Never before has an international situation occurred that has created the need for everyone around the world to stay at home for an indefinite period of time. Extreme times, extreme measures. And Moms are called upon to suddenly begin “extreme mothering” because someone has to take charge and hold it all together. Dads are doing their part too but let’s face it, Mom’s have that natural instinct to take care of their family NO MATTER WHAT! They keep it together by planning and preparing meals, overseeing the schoolwork, entertaining bored kids and keeping the peace on the home front. It is not an easy job but someone has to do it and that someone is MOM!

All moms are working moms. Some go to an office or place of employment outside of the home. Many moms are healthcare workers or grocery clerks and are on the front line. Some moms work from a home office.  Some moms stay at home to raise their children.  These hard-working moms are “doing it all” right now. Even with kids and pets running amuck, she holds it together.

Whether you are a mom, have a mom or know a mom, this coming Mother’s Day is especially important to give a shout out to all of the moms who have helped their families “shelter in” through this unusual time.

Mother’s Day is May 10 and it is hard to know what the situation will be like at that point.  The situation is uncertain. But, one thing IS for certain, Mother’s Day is a time to let her know what a wonderful job she is doing holding the family together, no matter how frustrating, challenging, fun, satisfying, exhausting or all of the above. 

Yes, she may stay in the bathroom 1-2 hours crying and drinking wine, but that is normal. Or, she may try some new recipes that even the dog finds questionable. Or she may start laughing uncontrollably at absolutely nothing. Or she may be in her closet eating chocolate she is hoarding in a shoe. All normal.

It is a day that she needs to be recognized for BEING THERE FOR YOU! So what does Mom want?  Every mom is different but I bet every mom just wants to be appreciated and loved. And of course, at this time humor is important.  It is said that laughter is the best medicine so why not use Mother’s Day to give mom a smile. 

Here are some gift ideas that might just let her know how much you appreciate her at this difficult time and hopefully the socks help to add the smile!  

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SQUEEZE LEMONS – When life gives you lemons…. Mom squeezes the day! Who knew this virus would cause us to stay home ? But Mom-to-the-rescue can always make a bad situation better. Give her some lemon treats and fun socks to let her know she is appreciated! ( Citrus got real!!!)

RELAX WINE – Mom needs something to help her relax. She is on the go all day trying to keep the house in order, food on order, and kids and/or pets in order. Help her relax with a wonderful bottle of her favorite wine, a new wine glass (e.g. STAY FANCY!) and some treats for her personal happy hour. Encourage her to relax, breathe, and drink wine. (Repeat…)

BEST MOM EVER – Wow, this is the time to let her know she is just that. Give her the socks to wear to remind her that even though you drive her crazy, you love her and she is THE BEST! She has earned the BEST MOM EVER trophy socks because she is all that, and more. She has kept the household going on all fronts. If there were Grammie Award and Mommy Award shows this year, she would be the winner.

GARDENER SOCKS – Digging in the dirt can be very therapeutic. Nature has never been so important as now and giving her time to be outside, planting something is important. And wearing garden socks. Those help. Give her some gloves, socks, and a few plants and she will be a happy planter. Outside. By herself.

TOSSED SALAD and VEGGIE GARDEN – If she is into salads and healthy eating then she would love a new salad bowl, new cookbook, and of course a beautiful pair of tossed salad socks with a pattern of all of her favorite healthy ingredients. She will love that you appreciate how hard she tries to stay healthy. You might throw in some dark chocolate… Just sayin’…

BIG DILL – You know it and she needs to know it – She is a Big Dill. When the world is in a pickle, Mom is there to make things better. Give her a jar of fun pickles, hopefully locally made, and a pair of our Big Dill socks. Oh, and include a gift card to her favorite restaurant so when the quarantine is over, she doesn’t have to cook!!!! Let her know she is kind of a Big Dill to you and your family!

TREAT YO’SELF – Yes, Mom tries hard to make sure everyone eats healthy during these stressful times. She sets the example by making good food to keep the family well. But sometimes she just needs to indulge in something as sweet as she is. Serve her a plate of her favorite sweet treats with a pair of fun socks to let her now she deserves a treat, not only because it is Mother’s Day, but because she earns it every day!

LIFE HAPPENS and COFFEE – Life happens. Coffee Helps. Pandemics Happen. Coffee Helps. Mother’s Day Happens. Coffee Helps. Give Mom a new mug, some of her favorite joe to brew and some warm socks to help her get her day started on the right foot… And the left foot.

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HARD BEING MESo you never knew your mom had grey hair until now. Her nail polish is chipping and her yoga class is cancelled. It is easy to understand how hard it is being her at this time. Social distancing is not a problem. Even though she is getting by, she is going to need some extra TLC when all is said and done. Give her these socks to let her know you understand and for sure, include a gift card to her favorite salon so she can pull herself together once pampering is essential.

Maybe you can’t be with your mom this year. Maybe your Mom is in your space every day while being quarantined. Every situation is different but every Mom is trying, so send her some lovin’ and fun pair of socks to lift her day.

Let her know that she is the BEST MOM EVER! Send her a smile!

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