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Get the Benefits of Bamboo Socks from Foot Traffic

We admit that our Bamboo Socks won’t necessarily qualify as “fun” or “novelty”; they don’t have any images, patterns, or punny sayings on them. But they do come in a variety of colors to match most any outfit; are available in no-show and regular crew lengths; and our customers tell us they are some of the best socks they’ve ever owned.

Our Bamboo Socks for men and women are made of 30 percent bamboo yarn, 48 percent cotton, 17 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex, giving them a soft feel with some stretch. This combination makes for breathable fabric that wicks moisture – like sweat – away from the wearer’s skin. They’re perfect for working out, lounging, and everyday wear.

So why not try out these truly special socks? Here are a few great reasons you might want to – plus feedback from our customers who wear our Bamboo Socks every day.

Bamboo Socks for Working from Home
Folks working from home need to look professional from the waist up, especially if they are on teleconferences with their webcams on. But from the waist down? That’s where they aim for comfort. Pajama pants or sweatpants are designed to be soft and cozy against the skin, and they keep you warm. Don’t you think that your feet should get the same treatment?

Choose from black, white, smoke, indigo, or mustard colors – on-trend hues and neutral ones, too, to match any pair of comfy pants you may have in your dresser drawers. And because they come in multipacks, it’s easy to stock up! Two pairs of crew socks are just $15, and three pairs of no-show socks are just $10!

Our Customers Like Our Soft Socks for Sensitive Feet
Let’s just say that we weren’t at all surprised when we heard from our customers that the Bamboo Socks we sell on our website were their favorite sock of choice for protecting and comforting their sensitive feet and legs. We know they’re super soft because we’ve tested them out!

Some socks leave elastic marks deep into the skin, or the seams just rub you the wrong way. Other people are bothered by the super-rough interior of common cotton crew socks. Our valued customers with sensitive feet report that our Bamboo Socks for women and men aren’t responsible for any of those irritations, and they feel great to wear because they provide just the right amount of cushion and support.

Cozy and Cute Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Ready to snuggle up next to the fireplace on a cold winter’s night, or head out to an outdoor pop-up market to find unique holiday gifts for your family? Choose our Bamboo Socks for either end of the spectrum! You’ll be impressed by their versatility. 

While the combination of fibers makes our socks super soft and breathable, it also makes them warm, too! Protect your feet from blisters as you walk, keep your feet warm and dry while you’re outdoors, and savor the softness while you relax at home. 

We recommend wearing our crew socks with your hiking boots, and our no-show socks work perfectly with your favorite pair of athletic shoes. Take them to the gym, on the trail, or around the city, and test them out; we bet you’ll love how your feet feel in them.

Our Customers with Diabetic Neuropathy Choose Our Bamboo Socks
Did you know that some people with diabetes are required to wear special socks? That’s because they have to be more careful than others when it comes to protecting their feet. Many folks suffering with symptoms of diabetes have what is called diabetic neuropathy, which causes them to lose feeling in their legs and feet, thanks to nerve damage. Diabetic neuropathy prevents them from feeling hot, cold, or the presence of a cut on their foot.

Specially-designed diabetic socks decrease the risk of foot injury and help keep feet dry. Doctors recommend that their diabetes patients wear socks that are non-constricting, padded, warm, soft, and moisture-wicking. 

At Foot Traffic, we aren’t doctors. We just make really good socks. Our Bamboo Socks are not designed to be for diabetics, nor do we ever say that they’ll help with diabetic neuropathy. However, our customers who are loyal to our Bamboo Socks tell us they meet all the criteria for them, and they choose Foot Traffic again and again when they need new pairs. We’re happy that we’re able to help!

What Our Customers Say About Our Bamboo Socks for Men and Women
Since we began selling our Bamboo Socks a few years ago, we’ve gotten some really great feedback from the people who wear them. If all the benefits we’ve touted aren’t enough to convince you, maybe these great reviews* will!

“I love these socks. They don’t get moist in my shoes, and they don’t end up at my toes after wearing them for an hour!” – Cindy

Best socks I’ve ever owned. The bamboo is the trick. I have the most funky tropical feet you could imagine, and these socks help with moisture management.” – Jake (Uh, maybe TMI, Jake, but we’re glad you love ‘em.)

“These are among the most comfortable socks I own. I highly recommend them as an athletic or everyday sock.” – Ricky

“My husband says these socks are wonderful! He loves them! He said they stay in place and don’t twist and turn around on his foot. And they don’t pinch his feet.” – Linda

Where to Shop for Bamboo Socks
Now that you’ve heard about the great benefits of wearing bamboo-based socks, and you’re ready to try out a pair for yourself, we’d love for you to take a look at ours!

Our men’s socks and women’s socks are available online for shipping straight to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house to experience their comfort and benefits.

Shop now! 

*reviews edited for clarity

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