Hmm… what would a Foot Traffic infomercial be like? It’s funny, isn’t it? You can almost see it in your mind if you try to imagine it: someone walking up to a sock drawer, peeking in, seeing a bunch of old, white, boring socks, and sighing out of sheer boredom. The narrator asks, Bored with your sock drawer? It’s shot in black and white, so the big “NO” symbol shows up twice as bright. You don’t have to be, enthuses the narrator. Restore much needed freshness and zing to your sock drawer with Foot Traffic!

Well, maybe this isn’t the perfect advertising idea. But the point remains: if you’re not excited by your sock drawer, why aren’t you? Instead of seeing the same old, white socks and solid color socks you bought in a sensible three-pack last year, why not brighten up your wardrobe—no, brighten up your day—with fun, colorful, fancy socks? Whether you like geometric patterns, silly socks related to your hobbies, your love of music, or your passion for sports, Foot Traffic has the right socks to put a smile on your face and add some pep to your step no matter who you are or what you like.

His & Hers Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are Foot Traffic’s bread and butter. You can’t go wrong with a selection of our amazing prints and patterns men’s and women’s novelty socks. For guys who want novelty socks that reflect their hobbies, there’s no limit to what we can accommodate. For example,

For the patriot in your life, our Ben Franklin Socks are a great gift. If you’re a home-brewer and wish you could spend your days weighing out malts and hops, our Beer Neck Socks will have you thinking of your next project as you drive to work. Are you an outdoorsy, gardening sort who can’t wait for spring and summer’s yard work projects? Our Lawn mowing socks will keep your feet warm and your mind on breathing fresh air and trimming the lilacs. Foot Traffic even has socks for your guy friend who loves his cat and is proud of it: our Crazy Cat Dude Socks!

For the woman who loves her hobbies, our selection is just as epic. We’ve got Just A Phase Women’s Socks for the astronomer who likes to think about the nights during the days, and Unicorn Socks for the girl who needs unicorns on everything.

Cute Animals at Your Feet

We’re a nation of animal lovers, aren’t we? Why not take your enjoyment of the animal kingdom to your sock drawer? Foot Traffic has socks for guys who love Koalas, women who love Doggos, men who love Tigers, women who love Narwhals… it’s a menagerie. Whether you’re a cat fancier or dog lover or even if magical animals are more your speed, Foot Traffic has you covered—at least, we have your feet covered! If you want your paws to be as warm as they can be while still reminding you of the wondrous wildness of the world, Foot Traffic has what you need. We bet you might just find your favorite creature among our selections, even if it’s a mythical one.

Show Your Love of Art & Music

Here at Foot Traffic, we love art and music, and we know you do, too! It seems like life would be impossible without them, don’t you think? Why not celebrate art and music as a part of your wardrobe?

Many of us can’t dress like the rock star we dream of being when we’re at work. But a few glamorous pairs of socks featuring Guitars or Drum Sets and you’ll feel like you could be the lead of your favorite group.

If you dream of one day being a full-time artist while you work at your office, well, you can live that fantasy through your socks! Our Strings Women’s Socks will motivate you to practice for the local orchestra after you get home from work, and our music notes socks will inspire you to practice your favorite instrument!

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Socks for Geek Feet

While “geek culture” was once a fringe thing, nowadays science fiction and fantasy are mainstream interests. From Star Wars to Game of Thrones, science fiction and fantasy are everywhere! Just think about the amazing crop of superhero films we’ve gotten over the past few years, plus superhero television, science fiction television like The Expanse, and fantasy shows like The Magicians.

If you can’t wait to talk over The Walking Dead first thing on Monday mornings, why not start your week with a pair of our Zombie Socks?

Fun Foodie Novelty Socks for All

For some, their passion is the kitchen. Do you love baking or cooking for fun and relaxation? We’ve got tons of socks for the weekend kitchen warrior or would-be contestant for The Great British Baking Show. How about My KITCHEN MY RULES sock ?! Whether you love hot sauce, donuts, dill pickles, pretzels, pizza, tacos, or cupcakes, you can find what you’re most craving in your sock drawer every day of the week.

socks in baskets

So Much More for Your Sock Drawer!

We’ve listed so many funny socks here that you might think that these are all of the novelty socks for men and women that Foot Traffic has to offer. Think again! A list like this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s available. If you have a hobby or a subject you’re just wild about, you can likely find something to make your sock drawer reflect that if you browse our offerings. And you should always stop by to see what new socks we’ve gotten in!

You have a passion—everyone does. Why not augment your sock drawer with a few fun socks to reflect what makes you uniquely you? The Foot Traffic website has just what you need!


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