Many people take socks for granted, which we think is sad. After all, they do so much for us! They’re always there to soak up our sweat on hot days, keeping our feet from swimming in wet pools in our shoes. Then on cold days, they give back to us by keeping our feet cozy and warm. And it’s not just the boring, white crew socks from packages that do this for us. All socks, from the humble to the bold, play a part in keeping our feet comfortable in their environments. And especially now, when we are working from home, we need socks to not only keep our feet warm but also to give us a fun lift during a difficult time. Our novelty fun socks do just that.

 Foot Traffic is passionate about socks and their roles in our lives, which is why we’ve curated a list of the best men’s novelty socks to start 2020 spring out on the right foot. 

Spring is Here — Time to Mow Your Lawn!

Spring often comes as a warm welcome after a long and cold winter, but there’s one chore that no one misses when the snow flies, and that’s mowing the lawn. 

Mowing the lawn might be the pits, but you can make the best of it with these cute men’s socks. These socks feature men of all shapes, sizes, makes, and models riding or pushing their mowers across their lawn. If there’s one thing that we all can commiserate with, it’s that no one likes getting their shoes and socks green with grass clippings. So, keep your socks from turning green by wearing green socks to begin with while you do your spring chores!

For the Firefighters in Our Live

Most people know a firefighter, whether they work for the forest service, volunteer for the town’s fire service, or whether they met the fire chief at a city planning meeting. They do a lot of work for our communities, so why not offer them these novelty socks featuring some of the most selfless heroes in the world? International Firefighters Day is May 4th. Honor those front line heroes who are out there everyday facing so many current challenges. 

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in 2020

Skip forward a day to May 5th, and you’ll be wanting a pair of these socks to help you celebrate! Cinco de Mayo, contrary to popular belief, is not Mexico’s independence day. It marks the victory of the Mexican Army in the battle of Puebla. Regardless, it’s still a fun day to celebrate, and many do that by utilizing a traditional Mexican celebration — bashing open a piñata. Call it quarantine therapy!

If you’re too old to enjoy the candy that comes out of a piñata, you can still enjoy these fun men’s socks. Featuring a piñata that says, “I’d hit that,” these socks will help you celebrate May 5th in a whole new way. 

Not All Cat Lovers Are Crazy Cat Ladies

Women with more than one cat are often dubbed the crazy cat lady. But we know that it’s not just the ladies out there who enjoy our feline friends. These men’s novelty socks showcase our beloved cats in a way that highlights their sassy and sometimes over-the-top nature. The bottom of the socks has black and white stripes, much like an inmate’s garb, while the top features a bored-looking cat and a mouse. Pick these up for the cat lover in your life, especially if that cat lover is you!

…But Many Men Also Love Dogs. 

We can’t forget our dogs when it comes to the animals in our life that we enjoy. Dogs are always there for you when you need them, they don’t butt into your conversations, and they don’t get nosy about all the aspects of your life. 

Sound like we’re edging around a hot topic? That’s because we know that some people love their dogs more than they love other people. For those types of people in your life, these are the perfect novelty socks. They highlight your love of dogs while also pointing out that you might be so fond of the hairless primate so many others are fond of. And during social distancing, these socks say it all! 

Size Matters — Especially When Fishing!

Fishing isn’t just for men, but we sure do know a lot of men who enjoy this pastime! For people who regularly get caught in the crosshairs of a loved one’s fishing story, you run into a lot of stories talking about the massive fish that got away. Remind the beloved fishermen in your life, or remind yourself that size really does matter when it comes to fishing. These funny socks feature a hooked fish and the classic funny line we’ve all heard before.

… But Age Only Matters When It’s Wine Or Cheese!

Everyone gets old, but in the bigger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter that you’re an old fart. Everything gets better with age — as cheese and wine tell us. For those who need a reminder, these socks are the perfect thing. Blue socks with burgundy toes and heels feature the phrase “Age only matters if you’re wine, cheese, or a banana.” Father’s Day is right around the corner. Maybe you’re still looking for the best present for that day, or perhaps you’re looking for the right birthday gift for the funny guy in your life. Whatever reason you have for sock shopping, we bet that you can find the right men’s novelty sock on our site. Click here to browse more.

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