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This is a true account of a customer’s experience with our signature cotton tights.

I’m a bit of a tights aficionado. Since Zooey Deschanel made them most-recently iconic with her fit-and-flare dresses and cardigans on New Girl, I’ve been sporting opaque tights any time I wear a dress.

The biggest downside to most opaque tights is that they snag, slip, and roll down at the waist. I’ve gone through lots of pairs of tights over the years, and every single pair has done all these things, even those from companies that claim theirs don’t. I’ve tried them all: regular nylon tights, fleece-lined tights, high-denier tights.

I had not, however, tried predominantly cotton tights, but I had heard good things about the Signature Combed Cotton Tights that Foot Traffic makes. I thought I’d give them a try! Here’s what I discovered after wearing them for a few of my favorite activities – the ultimate test.

Foot Traffic Cotton Tights Observations
The first thing I noticed about Foot Traffic cotton tights – which are 60 percent cotton, 35 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex – is that before you wear them, they are quite narrowly cut. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit me, but they are like magic! They stretched exactly where they were supposed to.

The second thing I noticed was the waistband on these tights. They are not made of the same material as the rest of the tights, so they aren’t just a simple hem or edge. The elastic waistband is sewn separately into the tights. It felt sturdy, like a favorite pair of lounge shorts.

My First Outfit with My Foot Traffic Tights

For a day of thrift shopping with my sister, I paired my black cotton tights with a patterned t-shirt dress, coordinating cardigan, and booties. The cotton tights were smooth enough that my dress flowed right over them, without catching, like it might on thicker leggings. And because the cotton tights were weighty enough, I could wear them with my booties without adding a pair of socks.

The store we wanted to visit was located about a 45-minute drive away, so this would really be the tights’ first test: being comfortable on the trip.

I drive an F-150 pick-up truck, which means I have to climb up into it. I also sit very upright because of the way the bucket seat is designed. I figured both these movements and body positions would cause me some issues, but I got two huge surprises.

Getting into my truck was super easy, because the tights left me feeling flexible rather than squeezed and restricted. And I was pleased to see that the waistband of the tights didn’t roll down like I expected them to. Normally after a car ride, I would have to get out and hoist up my tights from ankle to waist, but not with these!

They also stayed in place throughout our shopping excursion, so I could browse without worrying about bagging, sagging tights. And because they’re nice and thick, but breathable, I stayed the perfect temperature – never sweating, nor feeling chilly!

My Second Outfit with My Cotton Tights
My hobbies are varied. I consider myself very indoorsy, but I also have an interest in woodworking and home improvement projects. My garage is home to my “shop,” which contains a variety of hand tools, power tools, and saws.

My garage isn’t heated, however, and projects are never complete, just because it’s winter.So my second time wearing my Foot Traffic tights was layered under a pair of my favorite jeans while I worked in my unheated garage.

Layering with tights can be uncomfortable, but with Foot Traffic tights, I stayed cozy without feeling bulky. This time, I chose to wear socks inside my work boots, mostly for extra padding while I stood on concrete, but also to see whether these tights were comfortable on my toes. They were! And because the waistband could be pulled up to the narrowest part of my waist, they stayed smoothly above the top of my jeans.

With this outfit, I realized that these tights are truly all-around workhorses! I feel like I can do anything in them; they’re the most useful and versatile item in my wardrobe.

Where to Buy the Best Knee-High Socks and Tights? Foot Traffic!

After wearing these cotton tights, I’m excited to see what else Foot Traffic has in store. My wish list includes footless tights, knee-high socks, and more!

Good news for me: Foot Traffic makes awesome novelty socks for women and men, bamboo socks, leggings, leg warmers … the list goes on. And I can shop for them all online and have them shipped straight to me, without having to go from store-to-store to find what I’m looking for.

Shop a full selection of socks and legwear at FootTraffic.com. I’ll join you!

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