18Once you’ve drunk all the champagne, finished up all the Christmas chocolates, and cleared the house of the tinsel, it’s tradition to think about the ways a new year will mean a “new you.” Setting New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition, whether they’re personal, professional, or something that touches on some other aspect of your life. Many people vow to get in shape or to read a certain number of books in the new year; others want to finally ask for that raise or achieve a better work/life balance through journaling or other reflective practices. Other people reject the idea of making resolutions and just try to start the new year more mindfully, while noting their mistakes and successes from the old year.

Whatever your goals, the most important thing is to make sure your resolutions are easily attainable, reasonable, and rewarding. Big changes are best as long-term goals, whereas it’s good to jump on smaller projects (such as filing your taxes early) while you’re still full of enthusiasm. It’s also good to try not to tackle everything all at once. Marking your planner or calendar with monthly or even seasonal goals can make you more successful in the long run, because let’s face it: even if you do have the best intentions to change everything about your life, the old Yiddish proverb “man plans; God laughs” has a way of coming true every time.

If you want our advice—and we think you might, as you’re reading our blog—a mix of resolutions is the best way to ring in the new year. Not only that, but breaking your larger goals into smaller, more achievable parts can help you stay motivated. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the most classic goals people gravitate toward in the new year and how you can start achieving them right away… through fashion legwear! (Come on, you know it always comes back to that with us!)

Getting Ahead and Looking Good at the Same Time

We mentioned financial goals above, and those can be challenging resolutions. Saving money is never easy—and most of the time, making more of it can also be a struggle. Even so, people often think about finances after the ball drops on Times Square. Whether it’s paying off your credit card post-Christmas or looking ahead to paying your income tax, money is on everyone’s mind at the start of the new year.

Maybe you also have resolved to try to get ahead in your company—move up the ladder and get that promotion. Maybe you want to get a new job that’s more fulfilling. Or maybe you want to start a side hustle that’s more related to your true passion. These are all huge (and hugely rewarding) goals to make, but you have to break them all down, piece by piece. Sometimes the first step is polishing the resume; sometimes it’s networking, seeking out a mentor, or just conceptualizing what you really want from a career change or shift. And sometimes it’s learning how to dress for success or revamping your wardrobe to better reflect the image of who you’d like to be.

Adding a new stock of solid tights to your wardrobe might be a good idea. Not only can they jazz up interview attire under a suit, dress, or skirt—especially with kicky boots—they’ll keep your legs warm as you walk up to that new office or shop or whatever!

Tights are a specialty of Foot Traffic. We particularly love our Signature cotton  tights or footless tights with solid colors, and our microfiber printed patterns. And if you’re not sure what’s most appropriate, our basic black options will keep your legs warm and make you look cool at the same time!

Get a New Look and Get Moving!

It seems like most everyone has some sort of fitness, wellness, or activity-related goal this time of year. The truth of the matter is most of those goals get dropped pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s because people set their sights too high. Other times it’s because life has a way of getting in the way of activity, unless your job is being a fitness instructor, of course.

As with everything else, setting reasonable, easily broken-down, smaller goals can help you reach your ultimate desire much more easily. Small successes keep you motivated to achieve the larger ones.

A great way to keep yourself motivated when it comes to increasing your activity level is to look cute. There, we said it. But it’s true! It’s always fun to wear fun and funky new leggings to the gym, but upping your activity level can (and should) go beyond the treadmill or the leg press. Being active can mean going on walks in the park with friends or heading out to a museum or other indoor space (while the weather is so cold) where you walk around. Cotton or fleece tights and fleece leggings will always be appropriate for such things! And they’re comfy, too.

Tights and footless tights go so well under looser pants, but you can wear them under thick flannel skirts and toasty sweatshirt dresses, too. Need more warmth? Super long leg warmers can add comfort and style to your outfit. 

Get Your Party People Together

Another great goal for the new year is to prioritize your friends more. These days, when it seems like everyone has at least one job plus a side hustle, it can be easy to only keep up with the people we know online. It’s crucial to get up with people in real life, though, especially people who make you feel good. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and during the winter especially it’s all too easy to spend your days and nights on the couch alone or hanging out with your roommates or partner. Sure, it’s cold and wet in the winter, but when you have a nice collection of tights, footless tights and Over-the-knee-high socks you’ll be more inclined to go out. Get your party people together and hit the town!

Get Cozy, Take Some Time

Of course, it’s just as important to make time for yourself, too. There is a great deal of value to be found in getting cozy, taking some time to yourself, and relaxing at home. “Me Time” is crucial, and it’s easy to put it on the back burner.

During the cold winter months, comfort is everything. When you need a night in—without your laptop—grab a good book, a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate, and make sure you invite some nice socks to that party of one. Keep your feet warm as you pamper yourself, whether you want slipper socks, microfiber fuzzy socks, or toe socks. Your feet will love you, and you’ll love yourself.

The Time is Now

The real magic of the new year is potential. An entire fresh year awaits you. Who knows what you will accomplish, who you will meet, or where you will go? But one thing is for certain: it’s starting now, and you’re going to make the most of it!

All of us here at Foot Traffic hope you have an amazing new year and that you accomplish everything you set your mind to doing. We hope you’ll let us help you look great all year long, and for that, the best resolution you can make is to visit our website from time to time! We always have something new and exciting in our New Products section. You can even sign up for our regular emails and connect with us on facebook. Cheers!

Ring in the new year with legwear and socks? Why not? Legwear is just as Instagrammable as that new bullet journal. Come on over to the Foot Traffic website and see where your feet will take you in 2018!


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