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Ballet dancers have known for years the power of a good pair of leg warmers. And although we at Foot Traffic specialize in creating the comfiest, funniest, and best novelty socks in the biz, we also happen to be privy to the 411 on what makes leg warmers so great, too. 

Even if you don’t stand at the barre, plié, or pirouette, sweater-like leg warmers can become a staple in your everyday life. Prepare to get cozy and warm when you pull on a pair of leg warmers, using our styling tips and tricks!

Leg Warmers for Workouts

The original purpose of leg warmers was to help keep dancers (or any athlete, really) warm before and after practicing or performing. Warm muscles tend to do a better job of catapulting ballerinas’ bodies about the stage or studio and build up less lactic acid – the stuff responsible for soreness – after an intense workout.

For pre- and post-workout warmth, we recommend our Super Long Leg Warmers, which extend from thigh to foot. Elastic at the top keeps them in place, and the opening at the bottom accommodates your ballet slippers or sneakers. They come in multiple colors, so you’re sure to find a pair that matches your team’s uniforms.

One of our customers, the mother of a danseur (that’s a male ballerina!) had this to say* about our leg warmers: “It’s always hard to find leg warmers for my danseur, who is a dance major in college. When I noticed his current leg warmers were worn out, I was very happy to see your catalog, and texted him about the kind he might like. He is over six feet tall, most of it leg. He’s getting the Super Long Leg Warmers for Christmas. Being able to buy them online is fantastic!”

Leg Warmers for Wheelchair-Bound Heroes
After sustaining a serious injury that leaves you paralyzed or unable to feel much sensation in your lower extremities, it becomes important to make sure your legs stay warm. In fact, people living with paralysis have trouble regulating their body temperature in general, so spending time outdoors in cold weather can be pretty uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Our leg warmers come in a variety of weights, lengths, and styles, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding pairs that will help you or your family member as you take to the great outdoors – even if it is just going for a stroll in the park or getting out of your vehicle in the parking lot and heading into the grocery store.

A customer of ours ordered several pairs for her husband, who is confined to a wheelchair after being injured during his time in the Army. (Thank you for your service!) She told* us, “They wash up good. He does not complain that they are itchy or move around when he transfers from one chair to another. He even sleeps with them on, and they seem to stay in place. It gives me peace of mind knowing that his legs are warm, and he can enjoy some outdoor activities without worrying about checking his legs to see if they are cold. Worth the money.” 

Elderly Loved Ones Stay Cozy with Leg Warmers

Especially if you share a home with your older loved ones, you know there’s a limit to the temperature that you can withstand before you start overheating. But older adults tend to feel colder, even in heat, so you have to find a way to compromise. You can always add a sweater on top, but wearing two pairs of pants can be uncomfortable and encumbering. 

Instead, older adults can wear a pair of leg warmers under relaxed-fit bottoms, or over jeans or slacks with a tighter-fitting leg. They’re also easy to wear with a long nightgown for lounging before bed or in the morning before getting ready for the day and cover the areas bathrobes normally don’t reach.

One customer told* us, “I’m a senior and live in a very cold area. My legs freeze. These are great to wear during the winter. I pull them all the way up to cover my thighs.” Another said*, “My 88-year-old mum loves them because they don’t have tight elastic in them and how warm they are on her legs.”

Wear Leg Warmers During Urban Commutes

If you live in a major city, you’re no stranger to taking public transportation to get to work, school, restaurants, the grocery store, and anywhere else you need to go. In colder climates, commuting can be miserable if you aren’t staying as warm as you need to be.

Forget about the bulky snow suits or coveralls that you might have been considering, and instead, wear a pair of stylish leg warmers from Foot Traffic. You can easily pull them onto your legs, over your pants, or under your skirt, so your legs stay cozy even as a chilly winter breeze blows. As an added bonus, they can even help to protect your clothes from salt stains or slush as you walk down the sidewalk. 

An urban commuter customer shared*, “I live in the city and walk or take the bus a lot. These were the missing ingredient in my outdoor wear for cool weather. These are the perfect thing. Super cute, too.”

Fashionable Leg Warmers for Everyday Wear
Accessories make the outfit, and a pair of leg warmers could be just the thing you’re looking for to complete your look.

One of our fashion-forward customers said, “These knee-high leg warmers worn over black shoes and hose look just like tall boots – so cool! You’ll get lots of compliments. They’re well-made and last a long time.” 

Stock Up on Fun Socks for Men, Leg Warmers, and Leggings from Foot Traffic

It’s almost that time of year: time to think about how you’ll stay warm! At Foot Traffic, we make it easy to find hilarious, beautiful, or silly socks for men and women, plus fleece-lined or regular leggings. And our kids’ socks are perfect wardrobe additions, too! 

Don’t wait until you’re feeling chilly; shop online today.

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