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On July 4, we celebrate the birth of our nation: Independence Day. Maybe you call it Fourth of July! Maybe you shorten it to the Fourth. No matter the name you choose, it’s a time to acknowledge our Founding Fathers creating the country we live in and declaring independence from England way back in 1776.

As we continue to quarantine and practice safe distancing, it does not stop us from celebrating this annual holiday with family and friends. We may not be in large groups but we can still enjoy the festivities! No matter how we celebrate, whether at home or in a park, we can celebrate in style!

What Independence Day outfit is complete without festive, patriotic socks? At Foot Traffic, we think these fun socks should be a requirement! You definitely need a pair of novelty socks — maybe even several pairs — to rock your all-American look this summer. Check out our incredible novelty socks, perfect for the much-anticipated summer holiday.

Anatomy of the American Flag
The American flag is seen globally as a symbol of freedom and democracy. Did you know that each element of today’s flag represents important parts of American history?

There are 13 red and white stripes, a nod to the 13 original colonies of the United States. This section of the flag is called the “Union.” The Canton, or the blue rectangle in the upper left-hand corner, includes 50 white stars, one representing each state. 

It is said that George Washington indicated the red stripes represented England, but were separated with white stripes to show our independence. Over the years, there have been many variations of the American flag, but they have always been red, white, and blue.

Novelty Socks for Women
Don red and white striped socks, speckled with white stars to set a festive tone for the Fourth of July. The crew height of these Women’s Patriotic socks will stand out above the tops of your shoes to show everyone your love of your country as you sit back and watch the fireworks. 

Ever find yourself enthusiastically chanting, “USA, USA, USA”? Maybe it’s during the Olympics, or World Cup Soccer. Maybe it’s just for fun! These heart-patterned crew socks practically chant along with you. With red hearts across a field of blue, our USA Hearts Women’s Socks reflect your patriotism.

Seeking a more subdued sock look? Consider our Americana No-Show Socks. This three-pack lets you mix-and-match your look with multiple designs of stars and stripes. The no-show height means they don’t rise above the top of your sneakers, if that’s the fashion look you’re going for

If you’re looking for something a little less literal, consider our Vote Women’s Socks. They’re still red, white, and blue, but they urge your friends to head to the polls to cast their votes in the next election — an important aspect of our democracy!

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Novelty Socks for Men
When you’re looking for fun socks for men, especially men’s American flag socks, look no further than Foot Traffic. Salute your feet in our crew-height Men’s American Flag Socks. They may not have the same number of stripes or number of stars as the official flag, but people will get your point when you wear them to celebrate our Independence.

No matter what political party you support, you’ll love our Men’s Trump Socks. Feel absolutely presidential while wearing these socks featuring President Donald Trump behind a podium, delivering a speech. The sole features red and white stripes, while the cuff looks like the field of blue stars from the American flag

American Flag Leggings and Trouser Socks
Pair our America Footless Tights with a patriotic tunic for a relaxed and comfortable look for the Fourth of July. You’ll get freedom of movement and epic patriotic style that will look great under bursts of fireworks lighting up the sky.

Knee-high socks show off your patriotism to the fullest — from your toes to your knee! If you can’t get enough of the red, white, and blue, the  American Flag Knee High Socks should top your list for your Independence Day outfit.

You will love our Stars and Stripes Knee Highs. These socks show off white stars on blue on one socks and red and white stripes on the other sock!

Trouser socks are taller than our crew socks without covering the calf like a knee-high. Trouser socks are usually made of a thinner fabric and pair nicely with dress shoes. Our trouser socks are an excellent, lightweight microfiber choice during the summer heat. Choose your favorite American flag novelty socks from two options in this sock category: America Trouser Socks and Old Glory Trouser Socks. Both are also high quality enough for the workplace.

American Flag Socks for Kids
Even your kids can join in on the fun with our Youth American Flag Socks. Get matching socks for your whole family to wear for the perfect photo opportunity on the Fourth of July! Order every pair you need for every set of feet in your brood from Foot Traffic and deck out everyone to show your love of your country. (And show us your photos via our Instagram, @foottraffic, so we can see your stylish look!)

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Foot Traffic is an all-American apparel company, founded more than 30 years ago and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, to provide the public with incredible novelty socks with unmatched high quality. Our socks are available in retail stores around the country, as well as online for individuals and wholesalers to purchase. 

When you’re looking for fun socks for men, women, or children, make Foot Traffic your choice.

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