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Many people are under the ill-conceived notion that tights are just to be worn in winter for added warmth. And to that, we say, “Hogwash!” Tights are designed for much more than that. Tights are fun. Tights are interesting. Tights add pizzazz to any outfit. So why wouldn’t you wear them all year long? It’s springtime–put a little spring in your step with footless tights from Kansas City-based Foot Traffic.


This is Just What We Do

Who is Foot Traffic? We are designers and manufacturers of some of the coolest socks, tights, and footless tights on the face of the planet. Seriously. (It’s not bragging if it’s true, right?) We’ve been in the sock business for over 30 years and we’ve learned what people are looking for when researching footwear. They’re not just looking for something to cover their feet before slipping their shoes on. They’re looking for a fashion item, something they can add to their wardrobe to make a statement. Something that reflects their personality. Something that says, “Look out, world. Here I come!”


Of course, our customers are also looking for quality. That’s why we put time and effort into every pair of socks, tights or leggings we design and make. Our designers love what they do and they have fun doing it. They’re always coming up with new and creative patterns and designs for our footwear. We partner only with known and trusted manufacturers who are as dedicated to style, comfort, and quality as we are. No saggy, baggy footwear here! We make sure every pair is engineered to provide a comfortable, long-lasting fit with a little attitude thrown in. And yes, we said “engineered.” There’s a lot that goes into our footwear. That’s why our customers keep coming back.


Located in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, MO, we serve our customers locally, across the country and internationally. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?


Tights Designed for Your Lifestyle

Our tights are made to be worn in every season, and right now we have some very cool tights in patterns and colors that are perfect for spring. In fact, we have such a great selection that we’re betting no matter what outfit you’re wearing this spring, we have the perfect tights to match. Let’s take a look.

One of our goals is to create amazing footwear that allows you to express your personality. Whether you’re considered a Pollyanna or a Debbie Diva, we have the perfect tights for you. Fun and flirty? We’ve got that: Daisy Power. Sunny and cheerful? We’ve got that, too: Orange Tahiti. How about city chic? Try Graffiti or Soho Texture Tights. If you’re a total animal, you might be more comfortable in either the Lime Cheetah or Jaguar footless tights. We truly have something for everyone here. And if you’re a person who likes to mix up their look from day to day, make sure you stock up so you have enough tights to showoff your personality!


Tall gals are not forgotten here at Foot Traffic. We know not every leg is the same length, and sometimes it’s hard for tall women to find tights that are comfortable and fit well. All of our printed tight and footless tight designs  are available in Large/Tall. From the springy, flowery Nancy’s Garden to the black and white Printed Polka to Dot to the sexy Bronze Snakeskin footless tights, you’ll find comfort and a good fit with Foot Traffic.


Exercise Your Footwear Options

Many of our tights come in both regular and tall sizes, and many also come in more than one color. Wild patterns, bright colors, or tactile textures…you’ll find it all right here. You can even search our website by theme if that makes it easier for you. Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more understated for that important business meeting, we’ve got you covered there, too. Our solid microfibers add color while still being cool. We all have to be grownups once in a while, right?


Spring has sprung across the country and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, outdoor concerts, and other outdoor festivals and events this season. Your friends will  be in awe when they see you coming in your stylish mood-matching tights. And when they ask where you got them, tell them you got them at Foot Traffic.com





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