10 Ways to Wear Tights from Foot Traffic

Add fun, color and warmth this winter!

Tights can add an element of interest and utility to any outfit, and even change the whole look of a ‘fit you’ve worn repeatedly for an unexpected effect. Try one of these ten ways to wear tights from Foot Traffic, and show off your look for us by tagging us on Instagram at @FootTraffic.

Wear Tights with a Casual Patterned Dress and Long Cardigan
Your favorite cotton or cotton-blend patterned dress needs a solid color paired with it to provide a visual contrast. Achieve this contrast by wearing a pair of solid-colored Foot Traffic tights for women with your favorite casual dress. For winter, add a long cardigan on top to lengthen your silhouette and stay warm. We recommend our Signature Combed Cotton

Tights, which have a high thread count for extra thickness and insulation and a silky feel. Layer with Super long OTK’s, novelty socks or leg warmers for additional texture and warmth.

Pair Fancy Tights with a Formal Frock
Headed to a formal event, like a wedding or a gala? Amp up your formal cocktail dress with a pair of tights to create a more elegant overall look. We highly recommend a pair of textured tights with a solid-colored dress made of sateen, chiffon, or a similar fabric. A solid-colored dress gets you more mileage than one with a trendy fabric pattern or accent beading, and it won’t compete for attention with your tights. We especially love our Windsor Tights or Double Diamond Tights in black with a formal dress.

Tights Layered Under Holey Denim
Pre-ripped denim remains on-trend. If you’re more traditional, perhaps you prefer to wear out your jeans yourself. Either way, if you have jeans with holes in the knees, you can add interest to them by layering a pair of patterned tights underneath. It’s an edgy look that pairs equally well with black pumps and a dressy blouse or a pair of boots or sneakers and a tee-shirt. Such a versatile look is best achieved with our Fishnet Tights for a more eye-catching style.

Wearing Tights for Warmth
One of the most logical reasons to wear tights is for an added layer of warmth if you need to spend time outside or if you tend to get chilly in the office or at home. Our Microfiber Tights come in 18 fashion colors and are designed to never roll down despite an incredible stretch. They’re comfortable to wear under denim, thicker leggings, or dress slacks. If you prefer to separate your socks from your tights when dressing in layers, our Footless Tights are an option for adding insulation without bulk.

Tights and Shorts Work Well with Either Combat Boots or Oxfords
Style a tough look with combat boots or a sweet style with a pair of lace-up oxfords when you pair shorts with tights. Because when you wear shorts, the majority of your leg shows, you have the perfect opportunity to choose a pair of tights with a pattern that varies throughout the length of your leg.

Wearing Tights on Date Night
For an important date night, pair a luxe-looking pair of tights with a dress and pumps. Keep your dress a solid color – but any color and cut you choose – and then select a pair of dramatic tights with a texture to add visual interest. For even more interest, layer on a fun pair of fun socks.

Vibrant Tights with a Neutral Sweater Dress
When it’s cold outside, but you have to look your best, a little black dress is a girl’s best friend. Warmly-knit fabrics accented with a pair of our Signature Combed Cotton Tights in colors like peacock, purple, or rust, or a pair of our Microfiber Tights in bright hues like kelly green, purple royal, and fuschia. Layer with a pair of black fishnets and voila! Add a pair of novelty socks for even more fun!

Tights and Leg Warmers

On days when it’s exceptionally cold, but you find yourself wearing a dress or skirt to work or school, Fleece-Lined Tights and a pair of coordinating leg warmers are your saving grace. The fleece-lined tights feel like you’re wearing an extra layer of clothing, while the leg warmers protect your lower leg from cold temperatures and breezes.

Skater Skirt Style
A vintage graphic tee paired with a skater skirt is a fun way to express yourself and add a feminine flair to an otherwise masculine top. Whether it’s a band tee, a screen-printed souvenir tee from an event, or a floral patterned tee, a skater skirt and a pair of solid tights provide coverage and warmth while creating a hip and on-trend look.

Rompers and Tights
Rompers hit their peak popularity a few summers ago, but they remain a staple in many women’s wardrobes. A romper can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on how you wear them. For example, a romper with a simple pair of sandals creates a casual summer look. However, a romper with a pair of tights, booties, and cardigan sweater is a much dressier look you can sport year-round. You are essentially wearing a romper like you would a basic dress. In keeping with the spirit of the comfort and flexibility of a romper, we love our Rayon from Bamboo Tights with one! Our ribbed-knit tights or cable-knit tights are soft and warm, perfect for wearing underneath romper shorts in all seasons.

Shop Our Huge Selection of Tights
Foot Traffic is known for our novelty socks for men and women, but what many of our customers realize is we’re their ultimate source for other footwear and legwear, like leggings and tights. With so many tights to choose from, you’ll visit our website and end up finding new ways to reinvigorate your wardrobe.

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