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Autumn’s cool, crisp temperatures and bright foliage always bring such a relief after the dog days of summer, when it’s so dry and the weather is too hot to want to do much. Though summer has the reputation for being the season when people do things outside, cool autumn days inspire many people to get outside after being holed up in the air conditioning for too long.

While autumn days may stay pretty warm when the sun is out, those cool mornings and crisp evenings can get a bit brisk. Even the days can be a bit too cool if you’re “chilling” in the shade. Not being warm enough for an outing can really ruin a good time, because no one is at their best when they have cold feet, knees, and legs. That’s why ladies’ cotton tights can be the hero of your wardrobe when fall comes to your town!

Here at Foot Traffic, we’re not using the word “hero” lightly, either. Cotton tights are like a light sweater for your legs—they extend the life of your summer sundresses. When you have a few pairs of cotton tights in your closet, there’s no need to pack away your light layers until the really cold winter weather sets in. Skirts, too, can last a bit longer when you have cotton tights close at hand (or rather, at leg). We offer a great selection on 14 beautiful colors to either add color to your outfit or keep it neutral and natural.

So where can you go when you have a bunch of cotton tights? Really, just about anywhere! Most towns have fall festivals of some sort, where you can bob for apples, take a hayride, or have fun scaring your friends in a corn maze. Farmers’ markets are still in session, selling pumpkins and winter squashes, and of course, everyone likes to take long walks in the autumn air to see how the trees have changed or see all the Halloween decorations neighbors have put up.

But those aren’t the only outdoor activities you can enjoy when you have the right wardrobe. Cotton tights are perfect if you want to go apple picking or wander around a pumpkin patch looking for the perfect jack-o-lantern to carve.

Autumn is also football season, and there’s nothing worse than shivering through an outdoor game when you’d rather be watching the action and enjoying yourself. So keep your legs warm with cotton tights as you cheer for the home team! They’re also great for evening bonfires. If you’re really feeling the chill, they’re great beneath a pair of jeans. We’ve tried it, and we love the way our combed cotton breathes better than a lot of long underwear!

While you may feel a wintry nip in the air already, autumn doesn’t officially end until Thursday, December 21, so get out and enjoy the fall while you can! Those pumpkin spice lattes aren’t going to drink themselves, you know. So go grab one, and get outside to enjoy the beautiful colors of the season. Just make sure to stay warm when you do—and we’d be thrilled to help you with that!


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