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Hot summer days bring tons of outdoor activities, and with those activities comes the age-old conundrum: which of your many stylish pairs of shoes is most appropriate? Sandals and flip-flops are cool and comfy. You can show off your latest pedi and let your toes enjoy the tickle of the grass with each step. But tennies are awfully comfortable and more practical for some activities. Alas, they’re sometimes less stylish, too, because you have to wear socks with them. So which will it be? Sandals or tennis shoes?

You’ll be happy to know that you can be both stylish and comfortable in a pair of tennies and some no-show socks and new low liners from Foot Traffic. You no longer have to worry about whether your chunky socks are ruining the cute. No-shows and low liners from Foot Traffic give you the same benefits of chunkier ankle or knee socks, but they do it on the sly. No one will even know they’re there except for you.

Treat Your Feet to Well-Made Comfort

Believe it not, there are people in the world who don’t like being barefoot. Ever. Low cut socks from Foot Traffic are perfect for people who are more comfortable wearing socks with every pair of shoes they put on. Foot Traffic offers both no-shows that come just to the ankle, and low liners that are cut lower and slightly lighter weight. Made of the same soft, quality materials that the rest of Foot Traffic’s trendy socks are made of, you get premium comfort and flexible fit, even in low liner socks that are barely there. Of course, since they come from Foot Traffic, they’re available in unique patterns and colors. Foot Traffic is known for making socks that make a statement, and their no-shows and low liners are no exception. You’ll find a pair that is fitting for any mood that moves you.

Practical Protection for Your Toes

For those days when you need a little extra protection for your footsies but don’t feel like wearing traditional socks, Foot Traffic’s no-show socks are there for you even though you can’t see them. They protect your feet from the heat. They let your piggies breathe and wick sweat away so they stay nice and dry as well as stink-free. An excess of sweat can ruin a good pair of shoes by turning it into a breeding ground for bacteria. No shows come just to your ankle so aren’t visible when wearing tennies. Low liners are great for tennies as well but can be worn with deck shoes because they are cut lower. Wearing low cut socks may extend the life of your favorite pair of shoes and keep your feet healthy and sweet smelling at the same time. Low cut socks also keep your dogs from whimpering over hot spots and blisters. Summer outdoor activities can be rough on feet, but yours will feel loved rather than stepped on when you protect them with a pair of low cut socks from Foot Traffic.

Wear These Low Cuts Everywhere

Low liners and no-shows work well in all kinds of situations. If you’re one who likes to go barefoot, wear them around the house as slippers. If you travel a lot, keep a pair in your purse or carry-on bag so you can slip them on as you go through security or once you get settled on the plane, or settled in your hotel room.  A business lunch at a Japanese restaurant takes on a whole new twist when you kick off your flats and display your adorable new low liner socks from Foot Traffic. It’s much less embarrassing than baring ungroomed feetsies or stockings with holes in the toes in front of your coworkers or business associates. Now, what about that walking tour of Rome? You’ll want to bring several pairs of low liners or no-shows because you’ll be putting in some miles. Don’t forget to pack several different types of comfortable shoes, too, so you can switch them out during the day. Your feet will love you for it!

Fun for Both Men and Women

Foot Traffic has low cut socks for both men and women. Men will find low liners to be just the thing for boat shoes, loafers worn with rolled up jeans, or casual shoes that look great with bare ankles. Men’s low liner styles include the Men’s T-Rex Low Liner, and Men’s Golf Low Liner. Whatever your mood or activity, there’s a low cut sock that fits. Low liners are so darn comfortable, you’ll want to wear a pair every day!
Men’s no-shows come in three pack themes like football, music, outdoor, junk food, emojis and baseball.

Women will enjoy choosing from several lo liner designs including the Nautical Low Liner (to match your man), the Be Happy Low Liner, the Critter Low Liner , or the Fruit Low Liner. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll get a kick out of them. When it comes to fashion, these low liners are practically invisible. You’ll love them because really, what’s not to love? Our three pack themes of women’s no-shows come in a variety of fashion colors and fun themes like coffee, owls, emojis, and so much more.

Make Up Reasons to Take Off Your Shoes

New low cut socks  from Foot Traffic are the perfect accessory for everyday wear, and although they don’t show, they’re so cute that you’ll long for reasons to show them off. Make sure you stock up. Then go out in the world a look for reasons to kick off your shoes!


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