller kid sizes, too. Pledge allegiance to the flag, and we pledge to keep creating one-of-a-kind novelty socks for your family.

Send a Smile with Novelty Socks Let Silly Socks Replace Greeting Cards This Year

When was the last time you shopped for a greeting card at your local big box store or drugstore? There should be a name for the feeling you get when you find the perfect card for your recipient, only to turn it over and see that it costs more than $6! “Bittersweet” doesn’t cut it. 

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

After purchasing that card, paying for postage, and dropping it off at the outgoing mail box, you realize that the person you’re sending this card to will probably just toss it into the trash can after a week or so. You’re basically throwing money away just to send a heartfelt message! 

Foot Traffic would like to propose a better idea: send a pair of heartfelt socks, instead. Our novelty socks for men, women, and kids are suited to any personality and preference. Accompanied with a short note from you on regular paper or a notecard, they’re like a greeting card that can be enjoyed again and again. And best of all? They don’t cost much more than one of those mass-produced pieces of cardstock!

We like to call them “greeting socks.” When your loved one receives them, they’ll be wowed with the softness of the material and the crispness of the imagery on our novelty socks. And we’re betting they’ll call to thank you, with a big smile on their face. Let’s take a look at some of the best fun socks for women and men for any occasion.

Novelty Socks for Birthdays

Instead of sending a card, send a pair of socks instead. Want to add money or a gift card to your present? Tuck them into the cuff of the socks!

To choose the right pair of fun socks for your loved one with a birthday, think about their hobbies or interests. What colors do they often wear? Do they enjoy sports? Do they enjoy fine wine or a cocktail on occasion? When we say we have socks for everyone, we really do mean it! 

For example, for women who adore animals, you might consider novelty socks like:

Or maybe she enjoys relaxing with a cool cocktail and conversation! We have novelty socks for that, too:

And great news! We offer similar fun socks for men, too! Check out the animal-inspired:

Plus, the men’s version of cocktail socks:

Christmas Novelty Socks

It’s never too early to start finding holiday gifts for everyone on your list. When you spread out your gift shopping, you end up with plenty of time to find something perfect. Our holiday-themed fun socks for men and women are one of those perfect things that bundle well in a gift basket of other themed items, like bottles of wine or whiskey, Christmas ornaments, or zoo passes for an animal meet-and-greet.

Let’s start with the men’s fun socks for the holidays!

Our fun socks for women with a holiday theme are just as great as the men’s.

Fun Socks that Say “Thank You!”

Having a reason to be grateful for someone really refreshes your faith in humanity, doesn’t it? When someone lends you a helping hand or makes another nice gesture, we often say “thank you,” and move on. But what if someone did something really big for you? Sure, you could write out a thank-you card and drop it in the mail. But, we recommend sweetening it for them just a little, perhaps with fun socks for women and men who make a difference in your life. Check out these gorgeous and inspirational socks!

  • For someone who helped you get out of your comfort zone and make the most of your day or inspired you to do something big, our Lemon Women’s Socks tell the wearer to “Squeeze the Day.” 
  • For a recipient who has blessed you, return the favor with our Blessed Women’s Socks, with gorgeous fall florals. One side says “blessed” and the other side says “thankful” in flowing modern calligraphy.
  • For a man who has extended a helping hand and been awesome at everything he does, choose our Men’s Rockstar Socks, featuring a totally rock ’n’ roll design of a flaming Fender Stratocaster. 
  • People who help you are true superheroes. Our Men’s BAM! Socks represent your thankee getting things done for you. What a perfect way to say “thank you.”

Fun Socks for Men and Women Make Great Gifts Foot Traffic is known for our novelty socks – and we know how to make great ones! You’ll find quality fun and silly socks for everyone on your gift or greeting card list in our online store.

Shop our full inventory of men’s socks, women’s socks, and even kid’s novelty socks.

How to Wear Leg Warmers in Every Situation Stock Up Before Winter Hits, by Shopping at!

Ballet dancers have known for years the power of a good pair of leg warmers. And although we at Foot Traffic specialize in creating the comfiest, funniest, and best novelty socks in the biz, we also happen to be privy to the 411 on what makes leg warmers so great, too. 

Even if you don’t stand at the barre, plié, or pirouette, sweater-like leg warmers can become a staple in your everyday life. Prepare to get cozy and warm when you pull on a pair of leg warmers, using our styling tips and tricks!

Leg Warmers for Workouts

The original purpose of leg warmers was to help keep dancers (or any athlete, really) warm before and after practicing or performing. Warm muscles tend to do a better job of catapulting ballerinas’ bodies about the stage or studio and build up less lactic acid – the stuff responsible for soreness – after an intense workout.

For pre- and post-workout warmth, we recommend our Super Long Leg Warmers, which extend from thigh to foot. Elastic at the top keeps them in place, and the opening at the bottom accommodates your ballet slippers or sneakers. They come in multiple colors, so you’re sure to find a pair that matches your team’s uniforms.

One of our customers, the mother of a danseur (that’s a male ballerina!) had this to say* about our leg warmers: “It’s always hard to find leg warmers for my danseur, who is a dance major in college. When I noticed his current leg warmers were worn out, I was very happy to see your catalog, and texted him about the kind he might like. He is over six feet tall, most of it leg. He’s getting the Super Long Leg Warmers for Christmas. Being able to buy them online is fantastic!”

Leg Warmers for Wheelchair-Bound Heroes
After sustaining a serious injury that leaves you paralyzed or unable to feel much sensation in your lower extremities, it becomes important to make sure your legs stay warm. In fact, people living with paralysis have trouble regulating their body temperature in general, so spending time outdoors in cold weather can be pretty uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Our leg warmers come in a variety of weights, lengths, and styles, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding pairs that will help you or your family member as you take to the great outdoors – even if it is just going for a stroll in the park or getting out of your vehicle in the parking lot and heading into the grocery store.

A customer of ours ordered several pairs for her husband, who is confined to a wheelchair after being injured during his time in the Army. (Thank you for your service!) She told* us, “They wash up good. He does not complain that they are itchy or move around when he transfers from one chair to another. He even sleeps with them on, and they seem to stay in place. It gives me peace of mind knowing that his legs are warm, and he can enjoy some outdoor activities without worrying about checking his legs to see if they are cold. Worth the money.” 

Elderly Loved Ones Stay Cozy with Leg Warmers

Especially if you share a home with your older loved ones, you know there’s a limit to the temperature that you can withstand before you start overheating. But older adults tend to feel colder, even in heat, so you have to find a way to compromise. You can always add a sweater on top, but wearing two pairs of pants can be uncomfortable and encumbering. 

Instead, older adults can wear a pair of leg warmers under relaxed-fit bottoms, or over jeans or slacks with a tighter-fitting leg. They’re also easy to wear with a long nightgown for lounging before bed or in the morning before getting ready for the day and cover the areas bathrobes normally don’t reach.

One customer told* us, “I’m a senior and live in a very cold area. My legs freeze. These are great to wear during the winter. I pull them all the way up to cover my thighs.” Another said*, “My 88-year-old mum loves them because they don’t have tight elastic in them and how warm they are on her legs.”

Wear Leg Warmers During Urban Commutes

If you live in a major city, you’re no stranger to taking public transportation to get to work, school, restaurants, the grocery store, and anywhere else you need to go. In colder climates, commuting can be miserable if you aren’t staying as warm as you need to be.

Forget about the bulky snow suits or coveralls that you might have been considering, and instead, wear a pair of stylish leg warmers from Foot Traffic. You can easily pull them onto your legs, over your pants, or under your skirt, so your legs stay cozy even as a chilly winter breeze blows. As an added bonus, they can even help to protect your clothes from salt stains or slush as you walk down the sidewalk. 

An urban commuter customer shared*, “I live in the city and walk or take the bus a lot. These were the missing ingredient in my outdoor wear for cool weather. These are the perfect thing. Super cute, too.”

Fashionable Leg Warmers for Everyday Wear
Accessories make the outfit, and a pair of leg warmers could be just the thing you’re looking for to complete your look.

Our 4 Button Leg Warmers are ribbed at the top, with four decorative buttons along the side. Let them peek out of your boots for a cute, but cozy look. Or, turn them upside down and let the buttons draw the eye to your favorite pair of shoes.

If you’re wearing high-heeled pumps or platforms, you should consider our Over-the-Shoe Leg Warmers. With an opening to slide the heel of your shoe through, they’ll transform your favorite pair of heels into a calf-height boot. Now you don’t have to change out your footwear just because the weather has turned chilly. At home, wear them with your favorite socks for extra warm feet, too.

One of our fashion-forward customers said, “These knee-high leg warmers worn over black shoes and hose look just like tall boots – so cool! You’ll get lots of compliments. They’re well-made and last a long time.” 

Stock Up on Fun Socks for Men, Leg Warmers, and Leggings from Foot Traffic

It’s almost that time of year: time to think about how you’ll stay warm! At Foot Traffic, we make it easy to find hilarious, beautiful, or silly novelty socks for men and women, plus fleece-lined or regular leggings. And our kids’ socks are perfect wardrobe additions, too! 

Don’t wait until you’re feeling chilly; shop online today.

Take a Peek at our Fall 2020 Fun Socks Roundup

The Latest Styles in Novelty Socks for Men, Women and Kids from Foot Traffic

The bite of fall will be here before we know it, and it’ll be time to fill your drawers with our fresh novelty socks. The newest styles from Foot Traffic were just born this month after weeks of pampering our designers and feeding them the most nutritious humorous and pop culture references. We’ve spent our time nurturing and helping to develop these socks, and now, it’s time to round them up for your consideration.

The Greatest Novelty Socks of All Time, for Everyone
We herd you’d like these green, calf-height novelty socks covered in tiny gray, white, tan, and brown goats. We’re not kid-ding when we say our socks are the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) because they’re super comfy, soft, and breathable. These fun socks also come in women’s sizes

Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme … marijuana. If cannabis sativa is your favorite herb, as these socks proclaim, then you’d have to be high to not add these to your online shopping cart! And we can assure you that our fun socks for men and women are completely legal in all 50 states! 

Wearing masks makes us feel like a superhero. Our novelty socks for women and men feature a mask-wearing vintage face. The men’s socks ask “Does this mask make me look taller?” And the women’s socks want to know, “Does this mask make my butt look big?” and “How do I drink wine with this mask?” Social distance in style as you tell people to “Stay over there!” (just like the reverse side of these men’s socks.)

Fun Socks for Women from our Fall Line-Up
Whether your favorite form is chips, bars, ice cream, or even milk, if you love chocolate, our Chocolate Socks are for you! Emblazoned with “Chocolate is cheaper than therapy” on one side and “Chocolate fixes everything” on the other, our socks may simplify the truth. But we are pretty firm in our belief in the powers of this sweet substance.

Some people count down to fall because they like the chill in the air, or the way the leaves on the trees burst into warm colors before littering the ground around them. Other people are more focused on the flavor of the season: pumpkin everything. If a #PSL is your favorite drink, or if your taste buds jump for joy at the hint of that nutmeg-y and cinnamon-y goodness, then our Pumpkin Everything Socks will fit right into your life. 

Minimalism in home decor is out, and filling every spare surface or tiny space with houseplants is in. If you have more potted plants in your house than chairs, or if you secretly collect leaves broken from succulents at the garden center to propagate at home, then you just might be a Plant Lady. Our Plant Lady Socks and Men’s Plant Lover Socks are adorned with depictions of aloe vera, sansevieria, monstera, and more, plus clever plant puns on an adorable coral background. Wear these fun socks for women with pride as you water your plant babies.

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All-New Fun Novelty Socks for Men
You know how you put on your stretchiest pants in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner? We’re campaigning for everyone to wear our brightly-colored Men’s Ramen Socks every time they slurp down these savory, fragrant bowls of noodles at their favorite noodle house. Just like you customize your bowl of ramen by choosing the broth, meat, and add-ins, customize your outfit with our turquoise-colored socks featuring a steamy bowl of soup. They’re the perfect addition to your collection of novelty socks for men.

Pull the tap and fill your mugs with your favorite frothy brew, and pull on these socks for a tour of your favorite brewery — or just relaxing at home with a cold one. Our Men’s Beer Steins Socks come in deep navy blue with a gold cuff and a smattering of beer mugs and pint glasses, full to the brim with foamy pale ales, lagers, and hefeweizen. 

We’re hopeful for professional football to kick off this fall so we can watch our favorite teams go head-to-head on the gridiron, probably as we watch from our couches. Join us in getting prepared for the big game with our Game Day Socks for Men in four colorways. All four include a smoky gray background with black accents. Style Blue has a dark blue top, toe, and heel with a light gray footbed and stripes (think Dallas Cowboys colors). Style Green has a green top, top, and heel, with a yellow gold footbed and stripes (perfect for Green Bay Packers fans). Style black has a charcoal top, toe, and heel, with a red footbed and red and gold stripes (just right for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs). And Style Red has a red toe and heel, dark blue top and footbed, with red and white stripes (perhaps for the New England Patriots?). 

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Our Latest Fun Socks for Kids Big and Small
Even small humans deserve silly socks from Foot Traffic! Our kids’ styles come in two sizes. Kids’ sizes are 10 to 1Y, perfect for children ages 4 to 7. Youth sizes range from 12 to 5Y, for kids ages 7 to 10. And our designs come in both sizes so older siblings and younger siblings can match!

Our top favorite crazy kids’ socks for fall feature the Socktopus, a not-so-fearsome purple octopod wearing his very own novelty socks on all eight feet … or should we say tentacles? 

In a pickle for crazy sock day at school or over Zoom? Our Big Dill Socks remedy that situation. Featuring a talking pickle declaring, ‘I’m kind of a big dill,” older kids will get a kick out of the pun, while younger kids can show off their feet with their favorite veggie-like food on them! Or how about kids bees socks encouraging kids to BEE themselves!

There are lots more crazy socks for kids where these came from. Shop our full selection.

Why Buy Your Novelty Socks from Foot Traffic?
It seems like every clothing manufacturer has their own line of fun socks for men and women, but we think Foot Traffic’s socks are a cut above. We’ve been in the sock biz for more than three decades, so we’ve perfected sock design and production.

All our novelty socks are created from a custom blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, which makes our socks breathable, soft, and extra comfortable. A high needle count used to manufacture our socks makes them denser and softer, resulting in a crisp and clean design. And finally, our reinforced toe and top band provides a comfortable-fitting sock that stays in place all day and holds up wash after wash.

We’ve set a higher standard for novelty socks for women, men, and kids. That’s why should be your first choice when shopping for crazy socks for the whole family. See our full collection!

The Most Comfortable Socks for Men and Women

Get the Benefits of Bamboo Socks from Foot Traffic

We admit that our Bamboo Socks won’t necessarily qualify as “fun” or “novelty”; they don’t have any images, patterns, or punny sayings on them. But they do come in a variety of colors to match most any outfit; are available in no-show and regular crew lengths; and our customers tell us they are some of the best socks they’ve ever owned.

Our Bamboo Socks for men and women are made of 30 percent bamboo yarn, 48 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex, giving them a soft feel with some stretch. This combination makes for breathable fabric that wicks moisture – like sweat – away from the wearer’s skin. They’re perfect for working out, lounging, and everyday wear.

So why not try out these truly special socks? Here are a few great reasons you might want to – plus feedback from our customers who wear our Bamboo Socks every day.

Bamboo Socks for Working from Home
Folks working from home need to look professional from the waist up, especially if they are on teleconferences with their webcams on. But from the waist down? That’s where they aim for comfort. Pajama pants or sweatpants are designed to be soft and cozy against the skin, and they keep you warm. Don’t you think that your feet should get the same treatment?

Choose from black, white, smoke, indigo, or mustard colors – on-trend hues and neutral ones, too, to match any pair of comfy pants you may have in your dresser drawers. And because they come in multipacks, it’s easy to stock up! Two pairs of crew socks are just $15, and three pairs of no-show socks are just $10!

Our Customers Like Our Soft Socks for Sensitive Feet
Let’s just say that we weren’t at all surprised when we heard from our customers that the Bamboo Socks we sell on our website were their favorite sock of choice for protecting and comforting their sensitive feet and legs. We know they’re super soft because we’ve tested them out!

Some socks leave elastic marks deep into the skin, or the seams just rub you the wrong way. Other people are bothered by the super-rough interior of common cotton crew socks. Our valued customers with sensitive feet report that our Bamboo Socks for women and men aren’t responsible for any of those irritations, and they feel great to wear because they provide just the right amount of cushion and support.

Cozy and Cute Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Ready to snuggle up next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, or head out to an outdoor pop-up market to find unique holiday gifts for your family? Choose our Bamboo Socks for either end of the spectrum! You’ll be impressed by their versatility. 

While the combination of fibers makes our socks super soft and breathable, it also makes them warm, too! Protect your feet from blisters as you walk, keep your feet warm and dry while you’re outdoors, and savor the softness while you relax at home. 

We recommend wearing our crew socks with your hiking boots, and our no-show socks work perfectly with your favorite pair of athletic shoes. Take them to the gym, on the trail, or around the city, and test them out; we bet you’ll love how your feet feel in them.

Our Customers with Diabetic Neuropathy Choose Our Bamboo Socks
Did you know that some people with diabetes are required to wear special socks? That’s because they have to be more careful than others when it comes to protecting their feet. Many folks suffering with symptoms of diabetes have what is called diabetic neuropathy, which causes them to lose feeling in their legs and feet, thanks to nerve damage. Diabetic neuropathy prevents them from feeling hot, cold, or the presence of a cut on their foot.

Specially-designed diabetic socks decrease the risk of foot injury and help keep feet dry. Doctors recommend that their diabetes patients wear socks that are non-constricting, padded, warm, soft, and moisture-wicking. 

At Foot Traffic, we aren’t doctors. We just make really good socks. Our Bamboo Socks are not designed to be for diabetics, nor do we ever say that they’ll help with diabetic neuropathy. However, our customers who are loyal to our Bamboo Socks tell us they meet all the criteria for them, and they choose Foot Traffic again and again when they need new pairs. We’re happy that we’re able to help!

What Our Customers Say About Our Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Since we began selling our Bamboo Socks a few years ago, we’ve gotten some really great feedback from the people who wear them. If all the benefits we’ve touted aren’t enough to convince you, maybe these great reviews* will!

“I love these socks. They don’t get moist in my shoes, and they don’t end up at my toes after wearing them for an hour!” – Cindy

Best socks I’ve ever owned. The bamboo is the trick. I have the most funky tropical feet you could imagine, and these socks help with moisture management.” – Jake (Uh, maybe TMI, Jake, but we’re glad you love ‘em.)

“These are among the most comfortable socks I own. I highly recommend them as an athletic or everyday sock.” – Ricky

“My husband says these socks are wonderful! He loves them! He said they stay in place and don’t twist and turn around on his foot. And they don’t pinch his feet.” – Linda

Where to Shop for Bamboo Socks
Now that you’ve heard about the great benefits of wearing bamboo-based socks, and you’re ready to try out a pair for yourself, we’d love for you to take a look at ours!

Our men’s socks and women’s socks are available online for shipping straight to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house to experience their comfort and benefits.

Shop now! 

*reviews edited for clarity

Knee High Socks Outfit Ideas for Fall

Our Fun Socks for Women Cover Your Calves for Warmth and Style

In the days of the Roman Empire, knee high socks were first introduced — kind-of. The first ones were technically just cloth wraps bound with leather for warmth and protection. Even British soldiers wore woolen knee-highs during both World Wars.

Thankfully sock technology has advanced far beyond the antiquated wool or rags of yore. The knee socks we see today are much more like those popularized as fashion accessories during the eras of the miniskirt: the 1960s and 1970s. Today, our fun knee-high socks from FootTraffic come in bold patterns and colors and complement any outfit you can dream up.

Here are a few stylish outfit ideas we’ve thought of, along with the novelty knee highs you can find right here on our website.

Wear Knee Socks with a Skirt and Tall Boots
Throw back to the days of tie-dye and peace signs and pair knee socks with a miniskirt and tall boots. You’ll love the way the cuff peeks over the top of your footwear to match or stand out from the rest of your duds.

If you need to dress up your outfit a little, our Textured Lace Knee Highs should be your first choice. They come in taupe with ivory or black with ivory, so they’ll match both brown and ebony-hued boots. We love these socks’ lace pattern because they’re elegant, but still casual. 

For a tailored knee-high look, our Ribbed Knee-High with Bow. A textured ribbed leg, in black, meets an ivory band at the top. A tiny bow accents the side of each sock just below your knee. Think of these as a tuxedo for your legs.

Foot Traffic Polka Dot Knee High Socks

If you prefer the preppy (or Scottish) style, our selection of multi-colored argyle knee socks will pop your collar or flip your kilt. Choose from black and gray argyle, tan and plum argyle, or sage and purple argyle, or buy multiple together for a discount. 

Wear Knee Socks under Jeans for Warmth
When the weather gets chilly, pack on the layers! Wearing knee-high socks under your jeans keeps you cozy without adding bulk to the waistband of your pants. That’s a win-win.

Knit knee high socks for women add unexpected pops of color to your outfit. Our sweater-inspired Icelandic Knee Socks come in multiple colorways, including red/yellow/brown; lime green/periwinkle/blue; and deep purple/hot pink/orange. Wear them with sneakers, booties, or your favorite birkenstock-style sandals.

Don’t be bamboozled by the name. Our Cotton Rag Boot Socks are far superior to rags. They get their name because they’re 100 percent cotton, which makes them the perfect choice for wearing with your hiking boots on a stroll through the woods or down a trail. Choose from three solid colors: ebony (a solid black), granite (a heathered dark gray), or ivory (a soothing off-white).

I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.” Not with our Polka Dot Knee Socks, though. You’ll be the life of the party with black-on-white, white-on-black, or bright colors-on-black in these acrylic-blend knee-highs for women. Time to bust out the accordion and start waltzing; the party is here.

Put on Knee Socks with Pajamas as You Lounge
The cutest and most comfortable pajama sets almost always have short bottoms. So, when you’re lounging on the sofa, binging Gilmore Girls or Friends for the fourteenth time, you can either grab a blanket (and then freeze every time you have to get up to take a trip to the kitchen for a snack), or you can pull on some of our coziest knee-high socks for women.

Our Textured Cable Knit Knee Socks will remind you of your favorite winter sweater. The zig-zagging knit stands out despite the solid-colored white, black, plum, chocolate, or sage yarn they’re made from. They wash up great with no stretching, and the colors stay bold, so even if you have to change out your jammies, these socks will still be good to go.

For those times when you’re hanging out, eating pizza, belting out your favorite songs, like the famous Elton John tune, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza!” … wait. That’s not how that goes. If we had been wearing our Ballet Shoe Knee High Socks, we might’ve realized it’s “Tiny Dancer.” Never forget the lyrics again as you plie and pirouette around the house.

If knit socks just aren’t enough, Fleece-Lined Knee Highs can banish cold toes and coordinate with your entire sleepwear wardrobe with colors like black, burgundy, chocolate, and dark grey. We describe them as “fuzzy on the inside, fashion on the outside.” No one even has to know your legs are lounging luxuriously in fleece! 

Knee Socks for Your Next 5K or Marathon
Look at those calves! Have you been working out? Of course you have! Our fashion knee socks for women not only look great on your muscled gams, but they’ll cause quite a stir on the road race course at the next charity run you sign up for.

Spoil your feet and look flashy in our Rainbow Knee Socks. They’ll match literally every pair of running shorts you own and make a statement as you sprint by in a flash. Wear them in a charity run to support LGBTQIA causes for a truly festive look.

Take off like a rocket from the starting line and become the shooting star of the running event in our Retro Rockets Knee High Socks. Set a new land-speed record; it’s just a small step for you, but a giant leap for mankind.  

Look tough and scare the competition with our Bones and Roses Knee-Highs, featuring stacks of skulls holding roses between their teeth. They’re both spooky and romantic, on a black or gray background.

Shop Foot Traffic for All Your Knee High Socks for Women

Keep your shins toasty and your fashion sense on display with our high-quality knee-high socks. Whether you’re seeking novelty socks or traditional styles, we have what you’re looking for!

Browse our selection, fill your online cart, check out, and sit back and relax; they’ll be delivered straight to your door.

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Pop Culture-Influenced Novelty Socks for Men and Women

Find Fun Socks for Everyone’s Interest at Foot Traffic

If you pride yourself for staying abreast of the latest trends, TV shows, video games, books, and happenings in the world, then we think you’ll probably enjoy quite a few pairs of our premium novelty socks, with designs you can only find at Foot Traffic.

When you get dressed, part of your motive is to give people an idea of who you are. Your clothes are your self-expression. So why not express your interests in popular culture with a pair of novelty socks? Check out our selection of socks related to the latest and greatest in American pop culture, inspired by TV and video games!

When you get dressed, part of your motive is to give people an idea of who you are. Your clothes are your self-expression. So why not express your interests in popular culture with a pair of novelty socks? Check out our selection of socks related to the latest and greatest in American pop culture, inspired by TV and video games!

Animal Crossing-Influenced Novelty Socks
While we are not affiliated with any video game company or the smash-hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons, our selection of socks is certainly befitting of fans of this popular video game. As you deck out your island with the latest items from Nook Shopping, collect fossils for your museum, and pay back your debt to Tom Nook — over and over again —  you should definitely be wearing a pair of these Animal Crossing-inspired socks.

Are you your island’s premier bug-catcher? Love horrifying Blathers with the insects you catch and present to him? Then we think you’ll be crawling with excitement over our Bug Off women’s socks, featuring rows of beetles and bugs of all varieties. When you prop your feet up, everyone in your household will know to “Bug Off” and leave you alone as you play your favorite video game for hours at a time.

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Ladybugs, bees, and fireflies, oh my! This super cute trio of no-show socks features three insects that you can mix and match for a look that is all your own. And at just 9 Bells — errr, dollars — for three pairs, it’s really one of the best deals at Nook’s Cranny. We mean Foot Traffic. It’s a great deal for a three-pack at Foot Traffic!

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Grab your trusty net and head out in search of rare butterflies to sell to Timmy and Tommy — or to keep to decorate your house or share with your friends. Our Butterflies women’s socks feature monarchs, bluebottles, and yellow butterflies, which are obviously named for the color of butter, according to the game. You should also check out our youth novelty socks for the younger fans of Animal Crossing, made in the same high quality as our men’s and women’s novelty socks.

Go Exotic with Big Cat Novelty Socks

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What’s happenin’, Carole Baskin? Whether you’re bobbing your head along to the musical stylings of Joe Exotic, watching in horror as tigers attack their keepers, or trying to keep up with the zany cast of characters in Tiger King, you have to admit Netflix’s jaw-dropping documentary was really the perfect way to start 2020. Keeping in that same spirit, pull our Men’s Tiger socks or Women’s Tiger Socks over your feet and do something only mildly wild, like eat your dessert first, or set up a kiddie pool in your backyard to splash around in this summer. This year has been crazy enough for us already. 
If you want a whole drawerful of exotic or dangerous animal socks, Foot Traffic has those for basically every day of the week. Start with our Men’s Alligator socks, upon which this fearsome reptile swims across a blue background. The next day, try our Men’s Giraffe socks on for size; these are a pair of socks that showcase just how long a giraffe’s neck is. Don’t mess with the bull, or you’ll get the horns — like the ones on the buffalo from our classic plaid socks. Then, explore the savannah with our striped zebra socks, which let you take a walk on the wild side. And unlike what may happen when you buy footwear from other extremely expensive novelty sock brands, you will financially recover from purchasing an all-new sock wardrobe from Foot Traffic.

Fun Socks from Your Favorite Reruns
Even after TV shows get cancelled and the series ends, we love watching old episodes as they air on TV or binging them on our favorite streaming service. Although these old shows have aged, they’ve still become part of our experience and infiltrate our everyday lives.

For example, any time we’re ready to splurge on something we really don’t need, but want, we know the only thing to say is “Treat yo’self!” thanks to our TV friends Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, on-air for seven hysterical seasons. Our bright pink women’s novelty socks bearing this very message are covered in indulgent sweets that truly tempt our self control. Love these socks as much as we do? You know what to do. Treat yo’self!

No one drinks more coffee than early 2000s darlings Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Whether they’ve just brewed a fresh pot at home, or are topping off their mugs at Luke’s Diner, these two ladies probably talked so fast because they were over-caffeinated! Do you regularly channel your inner Gilmore? These “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” socks are probably perfect for you.

“These pretzels are making me thirsty” is one of the most iconic lines ever uttered on national television, thanks to Seinfeld. Who said it best? Elaine? Jerry? Kramer? George? Any one you choose will be truly honored by our pretzel-covered men’s novelty socks. Oh, and we’ve even included the sudsy beer to wash those dry, salty pretzels down easy.

Novelty Socks for Everyone at Foot Traffic

No matter what you’re interested in, Foot Traffic has a huge selection of premium novelty socks for you. Explore our full catalog online, and order to have them shipped straight to your door. Soon, you’ll create a reputation for yourself as being that person with the fun socks — and we think that’s one of the best kinds of people to be!
Ready to turn heads and express yourself? Shop for fun socks today.

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