Looking Ahead: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Socks for Spring & Summer


If this recent Daylight Savings Time hit you hard, you’re not alone. Although most United States citizens go through Daylight Savings Time each year, there are numerous articles in existence on the internet that indicate people struggle with the time changes. It’s interesting to note that some studies say DST is more than just an annoyance. Sleep scientists argue that losing even an hour of sleep per night can put undue stress on the heart. This shows in the increased rate of heart attacks the day after Daylight Saving’s Time. However, for most Daylight Saving’s Time is a mere annoyance that people must pay for evening out the daylight as the days get longer.


Setting your clocks forward is not the only thing that people have to think about, however. Spring acts as an exciting bridge between cold and warm weather, and finding the right outfits to wear during this turbulent season can be just as hard as adjusting to one less hour of sleep. Often thought about less, socks are one of the most critical preparatory parts of a spring and summer wardrobe. With the right sock, your feet stay cool, dry, and odorless — attributing to your overall comfort.


When choosing socks for spring and summer, here are six tips to keep in mind for your spring/summer sock choice.


Fun Socks are Often The Best Choice…


Late spring and early summer are full of fun and festive occasions. While celebration has been and should always be about spending time with friends and loved ones, adding a little flair to your wardrobe doesn’t hurt. Fun socks come in adult sizes and some of the more popular celebratory events that fun sock suppliers cater to include Easter, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. The best part about fun socks is that they can be used to brighten up almost any wardrobe.


…But Always Think About Bringing a Spare Pair


That being said, even if you have planned your outfit to the nth degree, it is always advantageous to bring an extra pair of socks with you. For those who have worked novelty socks into their wardrobe, sometimes you show up to an event and realize that event is neither the time nor the place to be hosting that sort of novelty. Bringing a pair of socks that are meant for the opposite type of event setting is a good idea, just in case you’ve missed the mark. Additionally, the time between spring and summer can hold a host of volatile weather. If you are headed to a wedding in flats and no-show socks and find out the green they’ve scheduled it on is going to be particularly mucky, you might have to do a quick re-think of your footwear.


Lo Liner Socks Bridge the Gap Between Fashion and Function


It used to be that you either suffered the consequences of stinky feet or chose to look ridiculous by wearing big, bulky socks with boat shoes, flats, or other low-cut fashion shoes. With today’s sock technology, it’s possible to have comfortable, dry, odorless feet without showing that you are wearing socks. Lo liner socks are a modern marvel and are a perfect addition to your spring and summer sock wardrobe.


Low-Liners and no-shows


Although no-shows and low-liner socks are great for keeping foot stench at bay, they are not always the best choice for an outfit. If you’re participating in any activity — hiking, dancing, or even just a long afternoon stroll, low liners are not the way to go. Their purpose is to limit the presence of sweat in fashion shoes, but they don’t work well for increased movement.


Choose a Moisture-wicking Sock When Possible


Above all, spring is a time of moistness. Between constant puddles caused by an increase in rain, increased humidity because of snowmelt and ground thaw, and the change in the environment that causes your feet to sweat more, your feet are almost undoubtedly going to be placed in a sticky, wet, and uncomfortable situation at some point during spring. Cotton socks with a high needle count, like our novelty socks and are a good choice because they are lightweight and their breath-ability in the heat of the summer often makes them an excellent choice for general wear as the heat increases. Moisture plus high texture makes the foot’s environment rife for bacterial and fungal infections. The same goes for certain polyester and blended materials.


When it comes to comfort during the changing seasons, the best route to take is to find a moisture-wicking sock, such as one with a bamboo makeup, to keep your foot comfortable. While this is especially true for those who do a lot of walking, it doesn’t hurt to keep a moisture-wicking sock on hand for all spring and summer situations.


Purchase Socks That Support an Increase in Activity


With warmer weather comes an increase in activity. For some, this means more time spent outdoors. Without the right sock, an outdoor trek can turn into blisters, infections, and pain. Blisters and infections in spring and summer happen for many reasons. An increase in activity automatically increases your body’s temperature. When combined with a steadily rising environmental temperature and a lack of airflow caused by your shoes, this creates a hot, moist cave for your feet to reside within. Our no-shows work well with sneakers and athletic shoes because they are not too thick and provide a cotton cushion between your feet and the shoe.


Additionally, wearing the wrong texture of sock can irritate the skin on pressure points on the foot. Combine this with an increase in dehydration that comes with temperature and activity increase and this equals out to uncomfortable feet. Doing a little research into the best socks for the type of activity you want to do makes a huge difference in your foot’s comfort.


Foot traffic wants to make your spring and summer as festive and comfortable as possible with our extensive sock collection. Find out more at our website.


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