New Year, New You: Socks to Help You Meet Your Resolutions

Women’s Novelty Socks Kick You Into Gear!

After a year like 2020, you’ve likely spent some time considering New Year’s Resolutions and what yours might be. Just like in years before, you’ve promised yourself that you’ll stick to your goals this year. But how can you motivate yourself to keep working toward self-betterment? With Foot Traffic socks, of course!

Check out these Foot Traffic novelty socks that can help you achieve your dreams in 2021!

Bamboo Socks for Fitness Goals
One of the earth’s greatest renewable resources, bamboo is strong, durable, and grows at an astonishing rate. Our bamboo socks are made with 30 percent bamboo yarn, with cotton, nylon, and spandex for stretch, softness, and breathability. Because they help keep your feet dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat, they’re ideal athletic socks that come in crew and ankle heights.

If you’ve made a goal to exercise more or improve your overall fitness, these bamboo socks can help motivate you and give you the gear you need to meet your goal. They fit comfortably inside athletic sneakers and come in colors to match all of your athleticwear.

Practice Your Music More Often with our Dancing Notes Novelty Socks
Whether you’re planning to learn the piano, strum a ukulele, or refresh your clarinet skills, our black-and-white socks adorned with dancing notes will inspire you to practice. Adorned with treble clefs, bass clefs, quarter notes, half notes, sharps, and more , these socks are ideal for any type of music player and lover.

Find them in men’s sizes and women’s sizes, too.

Read More Books This Year in Our Reading Books Socks
Reading strengthens your mind and lets you explore new worlds from the comfort of your favorite chair. When you make your resolution to read more, be sure to decide how many books or how often you’ll need to read to meet your goal.

Our Reading Books socks include rows of multi-colored books on an ivory or gray background and come in women’s sizes. We also carry Loyal Books socks with the Hemingway quote, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” on a soothing blue background.

Grow a Sustainable Garden at Home in Your New Women’s Novelty Socks
Shopping at the farmer’s market makes you feel like you’re doing your part in supporting local business, but raising your own produce at home is even more empowering! Know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown by building and planting your very own sustainable garden in your backyard. If that’s your goal – or perhaps you just want to try your hand at gardening this year – then our Veggie Garden women’s novelty socks are perfect for you!

A bright green background is utterly covered in a variety of delicious-looking fresh veggies sure to inspire you to get outdoors, pull weeds, water your plants, and harvest the fruits of your labor.

Wear Our Silly Socks While You Become a Wine Connoisseur
Reds, whites, moscatos, champagne … whatever you love the most, they’re on our Love the WIne You’re With novelty socks for women. Starting a wine education can be as simple as taking a class at your local community college, being self-taught through library books, or embarking on a full certification course that takes years to complete to prepare you for a new career.

As you sample new chardonnays, rieslings, cabernet sauvignons, or merlots, remember that the best wine is one you like, not one with the highest price tag or fanciest label.

Socks for When Your Goal Is “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”
If overthinking, dwelling on past events, or worrying about all the little details has gotten in the way of your happiness a little, you might enjoy wearing a pair of socks that reminds you that “Poop happens.” Brush off those little annoyances and keep going!

Our Poop Happens socks for women feature a happy brown emoji-style pile of – well, you know – on a blue background, surrounded by adorable little flies!

Celebrate Yourself in Hot Pink Novelty Socks
Spend time, money, and energy on yourself while wearing our hot pink novelty socks emblazoned with the catchphrase, “Treat yo’self” and a whole bunch of delicious-looking sweets, like pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. You deserve self-care that involves making a big deal out of your own accomplishments, and these socks might just inspire you to take action.

Do something for yourself every day – treat yo’self! Get Inspired with Our Fun Socks for Women
What other resolutions have you set for yourself this year? Whatever it is, you’re sure to find a pair of fun socks for women from Foot Traffic to inspire you to keep working toward it.

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