Are High-Quality Socks Really Worth It?

Stocking Up on Novelty Socks or Fuzzy Socks is Easy at Foot Traffic

Unless you’re involved in epic athletic pursuits like hiking the Appalachian Trail or running marathons, you don’t necessarily need to invest in socks that are $20 or more per pair and made of magical unicorn tail hairs to get the job done.

But you’re still doing a disservice to your feet if you consistently choose to wear cheaply-made polyester socks that stretch, sag, and thin out in the heels or toes after just a couple of wears.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might be wearing stiff socks with rough internal fibers that feel irritating to your feet and legs.

Either way, you could be wearing much better quality socks on a daily basis during all your activities without emptying your life savings – and that’s where Foot Traffic comes in.

High-Quality Novelty Socks and Funny Socks
Stark differences divide cheap novelty socks from high-quality ones from Foot Traffic.

  • High-quality novelty socks have crisp imagery and lettering in the designs. Cheap ones don’t. What good is a patterned novelty sock if the images are so blurred that no one can tell what it is?

    Foot Traffic solves that problem by working with some of the most dedicated sock manufacturers to create clean graphics on our novelty socks. And our designs are actually clever and fun that speak to your personality, not a generic all-over holiday pattern.

  • Cheap novelty socks have a tangle of threads behind the imagery. These masses can be irritating to your feet and legs, feeling itchy as the day wears on.

    Few things are worse than wearing terrible socks throughout the day. Foot Traffic socks are manufactured carefully to avoid this result, so you don’t feel like spiders are crawling around in your socks (the horror!) or that you’re walking on pebbles.

  • The best novelty socks are appropriately sized for the wearer. Foot Traffic novelty socks come in men’s, women’s, youth, and children’s sizes, which means there’s one for almost every size of feet.

    The one-size-fits-every-human approach for dollar-store novelty socks just doesn’t work. You end up trying to squeeze your feet into too-small socks, or walking around with your socks wadding up under your feet because they’re too large to stay up.

  • Novelty socks should be made of soft fibers, because your feet feel great in your shoes when your socks are kind to your skin.

    Rough, scratchy threads are a no-no at Foot Traffic, but for cheap fun socks? We can’t say the same.

Foot Traffic Fuzzy Socks Versus Cheap Imitations

If you’re a person with feet and feelings, you probably enjoy wearing fuzzy socks from time-to-time. There’s something so soothing about pulling them over your toes and heels and basking in the warmth and softness they provide.

Unfortunately, like novelty socks, cheap fuzzy socks are not up to par when it comes to quality and comfort. It comes down to the weave and thread fibers!

The fuzzy socks at Foot Traffic are made of microfiber, which is a synthetic fiber that’s finer than one denier. To compare, silk is one denier, about one-fifth of the diameter of human hair. A dense weave creates warm and super-soft fuzzy socks that you can wear as you lounge, in bed, or out running errands.

However, the cheapened version of these socks use wide threads, loosely knit, to achieve the fuzzy look. The result is a sock that sags and slips down your foot while you wear them. They also can irritate the bottom of your feet because of their wide weave applying pressure to your skin. Even worse, they aren’t very warm because their threads are not dense enough.

The Best Place to Order Socks Online is

When our founder, Charlie, opened his first specialty sock store, he quickly found out that his customers were looking for a big selection of funny socks and novelty socks – and he just couldn’t find them.

So, he decided to design and make them himself, with a focus on style, quality materials, and well-engineered construction that resulted in high-quality novelty socks. Charlie knew that good socks mean good days – and he’s continued that mission since 1986.

Today, you can buy any pair of Foot Traffic socks, hosiery, leggings, tights, leg warmers, and more on our website and have them delivered to your door. It’s our favorite place to get socks – but we might be a little biased (but for good reason).

Shop now to add high-quality socks to your sock drawer and into your daily wardrobe.

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