The Best Men’s Socks for the Change from Summer to Fall


You can’t always opt for sandals during hot weather, and that’s what makes the purchase of breathable socks a must for any man who does work that requires a closed-toed shoe. A hot, sweaty foot is a breeding ground for microscopic critters that can cause athlete’s foot, yeast infections, toenail fungus, and unpleasantly smelling feet. Fortunately, sock tech has expanded to meet the needs of runners, hikers, and office workers alike to make breathable socks that keep feet healthy during the summer. Of course, socks like these are best worn when it is consistently warm outside and do not consider the temperature influxes that are typical of early autumn weather. When mornings are chilly, days are warm, and nights are cold it can make picking out the best footwear for the day a challenge.

Now, combine weather problems with fashion problems and it’s easy to see why planning for that space between summer and autumn is best done with the help of sock experts. Here are some of the best types of men’s dress socks and men’s novelty socks to get you through the changing of the seasons.

  1. Fall-Themed Men’s Novelty Socks

For those whose job allows them to spend most of their time inside, a full-scale study on the different types of climate-controlled socks might not be in order. However, it’s still crucial to think about what type of socks are best for the change of seasons. Autumn is an especially hard time for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder when depression symptoms rear their ugly head again. Even for those who do not suffer from seasonal affective disorder, the fall can be a hard time. But studies show that livening up your routine can be beneficial to your mood. Whether you opt for a subtle fall color or a bright and wild printed mid-calf  sock, novelty can be just what you need to beat the fall office blues. The range of humorous and topical designs will get the conversation started at the water cooler.

  1. Bamboo Crew Socks

Crew socks are versatile, able to be worn with both pants and shorts for a seamless style. However, not all crew socks are made alike. Whereas cotton is avoided by outdoorsmen and hikers for its inability to shed sweat, bamboo is moisture-wicking. This means that your feet stay dry and warm during the coolest parts of the day and wick sweat away from your feet in the hottest parts of the day. Since the end of summer usually means no more leaving stinky shoes on the porch to dry, moisture-wicking socks will prevent the stink in the first place and save your space from the wrath of your feet.

  1. Merino Wool Socks

If you’re a fan of SmartWool socks, then you’ve felt merino wool before. This deliciously smooth wool type is a popular favorite among backpackers because of its ability to regulate warmth and temperature. In cooler temperatures, it does an excellent job of insulating the foot and preventing it from cooling down too much. In the heat of the day, its moisture-wicking properties do a fine job of keeping the foot cool. Another ideal for hikers and backpackers is its lightweight nature. Pick a crew sock for most versatility, and don’t forget that merino wool socks are often found in men’s novelty sock collections.

  1. Olefin Socks

With autumn always comes a little rain, and there’s nothing worse than having to sit in a pair of rain-soaked socks all day long. That’s where olefin fiber socks can help. Olefin is a synthetic fiber that is used by many athletes and outdoorsmen because it was designed to keep water away from the feet. Better than this, it wicks water away from the body, so unlike rainboots, it won’t cause your feet to work up into a sweat. For the fall, olefin socks are great because they are thick enough to keep feet warm in the coolest parts of the day and thin enough to ensure that they are kept cool when that afternoon sun comes out. What else would you expect from creators who won a Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology?

  1. Copper Compression Socks

Compression socks come with the incorrect notion that only people with medical issues wear or use these types of socks. In reality, copper compression socks are highly sought after for those with habitually cold feet, which makes them perfect for cooling fall weather. Copper socks offer wicking like the previously-listed sock types, which ultimately prevents issues like athlete’s foot and fungal infections that are common. Copper-infused socks are designed to enhance circulation, and poor circulation is a contributor to cold feet. Best of all, these socks feel like normal men’s socks, so it’s not changing up the way your socks feel, merely the way your feet feel. Copper-infused crew socks are a favorite in those with cold feet but are available in many different styles.

  1. Coolmax Socks

Coolmax is a trademarked synthetic yarn that is geared specifically toward creating a comfortable and dry experience within the shoe. Runners often swear by Coolmax, because ultimately, the biggest factor in keeping feet climate controlled is keeping them dry. The creators of Coolmax pride themselves in having one of the fastest-wicking materials in the synthetic fiber business, which prevents feet from becoming cold in the first place. Many styles are available in these fabrics, though the most-bought are the no-show socks for athletes.

The verdict on men’s socks for the change from summer to fall? It really depends on what type of lifestyle you live.

For athletes, it might be worthwhile to invest in many pairs of good synthetic, moisture-wicking socks that will allow you to work out without the pain. For hikers or outdoorsmen, merino socks remain the sock of choice because of their lightweight nature. But for those on a budget, a good fall-themed men’s novelty sock will help you step into the fall in fashion, all while potentially warding off any sort of fall malaise. For a good place to start, check out Foot Traffic’s line of men’s socks for your fall fashion needs.

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