Spice Up Your Normal Sock Wear

Are you intrigued by thigh-high tights but don’t know how to work them into your normal wear? You’re not alone. Thigh-high tights were fashionable before elastic was invented, and were worn under dresses and secured with garter belts. As waist-high tights became more popular, thigh highs fell to the wayside as novelty items. However, the thigh-high remains one of the most versatile parts of any wardrobe — and here are ten different ways to prove it this fall.

Who said socks don’t matter? Show off your fondness of patterns with socks like these opaque striped and tie-dyed thigh highs! For a punk look, wear a pair with cutoff denim shorts and doc martens. That way, you don’t have to let short season end too soon, but you can start incorporating your fall footwear into your wardrobe incrementally.

Pair With Knee-High Boots

Is there anything cuter than a pair of knee-high boots? Maybe a pair of knee-high boots with thigh-high stockings under them! It can be hard to incorporate tall boots with dresses in a way that looks natural, but utilizing the length and texture of thigh highs is one of those ways. It contrasts the boot from your wardrobe while giving it that cozy look that is perfect for the fall. Try out one of these pairs with a brown boot.

Wear Over Tights

Layering is back in fashion, and it doesn’t have to stop with the layering of tops. Layering tights and thigh-highs can be an effective and unique way to showcase contrasting patterns in your outfit. Do you have a plain sweater you love to bits but can’t quite find anything to wear with? Use a pop of pattern to give your wardrobe a boost, simultaneously showcasing your sweater and the tights. Try floral tights under a pair of thigh highs of your choice!

Get Spooky and Decadent With Black Lace

Black lace doesn’t just have to be for the boudoir! Think the Bride of Frankenstein, Vampira, and Elvira for this Halloween’s looks. A black lace thigh-high is great to kick up the sexiness of a costume or to inspire the spookiness within your usual wardrobe. Because black lace is a type of pattern, it is best to pair with more everyday clothing if you want the pattern to pop (really, think Morticia Adams! She wears all black but always has a statement piece). Worn with a cute fall color, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Under a Pair of Rainboots

There’s no reason why you should have to compromise your fashion aspirations on a rainy day. Especially since they happen so often in the fall, there’s a way to make your rain attire look super cute without you even having to try hard. Pair your bright rain boots with a pair of knit, knee-high socks and leggings. It’ll look like you tried hard to look unique, but really it will feel like you just rolled out of bed and showed up to work in your pajamas. It’s a win-win.

Pair With A Shirt Dress and Sneakers For a Skater Look

Are you still living with suppressed nostalgia for the early-2000s when you wore your striped athletic socks and vans everywhere? It’s enough to make you want to break out your Blink-182 and Avril Lavigne CDs, stick them in your CD player, and head out to the skate park. Why not give in to the nostalgia a little? No need for the skinned knees or whiny teenage angst, you can accomplish the look with a modern take — pair thigh-high athletic socks like these with a set of cute vans and a tee-shirt dress. You’ll feel like you’re on your way to your first day of high school again!

To Keep The Spice In Your Cool-Weather Clubbing Attire

You still like to go to clubs, but if you live in a colder climate you are often left with a choice — compromise the cuteness of your outfit with warm clothes, or grin and bear the chilly weather to keep your look solid. With thigh-high socks, you don’t need to compromise! You’ll turn heads on the dance floor without having to worry about your teeth chattering on the way to hail a cab.

Go For The Modified Schoolgirl Look

You’ve always wanted to do it, but haven’t ever felt bold enough. Well, Foot Traffic is here to say it. Go bold! The Schoolgirl outfit can either look really good or really strange, and its success is mainly dependent upon the quality of the clothing you wear and your take on it. We suggest going easier. Find a nice, plain pair of knit knee-highs and some cute loafers to pair with a skirt that comes above the knee (but doesn’t go too high!). A frock with a bow tie and a nice cardigan can round out the outfit nicely all while keeping you warm and stylish for fall.

Don’t Wear Them Out!

Thigh-highs aren’t just for going out and getting glances. They pair great with a pair of sleep shorts. Great for keeping you warm in your favorite pair of pajamas and for giving a romantic kick to a mostly tame outfit. 

Go Big Or Go Home

When it comes down to it, thigh-high stockings are a statement piece. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with them, so if you think you want a pair for occasional use, don’t be afraid to really get out there. Opt for bold patterns, different textures, and different thicknesses as a way to add variation to your wardrobe for those times when you feel like you need it. Don’t feel as though you need only to have bland thigh-highs. Play around with styles, and find what works best with you this fall and year-round.

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  1. Victoria Addington April 28, 2020 at 1:04 am #

    I am hoping to buy striped thigh highs since I just found out that it’s back in fashion trend again after my favorite actress wore it in a television interview. Thanks for your tips on how to pair it fashionably. I had no idea that layering tights and thigh-highs can be a unique way to pull off contrasting patterns in my outfit. I shall then consider that when I finally wear a pair.

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