Could Sleeping with Socks on Be Good for Your Health?

Doze Off in a Pair of Foot Traffic Socks

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep or getting comfortable in bed? The National Sleep Foundation says this is actually quite common, and the culprit is not what you’d expect. It isn’t your mattress, and it isn’t necessarily a serious case of insomnia. Sometimes it’s just cold feet!

Even if your feet don’t necessarily feel too chilled when you climb into your bed, feet that need warming can actually keep you awake. Let’s explore why that is, and help you choose the best socks to help you catch some Zs.

The Science of Cold Feet
When your feet (and any extremity really) is cold, your blood vessels constrict and slow your blood circulation.

Slow circulation keeps your feet cold and can prevent you from falling asleep quickly and easily. A ritual of warming your feet each night can even signal your brain that it’s time for sleeping, which will also aid in falling asleep. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Remedying Cold Feet
Warming your feet before bedtime and keeping them warm is shown to help you fall asleep. There are three ways you can keep your toes warm before bedtime.

First, you can take a relaxing soak in the bathtub before bedtime, or simply warm your feet under running water from the tap before thoroughly drying them off and hopping into bed.

The second, and perhaps simpler, solution is to put on a pair of socks designated for sleeping. And third, you can use some type of heating mechanism, such as uncooked rice in a tube sock, to help keep your feet warm at the foot of your bed. (Simply fill a tube sock with uncooked rice and secure the opening. Then, microwave your rice sock for 30 seconds at a time and place it under the covers at the foot of your bed.)

Other Health Benefits of Wearing Socks to Bed
Socks can help your feet stay warm, but there are other reasons you might choose to wear socks in bed.

  • Socks are shown to help prevent hot flashes because it helps keep your core body temperature cooler.

  • Putting on a pair of cotton socks after you apply your favorite moisturizer to your feet can help prevent cracked, dry heels.

  • For people with certain circulatory issues like Raynaud’s disease, wearing socks can help keep your feet warm and blood circulating to prevent an attack, which usually involves swollen and throbbing toes.

Choosing the Right Socks: Knee Socks, Fuzzy Socks, and More
Socks made of natural fibers, like cashmere or wool are highly recommended for sleeping. However, some people don’t particularly like these fabrics. Cotton socks are another excellent option. Our men’s and women’s novelty socks are 65% cotton so they are comfortable and not too heavy if you prefer socks that are light weight. And, they are fun so who doesn’t like to go to bed with a smile on your face (and feet!)

If you’re worried about your feet catching in the sheets because they will no longer glide across your toes, consider a pair of super soft, microfiber fuzzy socks. The fibers are slick enough to allow the sheets to glide, but they’re also soft enough to feel lovely against your skin as you drift off to dreamland. (Our customers say they’re soft as bunny fur and as warm as their favorite blanket!)

If your legs also tend to get cold as you sleep, consider wearing a pair of knee high socks, which provide coverage for your calf. If the cuff bothers you as you sleep, roll it down one fold. Taller socks are ideal for keeping your legs covered, even as the legs of your pajama pants ride up as you roll over and move about at night.

Some people also prefer to wear toe socks to bed, because the seamless fabric between their toes stretches the muscles and tendons in their feet and provides relief from soreness. Like knee-high socks, our toe socks end high up on your calm for extra warmth and comfort.

Experiment with a variety of pairs of socks until you find some that work best for you. It all comes down to personal preference, after all.

Where to Buy a Variety of Socks for Sleeping
If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all kinds of socks, shop at Foot Traffic! For more than 30 years, Foot Traffic has been making and selling socks, so you know we do it right. We specialize in funny socks and novelty socks, but we’ve also added a large line-up of other socks that our customers love, including novelty socks, knee high socks, fuzzy socks, and crew and no-show socks made of bamboo fibers.

Order a few pairs to try out. We think you’ll love them, if not for sleeping, then for daily wear! Shop now.

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