KIDDOS Socks are finally here!


For over 30 years Foot Traffic has been providing socks to the market place, focused on having fun on your feet. We have sold thousands of pairs of socks to men and women from the sock addict to the most fashionable customers. Our socks have provided comfort, warmth, fun and fashion and there is no stopping us now as the market continues to welcome fun in our lives.  Most work environments require us to dress conservatively or least modestly. Doctors and nurses have to wear uniforms and kids have dress codes at school. Dress codes are important, but good news! — there are usually no rules or dress codes for socks. That is the ONE item of clothing that you can express yourself publicly without violating those rules of dress. For years, we have been designing and making socks for men and women that create fun with less-than-serious colors and icons on our feet.

And now, we are making socks for kids Yes, we are offering a wonderful selection of socks to kids that love to express their individuality.
We  know that kids love crazy socks but now they are hotter than ever. Kids can express themselves with fun colors and designs just like adults, only kids are much cuter.  Sorry, adults! Crazy socks day is a common event at many schools as are sock exchanges for kids. And, socks are actually an item of clothing that kids enjoy wearing.  At a recent holiday gift show, kids were so excited about the Foot Traffic booth and enjoyed picking out socks for themselves as well as for gifts.  We had a blast watching them giggle and laugh when narrowing down their selection.
The designs on our socks are topics for today’s kids and allow them to express their hobbies or interests. For example, we have ninjas, mermaids, unicorns, fossils, ballet sock designs, and so much more!   There is something for every kid on the planet—and we have planet socks!
Our kids socks come in two sizes and the sizing is reflected in years and shoe size. The two sizes are:
Kids (4-7 years) Shoe size 10-1Y

Kids (7-10 years) Shoe size 12-5Y

Of course, every kid’s foot size is different but the two sizes should cover most kids from 4 and up.That is the age the kids really love their socks.  We know because we have tried our socks on kids that did not want to take them off! So, enjoy our new line of kids socks and let us know what you think. Better yet, let us know what your kiddos think!



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