As Father’s Day quickly approaches, June 21, it’s time to start thinking about Dad and his role in your life.  There are all kinds of dads, just as there are all kinds of mothers. One thing is for sure–all of the dads that I know love their kids, from birth to adulthood, and there is nothing that stands in the way of a Dad’s love.  Whether your dad is the dad that raised you, your granddad or someone who is “like a dad”, Father’s Day is a great time to recognize him.  Sure, he may not be so great in the kitchen, but he is amazing at the grill. Or, perhaps he is amazing in the kitchen, but he is not so great at the grill. Dads come in all shapes and sizes and his attributes are unique only to him.  No matter how you choose to honor your dad this June, include a pair of these fun trophy socks to let him know he is the BEST DAD EVER!

Father’s Day is a great day to let Dad know that he is important in your life and that you want to make this day all about him.  One thing that unites most dads is a sense of humor.  No matter what gift you are giving your dad, include a pair of fun socks to make him smile.  Here are some fun ideas to help personalize your gift to make any gift special just for him.

Let’s start with a dad that just loves to tinker with his car.  He would rather hang out in the garage that about anywhere else.  He loves to watch car racing and he secretly would love to drive a race car at some point in his life.  Too bad he owns a family SUV. Give him a fun pair of VINTAGE CAR socks or a pair of socks with car parts for the mechanic and a gift card for gas or hand made gift certificate to clean and spit shine his car with him.

Does your dad love to grill? Is he happiest when he has a beer in one hand and a plate of meat ready for the grill in the other hand? Now that is what we are talking about. He is definitely the GRILL BOSS when he is in charge of cooking the meat—or vegetables—or whatever can be cooked on the grill. Let your dad know you appreciate his grilling skills. Share a pair of these fun GRILL BOSS socks with a bottle of his favorite BBQ sauce and he will be ready to take the lead behind the spatula and the heat.

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Does your dad love his lawn? Is he out there mowing the lawn every weekend, trimming the edges, grooming the boxwoods and power blowing the debris off of the sidewalk and the driveway? And, is he in a continuous battle with the local resident squirrels? He definitely will enjoy these fun lawn mowing socks or squirrel socks to proudly wear when he is in his element — in the yard. In the top cuff of the sock, tuck a gift card to a local nursery and 6 pack of his favorite beer, and he will love you even more!

Does your Dad love to tell jokes–and often the same one over and over? He thinks he is hilarious but the rest of the family smiles and dismisses yet another bad joke.  These crazy men’s chicken socks will make him smile. DON’T ASK begs the ever-asked question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. We all know the answer —- he is social distancing. HA! HA!

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Have you found your dad with the remote in his hand, streaming his favorite shows and he just can’t keep away from Tiger King/ Tiger Joe and the crazy world of private tiger and exotic animal owners? (Tell me this isn’t real! ) Let your dad be part of that world with these fun men’s tiger and exotic zebra socks.  A pair of these socks and a big bag of popcorn will make him a happy Tiger King groupie and a happy dad! 

Many dads love to play golf. Golfing is one of the sports that we can play during the quarantine so let it happen. He disappears in the morning and when the day ends, he finally shows up either happy with his game or missing a couple clubs wrapped around a tree. No matter how well he plays the game, he is back on the greens at the drop of a hat. This Father’s Day, give him a pair of fun golf socks, either the golf bag cuties or the argyle and EAT, SLEEP, PLAY GOLF (repeat) socks to impress his friends on the golf course. Perhaps some fun tees, balls and an invitation to play some put-put with him will make his day.

Is your dad the guy who just loves to work out? He hits the gym either after work or before work but never misses the opportunity to pump and flex those hunky muscles. Perhaps he enjoys playing tennis, basketball, coaching a kid’s soccer game or running ( running errands, running the kids around town, running up and down the stairs….) He will love to get a pair of fun sport socks letting him know that you admire his effort and passion for sports. Include a pair of socks with a sporty Father’s Day gift ( shorts, gym gift certificate, new tennis balls, etc.) and he will know you are on TEAM DAD!

It is finally summer and we are able to get out—but not able to go very far with this virus lurking around. At least we can get outside and enjoy our neighborhoods and backyards. One of the favorite activities this summer is camping—in you own backyard! Pop up a tent and enjoy hanging out in a tent. Why not sleep out under the stars? (Mom loves this idea as she gets the night to herself!) That means Dad and the kids can sleep outside. Yeah! And don’t forget the best part–that is, the S’MORES! You can include mom is this activity. Get S’MORE socks for Dad (and the entire family) and give him some graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows and tell him you “Love him s’more and s’more every day!!!!”

Showing your Dad that you appreciate him this year is especially important. This quarantine has not been easy for anyone and your Dad may just need that extra hug and extra laugh or two. Having fun together is the best gift of all! (and of course a pair of socks! )

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