How to Gift Holiday Novelty Socks the Right Way

Foot Traffic Socks Make Unique Holiday Gifts for Women, Men, and Kids

It’s 2020, and as the years progress, so does sock technology and design. Gone are the days that teenagers open up their holiday gifts and pretend to be thrilled with a package of plain white socks from Grandma. Modern socks are way more exciting, and dare we say more thrilling, than the cotton tubes of yore.

The novelty sock game at Foot Traffic is on point, so you’ll never see disappointed faces opening packages filled with our fun and silly socks for the whole family. In fact, our socks make amazing gifts for the holidays and are ideal for gifting in all kinds of ways. Bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face and joy to their feet with a pair of novelty socks from Foot Traffic.

Novelty Socks as Stocking Stuffers

The easiest way to gift novelty socks is in your family members’ stockings! Silly socks are the perfect stocking stuffer because of their size and affordable price. They’re also a thoughtful departure from the same types of stocking stuffer gifts you’ve given each year, like candy, toothbrushes, gift cards, scratch tickets, or small games, for example.

We love:

Hang Novelty Socks on the Tree

If Santa visits your house, perhaps he participated in a little Christmas tree decorating! Rather than wrapping socks with other items or adding them to a long list of stocking stuffers, make the giving extra special by hanging them like ornaments on your tree.

The crisp images and bright colors on our novelty socks will stand out from the evergreen branches and other ornaments, so your family can easily spot them and find the pair that’s meant to be theirs.

We recommend:

Foot Traffic Socks in a Countdown Calendar

There are eight days of Hanukkah, so why not give eight pairs of socks to your loved one? Just like the Maccabees didn’t run out of oil, your gift recipient will never run out of socks to wear.

You can also give a pair of socks each week leading up until Christmas – or a pair each day leading up until Christmas if you really want to go big! Give socks for the 12 days of Christmas, between Christmas Day and Three Kings Day or the Epiphany. 

Let’s illustrate an example with one holiday in particular. For example, for Hanukkah, include:

Women’s Novelty Socks Inside a Gift Basket

Assemble a themed gift basket, complete with novelty socks. Coffee lovers will enjoy receiving a spectacular new coffee mug, their favorite freshly-roasted beans, and a pair of coffee-themed novelty socks from Foot Traffic.

Fans of gardening will love getting some new gardening tools and plant pots, along with a pair of gardening socks to match their favorite hobby. Give your child’s teacher a pair of novelty socks, along with gift cards for a local coffee shop and office supply store. 

Use your imagination. The gift basket possibilities are truly limitless! Take a look at our past blogs for more inspiration.[1] 

Consider socks like:

Novelty Socks for Kids with Matching Pajamas or Silly Holiday Sweater
Start a new tradition in your house. Let your kids unwrap a new pair of pajamas or holiday outfit and a storybook on Christmas Eve. Why not include a pair of novelty socks to match their new clothes?

Tuck them in for the night after they read their story, and they’ll have something new and fun to wear on their feet on Christmas morning!

Choose socks like:

Load ‘Em Up with Novelty Socks for Every Occasion

There are seven days in a week, so why not gift a pair of socks for every day, with a theme for each day? 

Choose our cozy slipper socks for staying in on the weekend, bamboo socks for exercising, trouser socks for date night or other dressy occasions, job-themed socks for the weekdays, and a pair of hobby-inspired socks for Friday, like our Men’s Golf Socks.

Women’s Novelty Socks with a Pair of Cute Boots
Macaroni and cheese. Peanut butter and jelly. Coffee and creamer. Cookies and milk. These things just go together, and so do socks and shoes! 

Slip a pair of our gorgeous women’s novelty socksboot socks, or knee high socks into a brand-new pair of winter boots or casual shoes to make a complete gift that she’ll love. 

Why Choose Foot Traffic Socks Over Other Brands?
Foot Traffic has been in business for more than 30 years. Our team is focused on designing collections of legwear and crazy socks that celebrate humor and fun – but that also look and feel good. We partner with manufacturers that use the best quality materials for comfort and a flexible fit because novelty socks should be enjoyed and worn!

Foot Traffic socks aren’t just about what you put on your feet; they’re meant to inspire laughter, fun, coziness and smiles ! Shop online today!

hyperlink to your favorite blog about assembling gift baskets with socks.

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