Knee High Socks Outfit Ideas for Fall

Our Fun Socks for Women Cover Your Calves for Warmth and Style

In the days of the Roman Empire, knee high socks were first introduced — kind-of. The first ones were technically just cloth wraps bound with leather for warmth and protection. Even British soldiers wore woolen knee-highs during both World Wars.

Thankfully sock technology has advanced far beyond the antiquated wool or rags of yore. The knee socks we see today are much more like those popularized as fashion accessories during the eras of the miniskirt: the 1960s and 1970s. Today, our fun knee-high socks from FootTraffic come in bold patterns and colors and complement any outfit you can dream up.

Here are a few stylish outfit ideas we’ve thought of, along with the novelty knee highs you can find right here on our website.

Wear Knee Socks with a Skirt and Tall Boots
Throw back to the days of tie-dye and peace signs and pair knee socks with a miniskirt and tall boots. You’ll love the way the cuff peeks over the top of your footwear to match or stand out from the rest of your duds.

If you need to dress up your outfit a little, our Textured Lace Knee Highs should be your first choice. They come in taupe with ivory or black with ivory, so they’ll match both brown and ebony-hued boots. We love these socks’ lace pattern because they’re elegant, but still casual. 

Wear Knee Socks under Jeans for Warmth
When the weather gets chilly, pack on the layers! Wearing knee-high socks under your jeans keeps you cozy without adding bulk to the waistband of your pants. That’s a win-win.

Knit knee high socks for women add unexpected pops of color to your outfit. Our sweater-inspired Icelandic Knee Socks come in multiple colorways, including red/yellow/brown; lime green/periwinkle/blue; and deep purple/hot pink/orange. Wear them with sneakers, booties, or your favorite Birkenstock-style sandals.

Don’t be bamboozled by the name. Our Cotton Rag Boot Socks are far superior to rags. They get their name because they’re 100 percent cotton, which makes them the perfect choice for wearing with your hiking boots on a stroll through the woods or down a trail. Choose from three solid colors: ebony (a solid black), granite (a heathered dark gray), or ivory (a soothing off-white).

Put on Knee Socks with Pajamas as You Lounge
The cutest and most comfortable pajama sets almost always have short bottoms. So, when you’re lounging on the sofa, binging Gilmore Girls or Friends for the fourteenth time, you can either grab a blanket (and then freeze every time you have to get up to take a trip to the kitchen for a snack), or you can pull on some of our coziest knee-high socks for women.

Our Textured Cable Knit Knee Socks will remind you of your favorite winter sweater. The zig-zagging knit stands out despite the solid-colored white, black, plum, chocolate, or sage yarn they’re made from. They wash up great with no stretching, and the colors stay bold, so even if you have to change out your jammies, these socks will still be good to go.

For those that have an interest in music, we have some crazy fun Knee High socks with piano keys as well as music notes. You will certainly score wearing these beauties!

If knit socks just aren’t enough, Fleece-Lined Knee Highs can banish cold toes and coordinate with your entire sleepwear wardrobe with colors like black, burgundy, chocolate, and dark grey. We describe them as “fuzzy on the inside, fashion on the outside.” No one even has to know your legs are lounging luxuriously in fleece! 

Knee Socks for Your Next 5K or Marathon
Look at those calves! Have you been working out? Of course you have! Our fashion knee socks for women not only look great on your muscled gams, but they’ll cause quite a stir on the road race course at the next charity run you sign up for.

Spoil your feet and look flashy in our Rainbow Knee Socks. They’ll match literally every pair of running shorts you own and make a statement as you sprint by in a flash. Wear them in a charity run to support LGBTQIA causes for a truly festive look.

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Keep your shins toasty and your fashion sense on display with our high-quality knee-high socks. Whether you’re seeking novelty socks or traditional styles, we have what you’re looking for!

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