Our Best Summer-Themed Novelty Socks for Women and Men

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You may not associate wearing socks with summertime, but there are occasions that call for complete footwear, even during the summer heat. If you have to wear socks, why not make them fun, summer-inspired ones that reflect your interests? Are you spending more time this summer mowing the lawn and taking care of the yard because you are sheltering at home? Our Men’s Mowing socks and Men’s Squirrel socks will keep the chiggers away from your tempting ankles.

Foot Traffic has you covered with a huge selection of novelty socks for men and fun socks for women. Take a look at some of our top picks for summer 2020.

Sports Novelty Socks for Men and Women
While we carefully social distance and keep our families corralled, there are some youth sports that are proceeding and we want to cheer on our kiddos! Attending their games outdoors is a great way to spend time with family while supporting your youngest family members. (The pro-sports attendance will just have to wait!) Join the Foot Traffic team with these unique sports-themed novelty socks! Celebrate your favorite soccer forward or goalie with our novelty soccer socks. While they’re not suitable for wearing with shin guards or playing competitively, they do make for a stylish way to show off your favorite sport to everyone around you, while protecting your legs and feet from the summer bugs in the grass on the sidelines of the soccer field. Best of all, mom and dad can wear matching socks while cheering on their kid’s team. Buy our men’s soccer goal socks and our women’s soccer socks to wear to your next weekend game.

Baseball is an iconic summer sport, and there’s no experience like attending a game in person. Whether you’re just behind the dugout or high up in the bleachers enjoying the cheap seats, our baseball novelty socks for men are a home run.

At Foot Traffic, fun socks for men and women are par for the course; we’re really good at designing them. So be-FORE you hit the links, don’t forget to pull on your golf socks. Skip the boring solid colors or classic argyle in favor of a modern pair of socks. Our men’s golf bag socks feature an illustration of a golf bag full of the best clubs and drivers available, as well as scattered golf balls along the foot. Match with a pair of women’s golf bag socks. How about EAT SLEEP PLAY GOLF socks for men and women Our women’s novelty golf socks cover your feet in brightly colored golf tees and white golf balls on a green background, adding sass to your golf course fashion.

Take in the Great Outdoors in our Fun Socks!
Summer cookout snacks are some of our favorite treats because we don’t always get to enjoy them year-round. If you’re having a backyard gathering, light up the fire pit, and pull out of the s’mores supplies! Our men’s and women’s novelty socks featuring the saying, “Let’s Have S’More Fun!,” along with a lighted campfire and crossed roasting sticks. 

Speaking of campfires, summer is the perfect time to go on a camping trip. Whether you’re going on a backwoods hiking journey or pitching your tent in an amenity-rich state park, sleeping under the stars just feels different. Our woodsy camping men’s socks are perfect to wear for inspiration as you plan your next trip or load your gear into your backpack.

If you’re outdoorsy in the backyard kind of way, but not so much the forest and hiking trail way, we have socks for you, too. First up are our men’s Grill Boss novelty socks for dads and aspiring dads to wear as they cook meat for dinner. Grab your tongs and your charcoal and show everyone that your rightful place is in front of the grill or smoker. 

For a pair of men’s novelty socks with a bit more personality, and unparalleled brightness, you can’t miss our men’s smiley face socks! Have a nice day in our emoji-yellow socks featuring a classic smiley face and friendly eyebrows. Smiles are contagious, so show these off to brighten someone else’s day!

If vegetables sound more appetizing to you than grilled meat, can we offer you a pair of women’s novelty socks featuring images of all the gardening supplies you would ever need to grow your favorite flowers and veggies? Wear these adorable socks under your gardening clogs or rubber boots for inspiration as you sow seeds and care for bees.

Bright Novelty Socks for Men and Women, Too
Seeking out socks in summery colors, specifically? Don’t worry, we have those, too! Here are a few of our top picks.

For men seeking brightly-colored novelty socks without any sort of obvious theme, our bright dots novelty socks for men and bright stripes socks are two great options. Both pairs come in colors like orange, teal, and lime green, so they’ll match a variety of button-down shirts and slacks for your workwear, and will look equally as good with a polo shirt, jeans, and sneakers at your favorite brunch spot.

For a pair of men’s novelty socks with a bit more personality, and unparalleled brightness, you can’t miss our men’s smiley face socks! Have a nice day in our emoji-yellow socks featuring a classic smiley face and friendly eyebrows. Smiles are contagious, so show these off to brighten someone else’s day!

Looking for more of a boho look for your footwear? You’ll never forget to wear these elephant socks! Silhouettes of adult and baby elephants roam across these socks and stand out from the teal and orange background. They’re a great choice for bright novelty socks for women!

For women, we’ve captured the rich colors of the Hawaiian islands on our women’s hula socks. Hula dancers stand out on a sea of blue background. You can almost hear the strum of the ukulele and the smells of a luau when you wear these women’s novelty socks.

Foot Traffic Specializes in Novelty Socks!
Although we sell lots of foot- and legwear, at the heart of our business is our passion for unique novelty socks. We’ve spent the last 30 or so years coming up with truly special sock designs to bring a smile to our customers’ faces and enhance their wardrobes. 

What’s more brightly-colored and inherently summer than a heaping ice cream cone, complete with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a cherry? Perhaps it’s our ice cream cone women’s novelty socks! Slide your foot into a golden-brown waffle cone, as strawberry and mint ice cream crawl up your ankle, and get topped off with a maraschino cherry on a stem. These socks are a sweet treat for summer!

Are you ready to turn the volume on your outfits up to 11? Shop our full selection of cool socks, and buy a few pairs that speak to you.

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