Kids Novelty Socks from Foot Traffic Make Back to School More Fun

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It’s time for the kiddos to get ready for the new school season, and that means it’s time for back to school shopping. Time to go through last year’s clothes and shoes and assess the inventory. How much still fits (the answer: probably none of it); how much is worn out (probably half of it); and how much can be passed down to little sis or little bro (whatever piddling pieces are left)? What needs to be purchased for this year? And where did all the socks go? We can’t help with much of your back to school shopping needs, but we can help with that last part, the part about the socks. When it comes to socks, Foot Traffic has the kids’ feet covered.

We can help with this other thing, too: getting kids to put their socks on. Any parent who’s ever been late dropping the kids off at school because they had challenges getting them to put their shoes and socks on know what a critical component of the getting-dressed-in-the-morning process this is. Parents will be happy to hear that Foot Traffic comes to the rescue during back to school shopping days with a wide selection of charming, fun kids socks that kids will want to put on. In fact, they’ll have their socks on their feet before you even tell them to. We guarantee it. Yes, these socks are that much fun to wear.

Socks with Personality

Kids novelty socks from Foot Traffic come in bunches of fun patterns, colors, and designs, and your children will have a great time picking out their favorites. Will it be party animals or penguins? Fossils or unicorns? Toe socks, 3D socks, or regular socks? Foot Traffic has all these and much more for your little ones’ little tootsies. Soft and comfortable, these socks stay on and don’t stretch out of shape. Foot Traffic uses high-quality materials that expand and contract, breathe, protect, and feel comfortable on little feet. No chafing, scrunching, or wadding up underfoot. These socks keep feet cool, dry and comfy. And they come with a built-in added bonus for Mom and Dad– the variety of patterns make them easy to match up on laundry day!

Foot Traffic has socks that match nearly every personality, style, hobby and activity. They come in both kids’ and youth sizes. Kids’ sizes are for the little ones 4 – 7 years old with shoe sizes from 10 to 1Y. Youth sizes are for children a little older, 7 – 10 years old with shoe sizes ranging from 12 – 5Y. Most of Foot Traffic’s fun children’s socks come in both sizes, so if you have little ones who like to match their older siblings, we’ve got their piggies covered. Wait, did we mention piggies? Check out the Kids When Pigs Fly Socks and the Youth Pig 3D Sock while you’re thinking about it.

Socks that Make Your Kids Stand Out

Let’s take a look at how these fun socks from Foot Traffic fit into your children’s day. Kids who like snack time will have fun choosing from the Kids Donuts Socks, Youth Taco Socks, Kids Gingerbread Socks or Youth Ice Cream Socks. For a snack and activity double-whammy, put your littles in Kids Popcorn Socks the next time you go out to see a movie. If it’s Shark Week at school, your children will be the talk of the playground when they show up sporting a pair of Youth Shark Socks. Or, for extra credit, put them in a pair of Youth Shark Bite 3D Socks. They’ll be the envy of all their friends!

For those budding young creative arts majors, your children will have fun painting, singing, and dancing in Kids Artist Socks, Youth Piano Socks, or Youth Ballet Socks. Just make sure you encourage them to keep up their practice schedule or they may run into Big Treble with the teacher!

Socks that Tickle their Toes

Toe socks are another style that kids have a lot of fun with. These children’s novelty socks come in bright colors, stripes and patterns. Your kids will get a kick out of showing them off in the halls. Kids Camouflage Toe Socks look great with a pair of khaki shorts. Kids Rainbow Toe Socks and Kids Denim Stripe Toe Socks go with just about anything.  Keep each individual little toe covered in style with cool toe socks from Foot Traffic.

Socks that have an Added Cool Factor

If your child is one who likes to stand out, 3D socks are a perfect choice for them. These socks have dimension and extra “cool” factor built in. Penguins have beaks and wings that flap. Bears and pigs have noses, ears and arms that stick out from the sock. Killer whales and sharks have 3D fins and chew up your children’s legs (it’s not as bad as it sounds). If these unique socks go missing, check the littlest ones’ sock drawers. These fun children’s socks are available in youth sizes only, so your tiny tots may have swiped them in a fit of jealousy.

Foot Traffic makes your back to school shopping experience extra special with these designs and many more (did we mention hedgehogs, sloths, and llamas?). Get your back to school shopping off on the right foot by letting your wee ones pick out their favorite kids novelty socks from Foot Traffic today. they will have a leg up on Crazy Sock Day! You won’t have any trouble getting them to school on time this year. They’ll be so excited to show off these socks, they’ll have them on and be waiting in the car for you!



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