Our Favorite Brightly Colored Footless Tights for Summer

Add Fun, Lightweight Leggings to Your Favorite Summer Outfits

It’s hot outside, but the air conditioner is cranking inside. The temperature difference is startling, and sometimes your cutest summer outfits just don’t provide the coverage you need to stay cozy while you dine out at a restaurant, shop for groceries, or wait in the lobby of your doctor’s office.

Get comfortable in a pair of summery footless tights from Foot Traffic! These lightweight leggings add protection to your legs for warmth, and also help prevent the dreaded thigh chafing you can sometimes get while wearing dresses in humid summer weather. These double-duty accessories add effortless flair to your layered fashion looks.

They’re also super comfortable and soft because they’re made of printed microfiber. Added spandex makes them strong and stretchy, too.

Check out our favorite footless tights for summer, and pick the pair or pairs that best suit your style.

Number 1: Patriotic Footless Tights

Celebrate the birth of the United States this summer with a pair of white footless tights emblazoned with waving American flags. Reserve these for head-turning Independence Day outfits, or wear them whenever you’re feeling a particularly strong love for your country. We think they’d look great paired with a red, blue, or neutral black cotton jersey dress and strappy sandals. Let freedom ring! Looking for tights for the Fourth that are a little less literal? Our blue fireworks tights make a festive fashion statement and match the explosions in the sky you’re about to ooh and ahh over!

Number 2: Tie-Dye Footless Tights

This 60’s fashion trend and summer camp classic is back, baby! Our tie-dye footless tights come in multiple colorways, so you’ll find a pair to match your favorite summer tunic tank tops as you lounge at home, browse at the mall, or grab fro-yo with your friends. For cool hues, choose our sky tie-dye tights, featuring blue and white colors that look like clouds, accompanied with sections of gorgeous purple. Women who prefer warmer colors will like our gray, red, and orange footless tights.

Number 3: Animal Print Lightweight Leggings

Express your inner tiger queen in animal print footless tights. Most animal print reads as neutral, so you can pair our awesome legwear with almost any other colors and still look amazing. Our semi-opaque footless tight options include jaguar print in shades of brown; exotic snakeskin in black and white, subtle bronze, or brilliant platinum;  classic cheetah print; and a bold blue-and-gray snow leopard print. Ready to rule your kingdom? Look the part in our animal-print tights!

Number 4: Footless Tights from a Whole Other Planet!

Add an element of science and adventure to your favorite dress or extra-long tunic top in our semi-opaque New Universe footless tights. Explore various planets in outer space and create unique looks, especially for your career in teaching, astronomy, or physics. A starry night sky in the background of the leggings make the lighter gray planets pop! Ready to boldly go to infinity and beyond? You can in these tights!

Number 5: Floral Footless Tights

When we think of summer, one of the first things that comes to mind are flowers, in all colors and kinds. Add a feminine floral flair to your summer outfits with these footless tights featuring beautiful flora. First up are our yellow daisies tights, in brilliant orange and yellow hues. Daisies are a common summer flower, but your outfit will look anything but common when you wear these! Turn your legs into a lush tropical island, in our orange Tahiti footless tights adorned with blue, orange, purple, and yellow blooms and green leaves. Go for a down-to-earth floral look with our semi-opaque white footless tights featuring large sunflowers, the state flower of Kansas, and one of America’s iconic blooms! Not only are sunflowers absolutely gorgeous, but they also produce a much-loved American snack!

Number 6: Retro Footless Tights

Evoke earlier eras and add a retro vibe to your outfit with our selection of retro footless tights. Try our softer look with brown and blue shell-shaped patterns in midcentury hues. Wear with your favorite sheath dress, headscarf, and pumps to complete your ensemble.

Number 7: Abstract Designs on Our Footless Tights

Not going for any particular look, but wanting bright colors? We have plenty of footless tights for you, too. For starters, check out our denim swope footless tights, featuring all-over denim-colored swirls of azure, cerulean, indigo, sky blue, and more. Wear every color of the rainbow with our vertical footless tights, featuring washes color that make your legs look long and lithe. Go super-neutral with black-and-white swirls that add contrast and energy to your favorite outfits. Go ultra-modern with our graffiti footless tights with vibrant layers of color, including purple, pink, and blue, that look fresh out of a spraypaint can.

How to Wear Footless Tights from Foot Traffic

Because our super lightweight leggings are semi-opaque, that means you shouldn’t wear them alone as pants. Semi-opaque means you can slightly see through them, especially in areas that will stretch a lot, including across your hips or thighs. And who wants to wear heavyweight leggings in the summer, anyway?

Instead, wear our semi-opaque leggings as part of a layered look. Some folks like to wear them under short sundresses. Others put them underneath their favorite pair of denim cutoffs. Still others like to wear them with extra-long tunic shirts with extended hemlines. No matter how you style them, our footless tights are light enough to stay cool in the summer heat, while still offering you coverage in buildings that are too cold for your liking! (They also are great to wear underneath your jeans or other pants in the winter, when it’s very cold, to add a layer of warmth!)

Ready to purchase a few pairs of footless printed tights to complete your summer wardrobe? Shop our full selection online. Be sure to review our sizing recommendations to get the perfect fit on each pair you pick out! Happy shopping!

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