Looking Ahead: The Top 5 Socks We Offer to Stay Warm and Shake off Winter Blues


Winter is on its way, and that is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, winter brings the holiday season, time with family, and spectacular views as the ground is coated in snow. On the other hand, it can bring stress, hazardous driving conditions, bank accounts strained from present purchases and rising energy bills, and worst of all – cold feet. With the help of a great pair of socks, it is possible to manage the trials of winter with style and warmth. Whether microfiber is a must-have, you’re a stickler for themes, or you’re wild for wooly socks, Foot Traffic has a variety of sock needs for each of our unique customers. Here are our top five sock picks for winter weather. Stay warm, stay fashionable, cover your feet with these fun socks.

Santa Suit Socks

Feeling like you need to step it up for the office holiday party but aren’t sure how? Foot Traffic’s Santa Suit socks are made for both men and women and are a great way to show your holiday spirit or match with a partner (or bff) during Christmas time. Both the men’s socks and the women’s socks have a red base, like the jolly gift giver’s coat, with the traditional black belt that circles the ankle. In the center of the sock, the classic white-puffy trim of Santa’s coat is cinched in with a golden buckle. Because the “suit” is woven, the socks are a comfortable, unified sock fiber mix that fits well under trousers or in any sort of shoe.

While these might be thinner than a microfiber sock or wool sock, they fit perfectly in any shoe and are a great weight for warmer climates or for wearing inside. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive everywhere you walk with these fun socks.

Foot Traffic Microfiber Fuzzy Socks 

Polar bears have the right idea. Their white, fuzzy coats keep them warm through Arctic winters. In the spirit of the polar bear, we offer these microfiber fuzzy socks, so you can release your inner polar bear and stay warm during cool weather. Microfiber socks are widely sought out for their comfort and their silky soft feel, but they have an added advantage during winter weather. Polyester, the material that makes up microfiber, is an insulative fabric. This means that these socks radiate your body’s natural heat back to you and keep the heat that your feet generate within the interior of the sock better than cotton and many other natural fibers.

These socks are great for any person, regardless of gender, and are also excellent for the young folks in your life. Inspire the strength of the polar bear through the winter and keep warm with these microfiber fuzzy socks.

“Toes-ty” warm Toe Socks

Toe socks have been around for a long time and were particularly popular in the 70’s. They still have an enthusiastic  following and can be difficult to find. However, we have been carrying them for years and are your best resource for finding these fun toe hugging socks in a variety of colors.  These toe socks are sold in the women’s socks section of Foot Traffic, but their size is variable and can fit a range of foot sizes. This makes them optimal for multiple genders. Additionally, for those who run in barefoot running shoes, these toe socks will fit into them to create additional warmth for these types of shoes. Made with a knit fabric, these toe socks are excellent for keeping your spirits up,  and your feet warm. They are available in a children’s size as well so you can double the toe sock fun!

Happy Penguin 3-D Socks

Happy feet are no problem with these 3D penguin socks for women and matching 3D penguins for kids. Our happy penguin knit socks are delightful, and their versatility allows them to be worn with a variety of shoes. Best shown off, these socks are great for those who live in warmer weather but who want to embody the spirit of winter with these jolly, bow-tied penguins on their feet. Live in colder weather? Not a problem. Combine these with a skirt or dress and a pair of cotton tights for a festive look for any party or get-together. The happy penguin 3D socks are especially adorable peaking out of your booties.

During winter weather, nothing beats the feeling of warmth when it’s cold outside. When you don’t have a fireplace to lounge in front of – and let’s face it, most of us don’t—a warm and festive sock can come in as a close second comfort. These are our top picks for winter, but you can find many more holiday socks, patterns, and styles at Foottraffic.com.

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