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How To Stay Stylish While Wearing Fun Socks

Everyone remembers a statement sock. Sometimes, however, being recognized is not a good thing. Fun, loud, and memorable socks look great on their own, but when paired with certain outfits or even individual pieces this can be a recipe for a fashion disaster. The main thing to remember when it comes to wearing fun adult socks is that they are supposed to be the emphasis of your outfit when they are worn. There are other things to keep in mind when it comes to sporting your fashion socks, especially as fashion trends change at the beginning of this new year.

Take it from the sock experts: wearing fun socks can take your wardrobe to the next level, but only if you avoid specific fashion faux pas. Here are a few different ways Foot Traffic recommends you wear your fun socks for ultimate wardrobe impact.

Try to Match

Fun socks often are the focal point of the outfit, but that doesn’t mean they should stick out like a sore thumb. Think about color combinations when picking a pair to put on under your outfit. Some examples of classically clashing colors include brown and black, green and orange, and purple and yellow. On rare occasions, these colors go together very well. For instance, a green and orange sock can conjure up spooky feelings during the Halloween season. However, for the ordinary day, it’s best to select complementary colors or different shades of the same color.

As an example — if you’re wearing a pair of dark pink pants, try a pair of salmon-colored patterned socks! Mixing and matching shades makes a statement; they show that you understand color palettes and how they apply to fashion.

Pair With Plain

Not everyone can be a bold fashion icon mixing colors and patterns. Most people rarely stray from plainclothes. Citing lack of confidence and preference in garb, among other reasons, plain, unpatterned clothes are a perfect pairing for patterned socks because there is one less element that you might potentially clash with. The upside? Most people’s wardrobes are full of plainly patterned clothing that is just waiting for a glow-up.

Have a pair of crazy socks with loud polka-dots on them? It’s easy to match just about any color to a pair of blue jeans. Have some animal-patterned statement socks you want to wear with a simple green dress? Hues of brown, grey, burnt orange and some shades of pink make your dress stand out. Or, perhaps you’ve got some work slacks that are just begging for a flash of color. Most colors blend with khaki and black — two of the most common plain workplace colors.

Spice it Up With a Themed Outfit

Casual doesn’t always mean plain, which can often spell disaster when it comes time to match. But knowing how to match different casual wear with fun socks is key to spicing up your everyday wardrobe. As we stated before, jeans go with almost everything. Luckily, jeans make up a heft of casual wardrobes in America. However, jeans also are perfect for being the tie-in piece to a more significant statement: a themed outfit.

Have a pair of cheetah-print socks you’ve been dying to wear as part of a larger ensemble? You could pair them with most prints, but why stop there? Thinking about an outfit rather than some aspects of clothing is a fun way to showcase your wardrobe. Pair with a pair of black jeans and a tropical plant-print shirt for a jungle-themed outfit. You can do this with many different types of clothing — bandana-print socks with a rancher’s shirt for an Americana look, floral socks with flower-themed accessories, and more. An essential consideration is to keep at least one of your articles of clothing plain, that way the theme seems a little less garish and highlights your fun socks.

Keep Away From Certain Formal Functions

Headed to a wedding and want to spice up your suit? Not a problem. Especially at Millennial and Gen Z- aged weddings zany little wardrobe pieces, like brightly-colored glasses or patterned socks shine. However, there are places where flashes of color and pattern aren’t fun. Avoid fun socks at funerals, legal proceedings, and times when uniforms might be worn. Most of the time, these events are less about individuality and might come off as brash or tacky. While we love our socks, we understand that sometimes the formal calls for something a little less fun.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Patterns

Pairing pattern with pattern used to be a fashion no-no, but as more interesting fabric prints have become available thanks to modern weaving technologies and the influence of other cultures, double-print pairing has become a fun new fashion trend. Public figures and celebrities, like Janelle Monae, Beyonce, and Cardi B often show up to events and shows sporting unforgettably colored, vibrant outfits. Take a page from their book and use your fun socks to showcase different patterns together.

It is possible to pair patterns incorrectly, so there are a few things to remember, even if you’re just starting with socks. For beginners, the key to fashionably clashing patterns often relies upon matching colors. Start with one statement piece, like your fun socks, and notice the colors in the design. For instance, if your socks are hibiscus print, look at both the background color and the colors of the hibiscus flowers and pair these socks with other clothing patterns with same or similar colors. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be livening up your wardrobes on a regular basis (and maybe even making a fashion statement!)

We believe everyone should have at least one pair of fun socks in their repertoire, but it’s up to you how you want to showcase them. Fashionably plain Janes could use their sock collection to spice it up every once in a while. Or, if you’re bold all over, you could use your socks to tie together your wardrobe. Either way, your socks are an extension of your personality and should encourage you to portray yourself as the person you want to be.

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