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When the weather starts getting frosty and the leaves start turning, there’s nothing quite like curling up under a blanket with a hot beverage and reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching your favorite show. Or, maybe you like to stare out the window at the fall foliage while the wind shakes the trees, enjoying only the sounds nature is providing you. Perhaps you’re one of those people who want to bundle up and enjoy the crisp air out among that foliage, picking apples and smelling the fall smells.

Whatever your favorite fall activity is, nothing is better than a nice pair of warm and comfy socks around your feet to help you enjoy the change of seasons without feeling the cold. Fall doesn’t have to be all about ugly wool socks, however. Here are seven fun sock ideas to help you get ready for fall 2019. 

Spooky Skele Slippies!

Fall is more than the seasons changing and the nights getting longer. For some, fall holds the key to their hearts, as well as their favorite holiday. Get ready for Halloween with these bones socks suitable for the entire year (if you like being spooky year-round). Black socks feature the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot bones, as well as part of the tibia and fibula, in a shocking white. You’re sure to stir up some skeletons in the closet or rattle someone’s bones by wearing these at an office party. Plus, these are slipper socks, so you can be sure your bones are safe from slipping and sliding over the hardwood floor of an old haunted house. Cotton mix, these fun socks for women fits sizes 4-10. Smaller sizes can fit older children.

The Last of the Season

People who love the outdoors will camp right up until the snow flies (and some even camp after it flies!). The fall is a great time to go camping. The fishing is still very good, the bugs are few and far between, and you’re less likely to run into those pesky tourists that take away from the scenery. Honor the outdoorsman and fall camper in your household by gifting them with this three-pack of outdoor-themed no-show socks. On one pair, bears traipse across a woodland scenery. On another, you’ll see an assortment of fishing lures. On the last one is all the quintessential camping gear that makes camping so much fun — s’mores, flashlights, campfires, and tents. One size fits all.

Basketball Season

Sports lovers, rejoice! Just because one sports season is ending doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. October marks the beginning of basketball season, and these fun socks for men and women are great opportunities to show your hometown (or national) team pride! A pleasant tan and orange sock fits well with the color theme of the season, and the sock itself features a ball being slam-dunked. It is also available in men’s and women’s .

Hard-Boiled Fun

Everyone has that aunt who makes the Thanksgiving favorite — deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are not long for this world at family functions, and with Thanksgiving gracing our tables in the fall, deviled eggs are on the back of the mind of everyone who is just “meh” about the turkey but wild about the other tastes of this fall holiday. These fun socks for women feature some of the more famous players in the egg cuisine world. The deliciously meaty scotch eggs, eggs benedict, pickled eggs, runny eggs, and scrambled eggs are all depicted as kooky characters dancing around the sock. They’re a must-have for any Thanksgiving food fanatic or egg enthusiast.

Cigar Aficionados

For some, fall marks the time when it is officially acceptable to become someone who stays inside the majority of the time. Cigar aficionados flourish in the fall, when they can put on a nice sweater (or a smoking jacket, if they’re feeling fancy), pour themselves a glass of scotch, and enjoy a peaceful night in with a cigar. Maybe they invite their friends over for a movie, or maybe they just relish the quiet after a hard day’s work out of the cold. These fun men’s socks are great for the older man who enjoys some of the finer things in life. Ladies who enjoy cigars and scotch could also benefit from the toe-toasting warmth of these socks.

So Warm I Can Hardly Bear It!

If you’re a parent, this scenario might sound familiar to you. You’re sleeping in one fall morning, and you feel your kid crawl into bed with you. Cute, right? 

Only until your child puts their ice-cold feet on your calves or back. Brrrr. Even coffee can’t wake you up quite like that.

Stave off that horrible feeling by keeping your kids’ feet warm with these cute Kids 3D bear socks. Thick, brown socks feature a bear pattern on the calf, little ears that poke up above the rim of the sock, and small arms that poke out the sides. These socks are designed to be appealing to your children so they’ll actually keep them on, and so that you can enjoy a restful sleep without the fear of cold feet. Better yet, enjoy a pair of adult size 3D bear socks for yourself and you can share the bear den with your kids!

So, whether you’re looking for a quality sock to keep you warm this fall, or whether you’re hoping to liven up your fall a little bit, Foot Traffic has the best fun socks to brighten your wardrobe. Are you not sold on these fall ideas? Check out our website to see other options for fanciful footwear in your household.

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