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Let’s face it, it’s been a disappointing year for college and high school seniors. The remainder of their final semester of classes moved online, and their commencement ceremonies were canceled in light of the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve lost all opportunities to attend end-of-school-year rites of passage, like prom and throwing their graduation caps in the air. So, at Foot Traffic, we think it’s only fair that you get your graduate a gift they’ll remember for a long time—and sport on their feet in remembrance of their success. In spite of the circumstances, each grad needs to walk proud and WALK OUT LOUD! Whether they graduated top of the class or performed “Good Enough” ( there were more fun things to do than study!), let’s celebrate our 2020 graduation class!

We might be a little biased in our thinking, but our novelty socks make great gifts. You may be thinking, “How is a pair of fun socks the perfect graduation gift?” Here’s how! The cuff of a sock makes a great place to tuck a gift card, check, or cash, to gift your scholar. Select a fun pair of socks that remind you of the grad and they will know that you put some effort into their gift, with of pair of socks and their favorite gift–money! They also make great components of an off-to-college gift basket, including dorm necessities and a collegiate-quality backpack. Socks are the ultimate self-expression, and that’s why they make memorable gifts.

Women’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates

Carpe Diem. If your grad is ready to seize the day, our Lemon Women’s Socks are the perfect pair. Featuring brightly colored yellow fruits and lush green leaves, these fun socks remind your graduate to make lemonade from the lemons life dealt them this year. A motivating catchphrase, “Squeeze the Day,” encourages positivity as they approach their next big thing! 

Let the music move you. Perhaps your high school grad was in the student orchestra. Or, if a college student, a BFA or MFA in music is a big accomplishment. Reward your musician for a job well done with our Symphony Women’s Socks. These cuties feature a maestro leading the orchestra that includes pianists, harpists, timpani drum players, violinists, and more. Ask Alexa or Siri to play “Pomp and Circumstance” as your grad dons these women’s novelty socks and marches around the house, to the beat of their own drummer.

Head of the class. Teachers are such important people, so it only makes sense we have a pair of socks celebrating the fact that they change the world! With subtle notebook paper line-style stripes and stars in bright colors, these socks are ready to celebrate your education school grad’s influence on the next generation of students. Available for guys as well!

Healthy choices. In a shout-out to eating fresh fruits and veggies, our Tossed Salad Women’s Socks feature superfoods like avocados, eggplant, mushrooms, and kale. College grads who studied health and nutrition will eat these up! 

Give them something to Tolk-ien about. For grads who travel off the beaten path and go their own way, these J. R. R. Tolkien-inspired fun socks for women feature the quote “Not all who wander are lost,” a reference to Tolkien’s famous poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glitter.” Graduation is all about closing one chapter to start another; your grad is ready to write one that is uniquely their own. Guys will love this Wanderer sock too!

Men’s Novelty Socks for Recent Graduates


These socks add up. For your actuary, physicist, or math major, our Men’s Math Genius Socks feature every math equation we could think of. Can your grad think of more? Probably! And they’ll also love wearing these fun socks for men as a reminder of their passion for numbers and mathematics.

Presidential wisdom. The sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was known for his honesty and many words of inspiration, including “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Whether your grad majored in political science, or is just going to be exceptionally good at whatever they plan to do next, our Men’s Abe Lincoln Socks make a great gift.

Daily fuel. Caffeine gets us through our days and probably got your graduate through late nights of studying, too. Our Men’s Coffee Socks are just a small reminder of how a fresh cuppa can give your grad the motivation he needs to persevere in the workforce or graduate school. Perhaps, Life Happens, coffee helps is a good reminder of this unusual time.

Cs get degrees. Find humor in a “just OK” GPA. Your grad didn’t earn any academic distinctions and was never on the Dean’s List, but they passed and got their diploma, and that’s all that matters. Our Men’s Good Enough Socks acknowledge that doing decently is just fine, and embracing mediocrity is, too. A for effort!

Kids’ Novelty Socks for Elementary and Middle School Graduates

We’d be remiss if we left out all of the elementary and middle school graduates who worked so hard to get where they are today. Our kids’ novelty socks come in youth sizes, too, for all kinds of growing feet.

An education transformation. If your little caterpillar got her wings and is off to a new middle school in the fall, reward her work with our Butterflies Socks. Her metamorphosis from fifth-grader to teenager is a big deal, and these socks celebrate her growth

Curl up with a good book. If your little one spends their spare time diving into new worlds through books, our Kids I Love Reading Socks are for them. Featuring bespectacled giraffes holding books, these adorable socks will inspire your child’s next literary adventures and their love of their favorite school subject.

Priorities. Ask a group of schoolchildren about their favorite time of day during the school year, and you’re sure to get a few (probably most) that say they look forward to recess the most. If your kid lives for playing outside, our Youth Recess Socks make that clear to everyone.

Foot Traffic: Fun Socks HQ

Our 30+year career of providing you with the best novelty socks for women, men, and kids, is proof of Foot Traffic’s mission to make high-quality fun socks. 

Shop our full selection online, or find us in a specialty boutique store near you. We have socks for absolutely everyone on your graduation-gift list, and you might even find a few pairs to treat yourself with, too.

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