Take a Peek at our Fall 2020 Fun Socks Roundup

The Latest Styles in Novelty Socks for Men, Women and Kids from Foot Traffic

The bite of fall will be here before we know it, and it’ll be time to fill your drawers with our fresh novelty socks. The newest styles from Foot Traffic were just born this month after weeks of pampering our designers and feeding them the most nutritious humorous and pop culture references. We’ve spent our time nurturing and helping to develop these socks, and now, it’s time to round them up for your consideration.

The Greatest Novelty Socks of All Time, for Everyone
We herd you’d like these green, calf-height novelty socks covered in tiny gray, white, tan, and brown goats. We’re not kid-ding when we say our socks are the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) because they’re super comfy, soft, and breathable. These fun socks also come in women’s sizes.

Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme … marijuana. If cannabis sativa is your favorite herb, as these socks proclaim, then you’d have to be high to not add these to your online shopping cart! And we can assure you that our fun socks for men and women are completely legal in all 50 states! 

Wearing masks makes us feel like a superhero. Our novelty socks for women and men feature a mask-wearing vintage face. The men’s socks ask “Does this mask make me look taller?” And the women’s socks want to know, “Does this mask make my butt look big?” and “How do I drink wine with this mask?” Social distance in style as you tell people to “Stay over there!” (just like the reverse side of these men’s socks.)

Fun Socks for Women from our Fall Line-Up
Whether your favorite form is chips, bars, ice cream, or even milk, if you love chocolate, our Chocolate Socks are for you! Emblazoned with “Chocolate is cheaper than therapy” on one side and “Chocolate fixes everything” on the other, our socks may simplify the truth. But we are pretty firm in our belief in the powers of this sweet substance.

Some people count down to fall because they like the chill in the air, or the way the leaves on the trees burst into warm colors before littering the ground around them. Other people are more focused on the flavor of the season: pumpkin everything. If a #PSL is your favorite drink, or if your taste buds jump for joy at the hint of that nutmeg-y and cinnamon-y goodness, then our Pumpkin Everything Socks will fit right into your life. 

Minimalism in home decor is out, and filling every spare surface or tiny space with houseplants is in. If you have more potted plants in your house than chairs, or if you secretly collect leaves broken from succulents at the garden center to propagate at home, then you just might be a Plant Lady. Our Plant Lady Socks and Men’s Plant Lover Socks are adorned with depictions of aloe vera, sansevieria, monstera, and more, plus clever plant puns on an adorable coral background. Wear these fun socks for women with pride as you water your plant babies.

Shop our full selection of fun socks for women.

All-New Fun Novelty Socks for Men
You know how you put on your stretchiest pants in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner? We’re campaigning for everyone to wear our brightly-colored Men’s Ramen Socks every time they slurp down these savory, fragrant bowls of noodles at their favorite noodle house. Just like you customize your bowl of ramen by choosing the broth, meat, and add-ins, customize your outfit with our turquoise-colored socks featuring a steamy bowl of soup. They’re the perfect addition to your collection of novelty socks for men.

Pull the tap and fill your mugs with your favorite frothy brew, and pull on these socks for a tour of your favorite brewery — or just relaxing at home with a cold one. Our Men’s Beer Steins Socks come in deep navy blue with a gold cuff and a smattering of beer mugs and pint glasses, full to the brim with foamy pale ales, lagers, and hefeweizen. 

We’re hopeful for professional football to kick off this fall so we can watch our favorite teams go head-to-head on the gridiron, probably as we watch from our couches. Join us in getting prepared for the big game with our Game Day Socks for Men in four colorways. All four include a smoky gray background with black accents. Style Blue has a dark blue top, toe, and heel with a light gray footbed and stripes (think Dallas Cowboys colors). Style Green has a green top, top, and heel, with a yellow gold footbed and stripes (perfect for Green Bay Packers fans). Style black has a charcoal top, toe, and heel, with a red footbed and red and gold stripes (just right for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs). And Style Red has a red toe and heel, dark blue top and footbed, with red and white stripes (perhaps for the New England Patriots?). 

Shop for more clever men’s novelty socks.

Our Latest Fun Socks for Kids Big and Small
Even small humans deserve silly socks from Foot Traffic! Our kids’ styles come in two sizes. Kids’ sizes are 10 to 1Y, perfect for children ages 4 to 7. Youth sizes range from 12 to 5Y, for kids ages 7 to 10. And our designs come in both sizes so older siblings and younger siblings can match!

Our top favorite crazy kids’ socks for fall feature the Socktopus, a not-so-fearsome purple octopod wearing his very own novelty socks on all eight feet … or should we say tentacles? 

In a pickle for crazy sock day at school or over Zoom? Our Big Dill Socks remedy that situation. Featuring a talking pickle declaring, ‘I’m kind of a big dill,” older kids will get a kick out of the pun, while younger kids can show off their feet with their favorite veggie-like food on them! Or how about kids bees socks encouraging kids to BEE themselves!

There are lots more crazy socks for kids where these came from. Shop our full selection.

Why Buy Your Novelty Socks from Foot Traffic?
It seems like every clothing manufacturer has their own line of fun socks for men and women, but we think Foot Traffic’s socks are a cut above. We’ve been in the sock biz for more than three decades, so we’ve perfected sock design and production.

All our novelty socks are created from a custom blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, which makes our socks breathable, soft, and extra comfortable. A high needle count used to manufacture our socks makes them denser and softer, resulting in a crisp and clean design. And finally, our reinforced toe and top band provides a comfortable-fitting sock that stays in place all day and holds up wash after wash.

We’ve set a higher standard for novelty socks for women, men, and kids. That’s why FootTraffic.com should be your first choice when shopping for crazy socks for the whole family. See our full collection!

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