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A Wide Selection of Winter Novelty Socks for Men and Women

At Foot Traffic Headquarters, we got our first snow in October, which got us thinking about staying warm this winter. Winter is one of our crew’s favorite seasons because we get to sport our silliest, most fashionable, and coziest fun socks for men and women, and it’s the perfect temperature to do it.

All summer long, we look longingly at our slipper socks and microfiber fuzzy socks, waiting for the day we can slip them onto our feet and relish in how wonderful they are. (Sometimes we even turn the air conditioner way down, so we can pretend it’s cold outside, and that we definitely need these warm socks.)

So you can imagine how thrilled we are to see the temperatures cooling. We hope you’re excited too! And if you’re not, maybe our super cheerful and snuggly socks can set your mind right.

Wear Women’s Slipper Socks Around the House

Opt to leave your house shoes by the bed and wear our women’s slipper socks all over the house. We offer so many designs to suit your personality and interests, and every pair has a non-skid pad on the bottom to prevent slipping on slick floors – even in the kitchen as you sleepily brew coffee in the morning. Scooby Doo needed these socks for grip before taking off running, and honestly, so do you.

Slipper socks are a winter staple for keeping your toes warm and cozy during any activity you do in the comfort of your own home. They’re also great to take along with you on trips, so you don’t have to walk barefoot through hotel rooms. And if you’re in need of a stocking stuffer, slipper socks make the grade every time.

Novelty slipper socks at Foot Traffic are just $10 per pair, and you won’t find our fun designs anywhere else. Kansans and Wizard of Oz fans will love our Red Slipper Socks; lovers of all things spooky – or perhaps podiatrists – will adore our Bones Slipper Sock; and we have so many options for people whose best friends are animals: Hedgehog Slipper Socks, Cat Slipper Socks, Fox Slipper Socks, and more. You also won’t want to miss our holiday slipper socks, featuring a very distinguished nutcracker.

Cuddly Microfiber Fuzzy Socks for Couch Potatoes
When you’ve had enough of chilly weather and cold toes in your own home, don a pair of our microfiber fuzzy socks in a huge range of colors. We have a pair to match every set of pajamas or sweats you own!

We’re told our microfiber fuzzy socks for women are soft like rabbit fur and warm as a blanket fresh from the laundry – but why don’t you decide if that’s true by ordering a pair or two to try? At just $9 a pair, these must-haves are an affordable way to keep warm without turning up the heat and ending up with a high utility bill. Buy three or more, and save a dollar on every pair.

Unlike comparable fuzzy socks sold elsewhere, ours are densely-knit to keep your feet fully covered without stretching out. Our customers report they are non-binding, so they can wear them all day without any discomfort around the elastic. And because they’re so incredibly soft, you can wear them to bed; your sheets will glide right over them without friction, and your toes will stay warm all night long.

Look for holiday colors? Try our red fuzzy socks or our lime green fuzzy socks.

Extra Soft Bamboo Socks for Men and Women

Although our Bamboo Socks weren’t designed with the intention of being cozy socks, they turned out to be one of our customers’ favorite choices for general wear throughout all four seasons. We especially like them because they are so soft and help keep your feet dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat. Wear our bamboo socks to the gym, to work, inside your winter boots, while you work from home, or for lazy winter days curled up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.

Bamboo is one of the earth’s greatest renewable resources. It’s strong and durable, and grows at an incredible rate. It requires 65 percent less water to grow than other trees and plants, and even releases more oxygen into the air than other flora. Our socks are made with 30 percent bamboo yarn, 48 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex for a soft, breathable fiber mix that feels amazing on your feet.

For colder months, we recommend purchasing our women’s bamboo crew socks or our men’s bamboo crew socks, although we also offer no-show socks for both men and women. This season’s colorways include black, white, mustard, indigo, and smoke – some of the most on-trend hues for fall and winter.

Socks for People Who Run Warm (and Holiday Socks, Too!)

If you’re someone who always feels uncomfortably warm, and you aren’t looking for insulation for your feet, but still need to wear socks, Foot Traffic can help you with our novelty socks for men and women. They’re thinner than a slipper sock, but still durable and well-constructed.

Quality construction and crisp graphics set our novelty socks apart from the rest on the market. We specialize in novelty socks only, which means we can dedicate our time to perfecting them – and we have, for the last 30 years.

Choose from silly sock patterns with sassy sayings, like, our Love the Wine You’re With Women’s Socks, or go a more artistic route with our Hamsa Women’s Socks. We have a huge variety of silly socks for men, too, like our Men’s Smiley Face Socks for channeling your inner Forrest Gump, or our Men’s Alien Abduction Socks.

Our holiday novelty socks for women and men are in stock, too. Grab a few pairs as a stocking stuffer, or for completing your outfit for Christmas day or one of the festive nights of Hanukkah:

Your Feet Will Love Our Winter Socks

Bare feet are cold, sad feet. Cheer them up by donning a pair of cozy, fuzzy socks or slipper socks from Foot Traffic. Shop online for yourself, or someone on your holiday shopping list. We even carry fun socks for kids, women’s tights, leg warmers, and more!

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