Novelty Socks That Make Us Feel Thankful

Fun Socks for Men and Women Celebrate the True Meaning of Giving Thanks

‘Tis the season to be thankful (and to eat turkey). Although 2020 has indubitably been a tough year, we hope you’ve remained positive about at least some areas of your life and are feeling a little bit grateful for the things you have – tangible or otherwise – and the people you love. This year, Thanksgiving will probably look a little different for many families this year because of social distancing practices and the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation to not host gatherings if at all possible. But that doesn’t mean there’s no cause of celebration or fun to be had on your own. NO need to deprive yourself of everything pumpkin! Join your family via teleconference, cook a miniature version of Thanksgiving dinner for you and your household, or come up with your own new tradition – but do it in these novelty socks for men and women . Our very special footwear is sure to help you find the positive in the darkness and feel thankful for what you have and for some of the things that this year has given us, however little it seems.

Foot Traffic Smiley Face Socks

Fun Smiley Face Socks put a Smile On Your Face They say smiles are contagious, which is probably why it’s so hard not to grin when eye-to-eye with our Smiley Face socks for men and women . These bright yellow silly socks feature a massive, classic smiley face on the front of the sock shaft, much like the one Forrest Gump supposedly designed (albeit accidentally) in the movie by the same name. Let your feet do the talking at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, or at home. Not only will wearing them brighten your day, but they’ll also bring good cheer to those who see them. The overall message? There’s always something – at least one thing – to smile about. If you’re especially thankful for an awesome healthcare worker this year, consider giving them a pair of our Smiley Nurse Women’s Socks , featuring a laughing emoji wearing a classic nursing hat. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Fun Socks for Women with a Motivational Reminder

Carpe squeezem. Make every moment of every day count when you squeeze the day wearing these impossibly gorgeous lemon novelty socks for women . A lush hunter green background, soft two- toned greenery, and brilliant yellow lemons remind you to “Squeeze the day” in creamy white modern calligraphy. We’re still floored by the artwork on these, and we even designed them ourselves! What will you do to squeeze the day? For some people, the hustle never stops. And for others, squeezing the day looks like spending free time participating in something that brings you pleasure and joy.

Silly Socks That Make You Believe in Magic

We know a lot of utterly wonderful children who firmly believe in unicorns and will argue with you until they must sleepily be carried off to their beds. Majestic, powerful, and inherently incredibly magical, unicorns are commonplace in literature and mythology. They’re also commonplace on our brilliant blue Unicorn Women’s Socks . Our bright white unicorn with rainbow mane and tail is raring to go, and ready to participate in whatever activity you have in store. They remind their wearers that, despite being an adult, believing in a little magic once in a while can make your heart lighter. Let our unicorn socks help you find a little something to be thankful for this season; rainbows, the turning of the leaves, science-fiction novels, or that 2021 is quickly approaching are just a few suggestions from us. Will your wishes into reality with our When Pigs Fly Women’s Socks . It may be an idiom people say when they don’t think something is possible, but you can turn it all around for yourself with good intentions and focus. Just like the magical unicorn, these flying pink piggies will remind you to believe in yourself and everything you’re capable of as they soar among white clouds against a baby blue sky.

The Message is Clear on These Women’s Novelty Socks

Look on the bright side with our Blessed Women’s Socks . Our mid-calf rise crew socks feature the hand-lettered words “blessed” and “thankful,” surrounded by wildflowers, which continue onto the top of your feet. They’re the socks you’d get if you combined the design sensibilities of Joanna Gaines with the aesthetics of The Pioneer Woman, and we’re not mad about it. In fact, we’re feeling thankful and blessed that these fun socks for women exist at all.

Patriotic Socks for Men and Women

Perhaps this year you’re thankful for the right to vote and the democracy we live in. So, why reserve our patriotic American flag socks for Independence Day on July fourth? We say, wear them any ol’ day you please, even on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter if you’re red or blue. Our American flag socks come in different sizes and styles, so pick the one that you think will look the best on you. Our women’s flag socks are a mid-rise crew, as are our men’s novelty socks . ​

Get All Your Novelty Socks for Women and Men from Foot Traffic

Not only are our socks perfect to wear while celebrating holidays, they’re great for everyday wear, too. With hundreds of fun designs to choose from, there are silly socks for everyone in your family at Shop for fun socks for women and men, and don’t forget to check out our silly socks for kids , too.

But you’ll also find some knee-high American flag socks on our website, along with lightweight trouser socks in two designs, to wear with dress shoes: Old Glory Trouser Socks and our America Trouser Socks . The whole family can match, because we also carry youth-sized socks emblazoned with the American flag, and patriotic socks in smaller kid sizes, too. Pledge allegiance to the flag, and we pledge to keep creating one-of-a-kind novelty socks for your family.

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