Father’s Day FUN SOCKS

Father’s day is coming up, and instead of getting him a tie, why not opt for something fun that he can use every day? Fun novelty socks for men are becoming more and more popular, now even being worn to work and formal occasions. In most instances, guys can find a way to wear a novelty sock with almost any item that they own. This Father’s Day, turn to the personality-filled delight of the common sock to put a smile on Dad’s face.

For the Outdoorsman

“Not all who wander are lost” are the words on these socks. A comforting shade of whites, grays, greens, and browns, these novelty socks show a mountain, a compass, and contain the famous phrase from the Lord of the Rings. Treat the dad who likes to wander with this pair of comfortable socks to be worn on the days he can’t get to the mountains for a hike.

Socks for the Nurse in Your Life

When the average person thinks of a nurse, they statistically imagine a woman. The stereotype of the exclusively female nurse seriously undervalues the scores of men in the nursing profession. If your dad is a nurse and took care of you and others growing up, honor him with this set of “badass nurse” socks. A stretchy and comfortable set of blue showing a syringe and soles that say “this won’t hurt a bit”, these men’s casual novelty socks are the perfect gift for dads who are nurses.

For the History Buff

Four score and seven years ago, your dad graced the earth with his presence. Honor the man that made you who you are today by gifting him with a sock that says a lot about another great man. These Honest Abe socks are perfect for the Illinois dad, the dad who likes history, or just someone who strives to be great every day. With a picture of Abraham Lincoln and one of his more famous quotes, these novelty socks will be sure to brighten anyone’s day. Or, check out Einstein, Mozart, Ben Franklin and Obama.

For The Dude With a Soft Spot

We’ve all heard of the crazy cat lady, but is your dad a crazy cat dude? Show him there’s no issue with having a soft spot for the cuddly felines in our lives. These blue striped socks fit most men’s feet and are perfect to pair with a set of blue jeans or even under a trouser. Complete with the picture of a cute kitty and the words “crazy cat dude”, help your father embrace the title with these socks. Disclaimer: they don’t repel the hair his fuzzy friends shed all over the house. Think about pairing with a lint roller.

For the Out of This World Dad

Combine the power of dad jokes with his astronomy hobby, and you have the perfect sock for any dad who likes to look up at the sky at night while still finding a way to make you laugh. These novelty socks show the phases of the moon on a dark blue background that pairs well with just about any piece of clothing he chooses to wear. The words “It’s just a phase” appear in the center of the sock’s picture, highlighting a joke so corny only a dad could tell it. One size fits most. Get your pair before this lunar phase completes!

For the Ladies’ Man In Your Life

Got a dad who’s over the moon for a lady he loves? Dads are often the first to show their wives, partners, and daughters that they are one of the greatest people in his life. For a humorous take on someone who is always thinking about a woman he loves, try these campy socks. Bordered with a greek design, it displays The Thinker thinking about Venus De Milo. Perfectly pairs with some khakis or blue jeans for a fun day out. These are a great alternative to a silly themed card for father’s day.

For Your Favorite Grillmaster

Most people have at least one person in their life that is so good at grilling you remember the things they make for years to come. For many, that is dad. Honor his love of grilling with these socks that feature different cuts of beef on a barbecue-red background. Pair with a bright white apron and the best barbecue sauce for the perfect father’s day gift combo. Then, maybe convince him to fire up the grill. After all, can’t we all be happy on Father’s Day?

For the Superhero We All Need

Dads are one of a kind, and many kids see them as their own, real-life superhero. Honor the superhero in your life with these action-packed comic book art socks. With classic action bubbles like “BAM!” and “POW!”, your dad will feel like the good guy he is.

For the Football Fanatic

As a kid, many of us likely groaned at the thought of having to put up with hours of football to please our football-loving parents. But if you’re a kid with a dad that loves football, these men’s casual novelty socks are sure to please. Give your dad a pigskin to wear over his little piggies while he watches the big game. These comfortable football-themed socks will be a hit at the Superbowl and any game in between.

For the Best Dad Ever

The obvious pair of socks that says it all is our trophy socks that say “BEST DAD” on them. What dad would not want to receive this well-deserved sock on his special day. After all, he is the Best Day, right?

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