Autumn is officially here! The equinox was on September 22nd this year, so it’s finally time to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, pie, decorative gourds, cinnamon brooms, apple cider… and of course, leggings!

There are so many reasons to love autumn, from fall leaf colors to fall foods to festivals and long dark nights by the fire. But here at Foot Traffic, we’re biased in favor of those stretchy, cozy leggings that keep our legs warm as the temperatures drop. Some may rhapsodize about summer’s fun, colorful shorts, but we’re bigger fans of leggings and footless tights of all sorts: cotton footless tights , fleece leggings, and  microfiber footless tights,… if it’s stretchy and warm and covers your legs, no muss no fuss, we love it!

Ever since the great “Leggings are Pants” revolution of a few years ago, everyone has at least one pair in their dresser. Many of us have multiple pairs! But the truth is that just like anything else, leggings get worn out, stretched out, stained and thin. Fall is the perfect time to replace them. Why? Well, because the trees are all looking fresh in their fall colors, for one. Even the deciduous trees get a little greener with all those fall rains. Just like spring, fall is a season of new beginnings, even if it is the beginning of winter. Animals grow a thick new fur coat, too, so why shouldn’t you do what’s natural and spiff up your wardrobe a bit?

And really, leggings are just so versatile that you should have a few pairs of several different kinds.For transitioning into fall, try our colorful microfiber footless tights. And cotton leggings, for example, are great for those fall evenings when the summer heat bleeds away into a crisp chill. Plus, when you get your cotton leggings from Foot Traffic, they come in all the best colors for autumn. Rich plum, deep burgundy, ivory, slate, sage green, peacock blue, and black that’s anything but basic… they’ll coordinate with all your sweatshirt dresses, long-sleeved tunics, slouchy sweaters, and more.

As fall turns to winter, however, you may need a little bit more warmth. And for those chilly mornings when you just wish you could stay snuggled up with your favorite fleece blanket, our fleece-lined leggings will keep you warm! Whether you’re running late to class or need something comfortable for the commute to work, our fleece leggings have got you and your legs covered. Pair them with sneakers or boots, dress them up or down, and you’ll be toasty all day!

Right now, we’re all thinking about Halloween and looking forward to Thanksgiving, but soon enough we’ll be thinking Christmastime thoughts. If you’re ordering a few pairs of leggings to spruce up your wardrobe, why not order a few more as early gifts for friends, too? Our leggings will look cute as winter arrives, and they make great gifts, too.

However you wear them, leggings are an essential part of any transitional wardrobe. Why make do with your old pairs that have holes in them? Out with the old, and in with the new, we say—you deserve to look as cute as the trees do. Treat yourself to a fresh look this autumn, and you’ll be ready for rainy days and for winter’s chill.

The Foot Traffic website is the place to be this fall when it comes to ordering cute, fun leggings!



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