The holidays are statistically the busiest time of the year. Five hundred seventy-two locations across the United States alone create toys for children. However, holiday purchases are not limited to gifts for children. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated department store sales reached as much as $22.7 billion in 2017. Jewelry stores also contribute to the statistics. December is responsible for almost 20% of the yearly revenue of jewelry stores across the United States. 

But what is the importance of these statistics? They point out one thing about the holiday season — people are busy right around the holidays. Whether in charge of preparing meals, getting the family shopping done, or traveling, the fun of the holidays can sometimes be overshadowed by how busy they are. You’re tired at the end of the day, and your feet are doubly so. To remind yourself that there’s more to the holidays than the hustle and bustle, check out these fun novelty socks that will help you keep up the spirit of the end of your year.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Kids rarely lose the holiday spirit. They can keep the mood even more elevated by wearing these 3D kids socks around the house on Christmas morning! These 3D Santa socks are complete with Santa’s smiling face. You will never have to worry about your feet getting cold, either. Each sock is thick and comfortable. Wear them inside as a slipper sock, or wear them outside accompanying your favorite outfit. Regardless of how you wear them, three-dimensional socks are a tangible reminder of the images attached to them. 

Life Happens, Coffee Helps

Coffee is an underappreciated part of holiday routines. You can get in the spirit of thanks for the gift of caffeine with these women’s novelty socks! The “Life Happens, Coffee Helps” Colorful socks are bold blue speckled with dark brown coffee beans. At the top of the sock sits a steaming cup of coffee so picturesque all you have to do is look down at your ankles to get reminded of the aroma that will get you through the day. Turn to caffeine when the holidays get tough and pay homage to the most magnificent bean in the world with our fun coffee novelty socks.

Appreciate Your Best Friend This Christmas!

Dogs are always there for you when you need them. This sentiment is often forgotten among the intensity of the holidays. But with these fun novelty socks, you can be reminded of your commitment to your furry friend — and of their commitment to you. This time of year is especially important to remember to take time out and pay attention to our fur friends. They are always the best listeners when you need someone to talk to!

He sees you when you’r drinking…

The holidays can be a fun way to let loose and live a little. Alcohol sales soar during the end of the year, with New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas being some of the top drinking holidays. But don’t forget — Santa is always watching. Remind yourself not to get too carried away with these fun men’s socks. Classy and retro-looking, each sock contains a different graphic and twist on the classic Christmas song. “He Knows When You Are Baked” is printed on one sock, complete with refreshing-looking cocktails. On the other, “He Knows When You Are Baked” is accompanied by a gingerbread man and his cookie friend. 

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a classic holiday tradition for those who celebrate Christmas. Dress up for a live performance or snuggle in to watch the ballet from your house with these cozy slipper socks. Not everyone likes the commercial nature of Santa Claus, red and green print, and snowmen. Nutcracker slipper socks are a warm reminder of a tradition that’s been around since before the commercialization of the holiday season.

Let’s Get Away From it All

As many as one in three Americans travel during the holiday season. However, these travels aren’t always to see your Great Aunt Sue or the gaggle of cousins you rarely catch up with. Sometimes, traveling is fun and for yourself. If going to a tropical getaway is something you continuously dream about, be sure to consider grabbing a pair of these novelty socks before you hit the road. They’ll keep your feet warm (and your mind inspired) until you get to your tropical paradise.

Ready to add a hint of color to your ensemble and to get in the holiday spirit? Head over to our main site to check out even more inspiration for your wardrobe.

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