Up Your Business Fashion Game with Novelty Men’s Dress Socks

Serve Elevated Workwear Looks with the Right Socks

A corporate, business-professional dress code doesn’t mean you can’t wear accessories that show off your personality. You don’t need to dull your shine just because your boss says you have to wear a suit. Try a pair of men’s funny dress socks from Foot Traffic the next time you head to the office. We think they’ll make you feel happier and more expressive, even if few people see them.

Here are our favorite pairs of cotton-blend novelty socks for men to wear to work.

Men’s Novelty Socks that Match Your Profession
You devoted a lot of time to studying for your profession while you were in college or trade school, and you love what you do. It makes sense that you’d like to sport a pair of socks that tells the world what you do – even at work where everyone already knows.

Our profession-themed socks are ideal to wear to work – and they make great gifts, too. What do you do for work? We probably have socks for you.

If you work in the medical field doing almost anything, you’ll like our medical-themed socks for men, featuring the caduceus, or Staff of Hermes, stethoscopes, vials, medication, and more. These socks are ideal for doctors, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, and more. For socks especially for specific roles in the medical field, our “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” socks or “Bad-Ass Nurse” socks fit the bill.

Nobody asks you questions when you say that you’re an accountant, but they’ll probably ask you where you got your funny socks, at the very least. Our currency socks and our “You Can Count on Me” socks are perfect for the CPA in your life.

Educators can wear our “Teachers Change the World” socks to school or while teaching virtually. Firefighters can spend their off-days in our fiery socks celebrating their work. And carpenters, contractors, and handymen alike will wear our tool socks with pride under their steel-toed boots. We also have socks for barbers, real estate agents, railroad workers, mechanics, lawyers, and more! Shop our full line of profession-themed funny socks for men.

Funny Dress Socks for Men in Wild Colors and Patterns
Perhaps you don’t want quite-so-literal work socks emblazoned with graphics that describe your job, but you still gravitate toward bright colors and eye-catching patterns. We have funny socks for men that fit the bill.

For starters, our men’s mosaic socks are simply-patterned in an all-over square print, but the colors are absolutely stunning: purples, blues, and golds. Your coworkers will come down with a serious case of ankle envy!

If you like those bright squares, but are looking for something with a few more colors, our bright squares socks are right up your alley. An almost Mondrian-inspired pattern features yellow, red, orange, blue, and green, so they’ll match any shirt or suit pants you choose to wear.

For true self-expression at work, you can’t go wrong with emoji socks. Our novelty socks for men feature tons of classic emoji options you can find on your cell phone, but they’re on your ankles, instead. How many emotions do you go through each day at work? We bet you can find all of them on our funny socks!

Subtle Novelty Socks for Men, for the Most Strict of Dress Codes
Even if you can’t get away with wearing funny socks to work, Foot Traffic has options that are still interesting without being over-the-top.

Our multi-stripe socks come in a black, gray, and blue pattern that match nearly any color of suit. Because stripes are a more traditional pattern, they won’t raise red flags about your wardrobe while you express yourself in your office.

Similarly, our black and gray chevron socks look perfectly neutral in the space between your pant leg hem and the top of your wingtip shoes, but the secret is hidden: pops of bright blue at the heel, toe, and cuff! Our men’s black polka dot socks give off a similar vibe, although the polka dots are a little more playful than the chevron stripe, for when you’re really feeling yourself.

For a subtle graphic sock, try our socks emblazoned with tiny bees against a gray background. The bees are so small that they’ll read like a texture at a distance, rather than an image, but the all-over pattern also makes them look preppy and refined. We bet you can find a way to match them to your tie for ultimate accessory coordination.

Find Funny Dress Socks Online
After your shift at work is over, you don’t feel like doing much, even if you need to add to your wardrobe or fun important errands. The good news is that you don’t even have to leave your house to pick up a few pairs of silly socks to wear to work. Simply order them from FootTraffic.com, and we’ll ship them to your door, so you can continue resting on the couch with a cold one and your favorite TV show. Shop now for all your sock needs!

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