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Academic Fun Socks for Men and Women from Foot Traffic

Although it seems like summer just started a few days ago, the reality is that back-to-school time, whatever that looks like this year, is just around the corner. Teachers have been busy all summer preparing for what they hope will be the best academic year yet, by making plans for engaging, student-driven lessons, and coming up with ways to make their classrooms inclusive for students of all needs. Teachers truly are superheroes, no matter if they’re defying coronavirus by wearing face masks and teaching in person, or leading their classes online!

Foot Traffic salutes America’s teachers for their hard work and dedication to their students’ success. As such, we’ve assembled a lengthy list of fabulous novelty socks for teachers, no matter what subject or grade they teach. Which pair will you give to your favorite teacher this school year?

A+ Teacher Novelty Socks

Your favorite teacher will sport these socks with pride, whether they’re in the classroom or teaching lessons online. Adorned with notebook-paper stripes, colorful paperclips, and the ever-famous number two pencils, our blue and white novelty socks for women are sure to get an A+!

Fun Socks for Teachers Who Change the World
How can you put a value on a teacher? These incredible people hang out with 20-plus children all day long, imparting important lessons, and taking care of our youth, and then they go home, grade papers, and plan for their next day’s lessons. For children, teachers are a source of comfort, inspiration, safety, and love. At Foot Traffic, we believe Teachers Change the World, and that’s why we’ve created fun socks for women and men with this very important message on them. Our men’s version features the globe on fields of gray, with black and blue accent colors, while our women’s version is bright white, featuring pink and blue accent colors.

An Apple for the Teacher Socks
The tradition of giving an apple to your teacher goes back to the 1700s in Denmark and Sweden, when impoverished families gave teachers baskets of apples as payment for their children’s education. Bring this tradition to 2020 in a new, modern way, by giving your favorite teacher our “Teaching is a Work of Heart” socks, featuring a shiny, heart-shaped apple complete with leaf. The primary colors of these socks complete any elementary school teacher’s outfits!

Novelty Socks for Science Teachers
We could tell you a science joke, but all the good ones Argon. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing science teachers around to wear our scientific novelty socks for men! Our Chemistry Socks are part of the solution to breathe life back into boring teacher outfits. Covered in beakers containing bubbling substances, various atoms, and spilled chemicals, our socks turn your favorite chemistry teacher into a mad scientist.

If astronomy is more on-point for your favorite science teacher, our moon phase socks depict each lunar phase as we see it from Earth, complete with orbit lines and a field of stars. Is it considered cheating if your teacher wears these novelty socks on test day, and they help you answer exam questions about the moon?

Math Teacher Novelty Socks
If our calculations are correct, math teachers have tough jobs! They have to be masters at complex mathematical concepts, like calculus and trigonometry, but also really good at conveying number relationships to the students they teach. We certainly don’t envy them — but we do recommend presenting your math teacher with a pair of our Math Genius novelty socks. Recalling days of yore when teachers wrote on blackboards with white chalk, these socks are absolutely covered in mathematical equations that stump us — but your favorite mathematician will surely understand.

Math is hard, but it also makes us hungry for pie. Of course, we’re referring to pi, represented by 3.14 and its ongoing list of numerals. Our women’s Pi Socks are dark blue and feature pi as it trails off to infinity. Unfortunately, you won’t find any delicious fruit or cream filling in these socks!

Fun Socks for English Teachers
English teachers are some of the most well-read people on the planet. Not only have they consumed lots of literature for their own schooling, but they probably find leisurely reading to be a relaxing and fulfilling hobby! English teachers can get cozy in our women’s Reading Socks as they crack open a good book and disappear into another world for the afternoon. Our fantastic socks feature full shelves of books, just waiting to be read, on an ivory or gray background!

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” That was very convenient for Hemingway, since he wrote quite a few novels in his time, and for us at Foot Traffic, because it was the perfect quote to put on a pair of our men’s novelty socks. Your English or American Literature teacher will be pleased to wear these with his khakis and loafers as you read The Sun Also Rises in your high school class.

Novelty Socks for Social Studies Teachers
Social studies teachers are vitally important because they teach a subject that explains why the world is the way it is, giving historical perspectives to modern issues, and helping students to discover how the government works. Social studies teachers guide our next world leaders, so give them the gift of socks relevant to their interests.

Our Men’s Vote socks and women’s Vote socks could get students excited to do their civic duty and cast ballots for political candidates they believe will make this country a better place. Novelty socks featuring the presidential faces of forty-fourth President Barack Obama (in both men’s and women’s sizes), sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln, or the country’s current leader, Donald Trump, make great gifts for political science, history, or civics teachers, as do our very patriotic American Flag novelty socks for men and women, in all different lengths and styles.

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